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Heitinga Deal Completed

Heitinga Deal Completed

John Heitinga will become Everton's fourth signing of the summer after a deal was finalised to bring the Dutch international to Goodison Park.

Everton and Atletico Madrid agreed a £6m transfer fee, which could rise to £7m, for the 25-year old defender late last week whilst personal terms were tied up over the Bank Holiday weekend.

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Heitinga has signed a five year deal after passing a medical examination and brings experience of playing at the highest level to Merseyside when he arrives back at Everton after the international break.

Blues boss David Moyes told he was delighted to have Heitinga on board.

"We are really pleased to have him with us," said Moyes. "He is an experienced and versatile player who can hopefully fill a number of different positions in the team. I am sure he will be an exciting signing for us."

John at Goodison Park with his new shirtJohn at Goodison Park with his new shirt

Heitinga arrives in the Premier League as one of Holland's most experienced defenders, racking up nearly 50 caps and occasionally captaining his country. He can play at both his preferred central-defensive role and at right-back, having fulfilled both positions successfully for his country.

A graduate of Ajax's famous academy, he made his senior debut at 17 and went on to establish himself as a regular for the Amsterdam side, spending five years playing alongside Steven Pienaar before the South African left for Borussia Dortmund.

During his time in Holland, Heitinga won the Eredivisie twice and the KNVB Cup - the Dutch equivalent of the FA Cup - three times.

He was voted Holland's player of the year in 2008 and went on to join Atletico from Ajax that summer  for a fee of €10m.

Unfortunately, Heitinga will be unable to play for Everton in the Blues' Europa League Group Stage games having already featured for Atletico in the Champions League play-off round earlier this season. Should Everton progress though, he could figure in the latter stages of the competition.

ned mccarthyGreat, i think we have one of the best squads in the league, hetingas a very good signing, distin solid, an the russian should be great also, once arteta, jags, yak an anichebe are back we have the strongest squad everton have had in my 19 years as a fan, the 3 strikers if on their game are fantastic as they all bring diffrent options, jo - height, strength, control, yakubu - pace, aggression, workrate, an saha is the most natural finsher in the league on his dfay, COME ON EVERTON UP AND ONWARDS

Tuesday 8th September 10:31 Report Comment

jo turnerReally pleased with all the new signings we made,would've liked more to come in tho due to the small squad we've got.The one thing that concerns me tho is we left it to the last day yet again before bringing players in,these should be in before we start pre season training.The club also said we don't to sell to buy,yet soon as we sold lescott we started buying players and yet again Bill kenwright hasn't spent a single penny in the market thats 2 years running now.All we've done is sold players to buy players,so i'd like to no where's all the money going to from the tv deals,premiership prize money and we also got to a cup final so where's that money gone to??

Friday 4th September 13:32 Report Comment

Damon Godbeer18 million euro's & benega will be ours, give Valencia there money bk they paid for him, they loaned him straight out to Atletico when they signed him, they would of won the title if he played for them last season!!!!!!! Bring him to Goodison...

Thursday 3rd September 14:24 Report Comment

Richard stenhouseA good signing for the club, glad he has signed for us, hopefully this will improve our defence and give more competition for Yobo, Distin and co. Despite our lack of numbers we will do it this season and bang it! COYB

Wednesday 2nd September 21:15 Report Comment

mike campionwere missin mikel alot,wen he fit we sud play 4-4-2 billy on left pienarr on right cahill an mikel in middle,yak up top wif saha,but we can we play big fellaini lol

Wednesday 2nd September 20:39 Report Comment

Xenophon LawMemo to Mr Murphy...Seeing as Moyes plays 5 in midfield, we only have Bilyletdinov, Fellaini, Arteta, Pienaar, Osman, Cahill, Gosling, Baxter and Rodwell to choose from. With the Europa League, Carling Cup, FA Cup and Premiership to aim for, I don't think that's enough. We'll have to use the younger players for the Carling Cup and FA Cup and focus on the League and Europe.

