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Leighton Baines, 1st March 2011 - 19:45

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Leighton Baines

Leighton Baines

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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I really appreciate you commenting and posting your responses on the blog - keep them coming as I enjoy going through them!

I had a bit of time to go through your recent posts, and amongst those bands mentioned in the comments from the last blog, Chapel Club sounded good and it is definitely worth echoing Brent Evans’ shout - as were The Sunshine Underground
It’s always nice to give a nod to local artists and Assembly are well worth a few minutes of your time so check them out here.
I also have to say a thank you to Johnny Reb for taking the time and effort to send me a CD and you can check it out here
Any Toro Y Moi fans? I was put onto them by Dom Rogan (one of the physios here). What are you making of Underneath The Pine?
Also the new Radiohead record - let me know what you guys think of it?
Jonathan Coll mentioned the new Gruff Rhys record which I recently picked up too. Here is a link related to one of the tracks from the record that I thought was pretty cool.
I was unaware of a band called Yeti - who I believe were formed by former Libertines bassist John Hassle - and may be worth checking out.
The Thirst also seem an interesting proposition. Based in Brixton and signed to Ronny Woods’ label Wooden Records I have yet to immerse myself in them but plan on giving them some listening time.  
Another band that caught my attention were Twinkranes, give them a listen here.  
Mabel Love are one of the supporting acts for Arctic Monkeys at Don Valley Bowl in June - I like what I have heard so far from these guys…
Check out the double-A-side single release from The Dead Sons (which came out on 28 February).
Also check The Milk out -
Somebody posted asking what the other lads are into so I think it may be interesting to give you guys an insight - I will try to get some of them to nominate a few tunes!
Right, I want you to check this clip out. It may seem a bit off topic but it will make sense when you see the clip.....and for the record the only time I play Fifa is with my 7 year old son...
Again here are some tunes from my recently played playlist
Love - A House Is Not A Hotel
The Black Keys - Unknown Brother
Gruff Rhys - Sensations In the Dark
Bombay Bicycle Club - What If
David Bowie - It Aint Easy
Donovan - Season Of The Witch
Gayngs - Ride
Nas - Get Down
The Kords - Boris The Spider
The Standells - Dirty Water
The National - Afraid Of Everyone
John Mayhall - On Top Of The World
Lee Hazlewood - Your Thunder and Your Lightening

Also, I grabbed a couple of cool rolling stones tees for my boys last week at a shop in Quiggins called Minibee! Worth checking out!

Latest Blogs by Leighton Baines

Phil TraynorGreat result yesterday. Then, today, I managed to get tickets for an incredible line-up at Glasto!! Very excited!! Been to some excellent gigs recently : Foo Fighters at Wembley Arena (tho Cee Lee Green was disappointing and Band of Horses aren't my cup of tea), recommend FF new album Wasting Light. Miles Kane at Leadmill, Sheff. Beady Eye at M/c Apollo (supported by Miles Kane, also, looking forward to seeing Miles supporting the Arctics, in Sheff, and Arcade Fire/Mumford & Sons in Hyde Park in June). The Vaccines in Camden Town (the Ramones are back!). Brother at the Leadmill on Friday, they're going to be big!! (recommend Darling Buds of May and Still Here, these can be found at ATB Phil

Sunday 17th April 11:43 Report Comment

Matthew Local band from Liverpool. they are supporting John Mayall and the bluesbreakers in milwaukee and illinois in August

Thursday 7th April 12:40 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyLeighton here is a link for Miles Kane tour on 20th may 2011 just thought you might want a look and tell me what you think :)

Tuesday 29th March 18:27 Report Comment

Robert JepsonYou should check out my band, Doctrines. We've been compared to pavement, talking heads and danananankroyd. Odd future are a must especially tyler the creator

Monday 21st March 14:51 Report Comment

James DeanCheck out Greeks. It's rather brilliant.

Monday 21st March 12:49 Report Comment

paul tolenhave a listen to the genuine articles, an unsigned band from newry, based in manchester:

Thursday 17th March 19:33 Report Comment

Andrew JonesCheck out 'Odd Future' the tracks Yonkers & Sandwiches, some brilliant new hip hop & Also check out the song Soul by 'S.O.U.L (Sounds of Unity and Love)' it's self explanatory.

