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The reaction to the game with Fiorentina and the drama at Goodison.


David Moyes was full of pride despite his side exiting the Uefa Cup.

Everton beat Fiorentina 2-0 at Goodison, and the tie finished 2-2 on aggregate.

But a heart-wrenching 4-2 penalty shootout defeat ended the Blues' European dreams for this season.

Moyes told "We played some good stuff, they are a good side.

"We didn't play well over there, but we made up for it tonight."

Everton played superbly throughout the 120 minutes of the game, creating numerous chances in their attempts to overturn the first leg deficit.

"We had enough chances to win the tie and we probably should have done," continued Moyes.

"He (Sebastien Frey, Fiorentina goalkeeper) saved them and his saves were the difference.

"The crowd played their part and the players played their part in making that happen."

Purplerain ViolaHonored to have played against you. We both deserved to go on, but unfortunately only one can, and it was us this time. We'll see you next year in Champions League!!!!! Go EVERTON!! Forza Viola!!!

Friday 21st March 15:09 Report Comment

Mitchell HodgeCome on blues, I knew the second i saw the fixture it was going to be tough for us, we pulled off a 2 - 0 victory if it wasnt for aggregate, come on blues do it for us. Cahill do it for a fellow aussie EFC do it for every EFC fan out there, 4th spot is ours!

Tuesday 18th March 12:57 Report Comment

peter sargisoneven though we lost today against fulham lets not forget we have 5 home and 3 away liverpool have 5 away and 3 home , we are stuck on fourth, their three home games are man city blackburn and us , aswell as away at arsenal man utd spurs and two others i would expect them to win

Sunday 16th March 19:32 Report Comment

andrew thompson26 years a proud blue supporter, wed night tipified the feeling that moyes is building a squad that can compete at all levels, wednesday night was one of the great performances I have been privvy to, not only great players but a great team, here to a bright future with Moyes as our leader!

Friday 14th March 15:28 Report Comment

SEAN CADEWELL DONE EVERTON!!!! I was at the match on Wednesday and walked away with my head held high. The atmosphere was electric and the team were fanatastic, COME ON LETS HAVE THIRD SPOT. ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE

Friday 14th March 13:04 Report Comment

mark winterGutted but so so so proud to be a blue.the boys were unreal!! the school of science re-opens!!!battered one of europe's big guns for 2 hours and showed, not just the prem league but also europe that WE ARE BACK.go ALL OUT for 4th boys...i believe it's ours, just have to make it happen.derby's gonna be tasty innit?!! lol. COYB!!

Friday 14th March 11:20 Report Comment

Mark ReidI'm proud of the lads. Jags says he felt numb at the end.... Personally, I'm excited at the prospect of seeing Jags go head to head with Torres later this month. Lets see what our neighbours have to say now about our Jags!!! COYB

Friday 14th March 11:10 Report Comment

David SimpsonHugely proud to be at the game on Wednesday, I knew it was going to be special before the game when the boys line up, the noise from the crowd was amazing and very emotional. Luck wasn't with us, but we can play our way to overcome the reds. Again I have never experienced a night like it and will stay with me forever

Friday 14th March 09:34 Report Comment

Richard HWe won so much more than a football match. We may have been knocked out by a flip of a coin, but we have restored some very special things to this club. On the brink of greatness.

Friday 14th March 08:56 Report Comment

What a great team effort! Keep on like this and there will be many more great European match nights like this. Onwards and upwards! Come on you Blues!!!!

Thursday 13th March 23:36 Report Comment

dale carteri have been to alot of everton matches an i have to say that was one of the best matches av been to except for beating the kopites!!u played so well last nite an we deserved the win coyb an carry on goin in the league for 4th!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 23:27 Report Comment


Thursday 13th March 22:57 Report Comment

steve elvenYou showed what a fantastic team you have become! Everybody at work today said it was just not right that we went out of the competition after we were soooooooo brilliant. I have always been proud to be a blue even down here in the south, and your efforts last night were what made my chest swell to unknown proportions. We have one of the greatest squads ever emerging so lets keep it up and get 4th place. COYB

Thursday 13th March 21:52 Report Comment

brian athertonwell played blues ,you made me proud to be an evertonian, lets go for 4th place now, we were only beaten by one player their goalie COYB

Thursday 13th March 20:44 Report Comment

martin cameronjust wanted to say how proud i am to be a blue. the commitment shown last night and all season has been terrific. everyone of the boys can hold their heads high. if we play like that 4 the rest of this season we will definatly get 4th. Jags you were top quality last night and for most of the season so dont worry about last night just keep doing your thing. COYBs

Thursday 13th March 20:11 Report Comment

Andrew Christianam so proud the players , keeps your heads up and fight for fourth, better luck next year,

Thursday 13th March 20:03 Report Comment

frank burtongreat, performance,we could not have asked, for more,just not our night, but 1 thing is for sure, THE BLUE,S ARE BACK.

Thursday 13th March 19:43 Report Comment

Sue BrownGreat game lads, you did us all proud playing like that. What a game! Just take that energy across the park in a few weeks and let the reds know who should be in europe! Am proud to be a BLUE

Thursday 13th March 19:26 Report Comment

Dave BrewWhat else can I say. Everybody else has already said it! What a night.... It' was absolutely fantastic, it's never been a better time to be a blue, even some of the 'others' across the park told me today, that we where unlucky and we deserved to win. Just wasn't to be. Keep your peckers up and go for that 4th spot. It has our name all over it.. CONYBB!

Thursday 13th March 19:26 Report Comment

Lapo PieriHello guys, I live near Florence and i'm a fiorentina fan. You have a great team and greats fans, and i think yesterday you'd have merited to pass by the turn. I want to make you my best wishes for the football season and hope to meet you next year in champion's league. Of cuorse Fiorentina is ever my first choice, but After yesterday Everton has a new fan in Italy, ciao!

