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Arteta: I Will Stay

Arteta: I Will Stay

Last week we asked you to send in your questions for midfielder Mikel Arteta.

You all but filled our inbox and on Wednesday we put a few of the best to the Spaniard.

Topics he covered included performing in front of the Goodison crowd, playing in his new No 10 shirt and, most importantly, his future at Everton.

The news was good...  

Mikel, will you publicly state your position with regards to the Atletico Madrid situation?
Paul, Cornwall

"I always say - and I don't know how many times I have to say - that I'm so happy here and I have no intention to leave. As I always say, one day I would like to get back to Spain  before I end my career - maybe one or two years over there. But you never know, at the moment I'm not thinking about leaving because I'm so happy here - and I've been very happy since I joined the Club. I want to stay here and I'm so happy and proud I am part of this Club."

What spurs you on to play better? The Everton fans chanting your name or simply playing for the name of Everton?
Terry Doyle, Walton

"I think it's a combination of both. We're all proud to play for Everton but when you get in the ground and you see all these people cheering for you it gets you more motivated."

Hi Mikel. Do you see yourself playing in a more central role as your career advances?
Richie Coupe

"Everybody knows I really like to play in the middle but the way we have played in the last few years means I've had to play a little bit wider. It doesn't really matter. As long as I get a lot of the ball and I get involved in the game I don't really mind. But I do think my natural position is more in the middle."

My girlfriend is on the verge of giving birth to our first child - a boy - and I would like to name him after you. It would mean an awful lot to us if we could get your permission to do so.
Paul Biggerstaff

"Of course. It would be a pleasure for me. Just for the fact they have been thinking of me. That would make me very proud."

What are your thoughts on playing in the famous number 10 shirt?
Lee Stanley, Liverpool

"The lads started saying, 'Mickey, why are you not wearing 10?'. I said, 'I wear number 6 and I'm happy with that'. But then the number 10 shirt came free and I had a chance to take it. Jags wanted to be number 6 so we said we would swap."

What did you know about Everton growing up in Spain?
David Mitchell, St Helens

"Everton weren't as well known before, but they are now because in the last few years we have done a little bit better. Obviously it was a big club in England - it's always been a big club - and when I played here for Real Sociedad in a friendly I realised how big a club it was. A few months later I was playing for Everton - it was a good thing."

Do you prefer the night matches at Goodison or the 3pm kick offs on a Saturday?
Aimee Whitehill

"Any game is special but the UEFA cup games at nights are even more special. The atmosphere created in the ground is special and obviously you're playing against the top teams in Europe. We haven't been playing those sorts of teams for a long time, so I think the fans get more excited about those games."

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Kane DraperMikel You Are Soo Much If A Legend And You Have Made The Right Decision To Stay Here At Everton We All Love You .. COYB !!!

Thursday 31st July 21:42 Report Comment

Clive Bartonthe most skilful and exciting player I have seen in a blue jersey....up there with tricky trev as the best right sided player. mikel you are a legend already..

Thursday 31st July 20:12 Report Comment

Troy Helmichwhat a legend mikel arteta is, extemely glad to hear you are staying mikel. COYB

Thursday 31st July 11:06 Report Comment

Jon ThainNice one Mikel.................COYB!!!!!

Wednesday 30th July 23:43 Report Comment

brown greg"you are a blue legend mik " thats all i have to say

Wednesday 30th July 20:53 Report Comment

joe stanleyi am so glad mikel is staying! i want to stay here for the rest of his career and hopefully that will happen. blue4ever

Wednesday 30th July 20:24 Report Comment


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