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Jo Talks Confirmed

Blues in talks with Man City as Jo trains in Scotland.

Jo Talks Confirmed

Everton officials have confirmed that discussions with Manchester City are continuing over the signing of Jo.

The Brazilian striker is training with the Blues at their pre-season training camp in Scotland as Everton and City negotiate a second deal for the player.

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Jo spent the second part of the 2008/09 season on loan at Goodison Park and during that time he scored five times - including a brace on his debut against Bolton Wanderers.

And having impressed during that spell, attempts have begun to ensure the 22-year-old is an Everton player come the start of the Premier League season.

Chief Executive Robert Elstone confirmed: "We have had a conversation with Manchester City over the options available to us and discussions are set to continue."

Jo boasted an impressive scoring record at his former club CSKA Moscow before former City owner Thaskin Shinawatra splashed out £18 million to the break the Club's transfer record.

Ex-City boss Sven Goran Eriksson had been chasing Jo for six months prior to his departure but upon his arrival at Eastlands he struggled to settle under the new management team of Mark Hughes who sanctioned the January switch to Everton.

John HauNow JO is in, that's one down and three to go, as I feel we need four new player, 1 striker, 2 midfielder and 1 defender plus couple squad player, now I believe "Kyle Naughton" could well be on it's way, which leave us with the midfield. I know we are having some problem with Leeds over "Luke Garbutt" compensation but I do like the looks on another Leeds player's "Fabien Delph" and I feel we should sign this lads! Which leave us with the playmaker which by the look of things it would be between "Defour" & "Moutinho" for us!

Sunday 12th July 05:44 Report Comment

Xenophon LawI'm glad Jo has signed and yes, sell Lescott for £20million PLUS Richards and Jo (if only on loan). If Glen Johnson is worth £16million, Lescott's minimum value is £25million. But Moyes can always get the best from his players. As for a midfileder...Fernandes (season loan or £7million) or Moutinho (£12million)would be great. Signing both players would be amazing! But Mbia can sling his hook. He's using us to better his move and up his wages at Marseille. I WAS a supporter for his signature, but the way he's treated us he can go to Marseille. They're welcome to him! Throw in Hutton for £3million and we're sorted. Any spare cash left and let's get Darren Bent or Crouch, although the fees reported for the both of them is ridiculous. Double figure transfer fees they are not!

Friday 10th July 18:37 Report Comment

Jack NewportJo is an amazing player, he played really well in his short spell with us last season. When he was at CSKA Moscow he was brilliant, some of his goals were incredible, next season he will be awesome and when he plays his best he's well worth the money.

Thursday 9th July 18:45 Report Comment

Paul Ellamsounds like the defour capture might be getting closer, and i reckon hes worth the cash. not like this mbia fella! tell him to sling his hook, hes not our standard. how about trying to get a creative midfielder from shahktar such as ilsinho or jadson - how much would they be? still think we need to be looking at some strikers too - players like grafite, dzeko, podolski, luis fabiano, aghahowa, forlan, vagner love etc.

Thursday 9th July 16:57 Report Comment

Maarten BaetensPerhaps some good news guys! I read this morning in a Belgian newspaper that Standard may be persuaded to sell Defour. And what i told last week or a few weeks ago that Defour feels himself too good for Everton sounds different now! His manager said that if Standard accepts the offer Defour will go talk to Everton. He said:"It's a top 5 team they play in europe and his mate Fellaini is there so why shouldn't he go if the offer is good?" The fee is around 15 mil Euro (don't know how much that is in pound but I think its a good offer to Standard. So lets hope it's gonna turn out good!

Thursday 9th July 06:56 Report Comment

steve harrisoni think that jo is a star and he played very well for us .next season he will be better as he will know the language better and how we play JO all the way

Thursday 9th July 01:28 Report Comment

Paul JohnsonLescott in 07/08 was a revelation, last year just average. Anyway defenders are everywhere, need one with a bit more speed than Lescott. Plan B is Jack, he's played there b4 and has the confidence and foot skills as well. Jo on loan is a great move, nowadays contracts are worth about as much as the paper they're written on, any player you get for nothing is a good deal. Vaughan, injury prone - Jo a great backup for Saha and Yak, especially at that price!!! Agree with most other folks, more creativity will push us over the line!

