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Sir Paul McCartney has reminded everyone that he is an Evertonian!


Sir Paul McCartney has once again reminded everyone that he is an Evertonian!

There has often been much speculation and banter about Macca's footballing allegiance but he admitted on local radio that he is very much a Toffee!

The legendary former Beatle will be playing a concert at Anfield in June and although he is looking forward to that, he credited his father with the fact that he's an Everton supporter.

McCartney told Citytalk's Phil and Kim Breakfast Show: "It is always lovely for me to go back to Liverpool and play for the home crowd. I am looking forward to that, it should be cool, even though I am an Everton fan officially - when it comes to the crunch, my Dad was born in Everton."

To hear one of the all-time greats of the music world nail his blue colours to the mast, click here.

keith porteru living legend ..macca...

Thursday 8th March 09:30 Report Comment

Val DAWSONI always did love you Macca, now it's a total done deal. Our dads brought us up well!

Wednesday 27th February 20:55 Report Comment

Val DAWSONMacca, I always did love ya, now I know it's a forever thing. It's my dad's fault that I'm a Toffee, too, since 1965, when he took me to my first game.

Wednesday 27th February 20:48 Report Comment

Del PhillipsIs right Paul lad, legend. I would love to buy you a pint! haha. You should come to italy with us, give us more recognition.

Monday 25th February 14:55 Report Comment

Stephen LamMacca come and watch us play and help raise our profile even more, Big Blue welcome for a mighty Legend.

Monday 25th February 10:28 Report Comment

well in Macca throw a few bob in and we can buy Joe Cole

Monday 25th February 00:38 Report Comment

Paul BrownbillSpend some cash, in fact tie it all up in everton so that mucca mills can't get hold of it

Saturday 23rd February 19:58 Report Comment

Gary Bonnicispend some of your billions on the blues then macca

Thursday 21st February 09:01 Report Comment

john connollyLuv Luv me do, you know I´m a Blue.

Thursday 21st February 08:17 Report Comment

phil partridgespot on macca!!!! do us a few million though lol

Thursday 21st February 02:34 Report Comment

John CheeversHe has to be a blue. None of the Red Scousers have ever heard of Venus & Mars.

Thursday 21st February 02:09 Report Comment

Thomas DaviesYe, fancy givin the club some money Macca?

Wednesday 20th February 23:48 Report Comment

Gary ClarkSir Paul, Sir Moyesy salutes you well done

Wednesday 20th February 22:16 Report Comment

Richard Daviesof course hes a blue he wasnt born down south was he!!!

Wednesday 20th February 21:07 Report Comment

Justin BryantIm a massive Beatles fan. COYB.

Wednesday 20th February 20:48 Report Comment

Paul HughesTop shout Sir Paul, always knew you were a blue. I read somewhere that his Dad used to take him the games as a kid & like us all he has followed ever since. I wish he would buy us & stick us back at the top like it should be!!

Wednesday 20th February 19:34 Report Comment

Andrew FridayOf course he's an Evertonian, he's from Liverpool. Macca rules like the blues

Wednesday 20th February 18:12 Report Comment

martin dunneOh course he is a blue, he's a scouser!

Wednesday 20th February 17:39 Report Comment

Dave OlderMacca is a legend!!!! Long live The Beatles!!! Come on you Toffees!!!!

Wednesday 20th February 17:33 Report Comment

Alex Greenwell in macca!!!!

Wednesday 20th February 16:44 Report Comment

Alex Greengreat people support the blues!!!

Wednesday 20th February 16:42 Report Comment


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