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Tuesday 23 September K.O. 19:45

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Jags Penalty Delight

Jags speaks after scoring the winning penalty in the FA Cup semi-final.

Jags Penalty Delight

Phil Jagielka had to overcome penalty nerves before slotting home the winning spot-kick.

The defender was Everton’s fifth kicker and capitalised on two saves made by keeper Tim Howard to win the semi-final clash with Man Utd.

Jagielka also exorcised personal demons after a miss in the Uefa Cup tie with Fiorentina last season.

After the game, he told evertonTV: “It was fantastic that the boys before me and T-How (Howard) put me into that position and thankfully this time it worked to our advantage.

“I wasn’t too sure about taking a penalty after last time but there weren’t too many specialists left on the pitch so I said I would go last. Thankfully it was the glory goal.”

Howard took plenty of plaudits after saving United’s first two penalties.

“It’s about time Tim started saving some penalties!” joked Jagielka. “He’s been getting close in the last few years but he was fantastic and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

“I think they had a few experienced lads in their squad who have taken penalties before, but thankfully we got the luck.”

The win sets up a clash with Chelsea on 30 May, and Jags is predicting another amazing day for the travelling Evertonians.

“It will be fantastic,” he beamed. “The amount of noise that the fans made today was absolutely frightening. If the winner was decided on fans’ noise then we would have won hands down.

“It’s a big game against Chelsea now on Wednesday, they keep coming thick and fast.”

hayley clementssupper pen 4 supper jags, i was lucky enough to get a ticket and it was the best end to a game ever! so happy i have been smiling all day!! the noise from our fans was unbelievable ( no wonder i have no voice today) and the atmosphere was fantastic!!!!! COYB xxx

Monday 20th April 16:56 Report Comment

hayley clementssupper pen 4 supper jags, i was lucky enough to get a ticket and it was the best end to a game ever! so happy i have been smiling all day!! the noise from our fans was unbelievable ( no wonder i have no voice today) and the atmosphere was fantastic!!!!! COYB xxx

Monday 20th April 16:56 Report Comment

Thomas McCarteni must admit i shed a tear or 2 when those penalties went in, every player in blue was outstanding yesterday, but i really have to give extra praise, for tim howard, baines, neville, vaughn, & jags, it took imense bottle to step up under so much pressure, yet you done it, & gave so many blues a dayout that will live with them forever, judgeing from the sea of blue inside the ground, we could have sold out the stadium twice over. from kenwright to moyes to the players, to the fans, we are everton & that says enough, no matter what happens at wembley in may our boys have made it one cup run that we will remeber for a verry long time, ive never been more proud as a lifelong blue as i was yesterday, coyb.

Monday 20th April 16:50 Report Comment

martyn brownwell done jaggers someone to step forward 4 the penalty and keep is cool was outstanding you and lescott are the best centre backs by far much better than ferdy and vid in the prem keep up the gud work till the end of the season.

Monday 20th April 16:12 Report Comment

Damien WestonJags was my Man of the Match before he smashed home the peno!! Absolutely brilliant lads!! I had to make do with sitting with the United fans but there were blues everywhere and listening to the noise made by our fans at the other end made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!! I'm proud every day to be an Evertonian but even more so after yesterday!!! COYB!!!!

Monday 20th April 13:05 Report Comment

Dave OlderMoyesie you are an absolute LEGEND. I am so proud of our squad this year, they have produced miracles even though we have had so many injuries. The sooner Mr Moyes gets Knighted the better!!!!! Lets beat Chelski in the Final now!!!!!!! By the way were there any Man U fans at the final?? I couldn't hear any?!?!!?!?!

Monday 20th April 12:51 Report Comment

Nathan GallichanCOYB!!!!! Howard..... You are a Legend... unlucky Cahill (You still did us proud!!!) Nothing more to say except lets kick some Chelsea Ass!!!!!!

Monday 20th April 12:46 Report Comment

Katie Flanaganamazing atmosphere at wembley, and it showed us fans are behind yous coz even when cahill missed we were still cheering for him, couldnt hear the man u fans all game. I was a bit suprised with Phil Neville taking a penalty but welll done to him and the rest of the penalty takers for stepping up to take one. but howard was great saving two penalities. Win or lose in the final all the supporters will still be behind use 100%. keep it up boys

Monday 20th April 12:20 Report Comment

Phillip MasonWatched the game at home,well done all the lads! Just want to say the sight of our supporters and the amazing noise they made had me in tears FANTASTIC!!

Monday 20th April 12:05 Report Comment

Christine HopeNot one of our better games but the BEST result.....think Mr. Riley proved he can be a half decent ref and why all the fuss about the penalty that wasnt with Jags and Wellbeck and no fuss made at the other end with Tevez and Pienaar which could quite easily have been a penalty ...anyway ...well done to the lads and to the penalty takers (hard lines Timmy) cos have read that no one really wanted to take them...and even though i credit the win to ALL the lads my man of the match was Stevie Pienaar, as usual he never gave to beat the other blues now.......