Thursday 9th July 01:08 Report Comment

Pat Fineganhibbo played terrible in the fa cup and one of the goals was mostly his fault for being out of position. but that was one game ppl!!!! i cant think of any other time when he played that bad, he is possibly the best tackler on the whole team and more importantly he is loyal to everton. we can get a kyle naughton type player and improve but hibbo is good for for someone who would make like 20 appearances a year. much love tony! as for jo, that whole thing makes me a little nervous. i dont have as much of a problem with lescott leaving as most evertonians but im worried what were gonnna get for him. micah richards can take his place and not be as good but still good enough. 15-20 mil can solve the right side and prob get us a good midfielder. but im concerned that were not going to get enough for him. MUST HAVE: richards, 15mil+, jo whether it is a loan or not. i just dont want us to do something stupid like 10mil and jo.

Wednesday 8th July 21:50 Report Comment

Matthew Cardustheir has been an everton signing , a player called luke garbutt , defender he's ment to be pretty good!

Wednesday 8th July 21:35 Report Comment

Mark LynchHey come on Guys..... Hibbo has been a loyal servant to the cause and i am sure he always will be.... he is definately commited to the Family... Give him a break he does a job and he does it well, the vast majority of the time.... even superstars have their off days...... as with Leon Osman, Yobo and Pienaar, Hibbo does a fantasic job with little praise..... i for one salute you Mr Hibbert......

Wednesday 8th July 18:14 Report Comment

Ryan FisherThis is the striker department sorted then. Jo is a good player to have around and we know he can score goals so why not get him in on loan ? Were not paying stupid amounts for someone to sit on the bench like city do. I think moyes has been very wise here. I like hibbert as a guy, his comminent to our football club is second to none but on the pitch he is the weak spot of out team. Right back definitly needs a touch off class, i wouldnt off minded Naughton but that looks dead now. None of us are aware of how much money is to spend but to be honest were not expecting much. I wanted to see moutiniho last year but that fell threw, i still would love him to come to us, so its just fingers crossed. Also looks like m bia has rejected us according to some reports, which is quite sad. We l just have to wait and see lets hope we get some class in to our team for next year so we get that top four spot again and then make it ours. COYB, in moyes we trust.

Wednesday 8th July 17:22 Report Comment

Xenophon LawAn FA Cup final, 5th in the league again, and all without Yakubu, Vaughan and Arteta to name a few for most of the season. Remember when Walter Smith was manager?? Exactly. Moyes forever and Hibbert, you're a true Toffee. I'd like to see Manuel Fernandes back (he played really well when Arteta needed surgery in Spain) as that Forward Midfielder seeing as we won't be able to afford Moutinho. And we need to keep Lescott. If Glen Johnson is worth £16m, surely Lescott is worth £30m!?

Wednesday 8th July 16:30 Report Comment

Matthew Carduswhy is he not training with Manchester city this Pre-season, they must of already came up with some sort of deal

Wednesday 8th July 16:04 Report Comment

Thomas DaviesJo is overrated, what's the point in bringing strikers in if they're mediocre? When we were originally after jo, mancity got there first, they got it wrong and we should have learnt from that. £18million and they send him out on loan 2 seasons on the run? If he's not good enough for city, he's nowhere near good enough for us.

