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In New Music I Trust

Leighton Baines, 18th April 2011 - 16:34

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Leighton Baines

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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Thanks to my friends at BT, I've been offline for a few weeks now at home. It has been unbelievably frustrating, not just because it has prevented me uploading my latest blog but also because it has restricted my opportunity to keep fully up to speed with new music - and there is a lot of really good new music at the moment. So if anybody has any new tracks they recommend I'd love to hear them.

In terms of what I have been able to listen to, there is no doubt that March was a great month for new music. The Strokes, Elbow, The Vaccines and Alex Turner, amongst others, all released new material. We also had the release of the Beady Eye record during the tail end of February and in addition to those I picked up a record by The Zombies, who were a 60s psychedelic band. I have managed to listen to all but Elbow so far, and have not been disappointed by any of them. 

The Vaccines record was pretty much exactly what I had been expecting based on what I had seen and heard leading up to its release. It is a really good 'indie' record, nothing pretentious here, not trying too hard, it doesn't unearth any new ground but not everything has to. I am sure those of you who have listened are fans!

The Strokes was probably my least favourite of the records I bought, though not that its a bad one. There are some good moments on there and I am sure that it has its fans too but at the moment it seems to be playing second fiddle to other tunes. I am going to listen to it more at some point though.

I managed to get to see Beady Eye live at Manchester Apollo recently and thought they were great. 'Four Letter Word' is a great opening track for their album and is also a great opener live and really kicked off the gig well - helped on its way by Liam's unique delivery. The album seems to have had a mixed response but I have certainly enjoyed it - what are your thoughts?

Another record I am enjoying is the Alex Turner EP. Released as a soundtrack to a film, 'Submarine' (name of the EP and the film). It is mainly stripped down and acoustic which means that Turner's lyrics take a dominant role. It leans more towards Last Shadow Puppets than Arctic Monkeys, so anyone who hasn't yet listened to it should bear that in mind. I am a big fan of this EP!

Speaking of Arctic Monkeys many of you will probably now have heard a couple of their new tracks. 'Brick By Brick' and 'Don't Sit Down Cos I've Moved Your Chair'. On the latter there is obviously some humour in the title and that continues into the track when you hear the lyrics. 'Brick By Brick' is void of the usual lyrical content that comes with Alex Turner tunes but sounds like they are having fun playing it!

For a bit of a blast from the past I have been getting more into T-Rex lately too. I was familiar with some of their more popular tunes but picked up Electric Warrior a few weeks ago and was impressed with it. There is an interview with Marc Bolan as the final track which was intriguing too - a fascinating insight into their approach to music and their resistance to the more commercial side of the business.

Let me know if you guys have heard any of the stuff I have mentioned and what you think of it yourself. Also, as I said at the top, let me know if you have heard anything that you think I should check out - it can be new stuff, unsigned stuff or a blast from the past - I'm always on the lookout!!

Tracks I've been listening to in the car include:

Alex Turner - Piledriver Waltz
T-Rex - Planet Queen
Miles Kane - Rearrange
Bob Dylan - Visions Of Johanna
The Coral - Falling All Around You
Paul McCartney - Let Me Roll It
Television - Marquee Moon
The Zombies - She's Not There
The Vaccines - If You Wanna
Cold War Kids - Audience
The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Kasabian - L.S.F.
Beady Eye - Milionaire

Latest Blogs by Leighton Baines

wanwiss nooyongjust try Two Door Cinema Club , you might love it !!!

Friday 27th September 10:03 Report Comment

Darren HollidayHiya Leighton, I have two recommendations, pumping high-energy dark trance for complimenting those repetitive gym sessions: and some thoughtful local Berlin music to add some exotic flavour to your British indie playlist: FYI, both links have been cleared by the copyright holders for listening purposes.

Thursday 26th May 22:42 Report Comment

Simon LahnWhen's your next post coming Baines?

Wednesday 25th May 03:54 Report Comment

Megan SforziniThe new TV on the Radio album is my favorite of this year. I get chills just thinking about listening to it. I picked up James Blake off a recommendation from a friend. It's just okay overall, but his cover of Feist's "Limit to your Love" is great.

