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Kenwright: The Search Begins

Chairman vows to find the right man to carry on Moyes' work.

Kenwright: The Search Begins
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Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright has vowed to find the right man to carry on the work done by David Moyes.

The 50-year-old Scot will depart Goodison when his contract ends next month in order to take up the managerial role being vacated by the retiring Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Kenwright admits events have moved quickly this week and having now confirmed that Moyes will be leaving Goodison, he is determined to ensure he and the board find a candidate with the right credentials to build on the foundations laid by Moyes during his 11 years with the Blues.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Kenwright said: "We really will be out there finding the right man for this football club because it’s an extraordinary football club that is worshipped by its fans. They are the people – more than anything - that I have been thinking of over the last 24 hours.

"Eleven years ago I made a decision and it was an instant decision when I met David. I don’t think that can happen this time. We have got to be out there looking to see what kind of candidates can take the Club forward.

"We've had a really good 11 year adventure with David and now it is my job and the Club's job to get a worthy successor and build on what David has brought to the Club and to hopefully move on from there."

Indeed, Kenwright was keen to acknowledge the Club's appreciation of Moyes' efforts during a managerial career on Merseyside that has seen him take charge of more than 500 matches.

He added: "He's a great manager and Manchester United are very lucky.

"I'm pretty certain Evertonians will only look on David with gratitude. We have got two games left and it will be tough for those Evertonians to say goodbye to him.

"We couldn't stand in his way because he’s out of contract and it was his decision and he has made it.

"Its been an extraordinary 24 hours and it is important now that we finish off the season against West Ham and Chelsea, maintain our position and that from here on Everton Football Club continues, in the David Moyes and Everton Football Club tradition, with an equally significant manager."

Click here to read the Club's official statement.

stephen websterits has to be big dunc!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on mr chairman make it happen and us happy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday 15th May 23:39 Report Comment

Bill TurnbullDefinitely Bilic.

Tuesday 14th May 17:26 Report Comment

Susan HarfordBenitez or bilic DEFINATLY not Lennon Martinez or McKay this great club needs a top class manager Coyb!!!!!!

Sunday 12th May 14:19 Report Comment


Sunday 12th May 11:59 Report Comment

DAVID KEARNSEverton need a ruthless streak. Benitez is the man to move Everton forward

Sunday 12th May 11:25 Report Comment

Dave RedgeBenitez would not be popular but doing a good job at Chelsea will be out of a job too

Sunday 12th May 09:49 Report Comment

A.S KanjiZola, ZOLA, ZOLA,

Sunday 12th May 09:17 Report Comment

fitchett geoffreythanks dave for making the peoples club a harder place to come , thanks for your 11 years of being a top manager . My choice of next manager is di matteo ,frank de boer ,billic or pereira

Saturday 11th May 20:54 Report Comment

Malolm AthertonGood luck to Moyes. Lucien Favre would be my choice.

Saturday 11th May 17:18 Report Comment

Luke FosterReally sad to see you go David, Good luck with the reds! Hopefully Phil Neville will fill your boots! #COYB

Saturday 11th May 13:17 Report Comment

james mckeowndefinetley No to Lennon! only 1 team in scotland with the resources he has and still lost over 7 games all season, we lost six in the premier league!!!!

Saturday 11th May 13:00 Report Comment

Tony FitzWould like too see either Laudrup or Billic in charge at Everton or internally, Duncan Ferguson(manager) and Alan Stubbs(assistant). coyb!!!

Saturday 11th May 12:34 Report Comment

kevin mcguireThanks and all the best Moyesey

Saturday 11th May 11:44 Report Comment

dale hawthorneno to lennon ...I will never support Everton again if he becomes manager

Saturday 11th May 10:38 Report Comment

clare kasekwe'll never find another diamond like moyes, wish you all the best. lets get neil lennon in

Saturday 11th May 09:21 Report Comment

Tony HobanThanks for everything David you are a top man!! Really gutted but wish you all the best.......What about Gary Flitcroft at Chorley???

Saturday 11th May 07:49 Report Comment

Angelique FairbrassLaudrup, Martinez or Cardiff's McKay for me.

Friday 10th May 23:23 Report Comment

Angelique FairbrassMany, many thanks DM. You have been outstanding for this club, and will be sorely missed. All the very best for the future.

Friday 10th May 23:22 Report Comment

dave grattonevery manager who has won a trophy for this great club of ours has also been a player for efc. bill I really hope you look to france or Germany to work along side maybe bilic or big joe.

Friday 10th May 22:30 Report Comment

Lawrence GardinerDuncan Ferguson is the man for us Mr Kenwright

Friday 10th May 22:13 Report Comment

Helen O'NeillGood luck to david moyes @ man u, thanks for the hard work over the last 11 years. Martinez next boss for me definitely not LENNON!

Friday 10th May 20:54 Report Comment

richard parkhousethank you david for all the memories and good luck.

Friday 10th May 18:43 Report Comment

DAVID KEARNSIt maybe unpopular but Rafa Benitez would be an excellent choice

Friday 10th May 18:14 Report Comment

Michael BrooksThe best names for the job must be either Porto Coach Vitor Pereira or Lucien Favre of Borussia Monchengladbach both have done great jobs with their currant teams

Friday 10th May 18:05 Report Comment

Ian BuffelThank you very much davey moyes and good luck down the east lancs mate. Whoever we get as our next manager we must trust in him as we have in moyesie. COME ON ALL YOU BLUES.

Friday 10th May 17:34 Report Comment

no to Lennon i would give Alan Irvine a chance

Friday 10th May 17:30 Report Comment

michael mooreGood Luck Moyesy yo have earned it and thanks for the years of excitement

Friday 10th May 14:50 Report Comment

Ted BulmerThank you David - you have been an inspiration to both players and fans during your time at our club. God luck for the future - we will miss you and always remember the era of Moyes Boys!