Thursday 13th March 19:09 Report Comment

David McBrideHello boys, so proud to be a Blue. What a performance, I was probably a bit unfair with my comments to me mate obout the Yak penalty,but we all make mistakes He is a class act like the rest of the team. Let beat them across the park and make sure 4th is ours !!! COYB

Thursday 13th March 19:03 Report Comment

Fabio Aliprandieven if we have lost i will love forever everton!!!!!!! COYB!!!! we think the next matches and we must managed to exceed RS....come on champions league!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 18:56 Report Comment

Gerben Poelsa night we will never forget (for the good things) the crowd were amazing, the team fabelous, we were just unluky that we didn't had that 3th goal, but it was our first european experience in a year or 2-3. so next year, with this squad. nice played Everton, go now completely for the 4th place

Thursday 13th March 18:43 Report Comment

Teesha Varneyso proud of the club for putting on a great show ,the team the fans the staff,,,superb,,,the penalty shoot out not so.but onwards the toffees will go ,from what was on show,things can only get better:)

Thursday 13th March 18:34 Report Comment

Charlotte EatonProud To Be A Blue The Perfomance Yesturday Night Was The Best Iv Seen Us Play In A While .. We Were The Better Team By Far ... Well Done To Mikel And Andy For The Goals ... Was Unfair For Us To Go Out Like That .... The Atmosphere In My Front Room Was Soo Tense ... Was So Nervous Id Hate To Fink Wht the Players Felt Like Excellent Perfomances From The WHole Team Jagielka ... Keep Yr Head Up Mate .. Was Definatly Not Your Faultt .. Keep Smiling The First Leg Is Wht Did It For Us ... Was A Poor Performance .. But In My Eyes .. We Won That Game Now Lets Put This Behind Us And Defeat Liverpool In A Few Weeks .. 4th Spot Is Ours!!! FORVER EVERTON! >> COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 18:30 Report Comment

patrick kehoefair play to you Jags, very unlucky last night, you have been class all season, now lets get fourth place COYB

Thursday 13th March 18:27 Report Comment

michael van drielfair does boys you played well and i was proud to be at the match we were just a bit unlucky but deserved to go through the italians were to busy diving everywhere but like i said to pull two goals back was fantastic and also the atmosphere was just unbelievable there but wait till next year we'll come back even stronger

Thursday 13th March 18:20 Report Comment


Thursday 13th March 17:53 Report Comment

chris loinesI just want to say that we played great and did not deserve to go out the way we did. The is no one to blame for are unfortunate defeat. No not even you jags and yak! LOL. jags you have improved alot since the begging of the season and with out some of your mannificent tackles we would not of got as far as we did so well done. i would be proud to have any blues name on my shirt. you did all everton fans proud but just make sure we win the derby please!!! COYB!!

Thursday 13th March 17:35 Report Comment

Jack SmithWhat a night to remember, have been an Evertonian for all my 58yrs, came out the womb in an Everton strip, cheesed me old man off no end, he was LFC hee hee, am a scouser in Newcastle, but my heart was definately in Liverpool last night, this team of ours is starting to look phenomonal, Arteta is a class act, AJ is a tireless greyhound, Jags is amazing, and Neville is a great captain and motivator, the back four, the midfield, the strikers, all want to play for this club and most importantly, they want to win for Everton, have a confession tho, wasnt sure if Yakubu would fit us when he joined, but the man has done brilliantly and you can tell he loves wearing his new Blue Shirt colour, we had a great team in the 50s and 60s and have always strived for excellence since then, David Moyes is a manager I admire, he has commitment to Everton and wants his team and club to be winners, long may the man stay at the helm, another Harry Catterick in the making...Jacky (Toxteth Lad)

Thursday 13th March 17:26 Report Comment

Shelli WoodsI am immensely proud of the Blue Boys. Their work rate, flair, commitment and team spirit are second to none. I live in Germany but there are a lot of EFC fans in this expat community. I had nipped into the kitchen when Johnson scored, but the roar from the fans absolutely blasted out of my TV and I knew instantly that we were one up. Only Goodison at full voice can make such a sound! The curse of penalties for English teams strikes again. I thought it only right and proper that Jags got the positive reaction he did as he had played so well and deserved the praise. We may have been knocked out of the competition, yet it is not the losing that we should remember, but the manner in which we played. COYB!

Thursday 13th March 17:05 Report Comment

Alison TurleyHorrible way to go out, but what an oustanding performance by the whole of Everton .Players and fans alike. Now take the spirit from last night for the remained of the season and fourth spot is ours!Hold your heads high & be proud to be blue. COYB

Thursday 13th March 16:57 Report Comment

Andy DunnToday, I'm so so proud to be a blue.... Sure we lost, sure we went out but i'll say one thing. Fiorentina, if they win it will not play a harder game all season. They were well and truly battered for 120 minutes and couldn't have complained if it had been 5-0. Boys, you were tremendous from minute 1 to 120. You played with pride, passion, skill, creativity, flare and guts. Truly inspirational and magnificent to watch... Thats the school of science. Forever Everton!!!

Thursday 13th March 16:38 Report Comment

Neil HarrisI have never been more proud to be a blue,the effort all the boys put in was immense,we didn't deserve to go out,the better team lost, as for the pens, Jag's you have been playing so well just put it down to bad luck and get us 4th spot. coyb

Thursday 13th March 16:38 Report Comment

Dave GriffithsAlthough we went out last night, I've never been more proud to be a Blue. Every one of our boys should walk tall safe in the knowlage that they put in the best Everton perfomance for many, many years. Chin up lads, lets get that 4th spot!

Thursday 13th March 15:52 Report Comment

Clare MarshI am proud to be a Blue and proud of all our Toffee Men! We definitely deserved to win and it's sickening that we didn't, but all the same Fiorentina did play well too. I felt that they were no where near as good last night as last week though! What I was most proud about was when Jagielka was still applauded by fans and team mates alike after having his penalty saved. Keep smiling Jag because we wouldn't have got there without you, you are amazing. Love you forever Everton xxx

Thursday 13th March 15:17 Report Comment

james carnavonhey guys, it's just not fair to post only praises for the blues. i sent a couple of posts from florence, but the site's webmaster never posted them. so, go on like this and you'll get wins by the score (also when you are defeated), you will always be right and you will always be the best. and fiorentina win! thank you, tender toffees, and learn how to treat penalty kicks. ciao.

Thursday 13th March 14:21 Report Comment

Kenneth TurnerThis club of ours is definitley moving forward. I have seen pride and dissapointment in the manager and players faces. We played like we were going to win the round,everyone played their part with team spirit and character. Magnificent. We will return to this competition even stronger next season and get are just rewards.

Thursday 13th March 13:55 Report Comment

mike DixonWatched the game her in Florida. Had enough chances to have won in normal time. Was this the same side that gave such a poor performance last week? The penalty curse resturns!!! When did we last win a penalty shoot out at home??? That aside, the boys were magnificent. Fuels things up well for the game across the park on the 30th. Just hope that Dr Jeckle & Mr Hyde don't turn up also!!! COYB. Dicko in Kissimmee.

