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Neville Has Ligament Damage

Skipper has damaged knee ligaments and could face ‘a lengthy lay-off'.

Neville Has Ligament Damage

Phil Neville has damaged knee ligaments and could face ‘a lengthy lay-off'.

The Blues skipper was stretchered from the field during Everton's 2-1 defeat at Fulham on Sunday and, speaking exclusively to, Head Physiotherapist Mick Rathbone confirmed that the player could now be out for a while.

"An MRI scan on Monday morning has confirmed our fears and it has revealed that Phil has damaged ligaments at the back of his knee," he said.

"He will now rest it for 48 hours to allow the swelling to go down and he will then see a specialist in London before a decision is made on how best to manage the injury."

Neville sustained the injury following a second-half challenge with Fulham's Dickson Etuhu, which Everton manager David Moyes was unhappy with.

Neville's absence means the Blues have problems at right-back for the visit of AEK Athens on Thursday, with Tony Hibbert suspended and John Heitinga ineligible.

"It's too early to estimate length of absence but I fear he is certainly facing a lengthy lay-off," added Rathbone.

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Barry WrightDeclan, not to be too negative but Big Fell and Tim can't play together, there play is to alike, I'd rather see us play 2 up front tim and saha/jo/Yak and play Big Fell pushing on. Also i'd swop Pienaar to the right and play billy on the left coz pienaar is right footed and can defend well. I not sure about Billy defensively.

Thursday 17th September 04:03 Report Comment

philip robertsona shame as he has been such a great servant to the club, but it could be a blessing as it might force moyes to play someone more creativ. Get well soon Phil

Wednesday 16th September 19:18 Report Comment

gary johnsHope its not as bad as it sounds neville lad !!! Cahill should pick up the captains arm band, and lead the team into a winning streak.... COYB !!!!!!

Wednesday 16th September 18:38 Report Comment

Dale SandisonWhat i want to know now is who is going to be the replacement captain?

Wednesday 16th September 16:32 Report Comment

Declan RyanNeville is a loss,yes,but now we've a chance to play a more cute and creative player like Fellaini in the centre with Cahill and Rodwell just behind,and give Bily his european debut against AEK and drop Osman to the bench along with Jo and play Saha!! i would feel very confident about our chances with Distin and Yobo at the back, Gosling and Bily down the right and Baines and Pienaar down the left, Rodwell sitting just behind Cahill, and Fellaini in the middle and Saha up front....this team would delight me!!!

Wednesday 16th September 14:31 Report Comment

Mark BrooksHas to be Cahill for Captain. Looking forward to Athens, lets kick start the season with a rousing european night at Goodison. COYB...

Wednesday 16th September 11:57 Report Comment

alan kaneinjuries,injuries,injuries! get the new boys on boss!!!!COYBB

Wednesday 16th September 09:39 Report Comment

Daniel ShearonWe need someone to step up like Phil did against Ronaldo last season and give us the confidence that we are so obviously missing. For me that was the pivotal point of last season, whoever provides such a moment should be handed the armband!

Wednesday 16th September 09:21 Report Comment

Sam Rixeverton seem to be the most unlucky team in the premier league when it comes to injuries. Neville will be sorely missed but at the same time this gives Moyes the oppurtunity to play a more class midfielder. We need some creativity through there and nevile unfortunately was struggling to give that. Everyone keeps ragging on Jo, why? Its 4 games into the season and people think that we should get rid of him? he played brilliantly for us at the end of last season and obviously he is struggling for a bit of form. The yak played horribly before his injury yet everybody is excited to see him come back to play first grade. Give it time. In Moyes we trust

Wednesday 16th September 02:21 Report Comment

Phil HulmeThis is why we need a squad...and not a shoestring first XI...