Tuesday 15th March 19:30 Report Comment

John SmithThe Ray Summers and Twisted wheel are deffo worth checking out. Also, i'm going watching Beady Eye in April and Miles Kane in May!

Saturday 12th March 20:07 Report Comment

Luke AndersonHi Leighton, If you are in to The Black Angels you should have a listen to Bido Lito favourities The Lucid Dream

Friday 11th March 10:55 Report Comment

Philip Maloneyou should get some ayreon in your playlist, far too much mainstream pop music drivel getting handed about. tasty prog metal.

Thursday 10th March 22:26 Report Comment

Harry ShepherdThe new REM CD Collapse into Now was released the other day. You should listen to it, there are some great songs on it

Wednesday 9th March 07:18 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyBaines I was going through my playlist and i seen a good group that you might like called razorlight here's the link to listen to it In the morning - Who need love - America - Hope you enjoy listening to these :) and see you on wednesday

Monday 7th March 20:31 Report Comment

Tim DaltonDid Miles Kane dedicate Inhaler to you last night? And what did you think of Beady Eye? I was really impressed with Miles's solo stuff, I'd only heard Come Closer and Inhaler previously but the other stuff was good too, The Beatles cover was class!

Monday 7th March 14:47 Report Comment

J TYou should definitely check Odd Future out, all their albums are free to download from their site: Probably not one to listen to while you're playing FIFA though.

Monday 7th March 02:24 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyLeighton, I think you might like a band called The Wombats from Liverpool you might already know them but they are an Indie group I took abit of time finding a song you might like I -quite like a few of their songs so here's a link to a video which I think you might enjoy feature=relmfu - Jump into the fog - Anti-D Hope you enjoy them :) could you recommend me any songs please Baines ?xx

Saturday 5th March 21:02 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyLeighton, I think you might like a band called The Wombats from Liverpool you might already know them but they are an Indie group I took abit of time finding a song you might like I -quite like a few of their songs so here's a link to a video which I think you might enjoy feature=relmfu - Jump into the fog - Anti-D Hope you enjoy them :) could you recommend me any songs please Baines ?xx

Saturday 5th March 21:02 Report Comment

Milin Chandrai will still stick with hold my hand---- mj fire with fire---- scissor sister rules dont stop me ----- we are scientist ..(small bands but rockn)

Saturday 5th March 14:50 Report Comment

Brian LeeLeighton-- you will love a band called Agesandages. they have an album called alright you restless. It is very good. Yeti is/was a great band as well--kind of beatley

Friday 4th March 22:57 Report Comment

Derek Vanosdallgood taste leighton! i'm new to the blog, but will certainly be back. ever listened to The XX or The Dodo's. they are a few of the recent bands i've been getting into. they are worth a listen.

Friday 4th March 21:31 Report Comment

Megan SforziniHave you checked out Fistful of Mercy? It's Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. I really like this song (although I find the video a bit irritating) New Arctic Monkeys video was posted this morning: It's soooo different. Can't wait to hear the rest of the record. Also can't wait for the new Kasabian!

Friday 4th March 19:37 Report Comment

Samuel BainesGood blog Leighton, you've got a good taste in music! I'd give "interpol", "arcade fire" and "cage the elephant" a listen to, they will probably suit your taste Interpol - Arcade fire - CTE - Keep it up, Sam.

Thursday 3rd March 20:15 Report Comment

Kevin SuttonGood blog Bainsy. Good to get away from the footy sometimes eh? Few recommends for you then. From unheard of (ish) bands, but will be up your street based on your blog... Orphan Boy - Manc Band Funeral Party - American I think Little Comets - Geordie lads Screaming Lights - Scousers Glass Animals - London? You'll find all of them on Spotify except Glass animals - You can catch them here:

Thursday 3rd March 17:56 Report Comment

Tim JenkinsGreat blog Leighton. A few leftfield recommendations for you, some old some new Darondo - Let my people go, a truly great album from a little known but truly amazing soul singer from San Francisco in the 1970's. Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam. A debut album from a British artist. Difficult to put in a box as to what genre he fits in part Hip Hop with a bit of Dub and Electronic beats thrown in. A bit of a Roots Manuva, Tricky, Massive Attack Vibe. And one of my favourite ever groups. Television and the album Marquee Moon, is one of those albums that never grows tired and seems to get better the more you listen to it.