Thursday 13th March 13:51 Report Comment

Gary RimmerYou did us all proud. You left the game with heads held high, and the sound of the fans applauding in yur ears. We all knew the effort and committment you put in.If we play like that between now and the end of the season fourth place will be ours. Bring on the derby COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 13:50 Report Comment

Gary DenwoodJust wanted to say that I don't believe the lads could have given anymore they were superb all over the pitch, i couldn't be prouder of them well done lads were all behind you, it was brilliant to see Bill Kenwright before the game being interviewed he may not have the money of some chairmans but he has the passion and interests of the club at heart just what we need come on you blue boys 4th is ours

Thursday 13th March 13:41 Report Comment

Carl McDonaldI am a very proud Toffee supporter in Australia, watching as many of the games live as I can, last nights game was the pinnacle of what the club, the players and the fans love to see, 100% commitment and everyone working together, take great heart from that performance everyone, you were all outstanding, truly awesome to fight back and thats what we are all about, never give in and never give up - we will be stronger and better going forward, keep believing as all your fans do and the right results will come - we are all behind the club, the management and the players, well done lads.

Thursday 13th March 13:32 Report Comment

brian connorThanks Lads and Dave Solid performance not just last night but all season proud to support you keep it up big club, big hearts.

Thursday 13th March 13:18 Report Comment

Stuart LawleyI just want to say, i have never been prouder to be a blue, and we lost but we lost with pride and honour. no one is to blame it just was not ment to be. the players and David Moyes can be so proud of there achivements so far and more is to come. Thank you to all the team.

Thursday 13th March 13:15 Report Comment

Spencer KennySuch a shame to go out in this fashion, none the less a MAGNIFICENT performance from the whole team. Such passion and pride in your performances. Yobo playing as solid as ever, Super Lee Carsley comanding the midfield, and Jag's, chin up mate - superb performance. We need though, to get away from this style of smacking the ball down field constantly. Play the passing game that we have all come to admire from you in the recent past. You do it so well!! We love you forever blues, pride and passion of our lives!

Thursday 13th March 12:55 Report Comment

James Francis OConnellGet David Moyes contract sorted, he is an exceptional Manager and built a fantastic team.

Thursday 13th March 12:52 Report Comment

derek wrightLast week I was critical this week I have nothing but pride but that is what is so good and makes Evertonians so special, you have to deal with every emotion in the book, something supporters of some other teams who I shall not name could not cope with. But it was great to see the team pick themselves up and grind out a win at Sunderland then produce a performance as good as that last night. David Moyes is doing a great job at the helm (we need to get a new contract sorted out for him soon) and the players are a credit to Everton Football Club. We also need to secure Peanut on a permanent contract soon before someone else does. He along with all the others played themselves into the ground last night but still went that extra yard for us. Again well done lads and lets now move forward in the league and secure a European spot again for next year.

Thursday 13th March 12:49 Report Comment

Phil O'RourkeGot to echo all comments on hear. Am proud to be a blue. Couldn't fault anybody in their passion, application and ability. Thats includes us, the fans!! Think we all knew what was going to happen in the shoot out. Years of experience supporting the Greatest Club on the Planet! Heads Up boys and lets finish in a European spot and look forward to it all again next year. COYB!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 12:32 Report Comment

Marc KilroyIts impossible not to be filled with pride after that performance and to both Phil Jags and The Yak not to worry lads you's have both been amazing this season...... watch out Europe we'll be back next year !!!! COYB

Thursday 13th March 12:28 Report Comment

David GraceWhat a night! i think i speak for the all blues in saying that we are proud of the lads last night, they gave everything they could but their goal led a charmed life and they were lucky to only be one down at half time! Ultimately our performance away from home lost us this but weve got to move on, Fulham next and lets keep the pressure up on the other lot! A couple of quality signings in the summer, a new right back and another classy midfielder and who knows, this is the best everton team for aslong as i can remember and our manager is improving with us, last night hurt like hell but you can bet Moyes and the lads will have learnt valuable lessons and that will only benfit us next season, come on lads lets finish the season with a bang and above that yank lot across the park!

Thursday 13th March 12:26 Report Comment

Neil FaulknerFirst time i've ever left a message on this site. Usually only come here to watch EvertonTV and catch up on news. Felt I had to post to say how proud I was to be an Everton supporter last night. Not many teams could display such conviction one week later, after such a uncharacteristic performance, leading to defeat. For a team to believe in themselves, when all the chips were stacked against takes true heart and soul. From the most junior person working at EFC all the way up to Bill Kenwright, I thank you all. COYB!!!!

Thursday 13th March 12:25 Report Comment

Lee RushtonLike others have said, regardless of we are out of Uefa Cup it was a superb performance. Just made up for the poor performance in Italy. The crowd were superb,was similar to semi final which David Moyes said helped the game. Ive lost my voice due to shouting as much as i could. Just beat Liverpool to 4th now to make up for it. Just hope we're not cheated again against them. That will just top off a great season for us. Semi Final League Cup, Last 16 Uefa but beaten on penalties and Hope 4th in Premier!!!! Congratulations to Moyes and the Players and the crowd. All be proud.

Thursday 13th March 12:22 Report Comment

Lee RushtonLike others have said, regardless of we are out of Uefa Cup it was a superb performance. Just made up for the poor performance in Italy. The crowd were superb,was similar to semi final which David Moyes said helped the game. Ive lost my voice due to shouting as much as i could. Just beat Liverpool to 4th now to make up for it. Just hope we're not cheated again against them. That will just top off a great season for us. Semi Final League Cup, Last 16 Uefa but beaten on penalties and Hope 4th in Premier!!!! Congratulations to Moyes and the Players and the crowd. All be proud.

Thursday 13th March 12:20 Report Comment

karl waltonI really do believe that with a couple more quality signings in the summer this team can equal if not surpass the success of the eighties, as our neighbours clearly demonstrate millions to spend in the transfer market won't guarantee you success whats equally important is a club where everybody values and encourages each other from the young kids to the board. In Moyes we have the new Alex Ferguson lets keep moving forward and be just as successful

Thursday 13th March 11:45 Report Comment

Michael CullwickCracking performance, just wasnt to be our fairytale. Well done the lads who stepped up under the pressure. We move on. In moyes we trust!