Wednesday 16th September 00:16 Report Comment

stuart evansAll the best phill you will be missed,lads you need to get a grip we should be beating teams like fulham

Tuesday 15th September 18:43 Report Comment

James LetchCahill for captain, and also agree with below, jo is a waste of space. the good old 4-5-1 will do nicely, cahill supporting, saha up there as a front man. COYB

Tuesday 15th September 18:18 Report Comment

Mark Pagerodwell or fellaini would do his role betta, hopefully loosing nevill will force david 2 field a betta passer and increase our creativity, please stop playing jo and if poss go bk to 4-4-2 so we can start dusting people!!!

Tuesday 15th September 16:32 Report Comment

James WilkinsonI serioulsy cant believe this now, it is gettin ridiculous, fair enough every team has their einjuries but we have lost 5 players to long term injuries, granted the Yak is comin back, back it is extremely unlucky, i fear that this year we will finish lower than before but i pray i am wrong, you cannot compete with your top striker (yak), two central midfielders (nevs and arteta) and your top defender out (jagielka), no team wouold be able to cope with this.

Tuesday 15th September 14:11 Report Comment

Paul HowellsGutted about Phil's injury, but Lewis Price you asked for comments on your line-up, well if you read the article you will notice it says Heitinga is ineligble for the Europa league game. However Gosling was actually playing full back for Plymouth when we bought him. I know Plymouth isn't exactly the same level as AEK Athens but I think Dan would hold his own out there

Tuesday 15th September 14:11 Report Comment

Matt CheethamOk, love him or hate hime, Big Pip will be missing for a while. We officially have 2 vice captains, Yobo and Mikel. As expected on Saturday, the armband went over to Joe, 242 games, more than anyone else etc, speaks for itself I guess, but... In my opinion Big Chief Joe should not have the guarantee of walking into our team at the moment, he has been inconsistent for a while now, and especially given the way (ok, just two games) distin is, i.m.h.o, looking better than him (anyone see his body on the line header against aj - lescott would never have made that). With heitinga claiming he is a centre back - yes I too want him to fight for hibbert's place, but he could have a run in his prefered posish at somepoint, and then also with Jags returning (god pls god) before Big Pip returns, I think the armband should go elsewhere. Other candidates for me would be Jags, Cahill and Mikel, so by default I'd give it to Tiny. Not as his best as well recently, but I feel this responsibility could take him to a new level. By far the most passionate player, why so many ppl love him, kisses the badge when he scores, and has bloody efc inked on him for the rest of his life. Only one decision for me, Tiny, Moyes's right hand man till January when Big Pip returns? Anyone else?

Tuesday 15th September 13:33 Report Comment

Jamie McDinethat is a huge loss to us. Since Lee Carsley left us, Phil Neville is the only one to get close in terms of quality in playing that defensive midfielder role. We can't just throw on more attacking players and hope that will help, because we'll lose the balance and keep conceding too many. Billy and Johnny have probably only trained once or twice with the lads, so Moyes hasn't had time to work his magic on them and get them ready to play the Everton way, so at least he has time to work with them this week. Get well soon Phil and stay positive, you're a top captain and a great leader on and off the pitch.

Tuesday 15th September 12:33 Report Comment

John Hau"Neville" injured has come at a bad time, when we are already without "Arteta" for a further month, which bring my concern to the well being of "Saha", is he injured? Although we have something to cheer about when we hear "Vaughan" has come through a 90 mins reserved match last night, as he could be deploy in the RM just like "Mcfadden" did for us when we short on number in the midfield, which should allow Osman move in the middle! Any way wishing a speedy recovery for Neville, Arteta, Jagielka & Anichebe!

Tuesday 15th September 10:53 Report Comment

clinton davidsHe will be missed, but this might be a blessing in disguise.We need someone with more speed and also attack minded.Neville is a great defensive midfielder,but does not bring anything in the sense of attacking.Dont get me wrong I love the guy but cant wait to see the line up on Sunday.