Thursday 3rd March 15:35 Report Comment

T MCheers for the shout out in the blog Bainsey. Feel free to email and address to the band email address and we'll get a copy of the recent EP in the post to you. Assembly

Thursday 3rd March 14:52 Report Comment

Paul HowellsBainesy you've got to get on to the Courteeners mate, St Jude and Falcon are two amazing albums and I think the type of band they are will fit right in with what you listen to. If you're into Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane they will be right up your street. Oh and I'd like to second Jessica Kranish's recommendation of Maximo Park, saw them live and they are fantastic. His lyric writing is amazing.

Thursday 3rd March 13:31 Report Comment

chris owenIt Ain't Easy by Bowie is class - one of the best 'album tracks'. New Radiohead album is pretty poor I think - no proper tunes on there, just seems lazy with a lot of songs based on a 3 minute drum loop with nothing else happening. Neat Little Roads by Elbow is growing on me now :o) Nice to see The Black Keys on your list along with Love and The National. Think Donovan influenced a lot of The Beatles' White Album

Thursday 3rd March 12:42 Report Comment

Pat FineganMy all time favorite band is Glassjaw. They're a little heavier than most of the bands you list but they are amazing. I don't think I've seen Mumford & Sons on this blog yet. They're a folk band from London that is starting to get really popular. I promise you that, if you don't already listen to them, you'll like them.

Thursday 3rd March 02:04 Report Comment

tom mcmurriealright bainsey great blog yet again!! shamona have a couple of new songs out in the future im sure they would appreciate it if you had a look and listen out for them again, cant describe what they were like when they heard you liked them it would do them the world of good :) keep it up leighton!

Wednesday 2nd March 19:13 Report Comment

Andrew SteadQuite an old album but Year of the Spider by Cold is one of my favourite albums ever & also Sunburn by Fuel is worth checking out.

Wednesday 2nd March 18:47 Report Comment

Hi, Check out "The Low Anthem" their new album "Smart Flesh" haunting music. Also check out "The Felice Brothers"

Wednesday 2nd March 17:35 Report Comment

Mathew StockYouMeAtSix and All Time Low are good pop-rock bands coming through, they have catchy hooks and great chorus'! Cage The Elephant are a great 'drty rock n roll band', great songs as well! 2 Local bands that are worth a mention :) Driven Overboard - Teenage Hard Rock Triplet, got a mention in Kerrang although they're only 16, 17 and 17, touted for big things by the Kerrang People!!/pages/Driven-Overboard/119591111416291?v=app_178091127385 Little Wing - Classic Rock Duo - Absolutely amazing in everyway, Adrian Gautrey, the Guitarist, is absolutely mesmirising, I know it sounds like rubbish, but he really should be famous, he's absolutely mind blowing! You need to catch him live in Southport :)

Wednesday 2nd March 17:32 Report Comment

Grant ShipcottI actually prefer heavy stuff. KoRn - Blind Guardian - Disturbed - Give em a try :P

Wednesday 2nd March 16:34 Report Comment

Jamie TaylorQuality blog, I have a suggestion; a relatively uknown band outside of Scandinavia called Veto, they should be more popular over here. Any of the songs from 'There's a beat in all machines,' such a good album!

Wednesday 2nd March 16:24 Report Comment

Kate CollinsI'd love to know how you have time to check out everyone's comments on here as well as checking out all the music and keeping up your performances! You and Ossie have great music taste! :) [I know he's into The Script at the moment]. My recomendations wouldn't go down well [but conisdering I am only 16] I think they're worth a listen. Will post a few recomendations soon. :)