Wednesday 8th July 15:04 Report Comment

Luke PhibbsFirstly, Jo. He's a good signing, IF he's not the only striking re-enforcement we get in. He could turn out to be an ideal foil for Saha/Yak but it's too early to say. Last year he looked ok, but a full pre-season might help and given the injury record of Saha and Vaughan and current problems with Yak, squad depth is important. I'd like a split-striker as well, Tuncay or Reyes (who could double up as back up to Pienaar) are two we've been linked with, and I'd love to see either at Goodison this summer. On Hibbo, I also think he's been an excellent player for us, against most opposition he does a really good job and he's as commited as anyone. Final ball is sometime a bit hit'n'miss but a loyal and quality player none the less. I do think we need a RB though. We need competion and currently he only has to compete with players whose main role is in another position, Neville and Jags. Getting another RB would mean he fights for his place, either he loses it or it focusses him. Personally I think we need a creative mid, holding mid, pacey right winger, the affore mentioned rb and support striker and rb and maybe a centre back on loan. somehow I think 6 signings and a loan might be wishful thinking with our finances as we need to think quality over quantity plus Moyes would have to start using some squad rotation to keep them all happy but since he's made it clear that all the cups and the league are priorities, we do need more options! I've no doubt Moyes is a better judge then I, but I really like some of the names we're linked to currently. I really hope that this is the begining of a really solid transfer window, with some genuine quality coming in. Jo definitely adds something. Lets see some more. I really hope that by September we're not debating the fact that Arteta/Jags/Yak are LIKE new signings. (they're not, they're LIKE players returning from injury!!!) COYB

Wednesday 8th July 13:32 Report Comment

David DonnellanIf this Jo deal is some sort of sweetener to appease the fans on Lescott going the other way, as much as i like Jo, i will feel insulted. This will in no way make up for Lescott leaving. We would have a short time to find a quality replacement & then wait for him to gel in & this may not happen, anyone remember Koldrup? I rest my case! Lets not forget that Jagielka isnt back until november. Keep Lescott!

Wednesday 8th July 12:59 Report Comment

Jonathan Pollocki think jo on loan wud be a good move becus it will give our squad some must needed dept and he is a good player, uve got to remember he came to us having played very few games for city so his fitness wuda been lacking. I tink we need to sign a winger and or a creative midfielder, shaun wright-phillips or moutinho wud b great

Wednesday 8th July 12:01 Report Comment

Matthew HandWell said Danny, best comment i have seen on here for ages. Hibbo is one of us. Any right back who comes into the club will find it tough to get into the team cause he wont give up his place easy.

Wednesday 8th July 09:46 Report Comment

Cathy CondronI have to agree 100% with Danny Logue....enough of the TH bashing! I dread to think how he is going to feel first game of the season.....put a foot wrong and you will all be jumping on his back! Tony was having a good run till he got injured and is he ever going to be forgiven for his booking in the Cup Final? No matter what, he is a Blue and will be playing for us next season. So those people who dont like him....get over it. There are some who dont give 100% like Tony does and i dont see you ridiculing them. Good Luck "TH" hope you have a great season and shut up all those who doubt you!

Wednesday 8th July 09:36 Report Comment

thomas sharpi think this would be a fantastic bit of buisness, even though JO looked a little rusty last season he showed glimpses of excellence, id like to see him sit just behind the YAK and feed the big fella, JO looks like he has a great touch and great feet and with me MR Moyes magic confidence boost, i think were looking at a very succesful partnership upfront, IN MOYES WE TRUST

Wednesday 8th July 09:36 Report Comment

Maarten BaetensI hope for him that this season he's gonna develop better but i have no doubts about that coz DM brings out the best in players. I've also read on a belgian site that Mourinho wants to sell 5 more players. Patrick Vieira, Amantino Mancini(midfielder), Ricardo Quaresma(midfielder), Victor Obinna(striker or right winger) en Nelson Rivas(defender). Wasn't it Obinna you guys we're after last year? This is your chance guys go for him. And try to get Quaresma or Mancini on a loan deal too. Coz if Quaresma is on his best you've got one hell of a player! COYB!

Wednesday 8th July 07:58 Report Comment

alexis leungJo + Yak in front can cause our rivals a lot of trouble, leaving a lot of space for Fellaine, Cahill...... And Jo is quite a tall guy who can shoot and who can fed the Yak. We have got Peanut + Baines a fantastic pair on the left. Let's see what we are going to have on the right?

Wednesday 8th July 04:42 Report Comment

Danny LogueEnough Hibbo bashing, a full back's first priority is to keep a clean sheet. Wasn't Hibbo a key part of that clean sheet record we all praised? Before Bainsey established himself, I remember left back being a problem - great watching JL storming forward, but heart stopping watching the opposition exploit the acres of space left behind him. Forget the cup final, there isn't a player in the squad who hasn't had a poor game. Let's get behind Hibbo, his self esteem needs rebuilding. He's a top class defender who always gives his all for the team he loves.

