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Anichebe 'Humiliated' After Ordeal

Victor Anichebe is embarrassed after being stopped by the police.

Anichebe 'Humiliated' After Ordeal
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Victor Anichebe has revealed he is 'humiliated and embarrassed' after being stopped by the police on Wednesday.

The Everton forward was stopped by police, as he was looking in a jeweller shop's window in Knutsford.

A friend of Anichebe was then placed in handcuffs following suspicions the duo were part of a series of violent robberies targetting jewellers in the area.

The police have since issued an apology and Victor has released the following statement regarding the incident:

"Whilst I do fully understand Cheshire Police's desire to tackle the problem of robberies on jewellery shops in the Knutsford area, I remain deeply upset and very angry about the treatment which was meted out to myself and a friend yesterday (Wednesday).

"We were doing no more than window-shopping when we found ourselves surrounded by Police officers who accused us of attempting to steal watches. Both myself and my friend, Lee, were accused, by Cheshire Police officers, of ‘attempted theft‘. Sadly, even when I explained who I was and what I was doing, they continued to treat both of us as not just suspects but as criminals."

Anichebe is currently on crutches after undergoing knee surgery on an injury picked up against Newcastle last month.

And the Nigerian striker explained that he almost had them taken off him during questioning.

"It was not only totally ridiculous but also highly embarrassing and totally humiliating," his statement continued. "Simply because we stood our ground and insisted that we had done absolutely nothing wrong, they decided to place my friend in handcuffs. I am currently having to use crutches to walk as I recently underwent surgery on a knee injury and - astonishingly - one of the officers even tried to grab the crutches in order to prevent me from ‘escaping'.

"After what seemed like an eternity the Police officers seemed to realise that they had made a mistake, acknowledging that I was a footballer with Premiership club and not someone who was preparing to commit a crime.

"At the time, I asked the officers if they would have taken the action they did had I been white rather than black. Whilst I do not wish to turn this unfortunate and unnecessary incident into a race issue, I believe it is a question which does need to be asked.

"I am pro-Police - always have been and always will be. However, on this occasion they clearly got things badly wrong.

"Whilst both myself and my friend welcome the statement which has been issued by Cheshire Police this afternoon, we do not feel it constitutes the unreserved apology we were seeking and which we believe is justified under the circumstances."

Louise DaviesThis is a absoltue disgrace by the Police. Accusing him and his mate. The police need to get there act together. He derserves a full apology.

Tuesday 17th March 15:28 Report Comment

Spencer RamsayThis is madness! If the police think that looking in a jewellers shop window amounts to a 'reasonable suspicion' to commit attempted theft then they seriously need to go back to training school (!!) otherwise no-one is going to be safe in the High Street on a Saturday afternoon. Vic and his friend have every right to be angry and I hope further action is taken against the police. They were clearly acting over-zealously on this occassion and without any reasonable basis. Also, how the hell did the police think Vic was going to make a run for it??!! It would have been the shortest and slowest police chase in history!!

Friday 13th March 13:43 Report Comment

Anna HowlinBlack or white, this is distracefully behaviour from the Police. This is a classic example of disrespect for the human rights of someone who was merely shopping with a friend. With regards to the crutches element, if it wasn't so horrendous I would think it was a joke... pushes the boundaries of disrespect over the edge.

Friday 13th March 12:55 Report Comment

tom kingvic dont worry matey! just score a cracker when your back and have a t-shirt on under your jersey with a message to the police officer who was obviously a jelous liverpool fan who was just saw u played for us and no them!!!

Friday 13th March 12:10 Report Comment

Wayne HudsonFeel for you Victor. It has happened to me (some time ago now though) It's not a nice experience and i was checked out before any accusations and sent on my way. Why couldn't they just check on you before accusing you? Very unprofesional.

Friday 13th March 11:13 Report Comment

Chris YoungThere was obviously a major error of judgement and Victor has every right to feel aggrieved by the actions of these officers. However, I do not feel that we should get carried away rearding the race issue. Yes, he is a young black man walking around a predominantly white area and was stopped. But how many times have we as middle aged white men and women walked past a group of white youths and wondered whether we were on for a hiding. Don't agree with what the police have done, but we should treat it for the incident it is. (Chris, not a police officer)

Friday 13th March 11:03 Report Comment

It's clearly wrong what happened to Vic, particularly the crutches thing, that's ridiculous. However, in light of some the comments below, I feel I should point out (and no I'm not a cop myself) that I know some police, and find them to be very decent people who are not at all racist and who genuinely want to create a better society - and often do this without any thanks. Having said that, the police I know aren't Cheshire police. Thanks goodnight much love.

Friday 13th March 10:26 Report Comment

Alan MullallyI think the way in which this happened is an absolute disgrace and I would also agree with Ashley in that the Police apology was not in any way sufficient. I appreciate that the Police can make mistakes and that they are only doing their job in trying to protect us all. However, there are proper and correct ways of doing things. In response to Darren, I'm white and the 1st thing that came to mind when I read about this in the papers was "it wouldn't have happened in the same way if he was white". However Vic, you've shown incredible maturity in all of this and you haven't blown anything out of proportion. What you have done is promote a healty debate which is the way that things should be dealt with...not hatred, retaliation or over-the-top political correctness. It's all about common sense and Victor has shown that he has it in abundance. We should all take note and learn from his reaction. I take my hat off to you sir!!

