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Filling Goodison Responses

Robert Elstone, 29th October 2008 - 09:44

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More than 36,000 fans enjoyed our best performance of the season on Saturday and I’m sure word will spread.

One of the team here said it was the first time he’d seen the famous ‘Goodison 12th Man’ for a while. 

We heard and saw that ‘12th Man’ for the whole of the second half, bringing back the great memories of last season. 

However - and maybe you wouldn’t have known it from the noise levels in the second 45 minutes - as predicted, it turned out to be our lowest home gate for a Manchester United game for some time. 

Last week’s thoughts on pricing and ticketing sparked plenty of interest and there has been a mix of constructive feedback.  We have already met to discuss this and we’ve started to analyse the views and opinions we received. 

There’s been a wide range of ideas and thoughts – from the stadium move, to team performance, to junior pricing, ticketing policy and ticket sales points. As I said, we are listening and we will learn.

A few people have commended the Club for opening dialogue; a few have said it was brave, but to me and the team, it’s so important we take on board fan opinion and respond.

Of course, the key is how we respond.  And before looking at those areas it’s worth pointing out that, of course, we can’t tell the manager who to sign or who to play.  That’s not going to change. 

Our position on Kirkby is clear too – we will throw everything we have at the Public Inquiry because Kirkby represents the only opportunity, and a great opportunity, to progress the Club. That’s not changing either. 

In addition, like it or not, we have to make money to be successful and, as I said last week, we have 40,000 seats to sell 19 times per season. 

What we can do - and what we must do - is look at ideas like city centre sales points, extending our ‘Txt2ticket’ service and maybe even look at our Box Office opening hours.  We’ve already picked up on points like ‘why could I only buy one ticket when I rang on such and such a day’.  And, I think we need to take on board the willingness from all our fans to allow us to make offers to increase the number of young Evertonians in the stadium. To that end, our Half Season Ticket offer is the next initiative to have a good offer for junior Blues.

We need to take these points on board soon. We’ve a big challenge for Saturday – Fulham, live on TV and with pockets being stretched as ‘downturn’ bites and Christmas approaches.  What we definitely need is for everyone to be positive and united.  Recommendations from our most loyal fans – our season ticket holders, members and our supporters clubs - will fill the stadium better than anything.

Finally, many of you will have read this week that Tottenham Hotspur could face a bill of up to £20million for sacking Juande Ramos after just 12 months in charge. That figure reportedly includes the cost of removing all the Spaniard’s back room staff and bringing in others to support the new man at the helm, Harry Redknapp. On top of that Tottenham will be expected to provide Redknapp with a transfer budget in January to help him make the squad his own and bring the success the supporters at White Hart Lane crave.

Of course, Tottenham have their reasons for the change, and it is not for me to comment on decisions made by other clubs, but it made me think about our strategy here at Everton since the appointment of David Moyes in 2002. That strategy has been to give our full backing to the manager and to keep a level of consistency across the board. The rewards for doing so have been obvious for all to see.

For a start we’ve played in Europe in three out of the past four seasons and the aim at the beginning of this campaign was to better the fantastic journey we enjoyed last time out. Expectations are just as high from us all involved with the Club and we hope to be involved come the end of the season.

There has also been a massive improvement in the quality of player we have been able to bring to Goodison - and we believe that is because we have given David time and money to mould the squad as he sees fit.

This all bodes well for the future and with David tied down for another five years I am confident Everton’s progression will continue both on the field which will only help to serve us off it starting with three points at Bolton and then another three against Fulham.

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Ben Rigbyplease dont ruin our club. KEIOC

Wednesday 29th October 17:58 Report Comment

robert tweddleyes you need to spread the point of sale of tickets also look at price if a small club like Tranmere can do it why not Everton !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 29th October 15:11 Report Comment

Colin HughesWe need a run of wins to get 4-5000 fans back,simpy selling tickets in different locations will not get them back.If I dont want to buy a fur coat in walton then I wont buy one in the town centre for the same price. No matter what you do now to promote sales Fulham on saturday will undoubtable be the lowest crowd of the season so far .