Tuesday 15th September 08:54 Report Comment

dominic stukget well soon Nev, this is just another reminder that we don't have enough proper strength in depth,heitenga looked lost when he came on and we dont have a proper replacment for phil as a player or leader of our midfield. We always seem to be having to pull together to get through the hard times rather than having a ready made replacemnet for injured players....COYB

Tuesday 15th September 08:24 Report Comment

Karl MeighanJustin Webb this club cannot afford to have players on the bench worth more than the team on the pitch, if Billy and Heitinga are not ready then for close to 20 million they are really poor signings, we are a club with no money and yet buy players for big money that need 6 months to settle? for the big money paid i think all of us expect first team players. Explain how these new players can settle and get experience by watching from the bench you cant adjust to the pace of the game unless youplay. Get well soon Phil you will be missed.

Tuesday 15th September 08:17 Report Comment

Mick EganBest wishes for a speedy recovery Phil, you will be missed both on the pitch and in the dressing room! If Seamus Coleman is back from injury, I hope he gets his chance on thursday as he looked a really decent and confident player in pre season. Whoever he plays at right back on thursday, he will have our support on the night!!!

Tuesday 15th September 07:43 Report Comment

Cason TangLast year we lost all strikers and this year we seem to have lost some defenders. If Moyes could make good use of his players to rotate in striker position, he should be able to do the same in right back. Besides throwing the kid in may not be bad now since the team needs positive energy after a slow start. Dan Gosling or Seamus Coleman should provide that excitement. We trust Rodwell and he responds well. Now Dan, you should give your best if you are selected to fight for us in AEK match.

Tuesday 15th September 05:45 Report Comment

alexis leungFirst, Neville was not in good form himself. He gave away the free kick leading to Fulham's first quite un-necessarily. Second, Etuhu's metal studs hit Neville's leg very hard. Then Neville was left rolling on the pitch for a few minutes. If there wasn't a pad, Neville might have to hang up his boots forever. I agree that the FA officials must look at the recording of the incident again. Come on Phil, get well soon.

Tuesday 15th September 05:12 Report Comment

mark fosterhe might have come from the enemy but he has grew on us scousers and blues alike. guess moyesy has no option but to get the money on the pitch now. throw felli on take rodwell off and get billy on, hibbert off and john on. arteta and jagzz we need you fighting fit. think once we have jagzz back in the def and arteta linkin up with billy we will be back to form but sill alot of hard work yet

Tuesday 15th September 04:19 Report Comment

Lewis PriceOk i think its a problem but not that much of a problem look at this: GK -Tim Howard LB - Leighton baines CB-Sylvain Distin CB-Joseph Yobo RB- Johnny Heitinga RM-stephen Pienaar CM-Maroauane Felliani CM-Jack Rodwell LM-Diniyar Billy for short AM-Tim Cahill ST-Yakubu or jo or vaughan or anichebe or baxter when ready ???? comments ?

Tuesday 15th September 01:01 Report Comment

Ciaran FarrellyIt's bad to hear about Neville I just hope we get no more bad injuries. the board should of nown that we would get injuries and should of got more players in not just three we needed more but this boards never happy unless the're making Moyeses job as hard as they can our moto is Nil Satis Nisi Optimum but the board cant grasp that COYB

Tuesday 15th September 00:50 Report Comment

sean Gallensorry to see this happen he will be a big loss against aek athens we will have no right backs hibbert injured coleman also injured now so is neville hetinga cup tied we might have to play gosling get well soon neville you will be a big loss

Monday 14th September 23:58 Report Comment

get over it we cant do nothing about wat happend im as gutted as anyone over the news regarding phil why not play young duffy at centre half and play jo yobo at rb ! or better yet go with duffy distin n yobo 3 defender and push baines up to a more advance role

Monday 14th September 23:52 Report Comment

Gwyn RowlandsHope the scan in a couple of days gives Phil better news, now that our captain is out for a while, whos going to get the captains armband seeing as Phil and Jags are out will Cahill or Distin (was a captain at portsmouth bit is it too soon for him at Everton) why have i got a bad feeling that Yobo will get it please no dont give the captaincy to him

Monday 14th September 23:30 Report Comment

Matty Wilsoni think it will be big miss but i think half the time he is a waste on the field..... he is a great professional and he shud now think about taking on a coaching role

Monday 14th September 22:14 Report Comment

Elijah PryorI dont know about everyone else but this could signal the end of Neville. He was a great leader, I hope cahill can fill in.

