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Donovan Talks Confirmed

Everton CEO says Club are hoping to bring USA star to Goodison.

Donovan Talks Confirmed

Everton are hopeful of agreeing a deal to sign United States star Landon Donovan on loan.

Blues officials have been discussing the possibility of bringing the player to Merseyside on a short-term deal, beginning in January.

Everton chief executive Robert Elstone said: "Landon is a player David Moyes has identified as someone he would like to bring to the Club.  We are working to make that happen and hope we can reach agreement soon with all the appropriate parties”.

If negotiations are successfully completed, the forward would join the Blues on January 2.

Still only 27, Donovan is his country's leading international goal-scorer and is also their most capped player with 120 appearances.

He can operate in a withdrawn striker's role, on the wing or as a more conventional attacking midfielder.

Along with David Beckham, he fired LA Galaxy to last month's final of the MLS Cup - the trophy contested by the top-placed league teams in the American competition.

Regarded as his nation's best ever player, Donovan won the MLS Most Valuable player and the Goal of the Year awards for the 2009 campaign, which concluded last month.

Donovan has previously played in Europe for Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen and would  remain at Goodison Park until mid-March, joining fellow USA international Tim Howard.

Jonny McYou should keep your mouth shut until deals are done! Once the likes of Harry Redknap know who were going for, the snach them, always happens, you should of learn't by now DON'T publish who were after til its done, Suprises for us fans is so much better too.

Friday 11th December 17:45 Report Comment

robert hillhave to disagree with robert cafini, we need another forward. yak isnt scoring, jo thinks he is on vacation (only kidding)!! but not scoring either.langdon will score, create, and work hard, also will help out in midfield. as for a new right back they seem to be rare these days. our defence isnt too bad, look how many man city have let in. chelsea and the RS are letting in goals. but if there is a decent RB about, please contact everton fc!!!!

Friday 11th December 16:34 Report Comment

Brian DuffyI don't want Donovan at the expense of King Louis. We must get him to agree a new contract. If it's cover for the Yak going to the African tournament, I will take that.

Friday 11th December 16:33 Report Comment

robert murtaghjust a thought SOL CAMBELL??????? we do need bodys at the back he can do a job 4 us

Friday 11th December 16:24 Report Comment

Xenophon LawMany people on here have said we don't need more strikers but may I remind them that Vaughan isn't the player he once was, Yak too without midfield creativity, Saha is injury-prone yet our best striker, we don't know how much better Anichebe will be after his long lay-off and Jo is only with us until Man City ask for him back or at the end of the season. Technically, we do need another striker. Jermaine Beckford anyone? And Van Der Vaart on loan? Great idea Declan but can't see it unfortunately. As for defenders...who should we sign? Alan Hutton? Gareth Bale? I see Kyle Naughton has yet to play for Tottenham too. I knew he should have joined us!

Friday 11th December 15:13 Report Comment

George StinsonAs a Yank who has watch Donovan play a lot of matches he will bring a work rate on the field that is unmatched. He is tireless on the pitch and is the most fit player on the US national team. His only knock is he might be a little soft for the EPL but on the flank he will run up and down the pitch all day for the Blues. It also give him a chance to stay match fit for the upcoming WC. I wish all our players were in Europe this winter and spring.

Friday 11th December 15:05 Report Comment

Matt DraperSay what you will about the MLS (and I'm not saying much!), but Donovan is a proven scorer with great speed. The guy consistently makes great runs and can be lethal around the goal. As an Everton fan and an American, this is win-win; LD stays in shape while playing among the world's top players in the EPL/Carling/Europa, and the Toffees get a much-needed offensive boost (though agreed there's work to be done on the back line). Kill it Landon!

Friday 11th December 14:41 Report Comment

Thomas RobertsDonovan is a great player with great leadership qualities, he can also play in an attacking midfield position, so maybe he can help pienaar create some goals (as well as bag a few) and get us moving the ball more fluently.

Friday 11th December 13:18 Report Comment

Neil BullockRobert, you say that our midfield will be competitive enough? Well Arteta is out till February and Pienaar is missing for the whole of Jan, so we will badly need a creative player as the games will be coming quick and fast during those two months. It adds more competition for places and hopefully the rest of the players will have to earn their place. Donovan will probably play out of his skin, aiming to impress and hopefully plant fear of a US world cup threat into Englands minds. A seasoned international like Donovan can only benefit us.

