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Awards: As They Happened

Who will win the coveted Player of the Season prize?

Awards: As They Happened

Below is a full transcript of the live text commentary from Monday night's Everton End Of Season Awards Dinner.

Look out on and evertonTV for all the fallout from the awards from Tuesday morning.

00:25: Well, I can't think of a better way to bring the night to a close than that. It took a while in coming but I hope you're pleased with the outcomes. So many players could have taken the top awards tonight but I think you, the fans, the panels and the players got it right. Good job all round. And thanks for your comments and emails. 

00:23: Phil Jagielka: "Thanks to everyone for their comments. It really means a lot. I really appreciate it and I promise to make you proud again next season."

00:22: Phil Jagielka has just popped his head in and he's reading some of your messages. No word of a lie.

00:20: "Made up to see Jags win the Player of the Season! Gutted he can't be on the pitch at Wembley. He really deserves it!" Aaron

00:19: "Congratulations to Jags and Fellaini. They both have been great this season. Jags is our rock." George Simonds

00:17: "Congratulations big Dan on winning Goal of the Season. It meant so much to all us Everton fans." Mike

00:15: The crowd rises to their feet. Among so many candidates, there was always one man who stood out above the rest. Barely has he put a foot wrong all season long; he also scored the penalty which took us to the final. That he won't be there somehow makes this award all the more special. Phil Jagielka is Everton's Player of the Year.

00:11: And the winner is...

00:10: We're there. The climax. The pièce de résistance. The Everton Player of the Year as voted by users of

00:08: Dan Gosling: "People were stopping me in the street the day after the game. I know ITV missed the goal but I think most people have seen it now." Too right. On repeat. Over and over again.

00:07: Those of you in the south will remember that TicTac advert forever. It had to be. Dan Gosling's dramatic derby winner in the FA Cup takes the award.

00:06: Okay, Goal of the Season...

00:05: "Well done Jags, a fully deserved award." Mike, Norris Green

00:03: Maybe he's had a glass of champagne too many but Fellaini finally agreed to do an evertonTV interview in English! Look out for that one tomorrow.

00:02: If you're still with us, don't forget to email with your comments.

00:00: As I wearily type four consecutive zeros and a new day begins, I realise this has been well worth the wait. I felt compelled to down tools to applaud Phil Jagielka and in the meantime Maraoune Fellaini has been named Young Player of the Year. He took to the stage and, in broken English, managed: "I hope we win the Cup." Top man.

11.56: Phil Jagielka: "I have good days and bad days but I've got great people around me - my friends, family and team-mates. Hopefully the boys can do it [win the FA Cup] this year and I'll be back next year and we can do it again."

11:55: Phil Jagielka!

Here comes one of the top gongs - The Players' Player of the Year. To the players, this one will perhaps mean the most - being recognised by your peers as the outstanding performer. And the winner is...

11:52: After all that waiting, I'm now struggling to keep up. The 1984 FA Cup winning team has won the Howard Kendall Award. Derek Mountfield, Kevin Richardson and Graeme Sharp went up to collect it to rapturous applause.

11:51: "Boy the suspense is killing me. Feels like extra time and penalties all over again!" Johnny

11:48: Kieran Agard: "I was made up to be on the first-team bench this season. My aim for next year is to make a first-team appearance." Best of luck to you, Kieran. I'm sure you all agree?

11:47: Kieran Agard takes the award!

11:46: Next up is the Reserve Player of the Year. A few contenders from a young team which did superbly under Andy Holden and Alan Stubbs this year....

11:44: "Top stuff and perfect timing - just back from the chippy!" Rory Buchanan. Not James McCarten.

11:43: James McCarten: "It's been great working with Taff [Andy Holden] and Alan Stubbs. They were both centre backs and I'm learning a lot from them."

11:42: James McCarten. No real surprise considering he scooped the same award at last week's Academy awards. Could he follow the likes of Rodwell and Gosling into the first-team next season?

11.41: I told you they'd come thick and fast eventually. The next award is the Academy Player of the Year...

11:40: Fara Williams: "It's great for me but the whole team deserves it." How modest? Well done, Fara.

11:38: Everton Ladies Player of the Year is Fara Williams!

Now, it's the turn of Everton Ladies. How well did they do this year?

11:35: Jack Rodwell: "I'm delighted to win the award. There are some fantastic names on this trophy - Michael Ball, Francis Jeffers, loads - it's a real honour."

11:34: Jack Rodwell!

Next up is the Shareholders' Young Player of the Year award. And the winner is...

Lisha GoslingDan Gosling , well donee I LOVE YOU! xx

Wednesday 12th August 09:48 Report Comment

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Saturday 4th July 19:40 Report Comment

mhenna alislt je cherche des amies et des personnage qui aide moi par ce que je veux faire un test dans ce club .je joue bien la foot ...attaquent .....j'ai 17et 188cet et 64 kg enfin j'......trouve .....qui me aide.merci

Saturday 4th July 19:22 Report Comment

Sam TylerWell done lads especially Jags, well deserved, hopefuully he can be as good for England as he is for us , he deserves to be played regularly with Terry or Ferd. Fellaini, well deserved!!