Thursday 13th March 11:43 Report Comment

Anna SpencerAbsolutely gutted for everyone concerned with EFC. Ultimately we lost it in the first leg, with such an unrecognisable performance! but we gave it our all with a wonderful night, bar those peno's at the end! Yak and Jags, head up lads, the blame doesnt lie at your door, all players who played last week have to take collective responsibility!! We were very unlucky last night but a brilliant performance to take heart from! We will be back next season!! So now for 4th place, you can do it, heads up everyone, bounce back with a win on Sunday. from a Proud Blue!!

Thursday 13th March 11:41 Report Comment

wayne poultonWe played so brilliant 10 times better than there peformance in italy i feel, it is dissapointing to go out after such an outstanding 120 minutes, but lets get the focus back on the premiership from here if we play with form like that there is no reason why we cant get 4th and scare the top 3 in the last few games :D great perfomance C>O>Y>B

Thursday 13th March 11:40 Report Comment

Stephen LamSo proud of the men in Blue, ran their legs off, simply awesome. Could not ask for any more you gave it everything. You made us all proud and I bet any other teams chasing the final european spots must be worried. Well done lads you were awesome.

Thursday 13th March 11:22 Report Comment

KEVIN ELLISONI have never been so proud to be an evertonian as i was last night.Now bring on Liverpool on march 30th,when we beat them and try to clinch that 4th spot.

Thursday 13th March 11:16 Report Comment

Mick EganMY SALUTE TO THE MIGHTY BLUES! You were magnificent, no one could have asked for more effort. you made an excellent Italian side look very ordinary. I have always been proud to be a blue, but none more so than last night. As others have said, other teams must FEAR Everton now, as that performance was outstanding! Keep going lads and 4th spot will be ours!

Thursday 13th March 11:11 Report Comment

laura furlonggutted for jags with the pen he is a class player one of the best players in the league i hope it doesnt affect his confidence all the players should be immensly proud of themselves they played a blinder last night i was so proud to be a blue lets see more of the same and hammer the reds next week

Thursday 13th March 11:11 Report Comment

Carl FisherThis is the first time I have left a message on here, but I just feel I had to. I hope that the players will read these comments and take on board how proud we are of them. They are a credit to themselves and to our magnificent club. Iam so proud and happy I was born a blue, we are an incredible family and standing in the Park End is like standing at home. They showed incredible character last night and were so unlucky. I just don’t understand why a fantastic club like ours has this horrible jinx when we are in Europe. Head up lads.

Thursday 13th March 11:08 Report Comment

Lisajane EllisI'm afraid I didn't get to see the match as I had a dress rehearsal last night. However, I am so very, very proud of my boys in blue. Let' s now concentrate on getting that 4th spot, starting with Fulham. As I'm based in London, I'll be there, so please repeat some of last nights highlights. Lj x

Thursday 13th March 11:04 Report Comment

jim farleywe lost the game in the first leg, but what a difference in the second leg, they tried all the tricks in their book to no avail, I lost count the number of times the ball was scrambled off their goal line. We must concentrate on the league now and make the 4th spot ours.

Thursday 13th March 10:54 Report Comment

Mark ReidOh ... and lets not forget we still have the 1986 record to go for for Away league wins in a season.... So come on you blues!!!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 10:54 Report Comment

Mark ReidI just want to add my voice to all the rest of the Toffees... and tell Moyesy and the players they did us proud last night. True grit. A real show of character. Last night was no defeat. You could only be proud. Last night's result ensures Everton FC are now re-established in Europe.

Thursday 13th March 10:52 Report Comment

Jackie scottBrillant performance you did us proud bad luck what away to loose. chin up and get that fourth spot from liverpool.

Thursday 13th March 10:51 Report Comment

Christine HopeOMG they were all brilliant last night and should rightly ....had it won in the 90 mins...just one word - Referee!!!!!! anyway ...well done to ALL the boys and the atmosphere was tremendous soon as it went to penalties i felt it was all over....Gutted...BUT come on and lets get that 4th spot.....COYB.....

Thursday 13th March 10:51 Report Comment

Niall BrophyWell done lads! I'm so proud of ye, the way ye played last night. I have nothing but the height of respect for ye all. In the cold light of day, although we were beaten in the lottery of penalties, we beat comprehensively over 90 minutes one of the top Italian teams and that should never be forgotten, although the media will say you've failed. Hopefully you won't get too downhearted and kick-on to get that 4th spot. Remember you don't fail if you fall - you fail if you don't get back up again.

Thursday 13th March 10:47 Report Comment

Paul WoodsAn amazing performance of phenomenal work rate and tenacity and the football was breathtaking at times. It was not to be ours on the night but there is nothing but satisfaction on my face after watching Fiorentina succumb to the mighty blues at Goodison, and I travelled from New Zealand for this game! Chin up and lets get 4th!

Thursday 13th March 10:44 Report Comment

Colin GilbertRegarding Paul Darbyshire's comment I reckon any other team that watched us last night must be quaking in their boots. Proud so very, very proud. That performance was better than any trophy. Can't wait for Sunday, but I bet Fulham can.COYB

Thursday 13th March 10:42 Report Comment

eric mcnamarathat was a absolutely tremendous performance, fiorentina got out of jail, no doubt of that. we need to put the head down and continue playing like this. we expect to win every game now the way it should be.

Thursday 13th March 10:39 Report Comment

chris trimbleI thought the lads played awsome last night, deserved to win, 100%. I'm always proud to be a blue and watching the boys do so well last night almost brought a tear to my eye. COYB

Thursday 13th March 10:39 Report Comment

E HurleyChin up lads. can do it for 4th spot.

Thursday 13th March 10:31 Report Comment

david griffithsi'd jus like to say a big thank you to the gaffer an all da players the place was buzzing last nite I felt proud to be a blue and to 4th spot will be ours

Thursday 13th March 10:26 Report Comment

Brian ForanChin up lads.Great Great performance from all in Goodison last inght specially the 11 dogs of war. So proud of you all lads so pround..Unlucky on pens lack of experience cost us at the end of the day..Jags and Yak have been brilliant and unlucky it was them Lets get 4th

Thursday 13th March 10:14 Report Comment

Ronnie LimAll the boys on the pitch, including those cheering them on played a huge role in our comeback. The spot-kicks are just another lottery that we should not take as a defeat. I'm very proud to say I'm an Everton fan because that 90-min showed the world that we can beat anyone if we put in a decent effort. Jag & Yak, lets just move on to the next task. You guys didnt let us down a bit. Keep the faith and concentrate on finishing ahead of the Reds!