Wednesday 2nd September 18:20 Report Comment

brennan finneganAgree with Peter Mowforth - who isnt stupid at all- a s Charlie Lacey says. Other way round. Banega may have come if it was made financially possible. We needed someone like him rather than cover for our best player Peanuts.

Wednesday 2nd September 18:20 Report Comment

Xenophon LawHere's a question.....what happened to Manuel Fernandes?!? After the falling through of his transfer due to that 3rd party structure, we got him on loan again when Arteta was injured and he played brilliantly. Where is he now and would anyone here want him back? I would. He showed a lot of bottle to return here after the breakdown of his transfer. A true Blue.

Wednesday 2nd September 18:15 Report Comment

Charlie LaceyPeter Mowforth - are you really that stupid! banega would of fit in well yess, but seriously! he wouldnt have come and valencia didnt even hear anything about him leaving and when they finally did, there wasnt enough time to buy a replacement! but i just hope heitinga is as goood as people say.

Wednesday 2nd September 17:06 Report Comment

Malik Uddinhe got zero out of ten in his last game???

Wednesday 2nd September 16:41 Report Comment

Barry ChallinorAccording to Sky sports News last night Valencia reneged on the deal after EFC went to all the trouble of getting a work permit for Ever Banega.

Wednesday 2nd September 15:40 Report Comment

James Murphygreat signing...just a bit disapointed we didnt get any more players in. When the Yak, Jag and Arteta are back and with the additions of distin, Bill (whats is face) and now Heitinga we will have a class side. Good dilema for Moyes is we have a luxury in midfield now. COYB! cant wait for the Fulham game. Any one got any songs for Billy yet?

Wednesday 2nd September 15:21 Report Comment

Enzo TWelcome Johnny:) Looking forward to seeing you in action. On another note, DM and BK have been strangely quiet a day after the transfer window. I should be dreaming but could it be there was indeed a last nanosecond signing that has escaped everyone? If not, hope we can do well and see more faces come Jan. COYB!!!

Wednesday 2nd September 14:41 Report Comment

Neil Rice6 million for JH and 23 million for Lescott just doesnt make any sense, but congrats to DM and BK for a genius piece of business. Banega will be here in the January window, no doubt!

Wednesday 2nd September 14:39 Report Comment

Daniel ComerI Have know bout this player fo somtime he is exelent, more caps for th duch national side , my opinion i was a huge lescott fan but jhonny is better

Wednesday 2nd September 13:13 Report Comment

darren gardinerWell done Mr Moyes. I do think you have the midas touch at times.With a more solid defence we can now push up the table.Exciting times ahead.

Wednesday 2nd September 12:46 Report Comment

Nathan kelleryess, that is a good signing for us and hopefully the player that can help us climb up the table and finish were we belong, the top four.

Wednesday 2nd September 11:28 Report Comment

Elijah PryorHe looked really good for ajax. He is a extremely strong player with lot's of stamina. Hope he's better than Lescott.

Wednesday 2nd September 11:21 Report Comment

Mike WhiteheadWhat a buy, a club-player. I Heard he took a pay-cut in order for him to join us. Thats the spirit, thats an Everton player ! Good Luck from all fans

Wednesday 2nd September 10:57 Report Comment

Paul BennettGreat signing DM, WELCOME to the club Jonny!!!! My only one concern now with Jonny being tied in Europe, what cover/replacement do we have in defence? Alot of games coming up.... Hope we can get a great loan, want to see a real performance in Europe to seal more great signings in Jan/August (july preferably) next year NSNO!

Wednesday 2nd September 09:40 Report Comment

stephen ashtonMoyes should start negotiating terms for any new players he wants to buy now to make sure he can finalise a deal by the time the January tansfer window closes!