Wednesday 8th July 01:36 Report Comment

Nathan FindlayI agree with everything you say Paul. We need to get a good Centre back along with giving Jack Rodwell more experience. Right back is a problem but Neville could go back there again allowing room for Rodwell to play

Wednesday 8th July 00:52 Report Comment

Riduan MohdWell Jo is a gd addition considering we r playin in europa cup tis cumin season.Half of ya wan him back n half of ya all dun wan him. but wat we really need a top notch midfield in case general arteta n cahill injured den we r seriously lightweight in midfield. Ivan de la pena is cheap tho he is quite old but experiences counts in def mid slot. but is a pity javier saviola goes to benfica. instead of premier league. if only we take him on loan for madrid instead of him goin to benfica.. who noes d next zola in premier league

Tuesday 7th July 22:47 Report Comment

Paul HowellsI think if we get Jo on a season loan now Moyes should agree a price now and get that in part of the loan deal, that way if Jo has a good season we still only pay that price which Moyes is happy with and city cant bump it up. If he has a bad season we send him back. I agree with Derek on we should only let Lescott go for crazy money, if we got £15m for him we couldnt get as good a replacement who is also young adn british (which may be vital if Uefa get their way with the 6+5 ruling) Also agree we need a right back, I love Tony but he just isnt good enough, in my opinion we shoudl have offered Lars a two year deal as soon as the last one expired and still bought Naughton, then have them two battle it out for the position.

Tuesday 7th July 21:53 Report Comment

Daniel ComerI Watched his debute at goodison he was realy good and not gready at all, however from then on he was not as good even at some points i have watched him since CSK Moscow that were he is proven goal scorer its good that we have got him on a loan spell however i would never pay the money city want for him , nor over 9million. And i hope that this is nothing to do with Lesscot deal

Tuesday 7th July 20:31 Report Comment

clive millingtonloan deal is best but just hope there isnt a hidden agender in it for city to get lescott and if he can get us 20+ goals this season then break the bank for him lets hope so . welcome back jo

Tuesday 7th July 19:16 Report Comment

jamie marshi think this is amazing news ive watched this lad for a few years before he joined city and he has undoutable talent and one for the future and i think with alot more confidence and games under hes belt will be a great adition.and as for everybody talking about lescott being part of the deal if lescott wants to leave let him go you need players in your team that want to play for the club and love playing for your team and jo seems to love goodison and im one fan pleased to see us trying to cut a deal coyb!!!

Tuesday 7th July 19:01 Report Comment

Paul Ellamim pretty happy with jo arriving but he must learn the work ethic, too many times last season i thought he just drifted in and out of games - saying that, he did score a few goals but will he be good enough against the likes of the other top 6 sides? i still think a striker of proven pedigree, wright phillips for the (w)right wing and that position we all seem to want filling - right back, are required

Tuesday 7th July 18:33 Report Comment

Derek YatesI'm just hoping and praying we don't lose Joleon in the deal. I think Jo will do well for us along with the Yak.

Tuesday 7th July 18:22 Report Comment

robert kellyI agree with delian totally on both accounts, and i to apologise hibbo lad but but we really are in need of a top quality right back.

Tuesday 7th July 18:21 Report Comment

darren kellyhope its not a gamble jo is a good player but not a very good finisher 5 goals from 12 games aganist lower teams

Tuesday 7th July 18:20 Report Comment

simon goldthorp i think jo will produce some good football this season 5 goals in 12 not bad, plus the YAK will be back,

Tuesday 7th July 18:16 Report Comment

Kevin HeartyJo coming back is not the news I was hoping for. He didnt do nearly enough last season to convince me, and for a striker looked slow and awkward at times. With the Yak,Vaughan and Anichebe,hopefully fit for the new season and King Louis also, what do we need another striker for? I agree a right back and midfield are the positions we need to strengthen. COYB

Tuesday 7th July 17:59 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthOK.Lets get things straight.Moyes' RELEASED Jo back to city.A very shrew move by the gaffer.Why?Because he knew that Mark Hughes would be spending and had no plans for Jo in the side.I.E-surplus to reqiurements.Enter David Moyes and a possible solution for Mr.Hughes.Keeping him on at the end of the season =$! Later= a deal!He is a good prospect at just 22.We need a good right back though ,oh and Moutinho,Moutinho,Mouhtinho!Keep the faith and all will be well.