Thursday 13th March 10:13 Report Comment

Calum Monaghanthis season has been excellent all round, last night was amazing that atmosphere and all of the players lived up to the expectations, every1 played their hearts out. Got to give credit to David Moyes aswell though, the side he is putting together now is actually quite scary =P

Thursday 13th March 10:09 Report Comment

Sean Keeleygreat game blues. the best performance of the season. jag and aj excellent. croud were top class last night and made it a proud night . lets beat da copites to 4th. come on you blues

Thursday 13th March 10:01 Report Comment

Paul DavisThis is the first time I have posted a comment but after last night I feel I have to. I was so proud of the performance last night from everyone. They gave it their all and no one could ask for more, it was a truly exhilarating night and well done lads. After last night I am extremely confident we can achieve fourth spot. Keep your heads up Yak and Jags, you guys were immense.

Thursday 13th March 09:59 Report Comment

Paul DerbyshireGreat performance last night.So unfair to lose on pens.Look forward now to the future and learn from this. Liverpool must be quaking in their boots!

Thursday 13th March 09:52 Report Comment

Andy KennedyWhat a perfomance. I honestly couldn't see who Moyes was going to take off for Victor. Every player was fantastic. Lets go on and take that 4th place in the league now. We don't have to fear anyone.

Thursday 13th March 09:50 Report Comment

pete scottplay like you did last night for the rest of the games in the premiership, and 4th spot is ours. onwards and upwards. C.O.Y.B

Thursday 13th March 09:46 Report Comment

Derek YatesAlthough I was watching on TV the game had me on the edge of my seat I could'nt really sit down. When Arteta equalized I was jumping around yelling the dog was scared of me. You played brilliantly we had enough chances to have buried them the best team lost on the penalty lottery but that is the rules. Well done lads I was disappointed just like you were but keep your chins up high and work hard for that 4th place. COYB YOU CAN DO IT COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 09:46 Report Comment

pete scottplay like you did last night for the rest of the games in the premiership, and 4th spot is ours. onwards and upwards. C.O.Y.B

Thursday 13th March 09:45 Report Comment

Christopher WadsworthNever been so proud to be a Blue, each and ever player should hold their heads up high. Last night is what the Everton spirit is all about, never give up. The boys did us proud, can't remember the last time i saw a game like that. Everton till i die

Thursday 13th March 09:43 Report Comment

paul cahillYou should all raise your heads and hold them high. You were fantastic. We are all proud of you blue boys.We destroyed them, absoloutly destroyed them. There will be many, many more nights like this.

Thursday 13th March 09:36 Report Comment

Peter StephensI just want to say how proud I am of the attitude of the lads last night, they played well and did us all a service. I think the boys did everything right and was only caught out by the luck of the draw with penalties. Jags needs to hold his head up high, he was amazing last night, and unfortunate for the penalty to be saved, it took real courage to take that penalty.

Thursday 13th March 09:33 Report Comment

paul cahillYou should all raise your heads and hold them high. You were fantastic. We are all proud of you blue boys.We destroyed them, absoloutly destroyed them. There will be many, many more nights like this.

Thursday 13th March 09:30 Report Comment

Matthew FerrisJust to say last night was a proud night to be a Blue despite being beaten on Pens. The lads did us proud and created enough to win by 5 but thats life. We'll be even better next year for the experience. Well done Davey and the boys now lets finish the season on a high and ginish right up there in the league. COYB

Thursday 13th March 09:23 Report Comment

Richard PennNeeded to say how proud I am to be an Evertonian. The performance last night was nothing short of superb. Every one of the team and squad should be walking round with their heads held high. And special metion to the players that stepped forward to take the penalties in the shoot out. That takes a lot of courage to do. I think we have turned a few heads in europe after last nights game so roll on next year and bring on the best of europe. We're ready to play and beat you next year.

Thursday 13th March 09:21 Report Comment

Verka P.I am ManUtd fan at first, but you Toffees were superb last night, your performance is reason why people are looking at football, well done...Verka from Czech Republic

Thursday 13th March 09:20 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamSo proud and then again so disappointed. The boys did so well - all of them. Look how far we have come. Well done all of you.

Thursday 13th March 09:17 Report Comment

Alan JordanThank Lads for a great nights football. So proud to be a Everton fan, always have been. The best team don't always win matches. I've no doubt if we play like we did last night we'll be in the Champions Leaue next year. Go raibh mile maith agaibh!!! As we Irish say.

Thursday 13th March 09:17 Report Comment

Mark HughesThanks lads, you were awesome last night, how we didn't put 5 - 6 into them i'll never know, someone please show these comments to the players, hopefully it will keep their heads up for the run-in, NSNO

Thursday 13th March 09:02 Report Comment

Craig WebbOnce a blue, always a blue!!! This season has been outstanding so far - well to all at Goodison. SO so proud to be a blue!!!! Lets take 4th now!!!!

Thursday 13th March 08:53 Report Comment

James BeckettAm extremelly proud to call myself a blue after the playersm (& crowd's) efforts last night. Games like that will help us immemsly in Champions League competion next season. coyb!

Thursday 13th March 08:53 Report Comment

chris donoghuethe boys were amazing last night . jags needs to keep his head up your a class act mate and we need you and the boys to show the rest of the prem we are champions leaque material.coyb

Thursday 13th March 08:44 Report Comment

Cathy CondronLossed for words...which makes a change for me! But like others i am just so glad that i was chosen and i am ....A VERY PROUD BLUE! Well done lads you where outstanding and robbed!

Thursday 13th March 08:41 Report Comment

Ian Hawkinssuperb last night boys but just unlucky with pens. Tell Jags to get his head up cos he was outstanding. Again.

Thursday 13th March 08:35 Report Comment

Paul Radfordwhat a night ! the boys gave it everything they had. this is only the start of something really special. we are all proud of you lads now just keep plugging away and pip the anti christ for fourth place. moyes is god

Thursday 13th March 08:08 Report Comment

Joan InwoodWhat a brilliant performance, just a shame it had to go to Penalties! You should all be so proud for playing so well on the night.let's get that 4th spot now, as there will be pressure on the other 4 next weekend when they can't all get 3 points!!!Champions league here we come! Well done for getting so near.

Thursday 13th March 08:00 Report Comment

Ian ReayGreat performance by everyone, desperately unlucky not to be in the hat on Friday, Proud of the whole team, pick yourselves up now guys and lets get that 4th spot!