Friday 11th December 13:11 Report Comment

Patrick CreavenHere's a look at why Donovan might be a success at Everton:

Friday 11th December 12:44 Report Comment

Adam Fitzpatricki reckon we get himand sign becks as well

Friday 11th December 10:33 Report Comment

Robert CafiniI have to be honest here. I am blue through and through and have been for years. However, i think the last thing we need is another forward. We need to create more depth in the back line, and i think that should be our preference ahead of more attacking options. Once we get Arteta, Osman and Neville back, and when Pienaar is fully fit, the midfield will be competitive enough, much the same up front with Jo, Yak and Saha and Anichebe upon his return. However, the back line is well depleted, and i honestly believe we have needed a new right back for a long time, sorry Hibbo. Regardess, in Moyes we trust, and I have complete faith in him to do the right thing. COYB!

Friday 11th December 09:49 Report Comment

Mick EganI always welcome additions to our squad, but i was under the impression we were short of defenders?? Surely the club should be concentrating on getting cover for Distin and Yobo, especially as we have conceded so many goals of late in the prem!!!!! People are criticising the Yak, but how can he get his fitness and sharpness back, if he isn't playing but sitting on the bench every week!!!! Good luck to Landon if this happens, but believe we should be finding at least 1 if not 2 centre backs if even if just loan deals!!! COYB

Friday 11th December 09:30 Report Comment

Darren Chisholmi reckon landon will be the player to get evertons season back on track.he will score on a regular basis and thats whta we need at the moment. our strikers arnt scoring enough goals to get us over the line in tight games.

Friday 11th December 04:21 Report Comment

Thomas McCarteni know from first hand that landon, would be a great asset to the blues, i just hope this isnt evertons way of trying to kid the fans that were in for top players in jan, & the deal ends up with him playing for birmingham, or someone like that because we didnt want to pay another 500 pound in wages, lets get at least 4 new players in jan, or it maybe to late come may, ( van nistelroy anyone ?)

Friday 11th December 00:59 Report Comment

Declan Ryani fear this is bad news!!...not about signing Donovan though he is very good,i just think this is moyse way of telling us that our big guns will be out later that expected!! if we do get him it will be great,he's not cup tied so he can play europa league football!! as all toffee's know our club has no funds to sign players to long term contracts so i think some good loan signings would be Rafael Van Der Vaart (if we could get him,he's not played much for madrid,cup tied though) same goes for Tiago (from juventus) since the arrival of Diego and Felipe Melo and Tiago isnt cup tied,i was also thinking marek hamsik (from napoli - not in europe)one for the future and scores alot of goals from midfield...i know they're all tall orders but i think we could get at least one of them

Friday 11th December 00:54 Report Comment

Vincent OliverI think he will be a good asset to the team, he seems to be a typical moyes signing as he can play in several positions. We need to strenghthen in midfield and defence more than anywhere though!

Thursday 10th December 21:25 Report Comment

Corey McLeodI think this is a good bot of business (again) by Moyes. Landon is a a great player probablyone of the best in the us leagues and national team. I think he'd suite the english style of play and may settle in quicker with howard the same nationality as him. Also, it is a very possible deal this time as he needs the fitness before the world cup and MLS seasons finished now.

Thursday 10th December 21:12 Report Comment

George Ennisi think donovan will be a great figure to have at goodison,he can score on a regular bases,play the midfield role,striker and may-be that will make the yak work harder also jo,the yak seems to be really strugglin at the moment,he is to slow, turns into people and try's to use his body wieght to ward defenders off,waitin for the ball to come to him ,where as he should be the one to go lookin for the ball, coybb's

Thursday 10th December 20:56 Report Comment

robert hill i reckon this could be good. i remember langdon in the confederations cup. weve had strikers from the US before; jm moore and brian mcbride, they scored a few goals then dried up, but this guy could be a good signing, lets hope.

Thursday 10th December 19:50 Report Comment

JOHN WILSONwe need more RUSSIAN BLOOD IN OUR TEAM and we can WIN much more games

Thursday 10th December 18:59 Report Comment

Richard ReddingLike many Yanks, I follow all my compatriots playing in the EPL, so I've been a fan of Everton for a while now. So I'm absolutely thrilled that my favorite player, Donovan, is joining my favorite goalkeeper, Timmy H. For those of you who don't know Landon D. well, get ready. He is crazy talented and, most importantly, hungry to do well in Europe. Get ready EPL: he's going to light it up!