Tuesday 7th July 17:52 Report Comment

Derek ChandleyJo arriving is a good deal. No question about that. Not costing us anything and he will score goals. More signi gs are needed though if only to boost the numbers. A right back, centre half and central midfielder are absolute priorities. A wide player would also be good. Lescott should only go if crazy money offered. COYB

Tuesday 7th July 17:52 Report Comment


Tuesday 7th July 17:35 Report Comment

Thomas RobertsI think hibbert has served everton well but i think it's time we improved on this position, and let's hope if jo comes we can get some skillful razilan pla flowin through the team...not the spanish playmaker arteta isn't doing enough ;), and how about signing a cover CB???

Tuesday 7th July 17:31 Report Comment

Delian JonesJo will be a decent player to hav in the squad, but only if the whole transfer budget isn't blown on him!!! If he comes in on loan, then it's a good deal! In Moyes we trust!! Need a right back tho' (Sorry Hibbo!)

Tuesday 7th July 16:53 Report Comment

Lewis OwenJo's probably a good gamble but I would have much preffered somebody else. Fabian Delph would also be great to sign. A decent right back is also next on our agenda in my opinion. If Lescott leaves it will be for money probably, hope he stays though.

Tuesday 7th July 16:39 Report Comment

Thomas MoglioneThey are just giving us some good news before they let us know that Lescott is going to City. Jo may only give us as many goals as lescott does and i know i would rather have lescott at the back.

Tuesday 7th July 16:34 Report Comment

Carl OsborneI think people need to cut Jo some slack, I agree sometimes he goes missing when it gets tough but he came to us in jan having not played at all in the first half of the season. 5 goals in 12 is a great ratio and i believe he will only improve. We all agree we need squad depth and if another loan deal is agreed were adding to depth and quality at no cost at all! all the more money to sign Moutinho .... =) coyb!

Tuesday 7th July 16:22 Report Comment

John HauHere is one of the player I love to see again next season, hope the deal goes well. As much as I love having JO here, we have other position need filling sooner rather than later, like a right winger, right back & another player maker, so, please get these player in asap.

Tuesday 7th July 16:17 Report Comment

Cathy CondronSorry but i dont think Jo looks the part for Everton! I think this is Moyes showing the fans he is "Buying" Things must be pretty dry if Jo is the only player at the moment we are after! I know he came in and did well but he has to do alot more! I truly hope he does the business for the Blues but im not convinced. Time will tell and i hope this website will be telling us of more "quality" signings very soon, just as long as City dont think Jo will be swopped for Jo-leon.

Tuesday 7th July 16:11 Report Comment

Cameron Melling10m max hes not great and cannot perform away. I hope this does not have lescott involved as I would rather just keep him then buy Jo.

Tuesday 7th July 16:10 Report Comment

John Muirheadwe need to sign Marcus Berg, I watched him in Sweden U21 tournament, he's very very good, also a young lad called Robin Soder who plays for IFK.

Tuesday 7th July 16:10 Report Comment

Mike CoatesAwesome news. Looks like my girl's lil kid Joachim going to be getting an Everton top next pay day with a certain name on the back ;) COYB!

Tuesday 7th July 15:50 Report Comment

Neil MaverI think we desperately need a decent right back. Baines is first class and another skilful wing back on the right would really make us a strong attacking force

Tuesday 7th July 15:33 Report Comment

Neil MaverI hope that this move does not involve Lescott or any large amounts of money cos Jo is just OK not top 4 striker material

Tuesday 7th July 15:29 Report Comment

Ronnie LimI feel that this deal is as good as a multi-million dollar signing because he can put any defence on their toes with his presence. Lets not forget we do not have the luxury of the money to spend on some of the players available. In Moyes we trust!