Thursday 13th March 07:51 Report Comment

Monica RimmerHold your heads high lads, Everton were by the far the better team and deserved a win but I'm sure we can bounce back and concentrate on the league! Credit to you guys you were trumendous last night!!

Thursday 13th March 07:50 Report Comment

Mark QuinnAlthough the disappointment is immense it's nice to be able to hold our heads up and be proud Evertonians. Players and fans came together as one last night and produced a memorable, pulsating evening of tension, drama and no shortage of classy football. It's a bitter pill to swallow but this team is growing all the time and there are good times ahead. Credit to Moysie (who I've criticised in the past), the team went out with an attacking attitude and deserved richer rewards. It'll be tough getting fourth spot in the league but this squad can do it. I'm sad but proud.

Thursday 13th March 07:45 Report Comment

Sheila WhiteHeads up Boys you put in a tremendous performance, never stopped trying and made us all very proud. Fiorentina dont know how lucky they are.

Thursday 13th March 07:21 Report Comment

james arnoldJust wanted to say a big thank you to all the players and David Moyes, you really gave us all something to be really proud of last night, it was a great performance . Any neutrals who saw that will remember what a good side Everton are. I thought before the match we would do it and we very nearly did. I hope the players get a bit of well earned rest before making sure we get into Europe for next season

Thursday 13th March 07:15 Report Comment

Kanan PackrisamyI m so proud to be an Everton supporter. Fiorentina are not a weak, in fact they are actually quite good. I think we have truly arrived this season. Now we must knock Liverpool out of next season's Champs League. If anyone deserves to be there, we do!

Thursday 13th March 06:57 Report Comment

james arnoldJust wanted to say a big thank you to all the players and David Moyes, you really gave us all something to be really proud of last night, it was a great performance . Any neutrals who saw that will remember what a good side Everton are. I thought before the match we would do it and we very nearly did. I hope the players get a bit of well earned rest before making sure we get into Europe for next season

Thursday 13th March 06:45 Report Comment

Mark PriceYou all did us proud - well done. Great passing and passion. Keep your heads up and get those 3 points at Fulham and get that 4th place.

Thursday 13th March 06:41 Report Comment

Mark HooleyThat performance was absolutley superb last night and the whole club should be proud regardless of the result. We scored goals, defended, created chances and a cracking save from Howard made it one of the best games i have watched and for me that was better than any cup final and we don't need a trophy to tell us what we are, we proved it last night - Champions! Well done the blues you have made us proud!

Thursday 13th March 06:13 Report Comment

Muhammad RadityaUnlucky guys. Well played. Good to get the two goals back but penalties are tough. Its all good. Put our focus back on reclaiming fourth and a chanpions league spot.

Thursday 13th March 05:27 Report Comment

Andy MacSo proud to be a blue, despite the defeat. Absolutely fantastic performance by the boys, and was the best game I've seen for a long time! Well done boys, you've done us proud. never before has a defeated team come out smelling of roses!

Thursday 13th March 05:24 Report Comment

Byron Williamstonight we showed wat we're all about, but performances like last week show the step we still need to make b4 we'd be ready for the champions league, its jus that know how on a european night we seemed to lack last week.

Thursday 13th March 04:21 Report Comment

Andrew Campbellso proud of everton we gave it our all

Thursday 13th March 04:12 Report Comment

si pavelinglost this tie in italy unfortunately!! fans and players gave 110%. gutted for the lads that missed the pens, jags was superb (again). keep the bubbly on ice!!

Thursday 13th March 04:12 Report Comment

wayne morrisonSo you should be proud. What an excellent night to be a blue.

Thursday 13th March 03:19 Report Comment

Russell MaddenDO NOT GET ME WRONG!! i'm gutted but the team performance was brilliant and it made me proud to be an evertonian were out so lets take 4th spot COYB

Thursday 13th March 03:17 Report Comment

John CarrollWe can hold our heads high, we played well and proved that Everton are a quality European team, just a shame that we cant get any silverware now this season. But as I have said there is always next year. Well done lads COYB!!!

Thursday 13th March 03:05 Report Comment

Paul GibbinsI don't care really, the effort was immense and that comes down to the manager and the players. I'm proud of all of you. This is not the end but the beginning.

Thursday 13th March 02:59 Report Comment

Zulkifli IbrahimAlos Guys....u have done a wonderful comeback....we can proudly say Everton is and have always been a powerhouse to be reckoned with....march all the way....we'll be able to beat any team we want when we work tightly as a team .... Nil satis nisi optimum....

Thursday 13th March 02:32 Report Comment

Nathan FindlayGood Effort boys. You played really well. Bad Luck

Thursday 13th March 02:22 Report Comment

anthony callearthe blue boys done well tonight lets build on this and beat the red lot to fourth place come on moyes lets do what you do best motivate the blues we deserve fourth place you and the team have desereved it c,mon the blues

Thursday 13th March 01:54 Report Comment

Michael WardThe lads did us all proud tonight, I am so proud to be a blue my heart could burst. So glad the crowd was there through it all too. Brilliant lads, thank you

Thursday 13th March 01:52 Report Comment

andrew fearnsEverton forever we are on our way together

Thursday 13th March 01:43 Report Comment

paul summersA proud night for every Evertonian as Moyes said, we should arguably be through to the next round. In Moyes and the quality players we have success I'm sure is just around the corner! Keep your heads up high boys and get us that 4th spot. COYB

Thursday 13th March 01:18 Report Comment

peter sargisonwithout a doubt a fantastic night we were exceptional , we hammered them for 120 minutes just unlucky not to get the third , we didnt deserve to go out but its a good place to start from ,somewhere to build for the future. the squad is good enough for sure.

Thursday 13th March 01:11 Report Comment

Richard HWell done lads. Best performance in 23 years! You have nothing to be ashamed of. Here's to 4th place.

Thursday 13th March 01:05 Report Comment

John EvansSo proud of the lads tonight, in fact not just tonight, all season, the last few seasons! Am off to bed to cry myself to sleep but will be at Fulham sunday to back the lads. So proud of you all.. :-(

Thursday 13th March 01:00 Report Comment

albino xuerebgreat game, thanks david. i have been waiting for a game of such caliber for the last 23 years and you have finally got us to such a stage although the outcome was not the desired one. the lads put thair harts out and that's why we are so proud of the blue shirt. now we have to start thinking to build for next year with a new perspective.