Thursday 10th December 18:45 Report Comment

Kris Smith3 words. WE NEED HIM!!!

Thursday 10th December 18:01 Report Comment

Mariano Cuencahes a great player, fit for a great club

Thursday 10th December 17:49 Report Comment

Mike WorsleyDonovan is highly regarded and having seen him play many times this would be a major signing, short term or not he would easily fit in with the premiership style of play and with his pace will cause defences everywhere problems.NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM.

Thursday 10th December 17:13 Report Comment

david harmanWe should make sure that we have a clause in the contract that will give us first option to sign himif all works out well.

Thursday 10th December 16:58 Report Comment

david harmanIf he`s as good as they say I hope we can get him before some of the bigger clubs start chassing him, lets hope he stays longer than a couple of month so he can help us into the top half of the P/L.

Thursday 10th December 16:53 Report Comment

Christopher PretzFrom the perspective of a Yankee this is bad bad news. We need to keep our good players here on our side of the pond to build our league. If we would quit exporting players and focus on importing them from you guys maybe in 20 the MLS would be credible, who knows, might even rival the EPL :-). Noting of course he is on loan, but the temptation may be too great to stay if he does well. My guess is he will (the former and the later).

Thursday 10th December 16:23 Report Comment

Daniel BrundinThis is great news! Hope that both Donovan and the club feels a permanent signing should be done when the loan is over.

Thursday 10th December 16:23 Report Comment

willie kellydonovan is a very hard worker and gritty i think he will fill in well for us with the african cup coming up. on that note i seriously think the FA should consider messures to suspend play for the leauge during the african cup seen as there are somany africans in the leauge, surely they can think of something. we need to sign a powerhouse center half, distin has not impressed me.

Thursday 10th December 15:50 Report Comment

Xenophon LawIf Landon can prove to be half as good as our other American then things can only look up! I'm certain he'll benefit the team although anybody will benefit our injury-ravaged team haha!! Seriously though, I wouldn't mind seeing Sol Campbell also join us until the summer at least. His wages may be huge but it'll be worth it for his experience alone. I'd still like to see another creative midfielder. Pity Manuel Fernandes is injured for the season because he did play very well for us on both occasions. How about Lassana Diarra from Real Madrid on loan? Pity we can only afford Bosman's or Loanees due to our operating loss though. Any investors out there!?!?!?!

Thursday 10th December 15:04 Report Comment

Debbie ****Think Donovan will be a good addition to the squad but dont we need to start looking a players on permanent deals? I also think we need to seriously strengthen our defence, we look very weak at the back and im afraid Distin is not the answer!! we need a good cent half, proven in the prem. COYB!!

Thursday 10th December 14:41 Report Comment

Mark ReidIn reference to those saying we should blood the youngsters, Lukas isn't ready and needs at least another 18months in scotland. Vaughn's getting over a knee injury and Anichebe's got the pin bone-regrowth problem. The young lads like Arnoux in the reserves arn't quite ready yet other than for the bench. This is a good move. Low risk and he can play deeper and out wide too. Fully support Moyes in doing this for the three months. With his record on Coleman for £150k now added to the list of bargins, lets see Landon at a club with 131 years of history. Up the toffees.

Thursday 10th December 14:39 Report Comment

Jeff WyrwaThis is great news. I think Donovan would fit well into the physical play of EPL

Thursday 10th December 13:29 Report Comment

David FayWith the Yak away on African duty its a good move. Think we need to blood the youngsters though. If we are going to have a mid-table season as it seems well this is a season to test them and prepare them and let them gain experience so we can us them in the cups rather than tiring out our first teamers for league duty next year. C'mon you toffees.

Thursday 10th December 13:23 Report Comment

James WilkinsonIf this happens, i think it is a very good signing, hopefully Howard can put in a good word.

Thursday 10th December 13:14 Report Comment

Chris FisherTheres a rumour starting to appear quite alot about Beattie making a return, id have him back!

