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Phil Jagielka admits he felt 'numb' after his penalty heart-ache.

Jags was unfortunate as Fiorentina keeper Sebastian Frey pulled off a great save to win the penalty shootout for his side.

"It was his night," said Jagielka of Frey during an exclusive interview witrh evertonTV.
"Things just hit him. If he came out for a cross and he missed it, then somebody else will be there to clear it and obviously in the penalties he managed to guess right and get a hand on mine.

"I felt a little bit numb. I don’t think I took a particularly bad penalty, but you can’t say it was a good penalty unless it goes in.

"I’ll go home a little bit gutted at missing the penalty, but I’ll have to come back with my head held high on Friday."

Wednesday's experiences have left Jagielka and his teammates desperate for more European nights.

He added: "I think that the boys have had a little taste of it this year and I’m sure if we get in the Uefa Cup or the Champions League, we will go one step further than this year.

"The boys will pick themselves up now, we have a massive game on Sunday and hopefully we can consolidate our European push for next season."

This interview is available in full on evertonTV.

craig pennyjags brilliant lad keep it up just a little unlucky with your pen EVERTON 4 LIFE

Monday 17th March 15:59 Report Comment

andy jacksoni'm so proud to be a blue after wed's game.that's footie for ya. at least we made them work for it and that will only spur ya's on to better till i die

Friday 14th March 17:42 Report Comment

Mike DonnanJags lad! I have 4 words to say to you " Legend in the making" chin up mate you have became a top quality footballer.... And when did Ossie start throwing some weight into his tackles! keep it up Leon, Gerrard is nothing you la! coyb's lets beat them lot to fourth and have a bash at the champs league next season!

Friday 14th March 15:21 Report Comment

p gJags, you felt what we all felt but we are over it now and proud of what you all did. You have been a rock at the heart of the defence and long may that continue. Get past it and focus on getting that 4th spot. COYB's

Friday 14th March 11:13 Report Comment

Matt Atkinsonin my eyes, i reckon we are lookin at a Future Everton Legend here? same with Lescott...? anyone else agree? Jags, you had a fantastic year, done us proud! head up for the rest of the season, then you can have a break =] but for now, keep doin what your doin and we'll make 3rd never mind 4th!! COYB!!

Friday 14th March 10:00 Report Comment

TIM WELSHJags, just remember that we wouldn't be where we are at the moment without you. You are a colussus. Just keep on doing what you have been doing...and keep your eye on Bullard at Craven Cottage on Sunday.

Friday 14th March 09:56 Report Comment

Kit HunwicksWednesday was an amazing performance across the board. To make a team of that quality look as ordinary as we did is testament to everyone associated with Everton. Don't worry about the pens. These things happen, it's been a great season so far. Lets look to Fulham and beyond. 4th place? Champions League! COYB

Friday 14th March 09:42 Report Comment

paul stocktonGreat Result on the night but it always seemed advantage them if they made it level after full time of playing , what a difference a few inches would have made in the case of Yaks attempt . It was like watching a different team to the week before , but it shows how good the team now is . Stay focused on the Premiership 4th and Bill K get Moyseys contract sorted !

Friday 14th March 08:20 Report Comment

Lee StanleyJags, You have been imense since you first started a game for the blues. Every challenge you go in for you win and clear the danger. I am a defender and it makes me so happy to see defending like that. Pick yourself up. Wednesday is now history. We need to concentrate on Fulham for Sunday's game and keep the push for a Champions League place going. Come on You BLUES!

Friday 14th March 08:19 Report Comment

Jean MyburghKeep your Head high Jags you were superb, just a bit unlucky that's all.... Any blind squirrel can get a nut once in a while it's just unlucky it was against us!