Monday 14th September 21:50 Report Comment

Stan DalzielNev will be sorely missed Iwas one of the sceptics who wasnt sure when he signed. But he has become one of best signings in years. Get fit soon COYB

Monday 14th September 21:16 Report Comment

joseph sageyes we've been in this position before, but the calibar of the teams now challenging for the 6th and 7th spots have drasically improved. i hate to say it but i cant see us getting in europa this season with the way spurs and city and villa are looking this season. not getting going untill 5 or 6 games in looks to have finally caught up to us this season. coyb, bring back the 442 moyesy

Monday 14th September 20:35 Report Comment

brendan grogangot a feeling that James Vaughan could be a excellent championship player think we might need him next season the way things are going no sarcastim intended !!!!!

Monday 14th September 19:55 Report Comment

Mark SadlerWhatever happened to Coleman after his sore toe.. he plays right back and Gosling can be used in that position in a emergency

Monday 14th September 19:45 Report Comment

Graeme WebsterY was the player not sent off? Shouldn't the FA step in an do somethin. If that was the other lot the player an half the team would of been sent off! Good luck phill get better soon, we need you!

Monday 14th September 19:27 Report Comment

Andrea Morrallgutted. phil's a great leader and gets the lads working together. hope it's not too bad and that phil manages to get back soon (but not before he's fit). it's all too reminiscent of earlier this year. come on lads, let's pull together and once more show the rest of the country what it means to be an evertonian.

Monday 14th September 18:49 Report Comment

Daniel WardI have been saying to my old man all summer letting Lars Jacobsen go was a mistake. Sympathy to Phil Nev but the club needs to take a long hard look at itself.

Monday 14th September 18:30 Report Comment

Roy McDineWe have been in this position before and finished in the top 5 or 6 at the end of the season. Let's have faith in Moyes and the squad, and wish all our injured players a speedy recovery. Come on you Blue Boys!

Monday 14th September 17:53 Report Comment

tom ryanam gutterd because i really like phil an am sick of the way everton are the only team in the prem that when we get injured players there out for months not weeks

Monday 14th September 17:21 Report Comment

eugene cumminsHope this season is not going to be like the last with injuries. Neville will be a big loss. Lets hope for a speedy recovery.

Monday 14th September 17:18 Report Comment

Paul MaherAgree with Dan Dickenson. It wouldn't be Everton if we didn't do it the hard way. I just hope it is a question of 'when' not 'if' our fortunes turn. Get well soon Phil.

Monday 14th September 17:02 Report Comment

Michael DunnThis just highlights more than ever why we should of signed more players in the transfer window. Arteta set back now this, what next i wonder? Maybe Billy will get half an hour now tho.

Monday 14th September 16:14 Report Comment

Justin WebbThis is the worst possible news. Neville is the most influential player on the pitch and i fear we will miss him more than any other player. So where do we go from here? I keep reading "play Billy and Heitinga" but is that the best solution? Dinyar will take time to settle and he is no Arshavin. He is a taller version of Pienaar who although very good, does not set the premier league on fire. However i would start him on Thursday because its the sort of game he will be comfortable with. Heitinga cant play Thursday so he will get his chance against Blackburn, probably as the holding midfielder but i have my doubts about him. We also have problems up front if Saha is not fit. Jo is struggling,Yak will not last 90mins and Vaughan is a little risky with his temperment. So my line-up for Thursday would be...... GK Howard, RB Gosling, CB Yobo, CB Distin (capt), LB Baines, RM Pienaar, CM Fellaini, CM Rodwell, LM Billyaletdinov, AM Cahill, CF Saha (then Jo,Yakubu and Vaughan) Subs will be Nash, Coleman/Duffy, Osman, Wallace and the other fowards. If it gets any worse we will have to start playing Fara Williams.