Tuesday 7th July 15:26 Report Comment

paul mcleanI agree with Nick Kelly i hope it doesn't involve lescott, but Jo was brilliant when he came in last season and if he signs this season we will have another gifted striker. i just hope moyes gets 1 or 2 more midfielders and then we could be sound for next season COYB!

Tuesday 7th July 15:15 Report Comment

Charlie Jonesalthough im greeting any player that wants to play for the blues, just cant see how jo can play alongside the yak they've no were near the work rate needed when things get tough, would much prefare us to sighn a midfielder with class and keep tc up front with the yak, it all shows how little money we've got to spend in the first place, moyes deserves the cash to spend more than any other prem manager

Tuesday 7th July 15:14 Report Comment

Lee EdwardsJo not a bad signing for a loan deal needs 2 work on his game abit but shud have competition from the Yak,Vaughn,Anichebe and Saha so that he'll show us hes up 4 a fight. Wish we wudnt keep gettin linked 2 every1 thou its just a disapointment when we dont get these players like Moutinho last summer wudnt mind Delph or Moutinho and even Reyes cus we nedd another winger so come on Moyes sort it b4 the start of the season and lets get in2 the top 4 COYB.

Tuesday 7th July 15:12 Report Comment

Emyr JonesI`m happy with this signing. He came to us in january and didnt have any time to gel with the squad really, but still managed to score a few goals, some of them were great too. With a whole pre season under the belt, I`ll put my neck out and say it wouldnt surprise me if he hits 20 goals this season. Plus its a loan, so unless there is something in place for Lescott to go the other way, its a win win situation. I think Lescott will be sold to City in January, after we get Jags back from injury. Thats my conspiracy theory. I have every faith in what David Moyes does (although I did freeze with terror when i saw us being linked with Scholes), and I cant see him letting us down. He is after all in complete control of transfers in and out so if he doesnt want to sell, it wont happen. COYB. Bit of support for the boys instead of posts saying 'pathetic'. If thats the sorty of rubbish you want to post, might I suggest you dont bother.

Tuesday 7th July 14:36 Report Comment

brad woottonI think this is excellent bit of news,moyes is being positive in the transfer market.I would love to see moutinho at he club also i think the young sweedish kid berg would be a bargin,he looks like a goalscorer.the one thing we can say is its onwards and upwards for the blues.COYB

Tuesday 7th July 14:36 Report Comment

Richard BlakeI realy think that this will be the season that jo shows why city payed all that money for him. him and the yak r going 2 be a massive force great signing lets hope we can make it permenant SOON!!!

Tuesday 7th July 14:28 Report Comment

Steve HouserI agree with Nathan. This is a great move. Jo played very well for us in those few games we had him. 5 goal in 11 games is very efficient. He gave us goal when we needed them sorely. How can anyone be down on him. He is young and skilled. At Manchester City they expected him to be the "MAN" and obviously that is too much presure. For Everton we just need him to fit in and givce us some goals. It worked perfect last season. He is a great loan for our squad.

Tuesday 7th July 14:27 Report Comment

Gerard Woodi'm not fully convinced by jo but he's scored some goals for us so if he can do it again then great, trouble is if he score loads of goals an did well for us we will never be able to afford him at the end of the season an we will have just developed a good player for another club! also we should steer well clear if this has any bearing on where lescott will be playing next season.... simply put we shouldn't sell him

Tuesday 7th July 14:24 Report Comment

Lee NaylorI agree with Jonathan Hind Jo was one of are best players last season he just needs a better work rate i hope he signs Jo and Yak should be good and goals galore but i think we need more centre backs and Joao Moutinho in midfield or even Steven Defour off Standard Leige COYB

Tuesday 7th July 14:24 Report Comment

kevin hughesJo can do a job for us next season but we really need a quality right midfielder like Wilfred Dalmat from liege who was outstanding against us.

Tuesday 7th July 14:03 Report Comment

danny woodsgreat signing this. never mind if he isnt great in the premier league, weve got plenty of options up front in the league. think about the europa league. the european games will suit him down to the ground and im now even more confident that the europa league trophy is ours.

