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Chairman: Moyes Stays

Bill Kenwright dismisses talk linking boss with a switch to Man Utd.

Chairman: Moyes Stays

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has dismissed paper talk linking David Moyes with a future switch to Manchester United.

Several papers have touted Moyes as the natural successor to current United chief Sir Alex Ferguson.

But Mr Kenwright explained why he was confident Moyes would remain with Everton for many seasons to come.

"David Moyes has achieved a miracle this season with a fantastic squad who have been like rubber balls - they keep bouncing back," the chairman told evertonTV.

"It is laughable to suggest that David is going anywhere. David has just signed a new long-term contract. Is he the kind of man who would do that if he is not going to stay here?

"But apart from that, he is now an Evertonian. People know him, they talk to him and they know he is Everton through and through."

Mr Kenwright also revealed his daily quest for new investment is being hindered by the credit crunch.

The chairman has stated on numerous occasions that he would welcome serious interest from potential investors in into the Club.

But he confirmed that no developments were expected in the near future, particularly considering the current economic climate.

"It is an ongoing process - I mean daily, not weekly or monthly," the chairman said.

"Unfortunately, since last year, there has been an economic climate out there that is making investment incredibly difficult."

As the summer transfer window approaches, Mr Kenwright is fully aware that the focus will be on Everton's potential spending power.

"We do have to rely on guarantees from directors and the bank manager at the moment but I am out there looking and it is important because the transfer windows get more and more difficult," he explained.

"We have managed over the last four years to break our transfer record every season, but it's not easy and I just hope we find some investment for David Moyes soon.

"There is nothing in the pipeline; I heard there was going to be an announcement before the final - there is nothing in the offing but I am really working hard to get some money into this football Club."

The extended interview is available to view on evertonTV from Tuesday evening.

Dave HarperWith regards to A Lea and the Fortress sport scenario, their representative flew into Liverpool very late one Friday night and met with the club on the Saturday so it was not a smokescreen. Why not concentrate on supporting the best Chairman/Manager combination we've had in a long time and like most of us put our trust in not only David Moyes but also an outstanding chairman? COYB

Tuesday 26th May 18:58 Report Comment

Mohamed HumaiziWe do not need to beg for investors to take over us! Are we that desperate? We are EVERTON, the longest surviving in club in the top English division. David Moyes came and worked in a tight situation and we are still Top, and we became better and better each year! DM if you are to leave to some better clubs [ ManU, Milan, Real Madrid ], people will still remember you as the Everton's Messiah, not ManU or Milan or Real's Messiah. Cos Everton belongs to Moyes, and Moyes is Everton!

Thursday 21st May 10:04 Report Comment

Christopher HaddenBlue Bill has been with our club through thick and thin, i din't hear anyone complaining when he splashed out on big money players so i think it is totally wrong to be criticising him now. Bill i'm sure is working as hard as he can to find investment but i also know he wont be selling us short. I don't want two american businessmen like the reds have because they have no soul. As evertonians we love our club and personnally i'd prefer to see us keep going as we are than have the club sold to someone who doesn't understand what everton is all about and then leave it in tatters a few years later. Have faith in Blue Bill and Moysey and we will return to the days of challenging the big boys every step of the way.COYB

Thursday 21st May 09:36 Report Comment

Wayne InstoneWell yes I agree, there are a minority of idots. If anyone thinks that Bill is just sitting on his hands, doing nothing, they are living in cuckoo land. He has Everton writen in his bones. It is not in his own interest to let us slip into mediocre again. If he is to find a serious buyer, he has to keep the club strong, and that is what he is doing. He gave Moyes a great long term contract, spent 15 million on Falaini, is that doing nothing?

Thursday 21st May 07:28 Report Comment

Thomas DaviesIf Moyes wants to become the next sir alex, he'll have to stay at Everton to do so and build his own dynasty, rather than take over someone elses.

Wednesday 20th May 20:02 Report Comment

philip robertsonMoyesey and Bill have done a fantastic job over the last 5 years. i think we need to buy Moutinho, Ledley, Jo, M'bia and possibly another striker if we can afford. Then we will really push for the top 4 and more finals next year

Wednesday 20th May 17:25 Report Comment

tony LeaWe have the best manager in the Preniership apart from Alex Ferguson. However he is ambitious and without money to spend on players we are going to remain a 5th/6th type club. You can believe all that Kenwright says about looking for an investor daily but finance is much tighter now than a year or so ago. He has undoubtedly lied to keep people off his back i.e. the Fortress money but DAVID MOYES has made this club what they are today plus his squad of players. Kenwright is luvving the publicity but we will never know how close or how far away any potential investors are at present. Moyes and his players get judged on a weekly basis. Bill hides behind a 24/7 smokescreen. If Moyes left all his hard work would unscramble in one season.