Friday 14th March 06:55 Report Comment

Rob Cunninghamunlucky jags lad, what a performance by you and the other players, can't pick a man of the match between you and osman, i have never been more proud to be a blue than i am right now, pure bad luck kept us from getting the 3rd goal! dont worry lad, we're all proud of you! lets get that 4th spot now! nil satis nisi optimum

Friday 14th March 06:43 Report Comment

Linda HillJag - you and the rest of the Blue Boys done a fantastic job. No worries. Proud to be a Blue. Our aim is now for Champions League. Focus now on that! Well done, its been a great run.

Friday 14th March 00:42 Report Comment

Chris WilliamsonI watched the game last night with hope. At the end of the game, we could have won 8-0 with a bit of luck, but whatever the score, I was proud to be blue. That's what sport is about, it's good to win, it's good to be the best, but if you lose, then lose with endeavour, dignity and guts.

Thursday 13th March 23:17 Report Comment

Thomas A Bennet JrHow could you ask for anything more ? Our boys played with such heart and desire.My best friend ( a Man U fan) , gave the Blues a great compliment, "they never stop, they play the whole match fron star to finish". I couldnt agree more. What a great year.

Thursday 13th March 23:03 Report Comment

Phil RobersFrey made a great save, end of story!! Jags has been absolute quality for us since he has been given a run in the team. Once again Moyes has proven to be astute in the transfer market. Lets finish the season on a high now. 4th spot and a derby victory to boot should do the trick!!

Thursday 13th March 21:29 Report Comment

Martin RobertsIm soo proud to be a toffees fan especially after last night we lost on a throw of the dice sumtimes you win and sumtimes you dont no matter what we r an amazing team and every1 should be proud of themselves an awesome display i mean it was perfect!

Thursday 13th March 21:10 Report Comment

Peter WebsterChin up, son. You played like a god last night. Nobody blames you or Yak, infact we're right behind yer. Even though we eventually lost, I don't think there's been many occasions when I've been prouder to be a blue.

Thursday 13th March 20:17 Report Comment

brian athertondont feel bad jags. you had an outstandin game yet again, all the boys gave 110% , you made me proud to be an evertonian, now lets get that fourth place coyb

Thursday 13th March 19:59 Report Comment

Rich FoxcroftBoys keep your heads up and go for that fourth place! Im so proud to be an everton fan!! That was the best game i have ever seen by everton!! The crowd was great, so so loud.. Keep it up boys. Your have done us all very proud.. EVERTON FOREVER..

Thursday 13th March 19:56 Report Comment

Rob Timsonjags you have been brilliant over the last few months and once again you were brilliant last night. You got nothin to feel bad about. The whole team were brilliant last night and we showed the world what a force we are. Come on lads heads held high we are proud of you. Lets get 4th place.

Thursday 13th March 19:46 Report Comment

rob GeldardLads, you did us all proud, we have shown how we kill off teams, the way we played last night was brilliant, we destroyed them, lets put it behind us now an concentrate on the future! A very bright future! Well done to David Moyes an the blue noses!

Thursday 13th March 19:25 Report Comment

Peter WebsterChin up, son. You played like a god last night. Nobody blames you or Yak, infact we're right behind yer. Even though we eventually lost, I don't think there's been many occasions when I've been prouder to be a blue.

Thursday 13th March 19:13 Report Comment

jamie Bicketjags and yak......u have done us proud this season,ur 2 great players......and theres more to come next season im sure. It was a amazing team performance against a good side.........BRING ON ANFIELD !!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 19:04 Report Comment

Lauren JonesKeep your head up Jags! The whole team was amazing, nothing to be gutted about lads, you did us and yourselves proud!

Thursday 13th March 19:00 Report Comment

Fabio Aliprandithe penalty has been beautiful but frey has adorned the kick very well..... jags,you musn't feel bad... COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 18:57 Report Comment

Gerben Poelskeep your head up jags, things like that happens, but look what you have done since you came here, you brought Everton to a higher level, keep up the good work and go for the 4th spot.