Wednesday 2nd September 08:55 Report Comment

Peter MowforthHey all Evertonians. Awesome Job Davey Boy brining in Heitinga, there is jut 1 thing that puzzles me though. Last year 15 million for Fellaini, ok done an alright job. 10 millon for the new boy Billy the Russian, another good signing I feel. But why on earth haven't we signed Ever Benaga he is absolutely awesome, just type his name in Youtube and watch. Athletico wanted 15 million for him. I think David made a blunder there signing the Russian before Benaga.

Wednesday 2nd September 02:27 Report Comment

Prasetya AnatamaWelcome to GP John, give your best and we`ll love you.. good luck..

Wednesday 2nd September 01:59 Report Comment

Albert CharlesOver the last 50 years (A Parker,T Wright.& G Stevens have have been the best of the best R/Backs to have played for the "BLUE BOYS" Johnny is about to join this distinguished group."Well done Davie" But having spent the Cities millions. What happened to our own transfer kitty?

Wednesday 2nd September 01:32 Report Comment

Ben GriffithsThis window has closed with a bang and im pretty sure we got nothing to worry about. Lescott is a distant memory. Heitinga will step up to plate along with Distin and Bily. The top of the table awaits! COYB

Wednesday 2nd September 01:15 Report Comment

Delian JonesWould Mr Kenwright and Mr. Moyes please take a bow! Whilst the rest of the premier league is throwing away millions on mediocre players, our top boys are pulling in WORLD CLASS PLAYERS (Heitinger, Bilyaletdinov and Distin) for what can only be called bargain prices! Yes it would have been nice to bring in Banega but I for one am not too concerned, if The Yak, Jags and the Best Little Spaniard we Know can all recover fully from their injuries, then we have suddenly got one hell of a strong squad! Especialy when they're pushed all the way by the likes of Rodwell, Gosling, Agard and Wallace. In Moyes (and Kenwright) we trust!!!! COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 23:58 Report Comment

Gary WrightWhilst this is a good signing our squad is still small and Heitinga cant even play in Europe... we still have some weak points in the team. We need Arteta back desperately. Also, having spent the Lescott money does that mean without selling him we had nothing to spend?

Tuesday 1st September 23:56 Report Comment

Robert Hayeswelcome to the best club.... we can still sign player that have been released prior th the window shutting. artical 6 paragraph 1 of the fifa rules. so come on davey boy.

Tuesday 1st September 23:21 Report Comment

Jack McKennaI agree with this signing he's a cracker, well done davey moyes.....although he will probably take the place of tony hibbert in right back which will be sad to see because tony may not be the best going forward but he is a fantastic defender regardless of his attacking quality

Tuesday 1st September 22:53 Report Comment

Richard GreyGreat signing, but wish moyesie wouldn't get our hopes up with claiming that we're signing more players than we are! We should sign banega on loan in jan if Valencia let him go! The decision for the new stadium is in November by the way. But I feel our squad is now stronger than last season, especially when we get our injured players back! 4 of the 5 players that we lost were pretty useless anyway! Very excited about this season and if we can keep everyone fit, I think we can have good European and cup runs. City and spurs don't deserve any of the success they get this season! COYB! NSNO!

Tuesday 1st September 21:49 Report Comment

Michael BroadheadThis fella is quality I'm tellin ye.. I've followed him for years. Well I've always taken interest when he's playing and thought high of him for a long time now.. When I heard him rumoured I couldn't see it happening but I'm made up it now has.. £5.7 Mil for him aswell is an absolute bargain ! Welcome to the club Johnny lad. Will recieve a very strong welcome wen you finally come back off International duty.. Well done Davey lad.. again ! We Love you Moyesy ! Haha =)

Tuesday 1st September 21:24 Report Comment

Alex Reedand are we done in the transfer window or is there still some un-announced players.

Tuesday 1st September 21:08 Report Comment

Alex Reedcan you sign players on loan for another week?