Tuesday 7th July 13:33 Report Comment

Nick KellyI really hope this signing doesnt involve a deal with Lescott. I'd much rather have Lescott in the team than Jo.

Tuesday 7th July 13:20 Report Comment

nathan halfordI think this is a great move for us..when jo came in last season he got vital goals and won us games..I think jo will complement the yak real well..the yak is a great striker but a real powerhouse striker,where as jo is more light on his feet..this is going to be a great striker partnership!!..moyes is smart if jo doesnt impress again this season then we havent waste money that we dont already have on a player!!

Tuesday 7th July 13:20 Report Comment

Jonathan HindHow can this be PATHETIC? It's a loan deal for someone who scored every other game (roughly) and looks as though, given confidence, could be a quality striker this season. It's a great deal but only if Lescott isn't involved in any exchange deal. Not sure who you're expecting us to sign. Kaka? Ronaldo? Ribery? We don't have any will never have stupid amounts of money so I think this is an excellent piece of business by Moyes. I just hope that we have agreed a fee now if we decide to sign him permanently. He WILL improve dramatically under Davey Moyes. COYB

Tuesday 7th July 13:01 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowhmm...another loan move. i know we need another striker but i don't think jo is good enough. hope we splash more cash for midfielders though. that is more important

Tuesday 7th July 12:53 Report Comment

Kev KellyPATHETIC, a thought we was movin in the right direction big time but this news is sad big time....

Tuesday 7th July 12:50 Report Comment

Jack FarronI think that this signing once copleted will really set the ball rolling. I like that moyes has tried vto sign jo as he really suits our style of play while still offering us a different dimesion with his clever touches. I like that moyes is contiuing to look after our future with the signings of luke garbutt and the youngster from hamburg, mustafi. I expect to see at lest 2 more new signings before the week is over. COYB!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 7th July 12:46 Report Comment

Michael LoudonGood to see him Back in the Royal Blue! Hopefully he will do enough to secure a permanent deal! Yes Blue Boy Moutinho sounds good!

Tuesday 7th July 12:46 Report Comment

Lee RushtonI think Moyes does the best thing in loaning before buying, look how Pienaar turned out to be loaning him first. If it doesnt work out then its not alot of money wasted, just send them back to their old club. Just not a fan of Jo sorry, his debut really impressed but been nowhere like that since.

Tuesday 7th July 12:35 Report Comment

Steve McClellandHope he becomes an everton player permanently, he has an eye for goal and will only get better. Yakubu and Jo - what a prospect for next season!

Tuesday 7th July 12:28 Report Comment

sean GallenHe better work on his strength but other wise good singing goalscorer what we need a right back and a midfielder ad we will break into the top 4

Tuesday 7th July 12:23 Report Comment

James WilkinsonExcellent news. he is capable of scoring goals as he displayed when he was on loan, although i think he would be either 2nd or 3rd preferred behind yakubu. also he hasnt cost us anything in the way of bringing him in, therefore we can spend more money on a right back, right winger and a defensive midfielder/playmaker. I also agree on moutinho, he would be a superb buy and could create a dynamic partnership with arteta, i wouldnt mind him or defour (from standard) both are very excellent players. I dont necessarily think a right back is priority, although it is important we have phil neville who can fill in, because if we do buy moutinho or someone then that would force neville to right back. Also with a right winger i have no clue at all, but im sure moyesy ca work his magic and find someone, i wouldnt mind ledley tho or even bentley, altho i would prefer a pacy winger, a player in the mould of aaron lennon. I dunno tho, hopefully moyesy can wave his wand, jo is a great first signing and this has put us ahead of where we were a year ago which is good to see.COYB

Tuesday 7th July 12:18 Report Comment

Tom WoodsI hope that the deal can be agreed. Jo was one of my favourite players last season and I'd like to see him return for next season. Hopefully it will be a permanant move aswell.

Tuesday 7th July 12:08 Report Comment

blue boyabout time...would rather see a permanent move for the lad but im pleased he will have something to play for next year..a contract...lets hope a few more singings drop into place..moutinho anybody?????? COYB

Tuesday 7th July 12:00 Report Comment


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