Wednesday 20th May 15:08 Report Comment

Philip BellJo Turner - you are barking! You are in a very small minority of people who dislikes Bill. I think the football world uses the term "Every club has a small minority of Idiots" of which you are one of ours!! I am sure you are the type of person who has called for Moyes head before now ... oh and just to fill you in money/investment does not grow on trees! Consider were Everton were 10 years ago ... Bill has done a tremendous job, supported moyes as much as possible and I believe will bring the right investor in when he finds them.

Wednesday 20th May 14:40 Report Comment

Alex WeatherbyGreat manager. If moyes stays for 5+ years and we get more money for transfers then i seriously think that we can challenge for the league title. ireckon that we should buy Steven Defour and Joao Moutinho (two young centre mids), Joe Ledley, Steven Taylor (as a right back), and one of Jo, Vagner Love, Bent, Owen or Ebanks-Blake. I also reckon we should keep castillo, offer vdMeyde a one year extension and get Victor Obinna (the Nigerian right winger that we tried to sign last year) on loan. Who does everyone else think we should buy? COYB!!

Wednesday 20th May 13:47 Report Comment

Nick CrumpDavid Moyes, you are a true blue! I thank you for everything you have achieved for our fantasic club. My simple message to you is DO NOT EVER LEAVE US!

Wednesday 20th May 12:29 Report Comment

Lee RushtonYou couldnt ask for a better Manager or Chairman in the business. Both are Everton through and through. Thank you both for whats been acheived this season, its greatly appreciated not only from me but every Evertonian. Just wish i could get a final ticket, as the experience for the Semi was superb. Bring on the final and next season.

Wednesday 20th May 12:16 Report Comment

Jason MarriottSupport for Everton outside of England is very small in comparison to Liverpool, United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Like it or not Football is support globally and Everton just can't compete with the major clubs. All good and well getting a buyer but that buyer is going to want a return. I believe Everton needs to keep looking for the Cahill's Arteta's, Pienaar's, Jagielka and so on in the transfer market. Build over time the more time they spend in top 5-6 the more support they will get over the world. Looking at our squad I think 1or2 quality young signings is all the club needs. Can't lose any of major players though.

Wednesday 20th May 12:05 Report Comment

Michael Boydto jo can't fault bill's loyalty he's blue through and through look around other premier league clubs and you won't find another chairman as passionate about his club as Bill. he is trying to find an investor as we can't compete and he would have liked goodison to be refurbished. best chairman around!!

Wednesday 20th May 11:41 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyGot to say, If people have to criticise anything, they should at least use decent grammar in their comments. I actually believe that if a big investor came in, I would still want Bill at the top. He is a true blue, and in him we have what most clubs lack - someone who loves the club. Look at the other clubs who have gone and spent millions on poor players who haven't done the business on the pitch, and changed managers as soon as a few results go against them. I feel sorry for West Ham and Newcastle fans, because of the way their boards have badly mismanaged their respective clubs. If this ground move fails it will be down to a government decision. We can't afford to move on our own, so the only option is to move to site with shared usage, ie a supermarket chain. Don't particularly wish to go to Kirkby, but if it happens, I'll still go to the games. Just wish Terry Leahy would put his hands in is pockets for us!

Wednesday 20th May 11:22 Report Comment

Gareth DavesI was speaking to a chap yesterday who knows about everton as used to work with the acadamy, apparently the investors that were looking to take over last year was going to happen until they had a look at the ground, said come back with a new ground and then they willl takeover, this is true. Moyes is a great manager and hopefully he will stay. COYB

Wednesday 20th May 10:43 Report Comment

Michael BoydWe have the best manager doubt. What Moyes has done is more than what any other manager in the world could have done with the financial restrictions that Everton have had over the last seven years and still kept us challenging for a top 4 deserves to win the FA Cup more than Moyes and Kenwright! COYB!

Wednesday 20th May 09:19 Report Comment

jo turnerGet a grip David Grundy we don't all love billy proper fans can see through his lie's.He lied over the ground move,last year he went on sky sports news live and told us all to watch this space,where all still watching this space.Don't take any notice of what he says,the only way we can move on is by him selling the club,don't be fooled by him saying where looking for investment 24/7,what he wants is some one to invest money into us and he still stays in charge.Once dk fails thats two yes two failed ground moves on his c.v,this will tell you how bad he really is.We've gone from watch this space to we can't make ends meet,thats how skint we are

Wednesday 20th May 09:17 Report Comment

Craig Webbit does not suprise me that moyes is being linked, whether true or rumours, to Man U...he is 1 of the top managers this country has, and i think it would be extremely rude for him not to be linked! But as Bill says "Moyes is an Evertonian"! Everton is a club which is now going somewhere again and i predict that in the next 2 seasons we will be not just challenging for top 4 but in the top 4! COYB