Tuesday 1st September 21:07 Report Comment

ciarrai hyslop4 in and 4 out. still the smallest squad in the prem. 24 million for lescott and 22 million spent this summer. Moyes is right, Everton is a profitable club.

Tuesday 1st September 20:57 Report Comment

Mike Lesliei take it the defour one was just a bad rumour?

Tuesday 1st September 20:55 Report Comment

Thomas StockGood signing davey we finally have a good right back who will put in good balls for are boys up top to smash in can't wait to see all are new signings COYB

Tuesday 1st September 20:48 Report Comment

Alec WalkerA very good deal. Now will somebody tell me when this useless government is going to give us the go ahead wi th new stadium? it was supposed to be in the summer.

Tuesday 1st September 20:33 Report Comment

Doug TurnerI think Johnny boy can do a good job of getting the goals Julian Lez something what's his name is (the guy that went to city) distant memory

Tuesday 1st September 20:27 Report Comment

colm Hudsonno truth on defour someone was takin the mick,changed it again to accurington stanley.would have heard by now!!!!would of been Big news on transfer closing day.alas we'll have to keep playin our uncreative way till arteta returns!!!

Tuesday 1st September 20:15 Report Comment

Ciaran FarrellyHave we finished bringing players in? COYB

Tuesday 1st September 20:14 Report Comment

Bill Hayesmarvelous should have realised when we where told 3 to 4 more players what was meant was 1 who can play in 3 or 4 positions. don't suppose this will be found in the comments either

Tuesday 1st September 20:10 Report Comment

James McKeownWelcome aboard Heitinga. Quality signing Moyesy, well done. Anyone else?

Tuesday 1st September 20:06 Report Comment

Sean CampbellIt would be a great transfer window if we were to sign Defour hes a class act

Tuesday 1st September 19:56 Report Comment

Petter TogstadFANTASTIC SIGNINGS this summer both in and out,can`t ask for more. See how things work out,and complet with a player or two next window.

Tuesday 1st September 19:48 Report Comment

Dave WestonGreat signing again Moyes pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Should be one of if not the strongest back four in the premierhip now. Would of been the icing on the cake if we could have got Defour or Benaga. (Is there any truth in the rumour when BK said he was still trying to bring in more at the deadline).I know I heard it on Sky sporst news. Could it be that the details cannot be ratified until later on because of the number of deals going through at the last minute. We can only hope eh. COYB

Tuesday 1st September 19:45 Report Comment

Sam DraperWelcome Johnny, great signing moyesy, abit disappointed that we have not got bentley i thought Mchael Ball would be a good cover for bainsey at left - back anyone agree?

Tuesday 1st September 19:37 Report Comment

colm HudsonSomeone's takin the mick i checked wiki and says he plays for accrington stanley now!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 19:28 Report Comment

John HauI am absolutely delighted with the signing of "Heitinga" he would be a key signing for us, he would certainly provide us with goal threat from outside the area and another free-kick taker. Saying that I am little disappointed we have not sign playmaker as well, we have lost four player yet we could only replace them with three player, we got to consider signing a playmaker in January Transfer windown. Is there any free transfer signing worth signing up? Do look into it?

Tuesday 1st September 19:25 Report Comment

colm HudsonWhere's the rest our playmaker??? great signing on hetinga but our midfield has absolutely no creativity which means no goals!!!!maybe it'll be posted later:)

Tuesday 1st September 19:16 Report Comment

Giles EdwardsRead a rumour on BBC Sport that Stephen Defour had signed for us - checked his wikipedia page (not gospel, I know) and that is already stating him an Evertonian! Any truth - would be ace!

Tuesday 1st September 19:06 Report Comment

Mick EganAnother big welcome to our latest signing, can't wait to see u in the team. Am gutted he is not eligible for Europa league games, but has lots of experience and has already played with Piennar so am sure they will strike a great understanding. COYB!!