Monday 23rd May 16:20 Report Comment

Alistair ShackladyBainsy mate give this band, The Levels, a listen. Their from the Wirral and just about to release their first EP

Thursday 19th May 20:06 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyMy dad always seems to listen to T-Rex tiger feet i like it but bit old like

Monday 9th May 23:24 Report Comment

Pearl kelly KellyLeighton did you like the music i give you on a piece on paper ? :) ive just got Miles Kane new cd aswell if you want to lend it you can i asked you a few times at the match but you didnt answer me haha please reply

Monday 9th May 23:23 Report Comment

Phil ThomasIve just got the new Pigeon Detectives album 'Up Guards and at em!', very similar to Kasabian. Pre ordered Beady Eye, I agree Four Letter Word is a fantastic song. I have Coral cds and Alex Turner's ep, similar music taste!

Thursday 5th May 18:48 Report Comment

Charles Bromheadalright mate don't know if your into The Libertines at all as i haven't heard you mention them on here. I wrote doherty off as a nugget before actually listening to him but he is a genius. Up The Bracket is a genuine contender for best brit album of all time. Also a track i can't stop listening to at the moment..'Can i get a witness' Marvin Gaye.. quality..

Thursday 5th May 10:34 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyI don't know if your musical tastes reach towards alt country/indie folk, but I'd recommend M. Ward to any music fan, especially the album Transistor Radio.

Wednesday 4th May 20:02 Report Comment

George GibsonMet you at the Beady Eye gig near the queue for the toilet mate! Was a great gig! Don't you think they should've released Beatles and Stones though? Only really like the Monkeys first album but Don't sit down.. is great. Gotta disagree with you on The Strokes though - the new album gets better with each listen i think.

Wednesday 4th May 10:46 Report Comment

Simon LahnHave you heard Colin Hay's new Album "Mercury Rising?" I highly recommend it.

Wednesday 4th May 07:58 Report Comment

Kuan Khailoving alex turner's submarine ep too

Tuesday 3rd May 09:27 Report Comment

david brownGood call on Alex turner, just downloaded on I tunes, if you feel like a good bit of stripped back good music try bon iver -skinny love or Frank turner - love and ire song. Agree with the strokes, nothing new there same album as 10 years ago,

Monday 2nd May 23:18 Report Comment

Dawn Joyceeverything everything are a most!

Saturday 30th April 22:55 Report Comment

Andrew JonesBobby Conn - Never Get Ahead Recently recommended by Charlie Brooker on Twitter, he was dead right.

Wednesday 27th April 22:42 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGThe new Lady GaGa album goes on sale next month That will be good.

Friday 22nd April 22:17 Report Comment

Pat FineganI've been on a Switchfoot craze recently. If you don't listen to them, check out the song, 'Daisy'. Other stuff: About Group Eisley Old Crow Medicine show

Thursday 21st April 02:51 Report Comment

Andrew RobertsSome really good bands around right now, checkout Two Door Cinema Club, The View, Glasvegas and Pigeon Detectives have new albums out which are really good in their own right and of course old favs The Couteeners, Mumford & Sons etc

Wednesday 20th April 13:45 Report Comment

Oliver Hilllovely game against blackburn keep it up mate and great pen :)

Wednesday 20th April 13:13 Report Comment

Nick WallGood blog mate. Can I recommend a few local bands well worth a listen : Alun Parry (yes I know he's a red, but we all have our problems) - The Suzukis - The 66 - The Sand Band - Jo Bywater - Fare Evaders -

Tuesday 19th April 20:28 Report Comment

Joe HayesBlack Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough

Tuesday 19th April 20:04 Report Comment

Matty HoeyLoving the all the stuff your listening to Bainesy. Give Likely Lads a listen there an unsigned band from York who are decent, a bit similar to the early arctic monkeys sound. And have a word with the fella who does the music at half time at goodison, it was boss to hear a bit of Miles Kane in the sun at half time at wolves the other week.

Tuesday 19th April 18:55 Report Comment

Chris McClintickLove Cold War Kids, seen them twice over here in the States. Got a radio show over here at my university, love that you've got such a great music taste. Here are some albums fresh from the US: "Smoke Ring For My Halo" by Kurt Vile, "Real Estate" by Real Estate, "Fading Parade" by Papercuts, and "No Color" by the Dodos. Since you've been listening to Dylan lately check out the Swedish singer/songwriter who's very dylanesque, The Tallest Man on Earth. His albums "Shallow Grave" and "The Wild Hunt" are both phenomenal. Also saw you were digging Tame Impala in your previous post, you'd like the new zealand band Surf City most likely if you like Tame Impala. Check out their 2010 release, "Kudos" Enjoy!

