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Deal Agreed

Deal Agreed

Everton has agreed a deal with FC Twente for the transfer of Dutch international Leroy Fer.

The 23-year-old midfielder will now head to Merseyside to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical.

Fer started his career at Feyenoord before making the switch to Twente where he has made 29 appearances, scoring 10 goals.

An international team mate of Blues defender John Heitinga, he has made two full appearances for the Netherlands.

Don wrightlike i said before with which not many of you agreed always trouble with dutch midfielders the deal is off

Wednesday 30th January 16:06 Report Comment

James KrousoratisNo idea where that money came from, but a brilliant signing by moyes

Wednesday 30th January 05:29 Report Comment

ANTHONY FLACKDeal looks at risk according to some sources

Tuesday 29th January 23:04 Report Comment

robert gormleyHas Leroy signed yet!, how did the medic go!, hope it's sorted, he looks a top player

Tuesday 29th January 20:38 Report Comment

nicholas ryanThe money is coming from next year's TV dough. As we realistically can't now be relegated the Dutch know that if they wait a few months, they're certain to get paid!

Tuesday 29th January 16:58 Report Comment

liam-james munroGreat signing. one thing I always thought was moyesy would surprise us and my days has he done that we gotta keep felli tho bill would love another striker aswell! Feelin much better now tho. IMWT!!!

Tuesday 29th January 16:04 Report Comment

John Cubbinshave watched the beast a couple of times, a good signing david, but hope not selling anyone. looking forward to tomorrow night coyb

Tuesday 29th January 13:50 Report Comment

William Littlerwhat do you think John?

Tuesday 29th January 13:33 Report Comment

Ramon WignallHas Mr Moyes worked his wonder again? How can we let him go? Probably bought to replace Felli but looks a good replacement to me. Well done Moysey and the Board !!

Tuesday 29th January 12:33 Report Comment

david doodyall the negatvity regarding felli; if wedo manage top 4 do you think we can progress with current squad, well done to our management team blue 4 ever[ton] coybs;

Tuesday 29th January 12:26 Report Comment

andy elliottmade up with that signing, well done to all in making it happen! COYB

Tuesday 29th January 11:58 Report Comment

Adam LaughtonThis is superb news... but will we need to sell Fellaini in the summer to pay for it?? Pls no!

Tuesday 29th January 11:48 Report Comment

neale catonexcelent news we were desperate for a new midfielder,someone to boss the the midfield,we could also do with a striker,to liven things up front.come on you blues.

Tuesday 29th January 08:26 Report Comment

jacob idowui thought we did not have money how come we could shell out 8.5 milz, i thought we were going capuoe, or ofoe on loan............

Tuesday 29th January 04:50 Report Comment

Dylan Joneslooks like a great signing! new starting lineup: howard coleman jagielka distin baines mirallas fer fellaini pienaar osman jelavic

Tuesday 29th January 03:25 Report Comment

mark langtonNo Gibson in there, are you mad...

Wednesday 30th January 08:38 Report Comment

Jarrod KazdaI'm stoked! Can't wait.. welcome!!

Tuesday 29th January 02:46 Report Comment

joe blumkinFelli, Fer and Gibbo in midfield. Stay fit for Old Trafford.! COYB!

Tuesday 29th January 01:32 Report Comment

Arthur SicklerFelli, Fer, Mirallas, Pienaar, not a bad lineup. Hope they can STAY, remain HEALTHY, then 4TH PLACE!!!!!!

Tuesday 29th January 01:16 Report Comment

allan holding8million plus,sounds like bill kenwright and david moyes are good poker shark players.Leroy welcome to the peoples club of merseyside.

Tuesday 29th January 00:20 Report Comment

Ralph WILLIAMSwow were did that come from 8.6 mill well done bill lets hope medical / personal terms go ok c o y b

Tuesday 29th January 00:01 Report Comment

Mark PrescottBrilliant work behind the scenes fellas! Where on earth have we found that cash from? Moyes and bill done us proud there. Welcome to Everton leroy, everyone's named you the beast already!

Monday 28th January 23:23 Report Comment

grahame burchellgreat news but he has not signed yet? when he does he looks a very good player coyb

Monday 28th January 23:06 Report Comment

Matt Wilsongood signing get jozy!

Monday 28th January 23:06 Report Comment

Gavin O'DonoghueLeroy done good.

Monday 28th January 23:00 Report Comment

Michael MyersWe could have the strongest midfield in the Prem with Fer and Fellaini.....powerful lads

Monday 28th January 22:59 Report Comment

glen raynoris this the boards attempt to show moysie his future DOES lie with us, showimng we do have ambiton

Monday 28th January 22:21 Report Comment

mark devineis this looking like a replacement for fellaini????

Monday 28th January 22:17 Report Comment

john lynchYer man, it's got Felli replacement written all over it.

Tuesday 29th January 08:30 Report Comment

William Mc DonaldGreat to see new talented players coming in. Hope he's not Felli's replacement.

Monday 28th January 22:04 Report Comment


Monday 28th January 21:59 Report Comment

Jack KellyWe've apparently signed him for 8.5mil, which would mean he is the 2nd most expensive current player behind fellaini. Since that proably means he will be a 1st team player, who's he going to replace??

Monday 28th January 21:03 Report Comment

Sheldon PayneLooks like a good bit of buisness well do mr kenwright and moyes..COYB

Monday 28th January 20:47 Report Comment


Monday 28th January 20:42 Report Comment

Kenneth WarburtonLooking forward to spring even more now COYB

Monday 28th January 20:36 Report Comment

steffan owengreat signing . coyb

Monday 28th January 20:09 Report Comment

GEORGE HENNESSEY!!!Great News!!! ........ Now let's have no Hiccups on Terms...... Get his Signature on that form. Fingers Crossed. C.O.Y.B.