Tuesday 1st September 18:57 Report Comment


Tuesday 1st September 18:56 Report Comment

James CackettGreat signing, really pleased. Shame for the Moyes as the team has not really strengthened on last season, just like for like replacements. Needed that creative midfielder that's just not happened, maybe Defour might have happened???

Tuesday 1st September 18:55 Report Comment


Tuesday 1st September 18:54 Report Comment

Mike LeslieWhats the rumour about defour?

Tuesday 1st September 18:47 Report Comment

Keith Daniel RobertsNice one, gutted he cant play for us in Europe, its about time we got in some real competition for Hibbo!! COYB!!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 18:43 Report Comment

Neil BevanExcellent Player and a welcome edition to the squad. But didn't Bill go on Sky sports today with the old 'there's more to follow' addage. Well I'm still watching!!!

Tuesday 1st September 18:40 Report Comment

Luke PhibbsHeitinga is a great signing, I'm really surprised we got him for so little. I guess that Moyes has to describe himself as disappointed though unless there's something yet to be announced! After he announced that there'd be multiple signings. I did think Banega looked unlikely after he played at the weekend, but I was hoping for a playmaker as well. Our defence looks solid once again, but unless there is a special announcement in the next few hours, I like David, will be a little disappointed

Tuesday 1st September 18:39 Report Comment

Robert CafiniFANTASTIC SIGNING! When Jags comes back our back line will be so formidable! Its good that we can now upgrade our right back, as it proved to be our weakness in last seasons FA cup final. COYB!!!!! Europa Champions 2009/2010!

Tuesday 1st September 18:39 Report Comment


Tuesday 1st September 18:37 Report Comment

Ibnu Sinaexcellent capture Moyes..welcome Johnny...and Johnny B. Goode

Tuesday 1st September 18:34 Report Comment

joseph sagegreat signing, the lads moyes has brought in look top notch. but i was expecting more transfers the squad is now even smaller than last season and a few bad injuries could spell disaster. and also dissapointed that we weren't able to bring in another playmaker. kranjcar would have been an ideal signing at only a small amount. the board need to back moyes more fianacially otherwise i can see him leaving to achieve his ambitions. coyb

Tuesday 1st September 18:32 Report Comment

dave curleyexcellent signing but how about spending some of the clubs cash instead of just the j lo monies. tut tut.

Tuesday 1st September 18:29 Report Comment

Ciaran FarrellyWell I just like to give Johnny Heitinga a big warm Blue welcome to Goodison. Right its good to have one more new player in but we needed more before the window shut now why was we told we had a work permit for the arggy lad last week and now sky sports news is saying that there was something wrong with getting a work permit an hour before the window shut and why haven't we looked for someone else. I think Mr Kenwrighte must of thought it was a bit to easy last season for us or why else would he let more players leave than ones coming in? I think it's time for Mr Kenwrighte to jog on and stop making Moyes job harder

Tuesday 1st September 18:29 Report Comment

robert hillgreat signing, i reckon money bags lescott will be kicking himself come end of season, moysie will get the best out of our johnny!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 18:23 Report Comment

Reg The BlueQuality signing! Worth refreshing all day for this. Heard the Ever Banega deal isn't going to go through, which is a massive shame, but if the Defour rumour is true I'll be over the moooooon!! Come on Moysey, I am sure there's a bit more in the pot.

Tuesday 1st September 18:22 Report Comment

Stephen HenryWell done Moyesey, he looks like a great signing - versatile, great quality and superb experience which will no doubt be of great benefit, especially in Europe. The only negative is that it is just a shame we've had to sell to buy. You're a miracle worker Moyesey. 5th, 5th, 6th, Cup Final all with a zero net spend! COYB

Tuesday 1st September 18:21 Report Comment

Blue BludWell done Bill and David. I am sure you have been working round the clock to bring in the 4 quality players we now have. Many clubs have signed more players but finally it is quality rather than quantity that Everton have. The saying 'In Moyes We Trust' has never been more appropriate. To openly say that he would never stretch Everton beyond their limits shows that Moyes is indeed a man of integrity. Well done to you all and welcome to our new players.

