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Club Suspend Striker Jo

Brazilian sanctioned after returning to Brazil without permission.

Club Suspend Striker Jo

Everton manager David Moyes has suspended Brazilian striker Jo.

The 22-year-old, who is on a season long loan from Manchester City, has been disciplined after he returned to his Brazil over Christmas for personal reasons without the permission of the Club.

Speaking at his weekly press conference, Moyes confirmed the forward is now back on Merseyside and that the matter will be dealt with internally.

"Jo went without permission to Brazil and he's therefore been suspended from the Club," said Moyes.
"I am disappointed in him because he's done well for us but it is an internal matter and it has been dealt with that way."

Moyes was forced into taking action over the striker after he left the Club at one of the most hectic periods in the fixture calendar.
He added: "There has to be discipline at a Football Club. He left during a busy period for us so he is suspended.

"It might not be indefinite, I need to see how it is but I feel right now I have to take some action.”

Jo has not featured since injuring a knee during the first half of the 3-3 draw with Chelsea in early December.

David Kellyin response to james mckeown everton dont pay a penny towords jos wages bill kenwright insisted that when we sold lescott so we have a free striker whoin my oppinion isnt that bad because i am too a paying season ticket holder and we have yakubu yes and saha who in my opinion is one of the best strikers in the prem this season but yakubu isnt anywere near match fit vaughn has done well now hes back so you say send back a perfectly good striker because he showed he has commitment to his wife and lets not forget he was injured he coulkdnt of played anyway yes he should of told davey moyes but please you dont know what his wife said to him and clearley she means alot to him so dont judge him just because you pay to see everton dosnt give you the right to tell a man what he can do his family clearly mean alot to him

Wednesday 6th January 12:00 Report Comment

Luke Ebbsim sorry David but jo is not good enough for everton, hes been given more than enough chances and plenty of match time to prove he is a worthy striker and if you ask me he has failed miserbaly. we've got the yak man, anichebe, and vaughan all dyin for a game and id choose any one of them over Jo. loads of people defend him by sayin hes a hard worker and its his off-the ball work that counts but at the end of the day hes a striker and a striker's job is to score. Jo doesnt.

Monday 4th January 05:12 Report Comment

Xenophon LawI think Jo was a quality player last season but he han't scored the goals Moyes wants. In all honesty, no-one has. Yakubu is back from a long term injury as will Anichebe be soon but they need time to find their form. In truth, they may NEVER be the players they were before the injury. Saha is superb but can only muster (a quality) 60 minutes. Cahill gives his all but looks as if he needs a rest. Plus, he also seems to have lost his scoring touch. I think that leaves the brilliant Vaughan to shine and giving Agard a chance. And whilst some may mock his name being mentioned, what have we got to lose? We brought in Coleman, Rodwell, Gosling and Baxter and they aren't bad are they?

Sunday 3rd January 16:43 Report Comment

david hodgsonI agree don't rate Jo as the best loan signing possible but with the injuries we have had he has been useful and reading in the papers today old shrewd moyes had him as part of the lescott deal and he aint cost us a penny

Saturday 2nd January 21:26 Report Comment

Russell MaddenThe lad did wrong he's being punished, lets hope he learns from his mistake an scores so goals in doing so

Saturday 2nd January 19:48 Report Comment

James McKeownDavid Kelly, Jo is payed thousands of pounds each week to play for Everton Football Club. We who go to the game pay the man's wages. I would say that gives us the right to expect him to tell his employers if he is going to leave the country!!! So again I say, send him down the Lancs, he is an expense we do not need.

Saturday 2nd January 17:21 Report Comment

David Kellyi find half of these comments nieve, ok he made a mistake he was injurd, but people saying he hasnt done anything for this club you need to take a look at what he does for the team he does his job hes only a year older than vaughn and he is just as good at his job he is given, people saying send him back just have a look at youselves and be quiet and the guy who said agard really dont comment again please, agard is good but come on jo or agardin youre team hmmmmmmm reallly

Saturday 2nd January 13:04 Report Comment

Peter MylchreestAny breach in discipline needs to be addressed and I think Moysey is handling this exactly right. Given the current state of the squad, we would be stupid to send him back to City right now so let's give the kid a break. He's 22, a long way from home and its Christmas. Given the injury he got he probably wouldn't have featured anyway.

Saturday 2nd January 11:51 Report Comment

James McKeownWhy bother suspending him?? Contract broken surely?? We have Vaughny back now, and Donovan is in, so we have enough cover while the Yak is away to make an example and send him back down the East Lancs. He aint very good anyway in my humble opinion, too slow and his goal per game ratio is poor. COYB!

Saturday 2nd January 09:26 Report Comment

sam ricei think he is scared of the ball and i dont why brazil want him he is poor at everythink he dose

Saturday 2nd January 01:06 Report Comment

Josh Donhardtget rid of Jo then get either Bojan or Balotelli. Either will be a star no doubt

Saturday 2nd January 00:58 Report Comment

John CheeversI think the lad has made a hard decision easy for the club. There won't be any agonising over keeping him now IMHO. If he truly wanted to stay with us, then he's made a very big mistake.

Friday 1st January 23:30 Report Comment

Gary WrightJo is one of the worst players to ever put on the Royal Blue, send him back. We have Saha, Yak, Vaughn, Agard + Cahill & Fellaini who can play up front.

Friday 1st January 22:36 Report Comment

yak and saha anyday! bye bye jo

Friday 1st January 21:25 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiSend him back! This type of behaviour shouldn't be tolerated, he must respect this team and not behave like a spoilt child! In the ordinary world he would be fired so he will still be very fortunate. We need players who are 100% into the team.