Thursday 13th March 00:56 Report Comment

I've just got in from the match and despite being very disappointed that we lost, I am extremely proud to be a blue tonight. I don't think the fans could have asked for any more from our players, they all played for the badge tonight, they should be very proud of themselves. Well done to every player, that may seem a daft thing to say after losing but on the night we were by far the better team and everyone on that pitch played their socks off. Joanna Lloyd

Thursday 13th March 00:48 Report Comment

paul swaledevastated we're out :( but well played (Y) hopefully we can go further next year

Thursday 13th March 00:42 Report Comment

Dominic BerryEverton F.C. The pride of merseyside! Brave performance just not enough on the night! Keep it going and get 4th now! Well done mr chairman getting J.L. tied down, just need 2 secure David ''God'' Moyes!

Thursday 13th March 00:38 Report Comment

Mike ReynoldsAs a team you were fantastic tonight. You couldn't have done more. Now show Liverpool who should be in the Champions League next year. COYB

Thursday 13th March 00:28 Report Comment

John HalsallWe played superbly and I'm so proud to be a Blue. The lads played like it was the last 20 mins of the match for the full 120. Well done all on an excellent performance.

Thursday 13th March 00:27 Report Comment

Steve LeatherI was at the Bayern Munich game in the 80's and tonight's game really brought it back to me - The lads played out of their skins and were so unlucky not to have won after the penalties - don't forget, we WON 2-0 tonight and we can hold our heads up high.....Well done lads you made us all proud tonight - COYB

Thursday 13th March 00:25 Report Comment

paul parkesBad luck lads. But every single player has made all of us very proud. What a game if we played like that every week we would at the top of the prem. D.M. please keep this attacking exciting football going we would have beaten any team in the land playing like that. Thats what we want to see ! New contract for Davey now and steve pienaar. I'm so proud to be a blue its one big family. Every one at the club has done us proud. We'll be back in europe next year make no mistake about that stronger than ever. ONCE A BLUE ALWAYS A BLUE!!!!!!!

Thursday 13th March 00:21 Report Comment

Paul IddonI am immensely proud. We deserved so much more. David and the boys are what this football club is all about. Belief and pride - no matter what. The People's Club.

Thursday 13th March 00:16 Report Comment

Paul GodwinGuys. I'm proud of you all. Penalties are penalties and that's done with. But tonight you showed us all that you truly are the real deal. Draw streh=ngth from that great performance, the latest of many and move on. The strength thi sside has is in never believing they're beaten. As I said guys, I'm a very very proud man tonight.

Thursday 13th March 00:16 Report Comment

Mark JonesNever been more proud to be a blue...hard luck lads...and what an atmosphere! Champions League here we come!

Thursday 13th March 00:08 Report Comment

Sigurgeir Ari SigurgeirssonThe players were great tonight, specially Osman, he was awesome toninght. Unfortunately we did go out on penalties. No one to blame there, penalties are just a lottery win. But penalties from Fio were very good and we had our first penalties this season. We need more practice in penalties. Moyes thank you for the Everton way toninght we can all be proud of Everton toninght. taka care, Ari from Iceland

Thursday 13th March 00:05 Report Comment

Chris MurtaghThank you Everton for playing out of your skins tonight, they were a dirty side, and you could tell they wanted penalties. Sebastien Frey is a top goalkeeper, and the amount of times he saved them, just unbelievable. In Florence, we lacked effort, cohesion, spirit, determination, but tonight every one of you made up for that and much more. I've never been more proud to be an Evertonian, and who knows, with a bit of luck, maybe next year we can be battling for the Champions league; well let's finish 4th first lads. Just a quick word on Yakubu and Jagielka; I still love you both.

Wednesday 12th March 23:56 Report Comment

Peter MooreTonight proved Moyes' Everton IS the REAL DEAL. How we did not stuff five past those italians I'll never know. To a man, we were superb throughout. We did not deserve penos but you don't always get what you deserve in Cup football. The league is different though and this team deserves CL football...go get it lads, we're right behind you! NSNO, COYB!

Wednesday 12th March 23:50 Report Comment

Stephen DelaneyEven though I'm totally 100% devastated at us going out on penalties tonight I have to say a massive well done to the boys for an amzing performance that deserved alot more than what we got. Unlucky lads you gave it everything you had an thats alls us Evertonians can ask for. I'm heartbroken but so proud to be blue

Wednesday 12th March 23:48 Report Comment

john fosterWhat can we say the lads done us and themselves proud no one can take that away from them.

Wednesday 12th March 23:47 Report Comment

Hakon RaustolI`m just so full of pride! Fantastic game

Wednesday 12th March 23:44 Report Comment

David Malonenever been prouder to be a blue all we lacked was that little bit of luck we never seem to get, well played lads but we'll be back in europe next year!

Wednesday 12th March 23:41 Report Comment

Werabhat KomratI'm proud of u all. Shin up & go on. Everton's my love.

Wednesday 12th March 23:41 Report Comment

Vern WilcoxEvery Everton player a was hero tonight, they were amazing.

Wednesday 12th March 23:40 Report Comment

Roy PerrottFantastic performance, lads. We are all gutted but so proud at the same time. It was cruel because we absolutely destroyed them tonight. I feel really sorry for Jags too as he has been immense since he came in earlier in the season. Chin up now and let's press on for fourth place. Even if we only get to the Uefa Cup again next season, rather than the Champions League, we'll have learnt so much from tonight. COYB!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:38 Report Comment

Dale TaylorI am gutted. Will not be the only one. But we played amazing. It was fantastic football from us, and I am really proud of the team and Moyes. You have done a brilliant job in the six years. I know this will continue. Lets now concentrate on taking 4th place and being in Champions League next year. Well Done lads, thank you very much. Proud to be a Blue!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:34 Report Comment

Alistair JonesThe Boys gave their everything tonight and were just awesome .Am gutted for Moyes Marvels as they did not deserve to go out.Lets hope we can get that 4th spot come May

Wednesday 12th March 23:33 Report Comment

David HarrisonWhat a fantastic performance tonight.I am so proud of the players, management and supporters.We deserved to win and just needed that little bit of luck!Frey had a great game. Its proved beyond all doubt that we are a team on the up. We can still get fourth place in the league. Keep the faith!The club is going in the right direction.