Tuesday 1st September 18:14 Report Comment

paul smithdefour??

Tuesday 1st September 18:13 Report Comment

Michael DunnIm really happy with this signing, class player. Im abit concerned that we only signed 1 player today, Who were the players that Bill was supposed to be speaking to right up to the deadline and how close were we to signing them?

Tuesday 1st September 18:13 Report Comment

paul smithcongratulations johnny, good to have you on board! heres hoping this gives hibbert the push he needs to push on and improve rather than 1 in to push 1 out

Tuesday 1st September 18:12 Report Comment

Aaron RowlandsWelcome to Everton Johnny!!!!!;-), Great signing, Excellent player!!!, Use to live in holland and remember watching you whilst you was at Ajax along with Pienaar!, Would just like to say a big welldone to all the Everton backroom staff for getting such a superb deal done, All the very best to you Johnny and I look forward to watching you in our beloved Everton blue shirt!!!!;-)

Tuesday 1st September 18:11 Report Comment

Stephen MullinGood signing Moyes must admit i thought we may have missed out, could of done with a few more though and maybe a BIG name coming in. Heitinger will do for me but we gotta aim for the big names in January if we can get em and get us into that top 4 were we belong. Welcome John hope you love being here as much as we love having you. COYB

Tuesday 1st September 18:10 Report Comment

Raymond CoeExcellent signing,this guy is top notch, I am impressed with the players Moyes has managed to bring in, and if the rumours about Defour are true these players would probably be the most exciting bit of business I have seen at Goodison in a long time.

Tuesday 1st September 18:10 Report Comment

PAUL DURCANWelcome to the Peoples Club Johnny as i said about Billy as long as you give100% the fans will love you. Billy and Baines on the left and Peanuts and Johnny on the right. That sounds Mouth Watering. COYB.

Tuesday 1st September 18:09 Report Comment

Alan CahillGet in!!!! Don't need £e$cott!

Tuesday 1st September 18:08 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbLooks pretty hard! Good luck Johnny! Have to say, I'm a little bit sorry we didn't spend a penny more than the lescott sale revenue. The Banega work permit request was batently a PR stunt as Valencia knew nothing about it. We needed another player with velcro boots.

Tuesday 1st September 18:07 Report Comment

Glenn RossWe will miss lescott but £24m for him and £6M for this lad looks like great business to me. Looks a solid defence when all fit. Would have liked a monster midfielder aswell though....COYB

Tuesday 1st September 18:07 Report Comment

David LoganGreat to see some quality at right back - the move for Banega appears to be very doubtful! Jonny Heitinga should provide much needed quality badly exposed in the FA cup final. Hibbert is a loyal servant but unfortunately despite being committed to the club is just not to the standard.

Tuesday 1st September 18:06 Report Comment

Hugh DanielsA BIG BLUE WELCOME Johhny! We are proud to have you, and know you will give us added class and technical skills at the back. Can't wait for your debut game for us, and see you and Distin settle things down. Great job Moysey!! COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 18:03 Report Comment

jon davenportwhat a fantastic signing. I thought this would prove too good to be true but ive got to say credit to david moyes and the board for getting heitinga. he is a top class defender and a proper athlete with vast experience at a young age. he is a hard tackler and just the sort of steel we need . im over the moon with this. come on you blues

Tuesday 1st September 18:02 Report Comment

alan kanewelcom to the everton family john we badly needed a right back...sorry hibbo but its true! lets push on 4 rest of the season..COYB

Tuesday 1st September 17:59 Report Comment

Mark GordonWelcome To Everton, a great signing of real quality, in addition to Bily & Distin of course! Soon as Arteta Jags and Vic are back we will have a seriously strong squad with international players on the bench giving us more options. Looking forward to see us at full strenth with Moyes having selection headaches he actually wants!!