Monday 14th September 16:14 Report Comment

colin dolmanwe have lots off good lads in the reserve y no give them a run out and get well soon nev c o y b

Monday 14th September 16:12 Report Comment

John HornCan't believe our bad look at the moment, just what we didnt need. With Heitinga not eligible on Thursday will have to play Gosling right back, he's got experience there and will do a job. Need to get a result plus on Sunday at home to Blackburn or the vultures will be circling !

Monday 14th September 15:47 Report Comment

john connollyHow fit would Lucas Neill be, I know he is not our kind of material but desperate times call desperate measures.

Monday 14th September 15:42 Report Comment

brennan finneganWhen Duff scored that winner for Fulham I wondered why didnt we sign him? Would he not have been better than wev got on that side?

Monday 14th September 15:42 Report Comment

john connollyDan Gosling is a right back !

Monday 14th September 15:37 Report Comment

Shaun BrennanLooks like moyes will have to try something different now. But please don't replace a right back in centre midfield with a right back? just like you did when you took of neville and put hertinga on.

Monday 14th September 15:26 Report Comment

Mark GordonWhy is Heitinga ineligible?

Monday 14th September 15:24 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathHope you recover quickly Phil, I for one will miss your team spirit. Here,s hoping video usage of the incident hands a red card and ban for the culprit and the ref!!

Monday 14th September 15:21 Report Comment

Matt ******Another long term injury, another influential player gone. Time to show our resilience in the face of adversity - yet again....(hoping Phil is back in action sooner rather than later)

Monday 14th September 15:21 Report Comment

Dan DickensonNeville is a quality player defensively and in my opinion one of the finest captains in the prem as he is a true professional. The day I left a comment on this website saying Moyes is one of the best managers in the world but he has no luck and this is yet more evidence of this because its the first game after the transfer window and Neville is out for months. Neville, Jags, Arteta and Anichebe all out, IT JUST WOULDN'T BE EVERTON IF WE DIDN'T DO EVERYTHING THE HARD WAY.

Monday 14th September 15:17 Report Comment

Craig Webbwhen are we going to get the run of good luck - i dont think we have had any luck for seasons! Thursday...we are going to have to all chip in a work we play jack in centre with yobo at wing back? still have faith!

Monday 14th September 15:14 Report Comment

Mark C WatlingOh dear i sense our season is going to fall away before very long. No Phil isn't a world beater but he's our captain & a player we really need. Get well soon mate.

Monday 14th September 15:07 Report Comment

Matthew SnapeArguable one of are most consistent players recently, its a massive blow to lose him at this stage, someone else will have to step into his shoes now and lead the team forward. As for thursday against AEK, rodwell should step back into defence either at centre half or possibly right back and give billy a run-out. COYB

Monday 14th September 15:05 Report Comment

John HauThis is the worst possible news we could get, to be without Neville our skipper who could play couple of position, is a big blow! I am sorry to say something needs to be done over "Dickson Etuhu" the F.A. has to take action, whether or not he did it on purpose or accidental it shouldn't matter, as causing major damage to another player has to be punish accordingly!

Monday 14th September 14:57 Report Comment

Mark ReidKind of summed up how Fulham got back into the game. With that sort of challenge going in (two footed with Neville to the ball first). Then there was repeated Danny Murphy challenges into the back of Pienaar and then pushing his head down after doing it, to which he told the ref to **** **** when booked. An Everton player doing that would have been sent off. As for our side, well again we'll need to dig in. All hands to the pumps. If players are going to try and deliberately injure our players......

Monday 14th September 14:57 Report Comment

david okafothis is just so bad......if this was happening in my part of the world, a spiritualist would have being surely consulted, the injuries are devastating n they just keep happening to the most important palyers`...God have mercy!!!!!!!!!

Monday 14th September 14:46 Report Comment


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