Friday 10th May 13:53 Report Comment

Andrew PreslyFrank De Boer & Bergkamp or Gus Poyet. No UK dinosaurs, Bill - we are Everton.

Friday 10th May 13:50 Report Comment

Glenn ParkerDefinitely no to Lennon Go for Martinez; bring back positive attractive football

Friday 10th May 13:34 Report Comment

Matthew Keenan...or Slaven Bilic!

Friday 10th May 13:07 Report Comment

Robert FurnessBilic for me too will throw season ticket away if Lennon,Martinez,McKay etc come its not the way to the next level. Neither are some of players.

Saturday 11th May 07:13 Report Comment

Scott BarclayWell said Dean. He has not got the class to manage our great club!

Friday 10th May 12:59 Report Comment

carl schalchBill you said you would listen to the fans so read all those comments on Neil Lennon. He is most definately not our man.

Friday 10th May 12:12 Report Comment

Brad MarkSad times....good luck mate....thanks for everything!!

Friday 10th May 11:47 Report Comment

john robinsonPereira for me great track record, quite young and knows the foreign market well.

Friday 10th May 11:27 Report Comment

Michael RichardsJosé Mourinho , Best in the world!

Friday 10th May 11:16 Report Comment

Andrew HightonLet's keep it in house and give Phil Neville a shot with Stubsy. We need continuity to keep the team together.

Friday 10th May 11:01 Report Comment

Rikki MorganGo for Mourinho...It's got to be worth a try

Friday 10th May 11:00 Report Comment

Peter SwansonBig slavin bilic for me

Friday 10th May 10:58 Report Comment

Kian Keong YeapDM had done a superb job for everton even we havent won any trophy since 1995.. but everton legacy must carry on with new manager and players joinning the club we can be as good as the current squard.

Friday 10th May 10:26 Report Comment

Dean GriffinDo not even look at Neil Lennon!!

Friday 10th May 08:29 Report Comment

Rachel BondI'm going to miss Moyes so much :(

Friday 10th May 08:21 Report Comment

dave grattonlook to lyon fc bill,he would make a first class coach

Friday 10th May 07:23 Report Comment

Craig RogersWe need to find some serious investment to stay alive in this league now Moyes has gone, as I'm sure our best players will be sold in the summer too.

Friday 10th May 02:10 Report Comment

glenn curranif neil lennon gets the job i for one will never support this great club while hes in charge

Thursday 9th May 23:15 Report Comment

Chris FisherWhys that? What has he done that is so bad?

Friday 10th May 10:33 Report Comment

Denis MannionThanks to David moyes for everything he has done for the club and leaving us with a strong team for next year, THANK YOU DAVID MOYES.

Thursday 9th May 22:22 Report Comment

Terence Monaghandismiss Neil Lennon then?

Thursday 9th May 22:12 Report Comment

michael hedgesMr Chairman You pulled a diamond out of the hat 11 years ago!! I'm sure you can do it again.

Thursday 9th May 21:50 Report Comment

Philip Atkinsonits been a pleasure Dave gonna miss ye

Thursday 9th May 20:58 Report Comment

john mckeowngood luck to david moyes in his quest to manage man u lets hope we can get another manager to run everton as good as he did

Thursday 9th May 20:50 Report Comment

J GeorgeNeil Lennon? He has the passion and knows how to beat bigger teams even in Europe with a modest squad

Thursday 9th May 20:38 Report Comment

david loweyAnyone know what Roberto Di Matteo is doing at the moment he,d do for me

Thursday 9th May 20:24 Report Comment

paul bunchGood luck david, bring in phil Neville and big dunc..

Thursday 9th May 19:59 Report Comment

James YoxallDuncan Ferguson and Alan Irvine would make a great management team and provide continuity, picking a foreign manager would probably cause too much upheaval.

Thursday 9th May 19:50 Report Comment

dave robinsongutted

Thursday 9th May 19:46 Report Comment

Danny KylesI hope there is a plan in place, seems that Moyes, Fergie and MUFC have been planning this for some time and with Neville quitting too we need some stability quickly... Gutter is an understatement!!!

Thursday 9th May 19:40 Report Comment

jim farleyCouldn't agree more, Many thanks David and all the best for the future except when you play Everton

Thursday 9th May 19:20 Report Comment

Keith MagwoodMiss you David and M Utd are indeed very lucky !!Thanks for the memories!!

Thursday 9th May 19:12 Report Comment

mark hansonDavid Moyes has done us proud, we should all thank him to a man, good luck DM

Thursday 9th May 19:00 Report Comment

carl hutsonI would like to put Slavin Bilic name I the hat for our next manager Good luck David

Thursday 9th May 18:46 Report Comment

Mark Detari second that

Friday 10th May 12:03 Report Comment

Philip Wanglaudrup and i love you :)

Thursday 9th May 18:39 Report Comment

Simon Gavanheared its guna be Mclaran

Thursday 9th May 18:33 Report Comment

Karsten GunnerødGet Solskjaer :) Karsten from Norway. COYB

Thursday 9th May 18:17 Report Comment

graham griffithsgive big dunc and stubbsy the job

Thursday 9th May 17:32 Report Comment

Mick HunterManagement team of Joe royal/ Duncan ferguson.

Thursday 9th May 17:24 Report Comment

Thomas NobleI would like Laudrup, Lennon, Martinez, Pereira, Di Matteo. Not Hughes, Neville or O'neil.

Thursday 9th May 17:22 Report Comment

alan mcnallythanks dave for looking after our club the last 10 years.we love you.bills the best chairman in the leage he will find us another gem.

Thursday 9th May 17:19 Report Comment


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