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Evertonianism & The Decline Into Insanity

Mad Blue, 23rd August 2010 - 12:20

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Mad Blue

Mad Blue

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Monday - Friday spent in a stressful City of London job. Sat and Sunday spent stressing over Everton. A Toffee trying to balance her career with her love of Everton and Goodison Park.

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Being an Evertonian can sometimes be very easy - especially living in London where most of my friends and colleagues reserve their hatred towards other teams for the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City and of course Liverpool. Their view of the mighty Blues is generally that we have a great manager, Arteta is always in their fantasy football teams and their fans are the best in the world (ok that's my view but anyway...)

However the main problem with supporting the finest club in the land is that they have taken over my life- hence my descent into football related madness. Saturday afternoon social lives are an alien concept for me, my family and friends have to plan things around the football season if they want to see me and my obsession with avoiding all things red has taken on a whole new level. Let's face it - how many 29 year old females do you know who have an Everton duvet cover?

Even my colleagues have learned to avoid me on Monday mornings regardless of how Everton have performed as they know the morning meeting is going to be taken over by rants featuring such gems as ‘Did you see Fellaini's pirouette? Hold on, let me get it on really you need to watch!' or ‘I don't care that Chelsea won 6-0, Everton were not part of the match so it isn't relevant to my life'.

I also would like to mention my poor flatmate (who has no interest in sport whatsoever) who regularly finds me charging into the lounge to inform her that we have just signed someone or hears me screaming at the TV when Everton score/concede/one of City's players is writhing on the floor in ‘agony'. She has perfected the pretend interest face amazingly and only interrupts if I have ranted for over 10 minutes. Thanks H.

All of this has brought me to the conclusion that I need to get a grip and while not mentioning Everton in as many conversations as is humanly possible is going to be a huge struggle for me I have set myself the challenge of at least being concise. So here you have it people - the Wolves match report in less than 250 words.

First home game of the season is always well anticipated and despite Neville's absence we were all generally pleased with the starting XI. Everton did start the better team with the majority of possession and a few early chances were evident. However despite this bright start Hahnemann was never really tested and Everton began to look a bit lacklustre after about 20 minutes.

The referee had a few dodgy moments and a few balls that were clearly ours were awarded to Wolves. Dubious lack of penalty aside for a challenge that was very obviously inside the box, we went on to score from the free kick that was awarded instead with Cahill netting after Arteta's ball in. Half time and we felt an Everton lead was deserved.

Second half and Wolves came on immediately stronger with much more possession and balls in their end than before. What Everton did have as an advantage was a bit of pace which is why I am mystified as to why Beckford was subbed for Saha. We immediately lost our pace and the Wolves goal came from a Saha mistake gifting them the possession which resulted in Ebanks-Blake's goal.

Everton had a few more chances that came to nothing and all in all it was a disappointing game - both for the scoreline and the entertainment factor. The Wolves fans who cheered their appreciation at getting a point at Goodison had it spot on - this should have been an easy 3 points for us and our performance was not good enough. Man of the match? Distin. Enough said.

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Mikel ArreguiNice blog, I relate to it somehow! I'm also 29 and also surrounded by people who don't even know Everton and think Chelsea or Man City are big temas historically speaking... Once in London I was outside my hostel chatting with some friends and I was wearing my Everton shirt and suddendly a lad of about my age came shouting and saying how pleased he was to see another toffee in London! We chatted for a long time and it was a really nice experience. It's the only time I've meeted another toffee in London when wearing my shirt!

Monday 6th September 20:40 Report Comment

thomas mcewanliving in waltham abbey just outside london i can relate to her coments, my everton flag is always flying proudly outside my house

Monday 6th September 13:09 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGShout loud about Everton. Gosh i do not like any of them London clubs.

Sunday 29th August 09:59 Report Comment

Mike HulseGood work Mad. look forward to following your updates this season. Football related insanity is common, even so far from Goodison. Optimism around the new season shouldnt be dwindling just yet- we have still only lost 3 in 26! COYFB

Tuesday 24th August 21:32 Report Comment

Jim Bowenas far as a blog goes, i actually went and registered online, normally im not bothered with any of this, but it struck a nerve with me since my family are originally from Malaya, as far as being a long distance fan i can relate to the madness when you try and explain football to your mates and they just dont give a curly wurly about what your talkin about whether it be tactics, team selection, performance or just why mikel arteta isnt picked for the national team, he's better than jesus navas anyways and would have passed that ball to torres in the world cup if he was in the position of pedro when he made that guff in the final

Tuesday 24th August 20:38 Report Comment


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