Wednesday 12th March 23:33 Report Comment

Ajamu MutumwaWhen i came to penalties I couldn' t watch it - I was that nervous. What I would say is that tonight we proved that we are giants amongst men, and that we will be back, better, stronger and determined to win. Well done Everton, pride of Merseyside.

Wednesday 12th March 23:31 Report Comment

John McHughspot on moyesie. we were different class tonight. can't believe we are out after that performance. boys did us proud.

Wednesday 12th March 23:28 Report Comment

Dale TaylorI am gutted. Will not be the only one. But we played amazing. It was fantastic football from us, and I am really proud of the team and Moyes. You have done a brilliant job in the six years. I know this will continue. Lets now concentrate on taking 4th place and being in Champions League next year. Well Done lads, thank you very much. Proud to be a Blue!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:27 Report Comment

Stephen TurnerYou should be all very proud - you made us very proud. Simple.

Wednesday 12th March 23:27 Report Comment

Matthew LoyDespite the cruelty of going out on pens, i have to say i am so proud of Moyes and the team tonight. The passion, skill, work rate and sheer determination on display from our boys was there for the whole world to see. Six days ago Fiorentina looked a formidable side but tonight our boys simply dominated in every area of the pitch. Dont let your spirits drop lads, you were world class tonight! It was an absolute privilidge to see such a performance. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Wednesday 12th March 23:22 Report Comment

Darren RobertsAgreed. Proud, as always, to be blue

Wednesday 12th March 23:20 Report Comment

Jennifer LumbyUnlucky boys, gutted to end the European adventure but more will no doubt come next year. You have made all the toffees proud. Lets bounce back at the weekend with more performances like tonight. COYB!!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:20 Report Comment

Derek PattersonWe were absolutely amazing. I'm still shellshocked. David and the boys deserve so much credit - they did us proud tonight!

Wednesday 12th March 23:19 Report Comment

Stuart LittleWell played lads, Great run and a outstanding performance tonight , You can hold your heads high, I am so proud to call Everton my team , Now lets take that performance into the weekend and get what we deserve 4th spot we have shown not only tonight but through the entire season we have got what it takes .....COYB

Wednesday 12th March 23:18 Report Comment

Gavin LockI can only think of one word.... Gutted... Well done lads you all played how we all know you can. Like champions. We had the chances and if they went in the world would be a much happier place.. If you play in the premiership like you played tonight 4th will be ours. Go get it.. Keep up the good work. Well done David at the helm the team your building is world class.. comon you blues.

Wednesday 12th March 23:16 Report Comment

Glyn HeighwayNeedless to say, I am (to use a well worn phrase) 'absolutely gutted'. Previous to this Round, I had thought of the UEFA Cup as a bit of bonus but tonight it really, really mattered. Bad result but a terrific performance from our Blue Boys. I'd just like to convey my utter admiration for the lad's effort this evening; don't be down-hearted lads, reflect on what might have been yes, but then lift your hearts and show your steel again this weekend against Fulham. COYB!

Wednesday 12th March 23:16 Report Comment

Paul McArdleThe Best side won 2nite and that was us(players did the Biz, fans played there part) but the game isn't up we've just started. I know your tired, and maybe a little depressed, but think about what WE HAVE achieved and play it "again Sam" becaue you have been brave and strong and didnt get the rewards (you deserved) but fighting is built into the Everton Ethos and you guys have almost achieved imortality in that due to due combined spirit and courage, THIS is the starting point, Lets continue to show what the Spirit is all about because including Moyesy and all the class staff behind him,YOU HAVE DONE US PROUD

Wednesday 12th March 23:14 Report Comment

Matt Atkinsoncouldn't of asked for more boys!! didnt deserve to go out on pens! now just concentrate on 4th spot, we can do it lads!!! Moyes, your more than a god to us evertonians!

Wednesday 12th March 23:13 Report Comment

Nicola BuratoI am Nicola Burato and are a supporter dell'everton. Live in Verona in Italy last Thursday and I went to see Everton to firenze.Io are proud of how they played tonight deserved to win and go round compliments to the players and all those who were at the stadium and those who have suffered like me in front of the TV. FOREVER EVERTON

Wednesday 12th March 23:12 Report Comment

Paul RyanEVER-TON EVERTON EVERTON EVERTON!! you did us proud boys. unlucky not to win it in normal time. lets take it on the chin and move on with the season! COYB!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:10 Report Comment

Ernest RoodWell done Mr.Moyes.Keep up the good work. COYB

Wednesday 12th March 23:09 Report Comment

conroy shanegreat performance, gutted we didnt make it through but it shows we can mix it and beat the big boys in europe, lets carry on and claim that deserved 4th place COYB

Wednesday 12th March 23:08 Report Comment

lee kirkbyunlucky blues, you did us proud in this game and showed the eyeties we could match them pound for pound. sir moyes can only take us further next season even when its the champions league

Wednesday 12th March 23:08 Report Comment

Neil DeokiAlthough disappointed we bowed out of the Cup, so pleased with the response from the boys. Awesome showing. Well done!! You guys showed why you are "the people's team". Now go get 4th!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:06 Report Comment

John CallonWhat a performanceby one of the best Everton teams in recent years. Their committment was 100 per cent. I have never been a big fan of penalty shoot outs, but after watching this game there should be no shame in losing out in this way. If we continue to play like tonight then 4th place WILL be ours. Well done to the whole team, coaching staff and David Moyes. COYB

Wednesday 12th March 23:05 Report Comment

Paul Robinsonwell done boys, youv'e done us all proud.

Wednesday 12th March 23:04 Report Comment

daniel nicholsonWell done lads, You gave it everything and i'm so proud of you. Build on this for next year. Don't let this disappointment hinder our league form, this is one setback, its time to learn from it and move on COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:02 Report Comment

Jamie ButlerA great performance from the lads and we did not deserve to go out! Finishing definately needs to improve! Lets not get our heads down for Fulham and carry on playing like we did tonight for 4th spot!!

Wednesday 12th March 23:02 Report Comment

Gavin IrwinThe players and the crowd did Everton Football Club proud. It was a great season in Europe and our priority has to be to get back to this stage and beyond and to have David Moyes at the helm. Get that contract sorted soon. Fair play to the players that stood up to take the penalties, no one was to blame. COYB!

Wednesday 12th March 23:00 Report Comment

Tony DoranEveryone should feel proud of our performance and come out fighting on sunday, that 4th spot would more than compensate in my opinion. COYB.

Wednesday 12th March 23:00 Report Comment


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