Wednesday 20th May 09:14 Report Comment

David GrundyWe love you Billy. All Evertonians do. We are passionate about this Club that we love, but your passion is backed by your daily commitment to working for our cause and you don't even pay yourself a penny for doing so. I doubt Davey would have the commitment he has for his job if his respect for you was any less. Folks always refer to Mr. Gibson at Middlesborough as the stereotypical supportive Chairman, but I think they should start to look at our Chairman and the way our Football Club is run, from the top and all the way down. THE PEOPLE'S CLUB. And very proud of it we are. Thank you from me for bringing our Club to where it is today. I've been a fan for 43 years and I feel as passionate and proud today as I ever had. Evertonians can proudly hold our head up high wherever in the world we travel, and I wouldn't swap that for any other Club. You will be the proudest Chairman to grace Wembley on Saturday.I hope you have the day you deserve. COYB!!!

Wednesday 20th May 08:09 Report Comment

Daniel DevineNever ever leaving, forget Kirkby, just build Moyes a new mansion outside so he never leaves! haha....But in any case, we know he never will anyway! COYB...

Wednesday 20th May 07:42 Report Comment

clinton davidsDavid Moyes has changed the face of EFC.I believe that he to will bring even more success to the club.Once we have moved to a bigger stadium and more companies start investing in Everton then we will be untouchable.He is an outstanding manager and with a bit more resources become the best in his profession.He is a loyal servant to Everton and as long as we the fans rally behind him sky's the limit.In Moyes we trust.Thanks for the great years and the even better years to come.

Wednesday 20th May 07:14 Report Comment

richard allenwhat we do need is a new stadium which should be followed by a buyer ,,,whos willing to put a lot of funds forward and then moysey can do what fergie done at man u

Tuesday 19th May 23:53 Report Comment

Andrew SimpsonMikel wasnt at the awards coz his child is due very soon it said so in the live commentary.

Tuesday 19th May 23:26 Report Comment

Stephen Bairdi know he aint got much cash but would any evertonian want any other chairman than bill? ok he's a big luvvy but he's a blue through and through! i think he might explode if we win the fa cup! COYB!

Tuesday 19th May 23:14 Report Comment

Charlie GreyDoes anybody know of any way on earth to get final tickets for a reasonable price?

Tuesday 19th May 22:31 Report Comment

Alex WeatherbyMikel wasn't there but only coz he is gonna be a dad soon. I think thats why he didnt go on the pitch afta the west ham game too. really want us to buy Moutinho and Defour

Tuesday 19th May 22:03 Report Comment

Kevin JamesI don't know if anyone else feels the same way as me but after watching moyes' interview on inside sport last night i feel uneasy. i feel that moyes wants more success than we can guarantee him saying things like "5th is good for everton but not good enough for david moyes" extremely worried that if someone like utd or chelsea or even arsenal came calling he may just consider it. I really hope i'm wrong.

Tuesday 19th May 21:10 Report Comment

James Kirkhamwas mikel at the awards

Tuesday 19th May 18:43 Report Comment

eric mcnamaraEFC need Mouthinho, himself Piennear and Arteta is a savage prospect. Also that TSG Hoffenheim striker Ibisevic is very good , he had an Everton-esque injury but he has a very good work rate and would fit in well with Moyes ethics. up front with the yak they would destroy defenders

Tuesday 19th May 18:42 Report Comment

Jennifer LumbyReally hope Moyes stays, he has started something special at Goodison and I dont know many other teams where the fans are so proud of their manager... In moyes we trust, I hope you stay at Everton for many years to come and replicate the sucess of other great managers.

Tuesday 19th May 18:41 Report Comment

Georgia O'ConnorWell said bill. Moysey isnt going anywere fast.

Tuesday 19th May 17:51 Report Comment

William FooteWatch this space....

Tuesday 19th May 17:30 Report Comment

Lee EdwardsIm sure Moyes will stay 4 another couple of years and hopefully finish off wat he started at Goodison. Yes there will always b speculation about him goin 2 man utd but Ferguson will never leave. The summer transfer kitty is always a problem but Moyes does unearth jems with not alot of cash we wud all like Moutinho in the summer and if he can get him great but i will trust Moyes whoever we get COYB.......

Tuesday 19th May 17:24 Report Comment

Cathy CondronAlex Ferguson must be quaking in his boots hearing all this talk about David Moyes following in his footsteps when the time comes. How about David Moyes staying at Everton and trying to achieve what his counterpart at Man Utd has done. Im sure David Moyes would like to be at Everton as long as Sir Alex has been at Utd. Obvioulsy the money transfers is the big issue but hopefully the Chairman and Board will get more investment coming into the club for next season. David Moyes isnt the type to walk away and im sure success for him at Everton would be much sweeter than going to Utd and starting at the top! Turning a corner for this club with a Cup win so go Blues go!

Tuesday 19th May 17:13 Report Comment


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