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Moyes Takes LMA Award

Moyes Takes LMA Award

David Moyes has been named the League Managers' Association (LMA) Manager of the Year.

Moyes has now won the award three times, following triumphs in 2002/03 and 2004/05.

This season he has steered Everton to fifth place in the league and to an FA Cup final.

Despite having limited resources in comparison to his rivals, Moyes and his side despatched Aston Villa, Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Manchester United in the earlier rounds of the competition.

And in the league, the Scot overcame a tricky start to oversee the Blues' rise to fifth place for the second successive season.

The award was announced at the LMA annual dinner in Nottingham on Tuesday evening.

LMA Chairman, Howard Wilkinson, said: "Since joining Everton, David has not only transformed the club's fortunes, he has also created a huge fan base - including many of his fellow managers. 

"With only modest financial backing, he has shown what can be achieved through discipline, dedication and an innate ability to get the best out of every player."

Andrew NallyI am so proud to be an evertonian, we may not have lifted the trophy yesterday but in my eyes we were still winners!!! Well done David Moyes and all the players!! Can't wait for next season!!

Sunday 31st May 08:14 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamWell Done Mr Moyes. It is wonderful to see all your hard work rewarded. Let's add an FA Cup MEDAL to your growing stack of awards! There's only ONE DAVID MOYES!

Thursday 28th May 13:51 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamWell Done Mr Moyes. It is wonderful to see all your hard work rewarded. Let's add an FA Cup MEDAL to your growing stack of awards! There's only ONE DAVID MOYES!

Thursday 28th May 13:51 Report Comment

Ronnie LimMoyes is priceless to Everton, you can say he is as good as Sir Alex.

Thursday 28th May 13:38 Report Comment

Helen Gallenbest manager ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 28th May 00:25 Report Comment

ian hughesTHANK YOU Mr Kenwright for bringing in davey Moyes, THANK YOU Davey Moyes for what you've done since coming, THANK YOU the team for another superb season. but most of all THANK YOU to my mum for giving birth to an EVERTONIAN.

Wednesday 27th May 14:29 Report Comment

Michael FloydeCongratulations Davey, and thank you for all your hard work, we're all really proud to have you as our manager, you deserve it, now bring the silverware back on Saturday. Good luck.

Wednesday 27th May 13:46 Report Comment

Conor Shawyou are a legend moysey bring on the FA cup

Wednesday 27th May 12:03 Report Comment

tony swainewell done davey as our motto translates nothing but the best is good enough and thats what i and many ther true blue think you are.we are so proud to have you manage our team to all the success that you have brought you are OUR club and i for one hope that you bring us our first trophy since 95.good luck on saturday.your in my heart and in my soul

Wednesday 27th May 10:54 Report Comment

Kevin Jamesi don't think anyone could have put it better jude. completely agree with you. i am so pleased for david. i remember in the 90's my grandad saying to me everton aren't a bad club theyr'e just sleeping giants who will awake one day. how true that assessment was. wer'e still only stirring from a long slumber and god help the rest of the premier league and europe when we are fully awake. credit to moyes and of course kenwright for turning it all around

Wednesday 27th May 10:31 Report Comment

Anna SpencerHe's got red hair but we dont care.... Well done davey moyes! well deserved and the only manager to have won it 3 times! if that doesnt show your doubters just how far you have taken everton nothing will. Now lets top a great season off with an fa cup win, and a trophy first under moyes, a well derserved trophy!! COYBSSSSS!

Wednesday 27th May 10:29 Report Comment

Terry CorfieldWell deserved David lets win the F.A. cup now COYB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 27th May 09:56 Report Comment

steve hurleyCongratulations Mr moyes YOU are LEGEND

Wednesday 27th May 09:30 Report Comment

Peter HalliwellCongratulations Moyesy, the LMA have confirmed yet again what we Blues have known for years, He is the best.