Wednesday 29th October 14:04 Report Comment

Phil DaviesYet again the first maon is about a move to kirkby. We need to ACCEPT that goodison is getting to a point where the maintenance costs are going to have a serious impact on the budgets available to the club for players and improvements. YES we love goodison but we hvae to be realistic. We must also accept that if someone else is preparing to pay the majority of the costs we would be foolish not to consider it. If we can find an alternative site and an investor then of course the club would be foolish not to follow that up. Its been said a million times already if we want to compete we have to attract otherways to make money and a stadium that can increase our revenue is a good start point regardless of where it is. As for Bill Kenwright the man has doen more for this club than anybody, lets not forget we could have been a part time team made up of workers from PARK FOOD Hampers if we had let Johnson have his way !! The club are aksing for opinions so lets be constructive, yeah they may not always listen and we may not always like what they do but who suffers every time EVERTON do !! last point if we get an multi millionaire or billionaire to buy the club do you think they are gonna listen?? answer look across the park and ask Liverpool fans its a solid NO. I do agree tho the cost to attend games is a lot especially a family of four, food and drink are expensive and over priced, even parking is getting ridiculous and before anyone mentions public transport i travel over 140 miles to home games and only miss 4 a season so public transport is a no go. The places for purchasing tickets has been mentioned, when you can do it online whay cant you print the ticket like you can when you go on holiday to save having to que at the box office to collect them.?? It would save frustration of being passed from box office to box office on matchdays...

Wednesday 29th October 13:59 Report Comment

Im a season ticket holder, sit in the uppper bullens. I never go down to buy anything at half time and saturday is a prime example why - i went and stood in the que for 10 minutes, i wanted a hot pie and a cold beer, i was told there was no hot food left, only a cold sausage roll, i was starving so had no choice. Also the beer was pre-poured, not from a pump but from a tin!!!!! My pint was warmer than my food, and to add insult to injury it cost me £9.60 (2 x sausage roll and 1 x pint) What a joke, i dont mind paying over the odds, but not for that rubbish, needless to say i wont be coming down at half time again! Oh and whilst im ranting - the new 3rd kit which i was going to buy is £45, why is it so expensive??

Wednesday 29th October 13:35 Report Comment

Steven GriffithWhat about offering family discount rates, ie dad and lad specials (£35.00 for adult + junior). Or stop having stupid kick off times which prevent people who work or play football on a saturday morning from going the game.

Wednesday 29th October 12:43 Report Comment

Callum McKennaThe prices obviously are an issue to some people in todays world but what does that matter when you are watching good football? You dont even think about this when were winning. But unless we start playing like last season when we battled for victories , were aggressive and beat teams convincingly. We need to stop being so lightweight in the middle of the park and see the real everton again im sure it will be full everyweek.

Wednesday 29th October 12:20 Report Comment

Stephen LythThis is the problem though isnt it, you open dialogue but dont listen. Overwhelming vote by the majority of shareholders to drop the exclusivity clause over Kirkby at the EGM. Forget the top 4s block vote on this matter it doesnt count. Nobody wants to support Kirkby Town FC and nobody wants to watch Everton play at a retail park stadium. Bill has to find a buyer who is prepared to listen to the fans and move on. If Kirkby goes ahead, theres a lot like me who think its purely down to the self interest of the board. Like Bill said " I will be remembered as the man who sold Wayne Rooney and took this club out of the City to Kirkby" What an Epitaph, the death of Everton FC if it happens.

Wednesday 29th October 12:08 Report Comment

Kenneth WilliamsI am sure that if we continue to repeat the second half performance against Man U the home support will improve. But we must still look at the pricing policy, the cost of attending games is now a major consideration to most peoples budgets especially if you take your children, it is not only the cost of entry to the ground but the cost of refrshments. £3.50 for a hot dog, over £2.00 for a pie etc and over £1.50 for a bottle of coke that has RRP of less than a £1. I am sure EFC reduced prices more people would buy inside the ground rather than outside.

Wednesday 29th October 11:04 Report Comment


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