Monday 20th April 10:48 Report Comment

rick smithcan we hear utd sing!....could we hear utd sing..i thought there were 90,000 toffee`s at wembley!!!well done lads..and a big pat on the back 4 all evertonians who made the trip 2 were awsome,so much noise!!

Monday 20th April 10:46 Report Comment

alexis leungOpen-top double-deck bus for City Parade .... what a nice way to close the season. Just one more step, boys !

Monday 20th April 10:07 Report Comment

Steven BroadbentWhat an amazing atmosphere and we sung from the very start to the penalties! It's great that Tim Howard had the mind strength to save after Tim missed the peno, and it's fantastic that our most in-form player recently Jagielka won the Penalties to get us in the final. Come on You Blues xx

Monday 20th April 09:52 Report Comment

Andrew McCrearyNot the best game to watch but great outcome and respect to Jags for having the bottle to take a penalty and to Howard for two fine saves! Let's get the double over chelkski now!!

Monday 20th April 09:01 Report Comment

Colin HafezCould the road to Wembley been any harder? we had to beat three teams above us in the league, two of the exclusive "top 4" Well done lads you did us proud

Monday 20th April 08:08 Report Comment

gary ledgercongrats to all players, staff and fans, wot a result, lovely to see the man JAGS wrap the game up. Dont underestimate us people by not putting your stronger side out, you will get punished!!! Bring on chelski. COYB.XXX

Monday 20th April 07:51 Report Comment

Amy SmithIt's the best feeling in the world we deserve it, well done lad's! Always a proud Evertonian!!! COYB!!

Monday 20th April 07:06 Report Comment

Jason RichI live in Sofia, all the Bulgarians support Man U becuase of Berbatov, which made it all the sweeter. Shirt off Everton tattooes out, lovin it. What a team we have with no cash. A lesson to the big 4. If David Moyes had 100 mill, we would be untouchable.

Monday 20th April 06:58 Report Comment

Mike O'DonnellAwesome, best day for every Evertonian! Well done Jags and all the lads, now bring it home!!!

Monday 20th April 03:20 Report Comment

Shane CosenzaWhat a run, an absolute cracker cup run so far and the way we have played and who we have been beating i can already smell the cup coming to goodison!!! The likes of Liverpool, Aston Villa, Middlesborough and now Man Utd on the list of beats, lets add Chelsea to that list!!! COYB

Monday 20th April 02:37 Report Comment

Thomas McCartenim still speachless, talk about giveing your heart & soul to the cause, there were so many bravehearts out there today, it wasnt a classic, by anymeans but nobody cantsay we havent done the easy way, villa,boro, lfc, man u, all disposed off, to see the look on the moyes & the everton bench at the whistle, priceless, theres not a fan out there who can say there, is a team, manager, chairman, who deserves this day, well done 1 and all.

Monday 20th April 01:28 Report Comment

Gary MaidenI just love ya lads!!! Get In There!!!!!

Monday 20th April 00:41 Report Comment

Stephen EvansI cried when Tim missed first up, but not as much as I cried with delight when Jags scored the winner, congrats individually to you and Bainsey (a blue star now established) the futures bright the futures BLUE, I last witnessed a penalty shoot out victory v Borrusia M in 1970 / 71 when Andy Rankin saved what was described as the £40k penalty. Whatever happens now in the competition we are moving closer to winning a cup and under David Moyes we can again hold our heads high, compared to City, Spurs and Villa and the vast amount of money spent and we are still the only realistic challenge to the so called top four

Sunday 19th April 23:51 Report Comment

Reg The BlueI am so proud of all our boys in blue tonight. Jags was so brave! They worked their socks off and had belief. I love Evertonand am so, so proud. We deserved it. Cahill,don't worry about your miss, you are an Everton legend. But tonight Tim H,you showed United what they were missing. I know we are going to win this cup! COYB!!

Sunday 19th April 23:49 Report Comment

steve barkwilli remember being 8 and watching us winning the f.a cup, i'm so proud that we're their again, this club is so special, nice to see football getting justice, well done jags (future captain) sp proud of the whole team

Sunday 19th April 23:37 Report Comment

Berni HolmesWell done you Blue boys, crowd fantastic today, proud to be a Toffee. COYB

Sunday 19th April 23:34 Report Comment


Sunday 19th April 23:00 Report Comment

steve hurleywell done jags you have made my day and iam very proud of all the team COYB

Sunday 19th April 22:22 Report Comment

eric mcnamarafantastic, we need to up the tempo in the final but thats soup perb stuff! considering the injury list getting to the final is amazing. but its game on now, semi finals or runners up is not what we want.

Sunday 19th April 22:15 Report Comment

Sarah HowardWELL DONE JAGS I am really pleased to see Jags score a penalty. He deserved it, Jags gives 200% for us and he deserves praise for being an excellant defender and goalscorer.