Wednesday 27th May 09:29 Report Comment

andy marshno one but moyes was going to win the award. once again he has proven he is the best manager in the league, congrats david, bring home the cup coyb. tell me ma im off to wembley

Wednesday 27th May 09:23 Report Comment

Paul LyonsMoyes is already an absolute legend. In the dark days of Walter Smith it was pretty difficult to envisage the position we are in now. He has instilled a winning mentality into the club and a team spirit that cannot be matched! Well done Moysey!

Wednesday 27th May 09:17 Report Comment

bjarne nordliCongratulations you've earned it!

Wednesday 27th May 08:51 Report Comment

Joe HoldenDONT YOU DARE LEAVE!!! BILLY K... GET THE CHAINS OUT, WE LOVE HIM AND HE MUSTN'T BE ALLOWED TO GO...EVER!!!! Seriously though, well deserved Moyesy, bring us the Silver on Sat, see you and all the mighty blues there! COYB! Tell me ma me ma..!

Wednesday 27th May 07:56 Report Comment

Paul CarrollI think i speak for all us blues on Ops in Afghanistan when i say THANK YOU MOYESY for cheering us all up this season with the fantastic job you are doing for our beloved football club. May it long continue, lets top it off on Saturday, although we wont be at Wembley, for a day, Afghanistan will be blue!!

Wednesday 27th May 07:53 Report Comment

Richard ReadingWell done David. You've eventually got some much deserved respect. Very much deserved. Thank you for once again a brilliant season even after such a poor start. Your limited funds have not helped but you still confound all critics and opposed to teams that have spent over 100 Million this season, you've spent little over 18. In the last 7 seasons you've taken us from relegation candidates and turned us into challenging the top four. Well Done David. Very much deserved, Everton legend for Years to come. Lets hope you can win the trophy on Saturday. Good Luck.

Wednesday 27th May 07:41 Report Comment

ste mckennyWell done Davey Moyes. I know its a slightly bias view from everyone on here all being blues but no can come close to what he has achieved since coming to Everton. Wait until he get some dough from Reidy and his mates! we'll be flyin then COYB. See you all at wembley.

Wednesday 27th May 06:33 Report Comment

Amit BalagganCouple of years back when I told my friends in India to watch out for everton, most of them had not heard the name of club leave alone believe me. Not many people outside england had heard of the club. So much has changed since then, fans of other clubs also have nothing but good to say about the club and all the credit goes to Moyes, Bill and the entire squad who have given there best day in and day out. Next year we will play Champions league

Wednesday 27th May 05:45 Report Comment

Saegaran KanalanadanI luv it...absolutly luv it! Moyes and Everton are one. He has grown with the team and is showing great maturity and humbleness. I pray that this award will spur him to greater heights with our beloved Everton.

Wednesday 27th May 02:49 Report Comment

James BowmanMoyes' LMA award only comfirms what all Evertonians know already, we have the best manager in England!! 3 times in 7 years says it all really!! Well done to Moyes and the team. Now lets hope its capped off with the FA Cup on Saturday.

Wednesday 27th May 00:13 Report Comment

Mark Marlow Congratulations David , you most certainly deserved this award . thank you for everything you have done for this club , the fans certainly appreciate it . I hope now you will be given the funds to compete with the top four , you deserve the chance to be able to compete and make Everton the best !! .

Wednesday 27th May 00:03 Report Comment

Michael EdwardsBest manager in the world by far. Show me a man who has consistently done so much with so little in any league in the world. Living legend! My only concern is that if we don't get some major financial backing he will become the next Man Utd manager on order to fulfill his dreams.

Wednesday 27th May 00:03 Report Comment

Mohamed HumaiziYou fully deserved it Boss! First manager to win the award 3 times. What can I say, you are simply amazing. Who would have thought we could secure 5th with limited budgets and a stuttering start to the season? Only DM can do it!

Wednesday 27th May 00:02 Report Comment

Katie Flanaganwell in Moyes you deserve it, every year this club is getting bigger and better. Let's finish a great season with the trophy now and parade it around this city for all the kopites to see. Keep it up next season davey. I Moyes we trust

Tuesday 26th May 23:38 Report Comment

paul parkesCONGRATULATIONS DAVEY MOYES we fans know that we have got the best manager on the planet. You have created this team to work as one unit and have given the team and us fans the belief that we can go alot further than the FA cup and i know that given the support of some finance we will !!! The players that we have with a few additions we will be up there with the very best. The fans will as always be right behind you and the players and the Chairman. I can say i'm so excited at the future of our club. We look forward to seeing EVERTON FC win alot more trophys under your leadership. Enjoy your day on saturday lads........

