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Nash Happy To Be Patient

Goalkeeper has been speaking to fans in the webchat room.

Nash Happy To Be Patient

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Goalkeeper Carlo Nash says he is willing to be patient for a first-team opportunity at Everton.

The former Wigan Athletic and Manchester City stopper signed for the Blues in September 2008 but is yet to make his first-team bow.

Having spent much of last season as deputy to the ever-present Tim Howard, Nash insists he is happy to continue battling for the playing time he craves.

Speaking to fans in a live webchat ahead of Friday's friendly against Bury, the 35-year-old also discussed his pride at playing for the Club he supported as a boy, his hero Neville Southall and the progress of young goalkeepers Iain Turner and John Ruddy.

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He also went into detail about his favourite cheese and the revealed the goalkeeper with the biggest hands in the game!

For a full transcript of the Carlo Nash webchat click the 'Full Webchat' tab at the top of this page.

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Carlo Nash: Hi everyone, I'm here now having just got back from training...I await your questions!
scouserajh: how is all the team looking in training for new season?
Carlo Nash: All the players have come back in reasonable shape. Having only had four weeks off has helped. Nobody has lost too much fitness. Personally, I feel good. It's difficult pre-season because you get used to not training and your muscles ache a bit at first. We're here to up our recovery levels though and that's why we put ourselves through it!

ddanny: Do you think you will start any games this season?

Carlo Nash: I think the main factor depends on Tim's fitness. Obviously he's No 1 and I just have to wait for a chance to play. Hopefully, if I get a chance, I'll do the best I can.

Nzevertonfan69: any signs of new young talent which may play a role in the up coming season

Carlo Nash: The young lads from last season like Jose Baxter, James Wallace and the Merseyside derby hero will play a part. We've got Hope Akpan and Shane Duffy here too. I played with them in the Reserves last year and hopefully they'll get a chance this year.

anon86732: whats the best prank pulled so far this pre season?

Carlo Nash: I think we've all been too tired to pull too many pranks! But I'm sure once we get past these first few weeks - which are always the hardest - it will be pandemonium in the prank department. As it normally is!

efc_sarah_efc: Is it fustrating not being the no1 goalie or do you enjoy working hard trying to win Tims no1 place?

Carlo Nash: It's obviously frustrating because any player wants to play. Unfortunately, as a goalkeeper, there's only one place you can play. I love competing for places though and you need that in any team to get the best out of players.

scorbett: Do you think that Joleon will stay?

Carlo Nash: Joleon's a fantastic player and a great guy to have around. All the lads want him to stay and we're more than confident he will. We had a great year last year and we're all keen to see the side stay together.

gamble999: Louis Saha's favourite cheese was Parmesan. What's yours?

Carlo Nash: A cheese called Stinking Bishop! It's a soft, smelly cheese and it's really strong. Good with chutneys!

Nzevertonfan69: Do the players talk about transfer targets or rumours on whos coming to the club or do you try not to read the papers?

Carlo Nash: We do read the papers but we don't just like to read about rumours involving this Club. I look at all the speculation. It's nice to know where people are going.

Hazza_EFC: Hi Carlo. I was wondering who has been your biggest influence in the game?

Carlo Nash: There were two role models when I was growing up - Neville Southall and Peter Schmeichel. They were both great keepers and from my first experiences of supporting Everton, Neville was a hero. I didn't even play much football until I started watching Everton and Neville inspired me to become a goalkeeper!

muse_fan: I heard there's a golf course by the training camp, which one of the lads is the best golfer and are you any good?

Carlo Nash: There is a golf course but we've only had a caddy's eye view as we've been running on it every day - not playing golf, unfortunately.

bostock2000: hey nash hows it going

ToffeeNoseJW: alryt nash

anon86732: did you play the pro evo tournament that jose won?

Carlo Nash: No, I didn't. The lads are still working hard to get to my level at Pro Evo. Until I've got some competition I'm hanging up my controller.

gamble999: Kathy would like to know who your favourite band are?

Carlo Nash: Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite band. I saw them at the MEN a couple of years ago. I used to play bass guitar and I love watching Flea because he's just ridiculously good.

bostock2000: do you feel ready to deputise for tim if the opportunity arrived

Carlo Nash: Of course!

gamble999: Which goalie has the biggest hands?
Carlo Nash: I'm size 11 gloves and people say that's big but a few years ago Thomas Myhre had the same sponsor as me and he was size 13!!!

ToffeeNoseJW: Alright nash

scorbett: What would you say was the best game you ever plalyed in?

Carlo Nash: There was a game against Barcelona to open the City of Manchester Stadium which was fantastic to play in and I've also been lucky enough to play in a couple of play-off finals which were also great occasions. My best performance is difficult to narrow down but I played in two Manchester derbies at Old Trafford. You've got to be on top of your game for those and thankfully I responded to the occasion.

TC27: Hi Carlo, Who would you most like to see David Moyes sign this summer?

Carlo Nash: If money was no object and I could sign any player in the world it would have to be Lionel Messi. Last year as a team we watched the Barca Real Madrid game an he was untouchable!

onejolylescott: hi carlo, we're playing against Bury just 4 days after pre-season started, do you reckon its too soon?

Carlo Nash: No, not at all. It's good to get back in the swing of things. Even if we've not quite got our eyes back in, it's good to get some match practice in early doors.

Carlo Nash: Last few questions now guys. We've got a meeting...

anon2336: hi all
anon86732: can you see progression in iain turner and john ruddy's game

Carlo Nash: Yes. They're two very enthusiastic and talented young keepers. It's great to work with both of them. For them to take that next step they just need to play as many games as possible, whether that be here or on loan.

muse_fan: Last season there was a lot made about how todays footballs have mystery swerve and dip, is this something you've noticed?
Carlo Nash: Very much so. But it's no mystery! U see the balls moving like that now all the time in training and it's something we have to deal with. The frustrating thing from a goalkeeper's point of view is that you can't always see on television how much a ball has moved. That can make you look a little stupid sometimes!!!

ToffeeNoseJW: nash, who'd ya s'pport as a kid?

Carlo Nash: Everton! I thought everyone knew that! I lived in Bolton, next door to Billy Wright's brother. He used to take me to Goodison and it all went from there really. As I said before, Neville Southall became my hero and is the reason I took up football in the first place. It's a great Club and I'm so proud to be a player here.

TC27: do you think Everton can break into the top 4 this season?

Carlo Nash: If we can start a bit better than we did last season and not have as many injuries then hopefully we will manage to find the consistency which will take us into the top four and Champions League football next season.

Carlo Nash: Right guys, I've got to dash. Thanks for chatting. See you soon.

Charlie Sharplesi think he sounds a really nice guy but i would like to see him play a bit

Thursday 9th July 20:51 Report Comment

John HauI guess is not easy when you are fighting Howard for a starting place, but as long as you work hard in training, I am sure Moyes would give you some chance in Cup game, looks forward seeing you play for us this season.

Thursday 9th July 14:33 Report Comment

Stephen CampbellCarlo seems like a cool guy! Likes good music too =D

Thursday 9th July 14:30 Report Comment


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