Friday 13th March 09:57 Report Comment

John CheeversRest assured Vic, by your actions & your words, you have shown yourself to be a proud & sensible young man! Well done Sir!!!

Friday 13th March 09:11 Report Comment

chris skillicornAnother typical display of the british justice system and a clear indication that our tax money is being wasted!! Vic a mature and well thought out statement you got your point across without being aggressive, whatever happened to being innoccent before proven guilty?!?! for

Friday 13th March 08:54 Report Comment

Ashley ThomasThe following is a copy of my letter of compalint sent to chesire Police: The Chesire Police's public statement relating to this event does little to reduce my disappointment at action taken by Police Officers. The initial reaction to V.A. and friend's activity was not "expediatory" police action but was a clear display of premeditated prejudiced thinking on behalf the Police involved. To hear that an English Police force carries these prejudiced is disappointing, saddening and discouraging to people like me who are proud of their English ties and heritage. Further insult is added by the statement released by Chesire Police. That no one in your organisation was able to display the responsibility and courage admit to a clearly prejudiced evaluation of the situation. Sadly this leaves me thinking that Chesire Police are not conscious of this blatant prejudice and therefore that it is unlikely that this is a unique occurrence. If Chesire Police do not issue a full apology for the flawed and irrefutably prejudiced evaluation and assessment of the two men's activity they will be devaluing the reputation of themselves and all English Police in the minds of all those with ties to the region and it's community.

Friday 13th March 02:27 Report Comment

Darren WollastonI agree that you stand up for yourself and take my hat off to you for holding firm! It wouldn't suprise me if they actually did it because you are a preofessional footballer! However, I do disagree with the comment regarding the need to ask whether it was due to race. I think this is totally irrelevant and has actually started a lot of unnecessary debate on many internet forums!

Friday 13th March 00:53 Report Comment

andrena suttonMr Anichebe do not be silenced re the obvious racist humiliation you and your friend have just experienced. It is intolerable and inexcusable the way you and your friend were treated by the police. Your question - would this have happened if you were white - well you know the answer i.e. certainly not. Would there have been a reaction if David Beckham for example was window shopping - I am just using the most famous footballer I know here to make my point. I heartily apologise for the actions of these supposed upholders of the law! I am so sorry this happened to you and your friend - I feel humiliated that this has happened to you. Kick racism out of football the saying goes - well kick racism out of Cheshire and the racists (by implication and action) who include the police officers who surrounded you; the CCTV operators and anyone else who colluded and acted to destroy your dignity. Imagine if you were no-one just some black man or woman window shopping - but you have power and fame behind you I shudder to think what further injustices/humiliations would have happened to you if you were not a premiership footballer. I just had to comment and I hope your leg and your pride mend as soon as possible. I wish you and your friend peace and calm after what was an ourtrageous incident. Demand a full televised or medial led apology or perhaps you could sue. I'm not a football fan or an Evertonian I'm just a concerned black british citizen who cares for her fellow men and women both black and white. I cannot stand oppressive behaviours.

Thursday 12th March 23:58 Report Comment

William Mc Donaldsorry to hear about you and your mate Vic. Get well soon.

Thursday 12th March 21:37 Report Comment

Dan Dickensoneven though you were on crutches and had a bad knee they thought you could run away. i don't think them police officers are going to get promoted anytime soon. I agree with vic about being pro police but that poor by anyones standards.

Thursday 12th March 20:45 Report Comment

PAUL BUCKLEYSorry to hear about your unfortunate incident with the bizzies Vic, but as for the race issue dont even go there. I fully understand your not happy with whats happemed and quite rightly so but bringing the race issue in is just getting boring now. The ploice do a great job and if they say they were investergating a violet gang of jewel robbers then thats what they were doing. Black or white if there investergating a crime every one getsa some. Hope your recovery goes well Victor....

Thursday 12th March 20:19 Report Comment

Derek JoyceVic, Pursue this and make an example of the officers in question. If you hadn't been a footballer and just an ordinary Joe-soap, what would the treatment have been like? You can bet it would have been a lot worse. Sue them for all it's worth and give it to charity. Lessons need to be learned and unfortunately in this day and age, money talks. I wish you and your mate all the best.

Thursday 12th March 19:48 Report Comment

lisa kellythis is policeing gone bonkers

Thursday 12th March 19:46 Report Comment

David ClarkAn absolute disgrace what happened to Victor and his friend. I hope someone is brought to task for this gross error of judgement. However, I really can't see anything happening. Would anyone but a Prem footballer have even received such a quick apology? Keep your spirits up Vic and I hope to see you back on the pitch sooner rather than later.

Thursday 12th March 19:23 Report Comment

steve hurleyjust to let you know ive lodged my opinion with cheshire police i think its outrageous victor COYB

Thursday 12th March 19:03 Report Comment

Gary ProctorWell said vic hope you and your mate are okay must have been terrible,

Thursday 12th March 18:53 Report Comment

eric mcnamaraThat is a disgrace, I would sue the police for that behaviour! As for Vic, I hope you get back to full fitness for the start of pre season training 2009/2010 and be part of our euro quest...

Thursday 12th March 18:25 Report Comment


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