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Reds Skipper Retracts Comments

Steven Gerrard apologises for criticism of Blues’ derby approach.

Reds Skipper Retracts Comments
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Steven Gerrard has today apologised to Everton, admitting his criticism of the Blues in the aftermath of Sunday's derby went 'too far'.

The Liverpool captain was quoted suggesting the Blues are a long-ball team, likening their approach to that of Stoke City.

The 32-year old also claimed that his team were the only side trying to play football on the day. However, having had time to reflect on the 2-2 draw, Gerrard confessed his initial assessment was over the top.

He said: “Just to clarify, I’ve watched the game again, and I’ve seen some of Everton’s matches this season, and what I said in relation to their style of play went too far.

“I was frustrated by the disallowed goal from Luis [Suarez] when I spoke and also some of the things that have been said about Luis in recent weeks which haven’t been fair in my opinion.

“As captain I have a duty to stand up for our players when I feel they are unfairly singled out.

“But it wasn’t my intention to disrespect Everton or Stoke for that matter and I certainly didn’t intend any disrespect to their manager or players.

“I have the utmost respect for David Moyes and Tony Pulis and the job they have done at their respective clubs."

Gerrard's England teammate Phil Jagielka had earlier shrugged off accusations of Everton being a long-ball side.

The stats from Sunday's game showed the Blues enjoyed more possession than their neighbours and attempted and completed more passes, with a smaller proportion of those classed as 'long passes'.

And Jagielka believes that an ability to change between styles of play has been key to the Club's strong start to the campaign.

"We've seen the comments and people are allowed to have their opinion," said the centre-half.

"We do put the ball forward quite a lot, but we do play good football as well. We like to play in the opponent's half and there's nothing wrong with that.

"We have a game plan and it's worked quite well for us as far as the league states.

"We'll keep playing exactly as we have been for the last couple of months or so."

mal houghtonand they call us bitter....lmao

Friday 2nd November 13:53 Report Comment

Tony FitzHey, if Gerrard fancies playing some Champions League football for the remainder of his playing days, he can always come over to the Blue side. Ha. COYB!!! IMWT!!!

Thursday 1st November 09:44 Report Comment

Dave CrosslandEverton are playing some of the best football that I have seen in years. We are scoring from most positions and the spirit is fantastic. Love my Blues.

Thursday 1st November 08:13 Report Comment

barry wrightsay what he said after the game, and doing what he did in the, running the length of the pitch to celebrate with the L fans you could understand his "frustration".

Thursday 1st November 01:24 Report Comment

david gyleThere is a player for liverpool who plays the long ball all the time.. Guess Who???

Wednesday 31st October 19:47 Report Comment

Terence TorodeWell at least he was honest and admitted his error of comment

Wednesday 31st October 16:03 Report Comment

Peter DorganHis comments just prove to me how bitter he is regarding Everton, and he has no room to talk when it comes to players diving just look in the mirror Gerrard

Wednesday 31st October 15:06 Report Comment

Simon AndrewsFinally Gerrard shows some humility! Hope that humble pie tasted bitter!

Wednesday 31st October 12:17 Report Comment

Joseph HomseyIn the words of Nelson: "Ha Ha!"

Wednesday 31st October 09:48 Report Comment

john mckenzieto right steven gerrard should apologise everton played fantastic football on sunday as they all ways do so steven gerrard think before you speak or see all the facts first COYB !

Wednesday 31st October 09:38 Report Comment


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