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Valente & Castillo Depart

Valente and van der Meyde released, Castillo returns to Serbia after loan.

Valente & Castillo Depart

Everton have released Nuno Valente and Segundo Castillo has returned to Red Star Belgrade at the end of his loan spell.

The Club have also confirmed the departure of Andy van der Meyde at the end of his contract.

Youngsters John Irving, John Paul Kissock, Scott Spencer, Eunan O'Kane and Cory Sinnott have also been released by the Club.

Academy players Thomas McCready, Luke Powell, Michael Jensen and Daniel Redmond have also left.

Valente's departure comes at the end of an injury-hit season in which he made just two appearances.

Overall, the former Portuguese international made 60 appearances in his four seasons at Goodison Park.

Castillo's one-season loan stint at Everton has also come to an end, the Ecuadorian making 13 appearances and scoring once before heading back to his parent club in Serbia.

van der Meyde has had a turbulent stay on Merseyside since arriving in the summer of 2005, the winger battling against injuries, personal problems and disciplinary issues and showing only tiny glimpses of his quality.

He departs having made just 24 appearances in four seasons.

Of the youngsters, Kissock has appeared on the first team substitutes' bench this season, but none has a senior appearance to their name.

stephen scaifewe need a replacement for tony hibbert the only problem is if any decent priced right back pops up we,l get out priced like glen johnson 18 million don,t make me laugh

Friday 19th June 18:03 Report Comment

Nigel MeheganGood luck to castillo and valente. Now lets discuss this rumour of Beckham. I for one wouldn't touch him with a barge pole and slush fund as big as Abramovich's at Chelsea. Ok he might shift loadsa jerseys in the Far East, but the amount we will be paying for security for him and the rest of the squad due to the paperazzi hanging around the club each time Becks and his missus have a spat does not make it worth, that hyped up media whippersnapper worth it. I would prefer to get Doyle and Hunt in from Reading as their work rates are way better plus no paperazzi will be hanging around. Also maybe Andy Reid, a good centre attacking centre mid, who has been known to rocket in a few frees at international level like Beckham. And before any one brings up his weight, I have got 2 words and 1 legend for you: Ferenc Puskas.

Friday 19th June 16:30 Report Comment

Luke PhibbsValente was a good player in his day, but injuries and age and the fact we have two excellent players in that position (Baines and Lescott) mean it was time to say goodbye. Castillo looked lost all season and VDM was a gamble that didn't come off. I was really excited by him coming in as I was expecting him to get fit and prove himself our most exciting dribbler since Kanchelskis.Unfortunately it wasn't to be. The idea of Beckham coming is nonsense. First off it doesn't fit the Moyes plan to build a young team to challenge the top four for years to come, and secondly he's under contract with Galaxy, we can't afford his wages for a loan and Moyes is hardly going to blow his budget on someone of Becks age (no matter how talented he used to be and possibly still is) Personally, I agree we need a right back, but after seeing Jacobsen at Villa, I don't believe it's him. He tried to show young down the line from so far back it was the easiest thing in the world to cut back inside. I don't know who Moyes should bring in but there's got to be someone better. In an ideal world we'd sign a RB, DM, AM, RW and CF, but not sure we've got the finances. I'd love to see Joaquin join. He's had a rough time at Valencia, but given their cash worries they're likely to do business and on his day he's superb, plus he offers something a bit different. S.Hunt is a good player but too much like the rest of our midfield. busy and industrious. Owen might be worth a go, I guess Moyes needs to assess Saha before making that decision. In an ideal world I think I'd like to see Love, Joaquin, Moutinho, Cana, a right back and probably a loan of a centreback. but it's exciting stuff this summer transfer window so I await eagerly for Moyes first (of many) signings.

Friday 19th June 13:28 Report Comment

Jeff Beedoes anyone really think Becks is a reality? nice idea maybe but money better spent on some more young talent like Fellaini

Thursday 18th June 11:06 Report Comment

Mike DonnanSorry to see Nuno go and I am also sorry VDM has left, I understand his problems but one game I will never forget was his cameo against them lot... Anyone else agree what a ball for super Dan to ruin there season in the last minute. Good luck to Nuno and VDM, Castillo is good enough to clean Rodwells boots let alone play along with him.. Get Beckham Moyes you have had him before at Preston COYB's

Tuesday 16th June 12:56 Report Comment

paul parkesI think most of the players to be released were the choice to make way for a few new signings and boy do we need some but they've got to be the right ones. I think Tony Hibbert is our weak link and think Lars Jacobsen is a much better player and should be offered a contract he's got a lot more to offer. Also we should give Steven Pienaar a longer and better contract he's a gem !!! Also there has got to be alot of fans out there with design ideas for the next 1st team kit let the fans have a go and then vote on them bet they can do better and it is our club !