Monday 28th January 19:37 Report Comment

shaun hughesjust got in from work,a dour day has turned to top day,looking forward to wed now,now were on the move,coyb

Monday 28th January 19:14 Report Comment

KevinJoseph CollinsonHopefully we'll have a "Love A Fur" with Leroy Fer

Monday 28th January 18:35 Report Comment

Looks a good, solid buy. Hopefully will cement the european place we need. Get Mirallas fit again and we will be ok. IMWT!

Monday 28th January 18:27 Report Comment

alan morrisSounds Fer enough to me

Monday 28th January 18:06 Report Comment

Greg StokesGreat news! looks a top player and a nice suprise..well done bill kenright for this shock..lets hold onto the rest of our team sales! COYB :D

Monday 28th January 18:03 Report Comment

Sean DudleyWhat a beast. Welcome, The Bouncer.

Monday 28th January 17:44 Report Comment

Hans Einar LobergGreat news!:)

Monday 28th January 17:34 Report Comment

Tony FitzWelcome to our great club Leroy, you won't regret it. Champions here we come! whoaa hooo! IMWT!!!

Monday 28th January 17:34 Report Comment

Don wrightHope i am wrong but we dont seem to bring the best out of the dutch van the man and drenthe for example ?

Monday 28th January 17:30 Report Comment

Nicolai HartmannWelcome to Goodison!, Fer!!

Monday 28th January 17:08 Report Comment

Ged GriffithsBrilliant just what we need to compliment or replace Felli.

Monday 28th January 17:07 Report Comment

milo crewegreat news. we need more depth at CM

Monday 28th January 17:02 Report Comment

Peter MurrayGreat news.Well done Bill.Well done Davey.Gone about it with the usual minimum of fuss.

Monday 28th January 16:36 Report Comment

john vintenyou kept that quiet moyesie ,,keep up the good work ,,coyb

Monday 28th January 16:27 Report Comment

Anne BlinkhornWell done David keep them guessing

Monday 28th January 16:18 Report Comment

bernard philipsA dutch international!!! does Mosey play his cards close or what... he will be given every chance to develope at Goodison.

Monday 28th January 16:10 Report Comment

graham griffithsgot to be honest dunno much about him but he a dutch international he must be good 29 games 10 goals bring it on good stuff...

Monday 28th January 15:54 Report Comment

Adam GallowayMust of been a surprise even to moyes as otherwise dont think he would of signed hitz on another contract?

Monday 28th January 15:44 Report Comment

david rowlandsit will be good to get more strength in the squad .lets hope it come,s of and may be one more player in before the window close .coyb.

Monday 28th January 15:36 Report Comment

matthew wadelooks a quality player welcome to EFC leroy

Monday 28th January 15:24 Report Comment

Gerry QuinnWell done, sign that contract and welcome to our family, Leroy

Monday 28th January 15:19 Report Comment

Joel CurranFingers crossed.. Come on Everton!

Monday 28th January 15:18 Report Comment

chandru seernyanathangreat addition just incase felli leaves in near future

Monday 28th January 15:16 Report Comment

Blue PrideGood choice..for both.. I am from the Netherlands and i realy think Fer is a good player for Everton.

Monday 28th January 15:16 Report Comment

ryan hallettGreat signing moyes lad!!!

Monday 28th January 14:55 Report Comment

Paul EllamBriliant news! Was hoping for Capoue but this guy is just as good. I knew Moyes and the board would come through! Just need a striker now and I will be made up

Monday 28th January 14:40 Report Comment

chris lyttlehe sounds like a great player,welcome to goodison lad

Monday 28th January 14:29 Report Comment

So fer so good

Monday 28th January 14:28 Report Comment

luke dos santosGREAT news! hope it doesnt mean someones on their way out!

Monday 28th January 14:27 Report Comment

Lewis PriceDoes this mean Felliani is leaving :( boooo

Monday 28th January 14:20 Report Comment

Matthew KeenanWe have had mixed fortunes with Dutch players in the past. Hopefully he comes good

Monday 28th January 14:19 Report Comment

paul burkeLooks like another quality player Moyes has kept an eye on for some time looks decent IN MOYES WE TRUST COYB

Monday 28th January 14:19 Report Comment

Jaime EvansJust the type of signing we needed. Hope to see him in blue very soon! Well done to the club and well done to Mr Moyes.

Monday 28th January 14:19 Report Comment

Wouter TrikiGood luck Leroy. Absolute beast !!

Monday 28th January 14:12 Report Comment

Paul GuyGet in!!

Monday 28th January 14:07 Report Comment

john mckenziefantastic news welcome to efc leroy fer COYB!

Monday 28th January 14:04 Report Comment

Victor TayCome on Fer, let's add something to the People's Club and lead us to the Champions League!

Monday 28th January 13:59 Report Comment

Ciaran ByrneDoes this mean Fella is on his way ? i would bet yes, i hope not

Monday 28th January 13:54 Report Comment

steven owenTypical Moyes Rabbit out the hat signing...great bit of business...coyb.

Monday 28th January 13:53 Report Comment

Rhonda CAHiLLIt's Gr8 News Bout LEROY FER-Lets Hope His MeDical Goes Ok. Can't W8 2 Meet Him. NICE ONE BOSS. : ) XXXX

Monday 28th January 13:37 Report Comment

Simen AakhusGreat news! Did NOT see this coming

Monday 28th January 13:36 Report Comment

dale hayesNICE!!!

Monday 28th January 13:31 Report Comment


Monday 28th January 13:28 Report Comment

Ronjit MukherjeeWelcome to Everton big lad.

Monday 28th January 13:28 Report Comment


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