Tuesday 19th April 18:05 Report Comment

Hannah Hickinsonseen miles kane live when he was supporting the courteeners back in december, was quality! think you should get 'conditions' by the temper trap, sweet disposition and love lost are a couple of my favourites... 'costello music' by the fratellis sounds like something you'd like too! oh and possibly the song 'you are the one' by shiny toy guns. keep these blogs coming, love your music taste! :D

Tuesday 19th April 17:15 Report Comment

Mathew StockLoving the Dylan, McCartney and The Smiths! I'd recommend: Script For A Jesters Tear by Marillion (80s prog. rock, inspiration taken from Gabriel-era Genisis) Something more calmer, Pink Moon by Nick Drake or Inbetween Dreams by Jack Johnson - Little WIng, a local classic rock band from Southport, book a table at 01704 514040 (Fuegos Restaurant, last Sunday of every month), it'll be well worth it, they pack out all the places they go to! :)

Tuesday 19th April 17:06 Report Comment

Mitch HodgeListen to anything by Gypsy & The Cat and these songs are very good Holidays by Miami Horror Young blood by The Naked and Famous Also check out Stereophonics if you don't listen to em already!

Tuesday 19th April 16:38 Report Comment

Ian CollinsDefinitely agree about The Vaccines - very good album. Also as already said, Yuck are worth a listen and I can't recommend the Elbow album highly enough! If you've never listened to him - try giving David Ford a go - hes a solo singer songwriter but has come out with some great songs over the years. Also if you missed them the last couple of years, The National and Two Door Cinema Club are worth a listen too

Tuesday 19th April 15:03 Report Comment

Chris KiddCheck out a band called "Yuck" Really good debut album. Also a band called "Tame Impala", another great debut album, very 60's ish, the singer sounds like Lennon.

Tuesday 19th April 14:11 Report Comment

Phil HancockBeen listening to similar stuff Leighton, Beady eye is good, also enjoyed Submarine and the Vaccines - you should listen to new Elbow - obvioulsy more mellow than the above but superb - saw them at MEN last month and all sounded even better live. Try Bright Eyes - The Peoples Key, PJ Harvey - Let England Shake, new Foo's is very good too. Give Yuck a listen too - good album

Tuesday 19th April 13:21 Report Comment

Ross MarshallLeighton, here's a new band for you to check out....'The Tunics'. They are a four piece from the South East, fairly new to the scene, but have just released their second album, 'Dabblers' Handbook'. Both albums are definitely worth a listen, stand out tracks for me on the new release being 'Berlin' and 'I'm Broke, you're bored'. To give you an idea of their style, i guess i'd compare them to Arctic Monkeys, but perhaps a bit rougher round the edges. I'd certainly be interested to see what you reckon to them. Enjoy!

Tuesday 19th April 13:18 Report Comment

Give new Strokes album more of a listen, its a grower (although the band have said the do feel the definitely have a better album in them) blast from the past, Thin Lizzy Jailbreak album

Tuesday 19th April 13:02 Report Comment

Paul HowellsYou've got to check out The Courteeners, if you're into Indie or stuff like the Arctic Monkeys you will like The Courteeners. Arctics have a new album coming out soon called 'Suck it and See', I think Brick by Brick and Dont sit down will be on there.

Tuesday 19th April 12:54 Report Comment

Ben Hope-NaylorNow then Leighton, The Fratellis 'Costello Music' Album is a great upbeat Indie album and my personal favourite is Feeder 'The Singles', Just A Day is an epic track and puts a massive smile on your face whilst your air guitaring to it. much love

Tuesday 19th April 12:31 Report Comment

russell wyattlet me know what you think

Tuesday 19th April 12:19 Report Comment

Frej Johansson BoojThere's a band from germany who i would like to recommend, they're called Beatsteaks, and I think you would appreciate their latest album "Boom Box"

Tuesday 19th April 10:50 Report Comment

Marcus SmithHey, you should check out a band called the antlers! There an indie band from the states, there album 'hospice' is pretty bleak and melancholic but still beautiful non the less! Also I don't know what your views are about electronic music but theres a band called 'sleigh bells' who might interest you! But definitely give the antlers a listen and try and read about the story behind the album!

Tuesday 19th April 10:49 Report Comment

Tom Mc AndrewBainsy, If you haven't heard of a band called Foster The People you should have a listen, really good. Tracks from them that I recommend are 'Houdini' and 'Pumped Up Kicks'.

Tuesday 19th April 10:49 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGSome good ones there.