Tuesday 2nd June 23:01 Report Comment

Alex MeadowsJAGS U R A LEDGE COYB!!!

Thursday 21st May 17:46 Report Comment

sophie Goslingdan gosling ( i love him xx) got goal of the season he did deserve it though.

Thursday 21st May 16:29 Report Comment

Corey McLeodwell deserved jags by far the best defender in the premier league this season

Tuesday 19th May 22:06 Report Comment

Emily Millswell done boys... it's a shame that jags will miss the final - he's an amazing player and i'm glad he's signing another contract :) and well done to dan gosling... i love that boy.. good luck in the final lads; we know you'll all do well. WE'RE ON A MARCH WITH MOYSEY'S ARMY - WE'RE ALL GOING TO WEMBLEY! AND WE'LL REALLY SHAKE 'EM UP WHEN WE WIN THE FA CUP; COS EVERTON ARE THE GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM! come on you blues :)

Tuesday 19th May 20:55 Report Comment

Michael ThelwellWell done Jags, definatly deserve the award, by far the best defender of the season. Lets hope next season will be as good as this one.

Tuesday 19th May 11:29 Report Comment

Charlie Sharplesi definatly think jags deserves a winners medal if we beat chelsea .He should collect it with the team .I also think nevile derseves more credit.When he came he had a harshish welcome because of united .But he now loves the club and he plays like an evertonion and moyes on inside sport yesterday getting interviewed sounded like he would nt go to united

Tuesday 19th May 08:45 Report Comment

Jack DaviesJags and Fellaini really deserved their awards. I couldn't be happier for them, they both definitely played incredibly well all season, but my congratulations go to all who've won awards, but especially Phil Jagielka . He's been our best player all Season, and as always played to his full ability. Well done Jags!!!!!!

Tuesday 19th May 08:42 Report Comment

Nick XenosCongrats to all who won an award this evening. If I had it my way, then the entire squad and the management team would receive an award for such a great season, under trying circumstances. I may be biased but I can't think of any other team that deserves to win the FA Cup more than Everton FC. Good luck boys and well done on your achievements so far. Onwards and upwards!

Tuesday 19th May 01:03 Report Comment

Tiernan CurranWell done Jags, ya legend!!!!

Tuesday 19th May 00:20 Report Comment

Mark JonesIs Yak there tonight? He seems to have become the forgotten man of Goodison these days. Frightening to think how good we'll be when Yak and Mikel are back next season!

Tuesday 19th May 00:04 Report Comment

Mark JonesCongrats to Rodwell...just make sure you go on to bigger and better things than the likes of Michael Ball and Franny Jeffers!

Monday 18th May 23:39 Report Comment

john brimbleI agree morgan Jags and Mikel should pick the trophy up!!! COYB!!! NSNO

Monday 18th May 23:25 Report Comment

Mark JonesThe best thing about being an Everton fan is taht we have a team and a manager that we can say we are proud to support. There's no diving, no complaining, no arguing with referees, no cheating - just a bunch of guys who are real sportsmen and who give it their all every single time they pull on the shirt. Love every single one of them!

Monday 18th May 23:20 Report Comment

Morgan PayneJagielka should be the first to lift the FA cup, he deserves it most! COYB

Monday 18th May 22:52 Report Comment

Katie FlanaganAgree with 10,48. Neville doesnt get the credit he deserves. keep it up Neville

Monday 18th May 22:49 Report Comment

rick smithhow proud i am of being in the largest family in the world.from the chairman,manager,staff and players,to the many many evertonians around the world.we are all brothers and sisters to this great club!!!!!

Monday 18th May 22:48 Report Comment

Katie FlanaganPlayer of the season- Jaggs Young Player- Fellaini Goal of the season- Arteta v Hull Thats My Opinion AnyWay

Monday 18th May 22:10 Report Comment

Katie FlanaganAll the boys have had a great seasons and everyone invovled with the club keep it up for the game at fulham and the cup final.

Monday 18th May 21:52 Report Comment

Simon AndrewsI am extremely proud to be an Evertonian at the moment! This is due to the commitment of every single player and the desire to do a job for the team in any position they are asked to do a job in! Well done so far lads, now lets finish the job and bring the cup back to where it belongs!

Monday 18th May 20:53 Report Comment

Ray MossShandy Van Der Meyde should be our player of the season, he has to play in the cup final, he is class.....

Monday 18th May 20:30 Report Comment

Andrew ParkerOutstanding effort by everyone yet again. Special mentions though have to go to Howard, Jags, Baines, Piennar, Neville, Arteta and Cahill and of course the most important person of them all David Moyes! COYB

Monday 18th May 20:05 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathI think all that are involved with the club deserve an award, every year! Well done another hard fought solid crewboth on the field and off. See ya on the 30th:)

Monday 18th May 18:14 Report Comment


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