Thursday 10th December 12:53 Report Comment

Nick MortBecks lol, hes not good enough for premier league no more....get in jovanovic of standard liege and ever banega of valencia and maybe even victor obbina off inter milan ....imwt

Thursday 10th December 12:36 Report Comment

Keith Daniel RobertsI can't believe that we are still putting potential signings on the official website. Who cam up with this new policy? Remember Sendaros? or Kyle Naughton. I thought we did our business in private. ISurprise signings are the best. Either way however I am certain he will be a brilliant bit of business

Thursday 10th December 12:32 Report Comment

steve carrollwould be a good loan signing, what i have seen of him he leads by example, a real grafter so hopefully he might inspire the yak to work harder as well!

Thursday 10th December 12:23 Report Comment

Brian FarrellHe's a classy player Donovan. He's quick and technically adept. Should be a good signing.

Thursday 10th December 12:09 Report Comment

Dan DickensonI'm not expecting Messi or anyone like that in the January Transfer window but I was hoping for better then Landon Donovan. I can see why we've got another striker with Yakubu going to the African Cup of Nation and Saha having a history with injuries but I don't rate Landon Donovan but I hope h can prove me wrong. Then again I wasn't a fan of these signings my Moyes (Yakubu, N. Martyn, Saha and Neville) and ALL proved me wrong. COYB against Chelsea and with no Tim Cahill I would consider 4-4-2 although we may NEED 5 in midfield to break them down and stop service to Anelka and Drogba.

Thursday 10th December 11:57 Report Comment

DAVE HUNTERHopefully get something in his loan contract that we can buy him at an agreed price once his loan deal expires, if he makes the grade and scores plenty so called bigger clubs will come in for him

Thursday 10th December 11:31 Report Comment

david okafohe will obviously be a fabulous acquisition, but wht i would love is to hear players tht we are moving in for future n long term purpose, this crisis(injury) tht has rocked us for most of the past two seasons has shown tht we need to improve our bench on all departments of the game, cos if not for our good youth system, we would have probably being cut in a relegation fight if not being relegated the way kudos to the youth coach n all the guys working there. u guys are doing a fabulous job. this club is forever in depthed to yall!!!!!!!! COYB!!!!!!!!

Thursday 10th December 11:05 Report Comment

Kevin CooperI have followed Landon's progress since before he joined Bayern Munich a few years ago. He is a good player, but in my opinion he is a striker, and that is probably the only area in the squad that does not need strengthening. We need to bolster our midfield and defence, as when certain players give terrible performances, they are being rewarded with a starting place in the next game! It remains to be seen if we can bring in any quality on loan though....

Thursday 10th December 11:02 Report Comment

thomas sharpwell done moyes good to see you getting deals lined up already, i think this fella might just be alright, i mean he went to bayern so he must be a bit of talent, what i can see on you tube is pretty quick and gets in the good areas him and saha upfront sounds good 2 me. few months and we could have fully fit squad coleman jags distan and baines arteta billy pieenar and rodwell midfield cahill and saha up front would be lovely, apart from chelsea and city best starting lineup in premier league

Thursday 10th December 10:45 Report Comment

Barry ChallinorThank goodness it wasn't Beckham,we have enough injuries without another passenger.He can't last 90 minutes at the top level whereas Donovan has a good engine on him and scores goals.Sounds like a good deal to me.

Thursday 10th December 10:24 Report Comment

colin dolmanwe need all the help we can get c o y b

Thursday 10th December 10:04 Report Comment

John HauI certainly hope this would be first of many loan signing we would be making in January, he is just what we needed with Yakubu, Yobo and/or Anichebe going away in January, we could do with someone who could play in multiple position.

Thursday 10th December 10:03 Report Comment

Cason TangHope he can stay beyond March. But it is still good to have him instead of rushing Mikel to play in Jan. Mikel gets well soon and be match fit by March if not Jan. Also he can work as our creator when Pienaar is on duty for S. Africa.

Thursday 10th December 09:56 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbA top player. 10 weeks isn't long, but good business all the same.

Thursday 10th December 09:48 Report Comment

alexis leungIt will be nice to have Beckham here too. Think big!

Thursday 10th December 09:07 Report Comment

Vicky FosterLets hope he can add to his goal tally and fire the blues up the table past the reds !

Thursday 10th December 08:41 Report Comment


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