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As Promised...

Robert Elstone, 9th June 2009 - 12:33

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The Premier League’s next key task will be to secure future international live TV rights. We’re about to start the final year of the current TV rights deal and have already secured the next three year’s domestic rights deal (Sky and Setanta). 

Expectations on international rights remain high and the Premier League will spend the next six months securing deals by territory directly with international broadcasters.  If you’re interested, Everton generally takes more than one-twentieth of the domestic rights fees as a result of finishing above mid-way and being ‘better than average’ on TV appearances, however, all clubs take one-twentieth of the international rights. As a consequence of this uncertainty, at this stage, budgets for 2010/11 are difficult to finalise.

Our 2008/09 results benefit from a back-to-back fifth place finish and, of course, an FA Cup final. Both results mean we’re better than budget and are able to make good some of the shortfall on average attendances. However, this emphasises how important attendances are to our ‘bread and butter’ revenues and why it’s so important that we secure average gates close to 37,000. We can only do that if we can rely on a ‘bedrock’ of a healthy season ticket base and I’m pleased to report we’re well over 22,000 season ticket holders, for 2009/10, at the beginning of June.

The Club thanks all those fans who’ve renewed for next season. Our marketing campaign has now turned to promoting the availability of some great seats and as all Evertonians know, there’s plenty of ‘variety’ in the quality of seats at Goodison. Right now there’s a chance to secure a great seat for the whole season and our fan centre staff will be delighted to meet with you to show you in person.

We’re hopeful 2009/10 will see record retail sales. I’m delighted to be working with a partner who shares our ambition for customer service, product range and our retail ‘brand’ and we’re all excited by the prospect of a new megastore – Everton One, the fantastic new shop in Liverpool One, Everton Two and a market-leading retail website.  Kitbag Limited has made a big investment in our Club and I know they’ll be worthy of our support and your custom.

All this revenue can only go to help support the funds that are made available to David for team strengthening during this summer and beyond. We are constantly reviewing all our options to ensure we’re doing everything we can do to secure David’s chosen players. Of course, we must also capitalise on our core strengths - the stability of the squad, the team spirit and the nucleus or ‘spine’ of talented footballers committed to the Club. Securing the long term commitment of Jagielka, Yobo and Howard cements these qualities even further. Great news for all Evertonians!

2008/09 has been a great season for the Club, its fans and our staff.  Can I conclude by going ‘on the record’ to say thanks for your great support and thanks to my team for ‘going the extra mile’ and maintaining the progress demanded if we are to make Everton the best football club in the world.


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david okafou right ian st johnson. i was digusted when i heard arsene wenger on a tour of china saying tht villa spurs n man city r the teams he thinks r capable of cracking the top four. i ve got a lot of respect 4 arsene but totally overlookin the only club tht ve challenged the top four in last five yrs n have actually cracked it(2005) made m so sad. but i ain bothered cos his opinions does'nt count especially when premier moyes is the captain of the ship.COYB!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 8th July 13:57 Report Comment

david okafohi, i ve being an evertonian since i was 4yrs old. i was so devastated when i learnt tht the visit to ghana n match with kotoko has being called off. its so sad, all the jerseys n stuffs i bought so that the guyz will autograph it for is all but nothing. but i know tht every decision tht is taken is for the benefit of the club. thnx

Wednesday 8th July 13:50 Report Comment

David HawthorneFact is if you didn't have a full season ticket you shouldn't have got a ticket and for the supporters clubs if people didn't get tickets its because the main person in the club didn't do the customer numbers properly and for people who baught the tickets on another persons number although I sympathise you should have baught them on your number.

Monday 15th June 16:56 Report Comment

Phil CainInteresting to hear what goes on behind the scenes - I've two questions for you to perhaps consider covering in your blog. 1. Five officials in the Europa League - what do the club think? (For me i just see it creating even more confusion with the referee now having to consider 3 x opinions on a dcecison) 2. The new home kit! Did you do any focus groups with fans before this was released - for me it's the worst since the 86 "white yoke" kit which lasted only 12 months. I'm all for paying homage to the greats of the 80's (I remember the days fondly) but it's a poor kit, with too much white - and i think sales will suffer, let's hope the away kit is better. Look forward to hearing from you

Thursday 11th June 10:01 Report Comment

John LyonsWhenever you book additional tickets for away games or home cup games, whether it is online, by phone or at the box office you are always asked for the number for each individual. If you didn't use your own customer number when booking other tickets it is not the club's fault that you did not have enough credits to get a cup final ticket.