Thursday 13th March 18:40 Report Comment

Michael CullwickWas just a good save, not a bad penalty. Heads up for the next game and show you can come back strong. In moyes we trust

Thursday 13th March 18:32 Report Comment

Kayleigh WilsonWell done jags dont be down hearted about it lad. You played superb all the lads played really well. Lets hope we win the derby COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 18:06 Report Comment

patrick kehoedont worry jags,,v,unlucky,i know u will come back stronger,come on and get that 4th place COYB

Thursday 13th March 18:02 Report Comment

Bernard HalliganWhat a performance. As a "bluehot" EVERTONIAN I was so proud of the way the lads played this game. WOW!! If we can only maintain this level of play, we will defeat any team EVEN the BIG FOUR as they are referred to. We are BIG team and this performance prooved it. We should have won the game hands down but ladsy luck was definetly with the Italians. What's new?

Thursday 13th March 17:57 Report Comment

chris loineswell done jags i have had a great season so far and played emense last night. i would have your name on the back of my shirt anyday. COYB!!

Thursday 13th March 17:47 Report Comment

chris loineskeep your head up jags. You have had a great season and hey it is not like you missed the pen it was just a great save. you are not to blame for the defeat. The reason we did not go through last night is that we had a very poor performance in italy. This is the best side i have seen in years and you do me proud.WELL DONE GRAVERSON. GREAT PEN!! i would like to see you play more HINT! HINT! moyesey

Thursday 13th March 17:45 Report Comment

Robert PaulJags hold your head up high, you have been one of our best players this season, just go into the next game and play like you have in all the rest of the matches recently, your class. COYB

Thursday 13th March 17:33 Report Comment

malcolm cookJags, You have been awesome over the last few months and you should be proud of what you did last night. The best of the best players that the world has ever seen have missed penalties. No-one holds it against you. Pick your heads up guys and get us 4th spot. COYB

Thursday 13th March 17:27 Report Comment

Alison TurleyJags, Don't worry, some of the best have missed and you can count yourself up there with the best.Just keep your head high and playing like you have.I hope I speak for all blues everywhere, we couldn't have been prouder of you & the boys.The fourth spots are for the taking.COYB.

Thursday 13th March 17:05 Report Comment

John BurnsPhil Jagielka- best player on the pitch, (as usuall) ur penalty was a good one there keeper was just on form. Jags has got to be in the run in for an england spot now. jagielka and lescott best english defenders in the country

Thursday 13th March 16:59 Report Comment

Nick XenosLast night, we proved not only to ourselves but to the rest of the world that we are team to be reckoned with. Jags, don't worry about the penalty miss, penalties are a lottery. Going into the shoot out, I was contempt with whichever way it went because I knew that we had put in a brilliant performance. I also believe that this season in Europe has been just a dress rehearsal, a small appetiser for what's to come. This experience will only make us stronger and more confident for the next time round.

Thursday 13th March 16:56 Report Comment

Krisztian SzirtesIt was just a badluck Jags!! I'am so proud to the whole team. We almost did it! We beat Fiorentina, that's all!! I hate penalty shootout. Its russian roulet...

Thursday 13th March 16:55 Report Comment

Sheila WhiteJags dont feel bad about the penalty its a terrible way to end a game and especially after such a great performance by you and all the Boys. Onwards and upwards - 3 points on Sunday and then show the reds how its done.

Thursday 13th March 16:41 Report Comment

Stuart Lawleyhold ya head high mate, no ones to blame you have put in so many brilliant performances this season and last night was no exception. Just make sure we get European football of some sort next season because we have all enjoyed it this year. cheers all at the club.

Thursday 13th March 16:14 Report Comment

keith simcockWell done everybody at the club for what can only be described as a monumental performance against the italians. Watching i felt so proud to be a blue!! I have never seen such a one sided game and the effort and committment that was displayed by all 11 players was a credit to all. Well done keep up the hard work boys and lets push right on to make this a season to be really proud of once again.

