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Baines Targets Success

The full transcript from Tuesday's webchat with the Everton defender.

Baines Targets Success

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Leighton Baines believes Everton can build on the successes of last season and end their 14-year wait for silverware.

The defender told supporters so during a live webchat on Tuesday evening.

The former Wigan man also spoke about his hopes for another England call, his belief that Joleon Lescott will remain an Everton player and his burgeoning partnership with South African Confederations Cup hero Steven Pienaar.

On a lighter note, he also discussed mullets, his team-mate with the worst dress sense and his dream signing.

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Burscough_Blue: who is the best player at keepy ups?

Leighton Baines: We don't really practice keepy-ups, but if I was to put my money on someone, it would probably be Stephen Pienaar...

Clarky29586: Hey Bainesy! What's it like to be back with the lads?

Leighton Baines: It's good to be back! There will be a lot of hard work over the next few weeks, but looking forward to the games especially.

Burscough_Blue: has fellani hair got any bigger over the summer?
Leighton Baines: It definitely hasn't got any smaller!
AJ-8: Hi Leighton, what do you make of King Louis dying his hair ginger? haha

Leighton Baines: He's doing his Dennis Rodman impression I think!

Devine2k8: How is most of the squad feeling going into next season?

Leighton Baines: Off the back of a good season everyone's coming back hoping to go a step further! Everyone's excited about the prospect of playing in Europe again this year and hopeful we can do well. Obviously we want to do our best to not only maintain our good league position, but we will try and bridge the gap as much as we can on the sides above us.

bostock2000: hi you think joleon is gonna stay ??

Leighton Baines: At the moment he's got some time off because he played international games. I really hope he stays. He's not only a really good player but he's a great friend of mine and I would be really upset to see him go, not only on a professional level, but a personal level.

toffeeman: Good evening Leighton, What do you think of the new Kit? i love the training gear, just not so sure on the team kit
Leighton Baines: I am a fan of the kit! It's very retro. It's gone down really well amongst the lads.

Fez-erton: hey
trikstahz: would you say you're a better freekicker than Mikel Arteta? :D

Leighton Baines: I would say probably not. When Mikel is in the side, he is always going to be our set-piece taker because he has great quality. But it is definitely something I enjoy doing and I enjoy taking the responsibility when given it.

Staffie123: Hello Baines, good to see you fit for the upcoming season. I hope you can have an even better impact than u did last season

fizzbomb: Alright Bainesy do you think you can force your way in to the Cappello's squad for next summer?

Leighton Baines: Having been in one squad towards the end of the season gives me encouragement. If I continue to do the right things for the Club then I wont be a million miles away.

trikstahz: who would you say are your best mates? in the football club?

Leighton Baines: I spend a lot of time with Joleon. We room together when we come away on these trips normally so we've got quite close. Asides that, there are a lot of lads that I get along with - there is a great team spirit amongst us and there's nobody I wouldn't enjoy
onejolylescott: Hi leighton!

Alan_argentina: hello

podo_munro: bainsey, are you hoping to stay at everton forever?

Leighton Baines: At the moment I'm really happy to be playing in a side that's doing well and I can't see myself moving any time soon.

dansiron: Hello Leighton, any chance you can revolutionize the mullet to combat our top heavy afro offensive forward line? A mulletwise defence would frighten any team.

Leighton Baines: I'll put it to the other lads at the back and we'll take a vote on it. I don't think I'll ever be able to get Jol or Jo Yobo to do it, but might be able to get Jags on side! The casting vote would lie with Hibbo!

Leighton Baines: He's doing really well. Hoping to join up with us in America and start to do some of the hard work that WE are doing! I'm sure he'll get up to speed quickly and have him available for the start of the season.

Hodgie08: hello bainsey

Burscough_Blue: when i was on holiday i saw leaon osman in gran canaria having a good time. how was your summer?

Leighton Baines: It was good thanks! Had a couple of nice breaks with the family - really enjoyable. It all seems to go so quickly. But it's nice to get away and recharge the batteries.

Aligrum: hi

Leighton Baines: If money was no object then I would go for Messi. His talent speaks for itself.

AJ-8: Is it good to see Jo back with the squad?

Leighton Baines: He did really well for us last year. He's a really good lad and I hope something can be done to bring him here - but we'll just have to wait and see.

ginger91: Whos the joker in the group?

Leighton Baines: The joker is usually Jags, but he's not here so I'd prbably have to go with Ossie.

DARRENBUCKO: hiya everyone
Devine2k8: How well do you think that excellant parntership of you and Pienaar can go this season?

Leighton Baines: I really enjoyed playing with Stephen, hopefully we can play a lot more games together this season and develop an even better understanding and make some telling contributions to the team.

scouse_mc: Hi Leighton, who's got the worst fassion sense?

Leighton Baines: Phil Neville comes in to training in anything he gets given for free!

Hodgie08: Leighton Whats Mustafi Like Is He Bonding Well With The Team ??

Leighton Baines: It's hard to tell at the moment - but hopefully towards the end of the week, we will se abit more of the balls and get to see what he's like on the pitch. He's still only young, but I'm sure the Gaffer won't have got it wrong.

Leighton Baines: We're all looking forward to having Vaughany fully fit and raring to go. We all know what he can bring to the side, as he's shown on occassions in the past and he can be a really asset for us.

Leighton Baines: Just a couple more questions now guys... dinner's ready!

trikstahz: whats for dinner?

Leighton Baines: I'm not sure, but I'm sure it's going to be pasta with either a chicken or fish...maybe even a dessert if we've been good!

Faddy_is_fit: how did you feel when you scored your penalty in the fa cup semi against man u?

Leighton Baines: I was pleased to see it go in! And quite a lot of relief...

tomdixie100: Who do you believe is the most gifted footballer in the squad?

Leighton Baines: Mikel or Stephen...

trikstahz: sounds delicious. hope you have fun. thank you for answering my question. :) I wish you the best of luck

PaulieMc: whats your proudest moment in an everton shirt

Leighton Baines: Probably walking out for the FA Cup final. I was there the last time Everton made it to the FA Cup final and I couldn't have ever dreamed of doing it myself!!

Leighton Baines: Right that's it guys... if I'm late I'll be fined! Thanks again...


Paul McLachlanGlad you got your regular place in the side, and moysey is true to his word that you will have a key role to play in the future of the side. The position is yours now. Lets hope we can sign a good right wing back as well to share the workload and have the opposition worried from BOTH sides of the pitch. IMWT, COYB NSNO

Wednesday 8th July 03:57 Report Comment

darren kellyi agree you should be in the england squad every time best of luck next season you really did play excellent last term come on you toffees for next season

Tuesday 7th July 23:34 Report Comment

Daniel ComerYeh I Agree Definatly a unsung hero and you also deserve a England call Capelo would be stupit not to have you one of the best left backs in the leauge. Good Luck for next season lets win some trophys

Tuesday 7th July 20:23 Report Comment

Kevin WalshGood on yer Bainsey. A bit of an unsung hero last season who kept the team ticking over nicely. True Blue spirit. Look forward to your marauding runs down the wing and killer crosses again next season. NSNO

Tuesday 7th July 19:34 Report Comment

Daniel SironI am glad to see that Everton FC addressed my very serious question about mullets. Too often the mullet is overlooked in favour of these afro fads.

Tuesday 7th July 19:33 Report Comment


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