Wednesday 2nd March 14:43 Report Comment

Milin Chandrahold my hand -- mj

Wednesday 2nd March 14:19 Report Comment

Jessica KranishHello Leighton, really enjoy reading your music blog, keep it up. Here are a few bands & albums I think you might like: The Pretenders (Pretenders, Pretenders II, Learning to Crawl are all great albums) Iggy and the Stooges (Raw Power is pretty much life-changing) The Wedding Present (George Best is a great album) The Runaways (great 70s rock, check out Queens of Noise and The Runaways) The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses) The Buff Medways (super listenable garage-y guitars -- try Medway Wheelers or Steady the Buffs) Dr Feelgood (check out some videos of them live or listen to Live at the BBC 1974-5) Suede (if you like David Bowie, you will like Suede) Neil Young (so much great stuff here, you could try Everybody Knows This is Nowhere or Harvest) Young Knives and Maximo Park (since you like Libertines/Arctic Monkeys-type things) Editors (An End Has a Start and The Back Room are both great) The Smiths (most of their back catalogue is pretty amazing, I like their first album best) And for something older you can can't go wrong with the Everly Brothers, the Four Tops, or Dusty Springfield Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday 2nd March 13:40 Report Comment

DAVID EMBLETONBainesy,i've noticed you've had on your lists Love & Tame Impala. The Love album ''Forever Changes'' is well worth a listen from start to finish,as is Tame Impala's ''Innerspeaker'' & also their ep ''Antare,Mira,Sun'.I've also been listening to a band called WOLF PEOPLE & their latest is called ''STEEPLE''. They brought 1 out earlier last year called ''Tidings'' which you can only get on download or vinyl,but you can check that out on spotify!

Wednesday 2nd March 12:06 Report Comment

Mark JamesHey Leighton, great blog - just listened to after reading the comment from the Canadian Blue who's dad's brother's cousin knew your Dad. First impression - not a bad band - Clearly the song 'Swings and Roundabouts' was written about this season's performances but who would you suggest the song 'Fashion Senseless' was written about?

Wednesday 2nd March 10:18 Report Comment

Dawn JoyceFirsty I cant believe I have only just read this blog! What Cracking music taste you have Baines!!! A few I would reccommend are Fleet Foxes, Ryan Adams (especially the track Amy), Friendly Fires and also Pete Doherty's solo album is exceptional! Two local bads are would recommend are Deafen the creatures who are similar to Damian Rice:!/deafenthecreatures And Dropscience who are reggae/punk inspired:!/dropsciencemusic Both well worth a listen! Also the dead weather who is jack white and alison mosshart, Amazing!!!

Wednesday 2nd March 09:13 Report Comment

carl jonesfreaking at the freakers ball by dr hook class lol

Wednesday 2nd March 01:57 Report Comment

carl jonesbainesy can you have a word with the offial site cos not able to leave comment about anything nomore wondering why thanks played well tonight yourself don't know about the rest of them tho

Wednesday 2nd March 01:55 Report Comment

Matthew Garner tom waits live 1975

Wednesday 2nd March 01:41 Report Comment

Matthew Garneroh aye and the beady eye album is ace

Wednesday 2nd March 01:38 Report Comment

Matthew GarnerLink Wray's rock n roll instrumentals are brilliant. You might particularly enjoy this Dylan cover though: i expect you'll dig this too: johnny cash music too charles buckowski words I love the cribs we share the same skies is essentially ace here's some other stuff keep it up!

Wednesday 2nd March 01:19 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyThanks alot Baines :) i listened to a few songs you recommended and i real enjoyed them my mates where like who listen's to that kind of music and i said Leighton Baines haha there great choice of songs and i have uploaded them onto my ipod :) and i listened to them when i was in hospital

Wednesday 2nd March 00:01 Report Comment

Hey Leighton, Your uncle picked up the split everton/barcelona jersey for me a few years ago at the Arsnal game :) (I'm originaly from Kirkby)....I guess he was a mate of my Dads when they where growing up. Anyway I have a group here in Canada, we've won some awards...even been back and played The Cavern and Korova in Liverpool... Check us out if you like it, I can send you a CD.

Tuesday 1st March 22:54 Report Comment

Sam WattretAre you going to either of the Arctic Monkeys gigs? I am going to the Saturday one. You and Miles Kane who is supporting them seem to share the same interests- football, music, FIFA, hairstyles haha.

Tuesday 1st March 22:24 Report Comment


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