Tuesday 19th April 10:43 Report Comment

DAVID EMBLETONAlright Bainsey,sorry to disagree with you,but iTunes were giving The Vaccines song NORGAARD as free song of the week mid-march,to be honest,i didn't like it,i tried the album on spotify & wasn't fussed! If you like 60's psychedelic & garage,try THE SONICS & THE SEEDS,you can't go wrong with HENDRIX,CREAM & THE STOOGES. Havn't listened to the new ELBOW album yet,got all the others which are good,but if you like them,try DOVES,i reckon the most under-rated band in the country! If you like listening to anything heavy,try the new FOO FIGHTERS album WASTING LIGHT,i think its their most complete album since THE COLOUR & THE SHAPE.

Tuesday 19th April 10:34 Report Comment

Tom OwenLeighton, every Sunday night, BBC Radio Merseyside, Dave Monks presents a local music radio show 8pm - 10pm. Its a great show and he plays all music from upcoming bands from around the Liverpool area. There's a great band called 'El Toro!' who sound good! You can catch them on Youtube. They remind me a bit of the Arctic Monkeys. Definitely worth a listen. I went to see Beady Eye the other week and I thought they were excellent. I definitely agree with you about the Vaccines new album. Great stuff.

Monday 18th April 22:05 Report Comment

Darren DevonportBainsy, get yourself onto British Alternative/Rock bands such as Pulled Apart by Horses, and Dananananakroyd! - Both bands can be a little louder than the ones you've just mentioned, but they're really unique and very entertaining. Infact, if you're a Fifa 11 fan, Dananananakroyd already have a song on there, Black Wax

Monday 18th April 18:17 Report Comment

Michael QuarryNew Foos album is great. Have also been enjoying the re-issue of Pete Yorn's debut musicforthemorningafter - is finally touring Europe for the first time in 7 years next month and is definitely someone who should be on your radar. I also picked up Ryan Adams, Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen vinyl, plus some more as part of Record Store Day. Saw The Pigeon Detectives in Leeds too who were great as always and their new album has some good tunes on it.

Monday 18th April 18:13 Report Comment

Michael StreffordListen to a band called 'Sharks' they are from the UK, very good!

Monday 18th April 17:50 Report Comment

Christopher SmithDefinitely check out Ted Leo + The Pharmacists... solid stuff from the States, punk rock with good lyrics. I've been into Supergrass (especially their underrated album Life on Other Planets) and TV on the Radio too... the just put out a new album. Hope you enjoy!

Monday 18th April 17:42 Report Comment

Sarath KokaBainsey, if you like cold war kids check out their new album if you haven't already, it's awesome. In particular, a song called "Royal Blue". Not only does the song have a great name but it's a brilliant track too. Listen to it now and you can thank me later.

Monday 18th April 17:24 Report Comment

Mike BlackHi Leighton, have you listened to Nick Drake or John Martyn, both sadly dead now but stunning stuff from them both. Try Solid Air by John and anything at all by Nick. There's an Aussie guy (Tim C may have heard of him :-)) Alex Lloyd he's an excellent songwriter check out 'Black the Sun'

Monday 18th April 17:19 Report Comment

Brendan DuffyI've really gotten into Death Cab For Cutie recently - their album Transatlanticism is a really accessible one for anyone who hasn't heard any of their stuff yet. Also, Vampire Weekend - Contra is quite good; it is very unusual too. shameless plug for my own band 'redtwelve'. the album is called 'mines' and its on itunes. If you'd rather not pay for it i'm sure i can organise some sort of freebie for all you Blue's out there!

Monday 18th April 17:15 Report Comment

tom mcmurrieyes! baines yet again great music love the new beady eye album! have a listen to the white lies if you havent already! and the local teenage band shamona have a new CD coming out shortly im sure you of all people could easily get hold of a copy :)

Monday 18th April 17:09 Report Comment

Philip MaloneSome dire straits, can't beat solid rock or espresso love Walk of life or The man's too strong. Or some Megadeth, anything off youthanasia would suit you methinks.

Monday 18th April 17:06 Report Comment

David HeatonLeighton there's some great songs on there, especially agree with The Vaccines, downloaded their album the other week and its very easy on the ears. I'd also reccomend 'The Airbourne Toxic Event - Changing' just from looking at the type of music you listen to, great blog though!

Monday 18th April 17:05 Report Comment

Neil McAdamWonder what you think of the Foo Fighters new album? Going to see them live in July! I've been into Maroon 5 more since I saw them in feb!

Monday 18th April 17:02 Report Comment


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