Sunday 19th April 22:13 Report Comment

Ben NavinAbsolutely outstanding yet again, never fails to amaze does our jags. I think this is ours now. Tell me ma me ma

Sunday 19th April 22:12 Report Comment

Paul ConnollyBrilliant. Can't be happier that Jags scored the winner. TRUE BLUE. Immense all season. Got players who care about the club and want to win. Play for the shirt. Gonna take alot to wipe the smile of this face. COYB

Sunday 19th April 22:07 Report Comment

james steersAS THE SONG GOES , WERE HALF WAY THERE , LIVING ON A PRAYER , how jags scored that pen was amazing , he hit it so hard i never seen go in , i just seen him running away and new he had scored ,just what we deserved lets now win it .

Sunday 19th April 22:03 Report Comment

Michael GainfordUtterly amazing result - deserved for everyone connected with the club! If we, can beat Villa, Liverpool and United, surely Chelsea should be felled to complete a fantastic FA Cup win. COYB!

Sunday 19th April 21:57 Report Comment

Wesley LawrensonWell done to the whole team and staff,and Tim Howard for his two great saves,bring on chelsea on the 30th,with europe now in the bag we have nothing to lose,where def on the up next term,got to say GREAT to see Arteta in around the team again get fit lad...................Good luck on the 30th boys well done D Moyes,B Kenwright

Sunday 19th April 21:41 Report Comment

Neil DalyCould'nt of happened to a better player, our best player. Plaudits our for top skipper Phil what a man. Top professional in every sense of the word!!! COYB all the way!!

Sunday 19th April 21:30 Report Comment

Michael O'NeillDays like today make me ever prouder than normal to be an Evertonian, the never say die attitude runs through the team and Jags is a perfect example. COYB

Sunday 19th April 21:25 Report Comment

Yusuf Ali PeerbayeAm feeling like a baby boy Today. Congratssssssssssssss Bring da cup back to Goodison Now. COYBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Sunday 19th April 21:18 Report Comment

Craig JohnsonA very proud moment to be a blue! 14 years is far to long and congratultions to Jags for tucking that away, Fantastic!. I thought piennar played really well today he never stopped running and over the past few weeks I think he's been are best player along with bainsy. We've had a very tough run in throughout the competition and I hope we can go on to secure the trophy! Well done blues and most of all well done moysey just what you deserve!

Sunday 19th April 21:15 Report Comment

Judith BentleyI am so proud to be an Everton supporter - the team were awesome and the fans did us proud too. Well done to all the lads who had to take a penalty - was pleased Jags scored the winner. Tim Howard is a hero as well. Let's hope we can go all the way and lift the cup at the end of May! We've beaten 3 out of the top 5 in the FA Cup so one more shouldn't be a problem. COYB.

Sunday 19th April 21:14 Report Comment

Alistair Gareth JonesAwesome Stuff Everton,So proud of the way you have played in the FA Cup this season. Well done David Moyes and the boys......... and bring on Chelsea

Sunday 19th April 21:01 Report Comment

Alister LeeCongrats Congrats!!! Let me post that on 30 May '09 again please!!! COYB

Sunday 19th April 20:54 Report Comment

stuart evanswell done to all the lads and jags for having the bottle to step up and take another penelty and burying it to send utd out.

Sunday 19th April 20:53 Report Comment

Karl FillinghamWell done to the blues today!If anyone deserved to score the winning pen it was jags! Been outstanding all season! Bring on chelski in the final! Fantastis day to be a blue!!

Sunday 19th April 20:52 Report Comment

Chris DennissThere are alot of very proud Everton fans all around the world tonight. Tim's penalty saves were top class reactions and the fact that Jags scored the winning penalty was perfect!!! Thanks to Davie Moyes and the boys for today - Fantastic doesnt' do you justice!!! Bring on Chelski!!! COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 19th April 20:51 Report Comment

Chris Maddockswell done Jags, cool pen.

Sunday 19th April 20:49 Report Comment

DAVID BONNARAwesome - simply awesome !!!!! So many comparisons with the early & mid eighties team - the way we play, the commitment & the spirit. A SQUAD of fantastic players but no big time Charlies - a PROPER TEAM !! COYB !!!!!

Sunday 19th April 20:42 Report Comment

Paul Ellamjust one word for all the boys and staff after todays amazing result - PROUD

Sunday 19th April 20:37 Report Comment

Philip KelsoWell done Phil! You and Joleon were immense today and you had nerves of steel for the penalty. Enjoy the celebrations - you all did us proud!!

Sunday 19th April 20:34 Report Comment

ollie dibdenwell done phil really brave after fiorentina,another solid game from the two centre backs,lets kick chelseas arse and write ur name in history boys!!!coyb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday 19th April 20:30 Report Comment


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