Thursday 13th March 16:12 Report Comment

Billy Super DuperJags, you have save the team many times this season. It is not your individual fault. Keep playing your game as you are and you will be up there with Dave Watson!

Thursday 13th March 15:37 Report Comment

Robin ByrneI'm sure you feel like you've let people down Jags, but you havent - you've been playing a blinder since moving into central defence and had another great game last night. Their keeper, Frey, just had one of those games and made a brilliant save for your penalty. No-one gave us a chance of pulling back the 2 goal deficit but we did it, so lets move onto the league now and get 4th place.

Thursday 13th March 15:31 Report Comment

Clare MarshYou were amazing Jaga! I don't think there is any Evertonian who is angry with you. You are an amazing asset to our team, and we wouldn't have got this far in Europe without you so chin up! x

Thursday 13th March 15:20 Report Comment

Johan ElmgrenJags, don't despair... Everyone can miss a penalty. A lot of great players have and a lot of great players will. I'm sure you'll bounce right back. Now let's get that fourth spot. COYB!

Thursday 13th March 15:06 Report Comment

Anna SpencerJags and Yak, penalties are the worst way to end a game and the worst way to go out! Its unfortunate you guys missed the peno's that knocked us out in the end, but you at least had the balls to take them! Jags You especially had a brilliant game and didnt deserve your night to end like that!! Collectively the whole team has to take responsibility for our exit for perfomances last week in italy! But im sure they will as you all seem to have a good togetherness, team spirit . Its done with now, time to move on and look forward to clinching hopefully 4th if not 5th and another european adventure next season, and if its half as good as this seasons, i cant wait!!! Onwards Upwards evertonians! 3 points sunday the perfect tonic!!!

Thursday 13th March 15:06 Report Comment

paddy weathershey jags, hold your head high son, you were terrific last nite and didnt put a foot wrong, it was very hard to take last nite but come on you blue boys one last push for fourth, make my year please !!

Thursday 13th March 14:58 Report Comment

Lynne ParkinsonJags don't be disheartened. You were fantastic last night and have been so for months. You will have great times with the blues I have no doubt about that. You are a star as are the rest of the team. Nil Satis.

Thursday 13th March 14:36 Report Comment

Vijay DesaiJagielka, you are immense! There are loads of comments on here already, but you really need to know it, you've been awesome for us this season, so Thank You! I think to myself, I wish I was out there, but you seem to represent the everton fan on the pitch, playing with real passion, pride and determination. You're a top player and you don't need me to tell you. Thanks for everything.

Thursday 13th March 14:19 Report Comment

Mark ReidJags don't feel numb... just look forward to getting to grips with Torres in the forthcoming merseyside-derby.... COYB

Thursday 13th March 14:08 Report Comment

Alexander Humphries-FrenchThe best performance i have seen from this team in a long time, it has been coming. I still dont think we have reached our potential, not even close. i am so proud to be a Toffee. We can all walk through the streets of where ever we are from and be proud wearing the blue jersey!! COYB

Thursday 13th March 13:50 Report Comment

Spencer KennyWe all feel for you Jag's, but you have no reason to do anything other than hold your head high. Your performances not only lastnight but in recent months have been nothing but superb. Lastnight you were as good as ever and shown why you are here with Everton FC.

Thursday 13th March 13:47 Report Comment

Andrew ShepherdJags you can hold your head high. As can everyone associated with club. Last night showed how far we have come, lets keep moving in the right direction.

Thursday 13th March 13:42 Report Comment

Gary RimmerWell done Jags. Another storming performance from you. Dont let that miss get you down. keep yer head up for Sunday . You and the boys made me proud to be a blue COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 13:38 Report Comment

James MillicanJags, you can come back with your head held high after one of the best team performances I have seen for a long long time. It was pure class and penalties are just one of those things. This is the time now to break the "big four" !

Thursday 13th March 13:37 Report Comment


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