Tuesday 26th May 23:25 Report Comment


Tuesday 26th May 23:22 Report Comment

Linda HillWell done David Moyes. Much deserved, and long may your reign continue. In Moyes We Trust. COYB!

Tuesday 26th May 23:22 Report Comment

Cathy CondronA well deserved award for DM this season. The man has done tremendously well and lets not forget the players too! With little money "he" & "we" have proved that you can get the best out of players who didnt necessarily cost mega, mega-bucks! The players have worked so hard and given back to the fantastic support they have, week in week out at Goodison and to the sell-out crowds for away games too. So i would like to think that this award also goes to not just David Moyes, but is a reflection on the players and the fans who support this wonderful club! Obvioulsy David Moyes has made this season happen but we have all contributed to him getting this award. So we can all applaud each other for this! Hip-hip hooray! C O U B at Wembley!

Tuesday 26th May 23:21 Report Comment

Paul McAllisterCongratulations Moyesy!! Well deserved once again!! We're heading in the right direction - Saturday you'll have your first piece of silverware and from there we'll go on to win loads more in the next few years!! Another great season despite the hiccup at the start!! COYB!!!!

Tuesday 26th May 23:17 Report Comment

Liam GraingerBrilliant show davey once again the LMA's choice and quite rightly too!!! keep up the great work your the only manager we want!!!

Tuesday 26th May 23:14 Report Comment

Giles EdwardsGreat to see DM once again recognised for his outstanding achievements. Whatever happens this Saturday (and I really feel we will win) he has got so much quality from so few resources he deserves the recognition shown by his counterparts. Thank you for what you have done at Everton FC,David! Long may you reign.

Tuesday 26th May 23:08 Report Comment

Thom LesterCongratulations David. This awards can usually go to the obvious choice ie the manager of the Premier League Champions or perhaps somebody who has done wonders with little funds, such as yourself in the past or Roy Hodgson this season. However this year's achievements of managing with limited funds against all adversity has raised awareness of your talents across the entire spectrum of football fans, sports writers and your own fellow professionals. But the story doesn't end there does it? The added touch of class was to continue the campaign with quiet dignity, without the complaints, the excuses or the outbursts. Just stoicism, command and the ability to man manage your resources into a unified force to be reckoned with. You deserve not only this LMA award but the gratitude of all Evertonians for a relentless improvement of our position within English football during the past 7 years.

Tuesday 26th May 23:04 Report Comment

Ray BrownCongratulations Davey, may you spend many many more years at this wonderful club.

Tuesday 26th May 22:57 Report Comment

Phil Hughesone word... LEGEND. Moyesy has the potential to be our greatest ever manager and i for one am fully confident that he shall do so!! anyone agree???

Tuesday 26th May 22:54 Report Comment

Stu MooreDavid you are without question the best manager in prem, every year you are moving this cluib forward, IN MOYES WE TRUST, COYBB

Tuesday 26th May 22:42 Report Comment

Dom DunningWell Done Davey Lets Top It Off With Youre First Trophy!

Tuesday 26th May 22:33 Report Comment

scott gallowayimagine what he could do if we had man city money by far the best manager we have ever had watch out chelsea here we come

Tuesday 26th May 22:33 Report Comment

eric mcnamaraRichly Deserved. and outstanding manager. and no one will argue with that

Tuesday 26th May 22:31 Report Comment

Phil LloydCONGRATULATIONS ON THE AWARD DAVEY LAD!!!!!! Thoroughly deserved after a tough and very trying season early on lets bring the cup home to truily celebrate in style together.

Tuesday 26th May 22:30 Report Comment

Daniel LagoudakosAbsolutely deserved...legend! See you at Wembley!

Tuesday 26th May 22:21 Report Comment


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