Tuesday 1st September 17:56 Report Comment

John DaviesWELL DONE lads. Big Bill and Moyesy have done it again with some top wheeling and dealing. Lescott out for £24m is probably the best bit of outward business any club has completed in recent windows. Happy with the Distin and Bilyaletdinov deals. Heitinga is the clearly our highlight of the Summer! Great player - versatile and experienced at still quite a 'young' age. Looking forward to seeing him play and becoming a regular in the side. Proud of Bill and Moyesy, who handled the whole Lescott saga admirabily. You did all you could and in the end won the constant battle with City by securing a £24m package that benefits us more than them - considering the players stance. Blues on the up! In Moyes we trust! COYB!

Tuesday 1st September 17:55 Report Comment

Clive McBrideHeitinga and Distin are 2 great signings COYB

Tuesday 1st September 17:52 Report Comment

alex rumseywelcome to the people's clud jonny lad, i am and so are all fellow evertonians absolutly made up to see someone of your quality and experience join are club. i am sure you wil love it here, and understand wat team spirit is all about. Once again moyes pulls it out the bag. IN MOYES WE TRUST!!!!! COYB.

Tuesday 1st September 17:49 Report Comment

dominic boylelooks a good player that gets stuck in and can shoot, bit gutted that we have not signed another midfielder, so to sum up we let 4 leave and signed 3 to a small squad

Tuesday 1st September 17:49 Report Comment

shane donnellyhopefully he will fit in at right back, hibbert and neville are the weakest part of our team

Tuesday 1st September 17:44 Report Comment

Leon SmithWelcome on board Johny, a great signing for the blues, should hopefully give us some much needed extra strength on the right hand side. Gutted we didn't make any more signings, seems we've been stung by our bad habbit of waiting till the last miniute to do business, hope we can learn from this and get in early next time.

Tuesday 1st September 17:43 Report Comment

Mattthew StanleyGood luck Johnny, welcome to Everton really happy with this signing a quality player at Ajax just wish we had got a few more in which we needed.

Tuesday 1st September 17:41 Report Comment

Leon SmithWelcome on board Johny, a great signing for the blues, hopefully he can give us more strength on the right hand side. A bit gutted we failed to bring in anyone else, bad habbit we have of leaving things to the last miniute, seems we've been stung by it this time. COYB's!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 1st September 17:39 Report Comment

Georgi KosevWelcome Johny :) EVERTON FOREVER

Tuesday 1st September 17:39 Report Comment

Austin TiernanI think this is a briliant deal for Everton footall club, 6mill for a 25yr old dutch international, with 50 caps. Absolutly brilliant. Well done blues.

Tuesday 1st September 17:39 Report Comment

Paul Ellamonly got 1 gripe - we have bought bilyaletdinov, heitinga, distin et al for £20-25 million - the money we got for lescott, so where is the other transfer money?? if we hadnt sold lescott how would we have bought more players in? and if we were going to, we would have to spend - where is that cash!!?

Tuesday 1st September 17:37 Report Comment

Paul Ellamwhat a great signing - well done moyes and kenwright! :-)

Tuesday 1st September 17:33 Report Comment

matthew rogersi think that he will be a great sighning cant wait to see him in action

Tuesday 1st September 17:29 Report Comment

Barry GrayGreat to see Johnny join, but disappointing that he was the only deadline day deal. Looking at what our nearest competition has done this transfer window, it looks as though we've fallen behind in the strength and quality of our squad. I'm sure Moyes will work his usual miracles this year, but European football will be a greater achievement this year than it was last. How long can we continue to compete when we're operating at the bottom end of the transfer market? And how long will Moyes put up with having to compete with his hands tied in the transfer market?

Tuesday 1st September 17:27 Report Comment

Dean HendersonGreat job Moyes! Another great signing and to get 3 in before the deadline is fantastic. Swapping Le$$cot for Distan and Heitinga is a sweet deal as far as I am concerned, between the 2 of them they bring a wealth of experience, just what we need to take us to the Europa League Final!