Monday 15th June 22:28 Report Comment

David HewittI agree with Piers it would be a gamble on an oven up front ok for the pies at half time tho i guess

Monday 15th June 20:41 Report Comment

Piers Smyth-renshawnobody liked them what we want is a midfielder and a striker its a gs a gamble on oven but saha was a gamble we need the yak back

Monday 15th June 19:37 Report Comment

David Jacksonsorry to see them go thought nuno was great never given a proper run and castillo looked solid against chelsea away would have given him a run goodbye and good luck to them both ,as for vdm good riddance

Monday 15th June 16:56 Report Comment

Wayne InstoneNo problem, now go and get Becham, he is in fantastic shape for his age and we could get two seasons out of one of the great midfield players of our time. Him and Ateta in midfield with Falini and Osman, how many points is he worth just in free kicks, never mind his ability to read a game. Go get him Moysee

Monday 15th June 11:56 Report Comment

Chris Cheungshame about Valente. I kinda liked him. Now Moyes needs to give Jacobsen a contract. I firmly believe he has done and proven himself well enough.

Monday 15th June 07:35 Report Comment

Ibnu Sinagoodbye,farewell, and good luck to's now? with all those players released, we need more players come to fill their spot. Hope for the best on transfer market. We surely need to sign a bunch of 'em. My concern are players who play left back now. Only two players covers that side, one of 'em are best to play on central defence.

Sunday 14th June 16:31 Report Comment

Thomas DaviesNUNO NUNO NUNO!!!

Sunday 14th June 15:22 Report Comment

Tony WoodersonNuno was a good player. Not bothered about the others. DM needs to offer Lars a deal - he's far better than Hibbo - a proven international full back who I think suits our style perfectly. I really hope DM doesn't waste the cash on Huddlestone though. More hugely overrated Spurs rubbish!

Sunday 14th June 15:02 Report Comment

Davide GhilardiThanks Nuno!

Sunday 14th June 13:19 Report Comment

Sam Meehantime for them to move on except nuno valente, great player. Time to make a big signing to top off a great season.

Sunday 14th June 09:20 Report Comment

gavin mckindleygodd riddance 2 shandy van der meyde as 4 valente hes gettin on now an hes not gonna get a sniff whilst bainseys on fire so moyes made a good desicion to let him go - also i really thought that castillo was gonna make a serious impact on our team after his thunderbolt in the uefa cup - but alas moyes deemed him not good enough and so off he pops - just hopin now that we are gonna make a few decent signings and not let any big-money offers tempt our best players - coyb lets take sum euro silverware- that would ease the fa cup suffering a bit!!!!!

Sunday 14th June 08:06 Report Comment


Saturday 13th June 23:55 Report Comment

Matty Wilsonsooo happy to see them gone except for nuno he was a good player and im surprised how little he played but as for castillo an shandy they were basically chmapionship/ league 1 quality

Saturday 13th June 21:26 Report Comment

Sean O'Donnellnuno nuno nuno nuno ~

Saturday 13th June 20:49 Report Comment

D PearlI still think that VDM was the best winger we have had in a long time. He was fit towards the end of the year and we could of done with him at Wembley - but Moyes chose to freeze him out. As for Valente... I cant remember us having a better left back in years - but I would have him on the coaching staff at least.

Saturday 13th June 19:56 Report Comment

Ryan Gardneri don't think kissock should have gone but in moyes we trust van der meyde was a waste of space unlucky valente and good luck castillo lets bring in some more jagielka's and arteta's

Saturday 13th June 19:51 Report Comment

Matthew HandSad to see these players go but im looking at it in a positive way. We must have something good lined up If DM feels we can let them go. Tom Huddlestone is the one i want to see us get, he would be a bargain for around 5 million and moyes would turn him into an international.

Saturday 13th June 17:59 Report Comment

Andrew Christiangood luck to nuno valente , castillo, and the other youngsters sad to see u go, i always remember castillos goal against standard leige, he is the only player who can hit the ball hard out the box apart from arteta, we need more player like that, instead of set peice goals

Saturday 13th June 17:24 Report Comment

Morgan Paynegood luck to Valente, good player im a bit upset about Kissock, thought he was good and could have been a new youngster for the first team next season. Castillo was good but only a squad player, if we could get him for free i that would have been good good luck to the young lads

Saturday 13th June 17:17 Report Comment

Alex WeatherbySad for so many people to have to leave. But i trust moyes in wotever he does. Nuno was a gr8 pro and good luck to him in wotever he does. I'm especially sad about castillo as he looked strong and always gave his best. Is there any chance of us keeping him for another season on loan?

Saturday 13th June 15:18 Report Comment

David LoganSad to see Valente leave - he would have covered well for Baines. It was no surprise Van Der Meyde left - he has been a big disappointment and a big waste of money. With the emergence of Gosling and Rodwell - Castillo would have been value for money. I wonder whether Jo will be allowed to return online as cover for Yak and Saha. Will Anichebe move on to Sheffield Wednesday?

Saturday 13th June 14:16 Report Comment

Suntara Jumreornvongthank you nuno for all things u done for our club

Saturday 13th June 14:15 Report Comment

Michael ConnellyGlad to see a few off the wage bill; allows better players in to take their place. van der meyde should have gone three years ago. Castillo was strong but very poor on the ball.

Saturday 13th June 13:16 Report Comment

Thomas Surgenorreally sad to see nuno go was a model professional and was hoping he would have stayed on as part of the coaching staff or as cover for baines. thank you nuno... true professional!!

