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Long Way Down , 11th July 2008 - 12:17

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The music on the team bus to training is starting to bore us now because the driver has only got one disc.

As I explained earlier in the week we're using the Swiss team bus and its no wonder they didn't do too well in the European Championships if all they had to occupy them on the way to games was this CD!

We had some rain this morning, which was a bit unexpected. Some large black clouds gathered early doors and the rain started as soon as we stepped off the bus.

It didn't last too long and we later had a nice lunch...but it was some journey to get there.

The party split into two groups (players and staff) and traveled up one of the many high mountains in two mini-buses.

At times the road was only slightly wider than the bus and at one point steam started spurting out of the engine of the staff vehicle as it struggled to cope with the gradient.

Lunch was the furthest from my mind at that stage and I began to wonder whether I'd had my last supper!

Someone at the back hoped that the driver hadn't recently gone through a messy divorce and was losing the will to live!

The lunch itself was quite nice but as is often the case in these parts the meat was extremely ‘rare'...and I don't mean like the Daniel Passarella sticker that I just couldn't get to fill my Argentina 78 album and ended up sending away for.

(3p for the sticker, 7p for postage, three months to arrive.)

Back to the very lightly cooked food and one of the lads asked for his meal to be changed because ‘the meat is eating my potatoes'.

The return journey was another classic.

This was one high mountain and we were issued with bikes to get down.

This wasn't guiding a Raleigh Grifter down the gentle side of a Colomendy hillside in North Wales, this was scary stuff.

I've never concentrated so hard on a journey in my life. One false move or one incorrect applying of the brakes and I would have reached the bottom of the mountain in record time...but there would have been no road involved!

Thankfully we all returned to base in one piece...just!

In the evening, Jags and Ossie did a fantastic webchat for us. They are a pair of real characters and we had a real laugh doing it. The fans seem to really enjoy the webchats and as the players do as well, it's a win-win situation for us over here.

Final weather update - it's 10pm here in Switzerland and it's thunder and lightning.

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