Tuesday 1st September 17:27 Report Comment

Matt NooneGreat signing-experienced and has a backbone. Provides cover in centre and right back and can push into midfield. Fairly cheap as well by todays standards! Shame we never got a midfielder-but its not the end of the world-Arteta to return and then the January window!!

Tuesday 1st September 17:16 Report Comment

Jason GilbertQuality aquisition for a good price... Welcome to the club Johnny, glad you decided to join us... Come one you blues!!!

Tuesday 1st September 17:07 Report Comment

Mitch HodgeWell done moyesey!! welcome to Goodison Heity!

Tuesday 1st September 17:07 Report Comment

Dan DickensonJohn Heitinga is a good player who can play both centre and full back so it gives us more options and increases competition for places. I wouldn't of minded 1 or 2 more signings but it doesn't matter too much as Everton already have the quality to compete with the best of them. to conclude its another great signing by Moyes COYBs.

Tuesday 1st September 17:05 Report Comment

Mark C WatlingThis is a great signing, made up with this 1. Welcome to Everton Johnny, good luck!!!

Tuesday 1st September 17:00 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathI,m so pleased we,ve secured the services of Heitinga. We will have more options available in defence, and experience at international level will come into use now the European campaign starts with a bang. Well done to all the staff involved, and welcome John;)

Tuesday 1st September 17:00 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamWelcome to the Toffee Family Johnny! Know you will make a huge contribution to the side.

Tuesday 1st September 17:00 Report Comment

Edward O'Rourkesuperb news! Welcome Johnny

Tuesday 1st September 16:58 Report Comment

Paul IddonFantastic quality signing, well done Toffees.

Tuesday 1st September 16:58 Report Comment

Ian CarrieGreat news Welcome Johnny!!!!! Fancy the number 5 on your shirt

Tuesday 1st September 16:58 Report Comment

Michal SzymanowskiWelcome on board Johnny "B. Good". Finally some class act player as a right-back. Well Done Mr Moyes & Co.

Tuesday 1st September 16:55 Report Comment

Lee EdwardsFinally we got are man and from wat ive heard £6mill is a steal he shud strenghten are defence hope 4 more thou COYB

Tuesday 1st September 16:55 Report Comment

David GrundyExcellent news. Warmest welcome to Johnny and congrats to the Board on doing whatever they needed to to get the deal wrapped up in time. Now we can press on and get our season back on track and make it one to remember. COYB

Tuesday 1st September 16:54 Report Comment

Barry DowneyGreat signing Moyesy four out four in,but with the exception of Lescott a huge improvement in quality!! Welcome to best club in the world Hetty lad,and as for mr lescott remember the words of Pat nevin best centre half in premiership!!! you not even best centre half at Everton COYB!

Tuesday 1st September 16:53 Report Comment

Rory PearsonYes! We got him! Now let's get into the top 4! COYB

Tuesday 1st September 16:51 Report Comment

David RyanFantastic signing, didnt think we could pull it off to bring a player of his stature to the club, Distin, Yobo, Heitinga & Baines as a back four! Joleon who? In moyes we trust!

Tuesday 1st September 16:51 Report Comment

Lee ScanlanGreat signing indeed. Good times are a coming

Tuesday 1st September 16:49 Report Comment

Tom HeywoodVery, very pleased with the signing, watched him play in a few holland games, he's a tough nut, knows what to do when and where, just what we needed, good job Moyes.. Plus an added bonus is the fact he played alongside Stevie Piennar for a number of years at a former club, so they'l have no problem connecting! Brilliant! Top Marks Everton!!

Tuesday 1st September 16:48 Report Comment

Mitch HodgeWell done moyesey!! welcome to Goodison Heity!

Tuesday 1st September 16:47 Report Comment


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