Saturday 13th June 13:10 Report Comment

Jimmy KeenSorry Andy Van Der Meyde never ever performed for us, wasted talent after Moyes did so well to bring him in. Thanks for everything Nuno Valente, good professional who never let us down. Segundo did a job but was never gonna be a permanent signing, good luck in the future. Shame Kissock has left but i'm sure he and the other youngsters will have no worries finding decent new clubs. Bring on the new season and hopefully some good signings. In Moyes we trust!

Saturday 13th June 13:10 Report Comment

John CoadyGood luck to the youngsters and as someone else has said, we must have some really good uns coming through if Moyes is releasing the likes of these. Shame about Casto, a decent player who never really got the chance to live up to expectations. Another loan spell would have been better but in saying that he prob still wouldnt get many games in. As for the others, the amont of appearances says it all. Theyve prob outstayed their welcome in terms of maybe they should have gone last year.

Saturday 13th June 12:28 Report Comment

Grant Bollonits a real shame that kissock had to leave becasue he had bags of potential, just a shame he was in a squad of other brilliant young stars, like agard and baxter. also VDM is a massive shame because he is really good on the ball and with set pieces just the injuires have held him back, oh and the amazing stevie P.

Saturday 13th June 11:54 Report Comment

David ClarkThanks to Nuno in particular for never letting us down. Shame Castillo didn't fulfill the potential promised when brought in. VDM I hope you find another club soon - loads of potential never anywhere near realised at Everton. Still got your Bally tribute shirt from the ManU game a couple of seasons ago. Good luck lads wherever you go.

Saturday 13th June 11:33 Report Comment

Ryan OliffCastillo had doen well when needed but was never worth the £4.5m quoted for a permanent move. Delph would be a better investment in my opinion. I was one of those that really hoped VDM would turn it round but it wasn't to be. Sad part of teh game that the youngsters get released and I hope they find clubs and do well for themselves. Mention for Valente as well, Moyes often mentioned what a professional he was. If that rubbed off on the youngsters they won't go far wrong. All the best lads.

Saturday 13th June 09:05 Report Comment

Paul Ellamaddition to my first comment - also sorry to see JP Kissock leave, i had high hopes for him - hope to see him play at a high level though. its a clear sign that there is much strength in our youngsters that players like him cant find a place - keep the conveyor belt of local stars coming!!

Saturday 13th June 08:12 Report Comment

Paul Ellammoyes has it spot on again for me - feel a bit sorry for valente who i thought was decent, but too injury prone so he had to go with the others. getting rid of van der meyde was a no-brainer really though! obviously now these players need replacing with much more quality - over to you DM!!

Saturday 13th June 08:09 Report Comment

Simon HitchcockSad to see them go, particularly Castillo, but we were never gonna pay £4.5m for him.

Saturday 13th June 07:55 Report Comment

alexis leungWill be exciting to see the names of those coming in. It is better to let them in as early as possible so that we will be fit enough to start collecting points from the first match!

Saturday 13th June 02:42 Report Comment

mathew campbelli feel that we should of tryed to get castillo on loan 4 another season i think times will be tough in the everton midfield next season with injurys and with a few games under his belt i think castillo could give world class performances !! glad to see andy go waste of time , and sad to see valente go MISS U BIGG MANN !!

Saturday 13th June 01:39 Report Comment

David PawseyCastillo looks like a very good player but just hasn't played enough in his time at Goodison. It's ashame to see JPK released as he was one of our brightest hopes not so long ago. I hope that they all go on to find employment elsewhere.

Saturday 13th June 00:36 Report Comment

Jonathon HampsonNice one for all your hard work fellas on and off the pitch am sure use have been a great help on the training field just as much as you have on the pitch.

Friday 12th June 23:48 Report Comment

clare lawcastillo is a decent player and wish him all the best for the future, nuno a good servant to us good luck lad. And good luck to van der meyde and wherever he decides to do bench warming next

Friday 12th June 23:25 Report Comment

jack seeryjust have 2 say cheersfor what valente n vdm did during their spells at everton ! valente did laright for a few seasons a left back before injuiries got the better of him and vdm could of been a decent player but other problems prevented that ! good luck in future... surprise jp kissock as gone thought he would of stayed and scott spencer was bought a few seasons a go and has been let go ! castillio did well when he played and did enough but moyes wnt pay £5 million to keep him.. maybe another loan next season !

Friday 12th June 22:59 Report Comment

blue boysad to hear lads but was inevitable that was going to happen.....thanks for the service boys......COYB

Friday 12th June 21:41 Report Comment

Chris MurtaghBit harsh on Castillo, I felt he did well when he was given the opportunity to do so. His goal against Liege will never be forgotten. Good luck to him especially.

Friday 12th June 21:06 Report Comment

CRAIG HARRISThanks for your time at the club lads, all the best in the future.

Friday 12th June 20:51 Report Comment

Terry HughesGood luck in the future to the players that have been released.Come on god (David moyes) lets get some good players in.

Friday 12th June 20:34 Report Comment


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