Friday 1st January 20:56 Report Comment

Xenophon LawI know we're struggling with lack of numbers but Moyes has made the right decision in suspending Jo. He may have thought it wwas easy to be blase and head to Brazil but to do so without the permission of the management is pure disdain towards the club and its values. Personally, I think we miss a really pacey striker (like Andy Johnson) and I have always been surprised at how slow Jo is. I would love to see Manuel Fernandes back but I think he's injured all season but Jack Wiltshire would be good although we have good midfielders. And how about David Healy on loan? He may not be that quick but he has a real eye for goal. As for defence, Sol Campbell is a must and Senderos on loan? And one final remark about re-building Goodison's hospitality suites we're losing the big revenue on but would it be really that difficult to have four three-tier stands? Everyone says it's costly to re-build GP but no-one ever mentions the exact figures it would cost. Personally though, if ground-sharing was out, I'd move the project back to King's Dock as it hasn't been built on yet.

Friday 1st January 20:11 Report Comment

david harmanJo should be disciplined but make sure the punishment fits the crime, I`m no Jo fan but we must use every player we have including loan player`s and the youngster`s who will become more important to the team in this period of shortages.

Friday 1st January 19:10 Report Comment

Sam Brothersi dont rate jo at all he has a bad goalscoring record at everton and moyesy was right to ban him.but we may have to keep him until the end of the season due to our lack of numbers at the club.shorley there are better loan signings out there

Friday 1st January 18:56 Report Comment

Mark Scully Are we forgetting someone?whats the story on lucas up at m'well?He s got matches and games under his belt-could be worth a chance if he s recalled.Cant score less than jo can he?

Friday 1st January 17:53 Report Comment

brennan finneganAgree with Ray that we shouldnt need to take players on loan from clubs who wev always been on a higher level than. Alas it seems those in charge have allowed us to get in this state and we wouldnt have signed anyone last year wihtout £escotts fee. Bill is a real fan and a creditable chairman but he needs to get some money into the club so we can progress. If he dosnt as in the past our world class players may begin to look over their shoulders.

Friday 1st January 17:50 Report Comment

Mark LynchLoan signings are they way forward when you have a limited budget, that way we can see if they can fit into our squad and have something to offer before we part with our limited funds, how many time have bought players put them on big contracts only to find out they were Lemons? Per Kroldrup, Andy van der Meyde, and Lars Jacobsen, to name a few IMWT

Friday 1st January 17:14 Report Comment

Mark ReidDavid Moyes is in charge at Everton Football Club. If any player can't follow the rules, and let's their teammates and the supporters down - then they don't deserve to pull on the Royal Blue Jersey. Its a privilege not a right. Its what the clubs always been about.

Friday 1st January 17:08 Report Comment

Paul Ellami think we might as well keep him til the end of the season due to our lack of numbers but then should gice him back to man city. hopefully we can spend the majority of our transfer budget on a top top striker then

Friday 1st January 16:53 Report Comment

Mike WhiteheadGet rid of Jo - and get Messi on a free, and maybe Eto'o while were looking?

Friday 1st January 16:45 Report Comment

Mark LynchOoh how quickly we forget, Ray Pendleton let me remind you of just a few of the loan signings that we have made and what they done for us Stephen Pienaar,Tim Howard, and Mikel Ateta, all loan signings and still integral members of the squad, if more of these gems are not able to get into their own 1st team then bring them here and lets see if they can fit in to ours.... and now a few that have returned to their clubs after helping our great club Manuel Fernandes, Brian McBride, Li Tie, and Jo, yes not all been spectacular but never the less they have chipped in when it matters, as for jo, yes he needs to be diciplined but again not spectactular but helped when we have really needed it... IMWT

Friday 1st January 16:38 Report Comment

Ian RowlandDeserves his punishment! we carnt have players just jumpin on a plane and goin home whenever they feel like it! i wud send him back 2 city i dont rate him!

Friday 1st January 16:25 Report Comment

eric mcnamaraback to City Moyes with him, Vaughan has done more in 40 odd seconds this season than Jo has done since he signed the loan deal. He is just rubbish. We could play Coleman up front and he would as as much of an impact as Jo

Friday 1st January 16:04 Report Comment

GARY WRIGHTIn Moyes we trust

Friday 1st January 15:48 Report Comment

ray pendletonmuch as i agree that jo should be disciplined,it is out of the question that he should be sent back to city,because of our shortage of players we have no option but to keep him,it is a sorry state of affairs when everton can only look for players on loan,it goes without saying that if they are not good enougth to get a first team place where they are why are they good enough to play for us,why is it we never have any money to buy good players

Friday 1st January 15:44 Report Comment

thomas ainsworth100% right Davey.We had hope for this Young Striker at the end of last season.As a season ticket holder in the Home End,if I didnt see him again it would be too soon.Doing this no matter the reason,just hasnt helped his cause.Foolish indeed.

Friday 1st January 15:15 Report Comment

Neil HyattIf he has broken his contract send him back. He is not a goal scorer and his record proves that. I personally don't rate Jo as a player. There are plenty of better loan signings out there.

Friday 1st January 15:06 Report Comment

chris cavanaghsend him bk 2 man city

Friday 1st January 15:04 Report Comment


Friday 1st January 14:37 Report Comment

stephen wattship him back to Man City and then buy Scott McDonald from Celtic

Friday 1st January 14:32 Report Comment

chris daviesSend him back to City!!

Friday 1st January 14:31 Report Comment


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