Wednesday 10th June 16:20 Report Comment

Neil HyattI hear alot of people saying they are season ticket holders but didn't get a ticket. I now live in Hampshire. A 9 hour round trip for home games, but work most weekends. I can't get to most away games, let alone home. I was gutted not to be given a CHANCE to even get a ticket, let alone get one. I agree usual Goodison attendies should be given priority, but don't forget the southerners who spend a fortune in the megastore, have followed the team for years but don't even have a chance !!! COYB

Wednesday 10th June 15:57 Report Comment

Alan WoodwardSorry to diagree with you Neil but i thought the distribution of FA Cup final was not entirely fair. I myself have held a season ticket for 15 years and did not end up with a ticket for the final. I had in fact been to all of the "additional" games that were required, but they were purchased on my friends customer number. So when i applied for a cup final ticket and eventually got through to speak to an advisor i was told i was unsuccessful. and should of booked the previous tickets on my customer number. This was rather irritating as i know some half season ticket holders who missed league games before Chritsmas were more entitled to a ticket then myself.

Wednesday 10th June 13:37 Report Comment

jo turnerre Neil Steele comments It was a disgrace to forget about supporters clubs,these supporters clubs are mainly our away following.Now i no some members of these clubs who missed 2 aways this season and also attended home game but failed to get a ticket.Now for the club to turn round and treat this game as an home game was a disgrace

Wednesday 10th June 12:25 Report Comment

Rhodri OwenGreat articles, gives our supporters an insight to the otherwise "closed doors" of the football hierarchy. Totally agree with you Robert, on the quotas. If they want to encourage clubs to bring on youngsters, maybe they could put an age limit on a proportion of the subs bench. Then we wont have 7 international players like sum clubs can afford.

Wednesday 10th June 10:36 Report Comment

Paul HowellsHe says that at the beginning of June we have 22,000 season ticket holders for the 2009/10 season. That will have no effect on what happened for the cup final as the cup final was based on 2008/09 season tickets. Although it does beg the question, if we had around 25,000 season ticket holders last season and we have already had some new purchases this season why is there less than 25,000 for next season? Obviously some people haven't renewed, probably due to the 'credit crunch', but now is as good a time as any to get a ST at Everton, this is the best team we have had in arguably 20 years, or at least since when we last won the cup.

Tuesday 9th June 22:27 Report Comment

Neil SteeleHi Robert, it's not a regular occurrance but I thought i'd just add a little positivity and praise!! I think the strategy behind and the actual distribution of the limited number of Cup Final tickets was first class. I, like many loya fans of many years, was concerned that despite my long standing commitment I may miss out on a ticket. The decision to exclude supporters clubs and shareholders from automatically receiving an allocation was a bold but absolutely correct one and it ensured that every last ticket went to those fans most deserving. The purchase process was as straight forward as possible and collection went without hitch. The only thing missing was the tin pot at the end! Enough niceness anyway, get out there and find us a Sheikh you hear!

Tuesday 9th June 20:26 Report Comment

ian st john johnsonour best season because its the second year running that we have finnished 5th.stability,continuity,progress these are the new buzz words at everton......lets hope that silverware,trophies are buzz words for the near future.....C.O.Y.B.

Tuesday 9th June 16:55 Report Comment

James YoxallI think Robert Elstone is a breath of fresh air. Whether you agree with him is not an issue. Football clubs used to be like a closed shop with limited information being given to fans. Since Robert took over as CEO he has been as open as he can be with the fans and this can only be good for the future of Everton.

Tuesday 9th June 16:32 Report Comment

shaun farrellso everton have 22,000 season ticket holders, so why didn't every season ticket holder recieve a cup final ticket, and why so many empty seats at wembley

Tuesday 9th June 16:23 Report Comment

Padraig FalveyYou mention the Setanta deal!! How does this effect us now that they are going bust???

Tuesday 9th June 15:39 Report Comment

john connollyDear Robert On one hand you say that the academy "process costs us a lot of money but it’s money well spent " and then you go on to say that the smaller clubs should develope academies, how can they do that when they don't have a "lot of money". I agree that the playing field should be level and mid land clubs have a greater catchment area, than those on the coast. Our academy is going well but we should teach the youngsters to be more confident, for example Tony Hibbert is still camera shy ( and that is why they fail on the big occasion) and we need to teach other skills such as communication as well as football.

Tuesday 9th June 14:53 Report Comment

STEPHEN LEWIS AGreat season all round, let's hope we can go a step further next year, it 's been a season where youre proud to wear your blue shirt, in fact i wear the white more and the only time we lost when i wore it was the final. Bring on next season, cmon you blues.

Tuesday 9th June 13:22 Report Comment


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