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Stracqualursi's 'Beautiful Dream'

Big Denis reflects on the year he spent with the Blues.

Stracqualursi's 'Beautiful Dream'

Denis Stracqualursi says playing at Goodison Park was a ‘beautiful dream’ and that he was truly humbled by the support he received.

The Argentine target man spent last season on loan with the Blues before returning home to seal a move to San Lorenzo.

His soul-baring honesty on the pitch made him a firm favourite and he admits that the backing from the stands meant a great deal to him.

“Playing in that stadium was like a beautiful dream and something which I will never forget,” the striker told

“I will be grateful all my life for the kindness with which I was treated. Some of the nicest things that happened in my life happened there.

“The year at Everton was the best year of my career and I will never forget those amazing fans.”

It wasn’t just at Goodison that Stracqualursi was appreciated.

David Moyes never shied away from praising his work ethic – something that also made him popular with his teammates.

The striker feels he learnt a great deal during his year on Merseyside and believes he is a far better player for the experience.

“I loved my time there and I enjoyed every single training session,” he explained. “I was surrounded by top, top players who were all really nice guys as well and they all helped me to feel part of the group.

“I was also lucky to have a great manager in David Moyes and I learnt so much from him.

“He is also a great person and he was always really straight with me and told me exactly what he was thinking.

“It was something which was really useful while I was there and something that will really help me in my future career.”

The hard work on the training pitch led to 28 first-team appearances as the Blues finished seventh in the Premier League and reached the semi-final of the FA Cup.

Stracqualursi played his part in the cup run, netting in the earlier rounds against Fulham and Blackpool, but the undoubted highlight of his spell was a crucial goal to clinch a 2-0 league victory over Chelsea at Goodison Park.

“Scoring that goal was the sweetest thing that happened and I felt a huge rush of emotion as a result of all the effort I had put in to reach that moment,” explained the 24-year-old.

“Reaching the semi-final of the FA Cup was fantastic as well and again highly emotional when you consider all the work the squad had put in to get there.”

Now Stracqualursi is looking forward to a fresh challenge in Buenos Aires with San Lorenzo – one of the big teams of Argentine football.

He does, however, admit he was a little disappointed not to remain on Merseyside.

“My ambitions with San Lorenzo are to win the league as it is a massive club in Argentina – and at the same time to score a lot of goals,” he said.

“It was disappointing [not to stay at Everton] because I had given my all and I would have liked to have stayed there for many years.

“I would love to come back to England and even more so to come back to Everton. The reason is because of all the lovely memories and how well I was treated by the supporters.

“My family absolutely loved living in Liverpool. We enjoyed being at the ground and all the people there – it was a great life experience for all of us.

“I really love Everton and will always have a soft spot for the place. I send all my best wishes to the Club and its supporters for the new season.”

Miles Greerbest of luck denis,thank you for your hard work and dedication to everton fc.Come back soon

Tuesday 11th September 18:30 Report Comment

kenny almondfeed the straq and he will score!! wasnt the best player weve had but for effort and commitment was deffo up there!! welcome back any day!!

Friday 7th September 00:07 Report Comment

Pete EvansFantastic effort from the guy which merited a longer stay. Hope to see you back one day. Good luck withSan Lorenzo. Cheers.

Thursday 6th September 22:12 Report Comment

timothy bennettnever understood why we let him go he gave his all for our great club, has the heart of a lion!!

Thursday 6th September 19:02 Report Comment

Aaron OnionI think legend is a bit much to be honest, but still a great player with a great work ethic. I hope he comes back. Great lad!!!!

Thursday 6th September 01:57 Report Comment

Shaun MaguireMoysey Sign him up, moysey moysey sign him up!

Wednesday 5th September 19:16 Report Comment

Richard oliverit was proberley 1 of our biggest mistakes by not keeping the big man going to be missed by all at everton hope everything goes well for you and your family in argentina good look mate

Wednesday 5th September 17:38 Report Comment

james rimmmermight be r only mistake of the transfer window.

Wednesday 5th September 16:07 Report Comment

tyrone waterhousea true blue should have kept denis .honest players hard come by these days.

Wednesday 5th September 19:34 Report Comment

james rimmmerwould welcome dennis back any time.he would of ran through a brick wall if moyes had told him too.good luck dennis.

Wednesday 5th September 16:06 Report Comment

All the best, Denis!

Wednesday 5th September 12:06 Report Comment

barbara ellisGood luck Denis,will be fondly remembered by Evertonians,you played your football with heart and guts when Everton sorely needed both.God bless to you and your family.

Wednesday 5th September 10:48 Report Comment

Syl CordisWHY ??????????????????? LENGEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as simple as that ...................

Wednesday 5th September 10:37 Report Comment

ian knealecome on moyesie ,get the big man back in january. we loved him.

Wednesday 5th September 08:00 Report Comment

patrick liddaneWe love you Dennis, you have the heart of a lion and you gave everything when you played for us. Come back one day Dennis.

Wednesday 5th September 04:29 Report Comment

Ian WilkinsonHe went to San Lorenzo on a free as well, sure he wouldn't have been on that much even for our meagre budget.

Tuesday 4th September 22:38 Report Comment

Rob DunphyA toffee through and through, He ran in 30 mins what some prem players run in 90mins. Would loved to have seen him alongside Jelavic.

Tuesday 4th September 22:36 Report Comment

David McBrideSTRAQ you are a good honest guy with a great work ethic, I hope it works out for you at your new club and score lots of goals !! Nil Satis Nisi Optimum just what you where.

Tuesday 4th September 22:20 Report Comment

Alun RobertsThanks Dennis, nice words mate. Loved your effort and commitment. Good luck.

Tuesday 4th September 22:06 Report Comment

Steve LandyI'd take big Denis over some of the prima donna's in this league anyday!

Tuesday 4th September 22:03 Report Comment

patrick wainean honest guy on and off the pitch

Tuesday 4th September 21:29 Report Comment

Leonard GoodnightGlad to have you, big man. Hope you get another go one day. Nice to see an Argentine who isn't a temperamental prima donna.

Tuesday 4th September 21:24 Report Comment

Scott RobinsonBest of luck Denis, would have been great to get ya back.

Tuesday 4th September 21:21 Report Comment

danny mcfaddengave his all for team, good luck lad.

Tuesday 4th September 21:02 Report Comment

Don FerrierShould I have another son, I'll call him Denis.

Tuesday 4th September 21:00 Report Comment

anthony tullyAnother true blue is born once the club touches you there is no going back. Thank for all your efforts

Tuesday 4th September 20:44 Report Comment

ELPHENOR MARCA big THANK for a Big MAN thank you Denis!

Tuesday 4th September 20:34 Report Comment

Derek PriceIt goes without saying that we loved Denis also. Good luck Denis for the future and do come back sometime.

Tuesday 4th September 20:02 Report Comment

jon murphyThe biggest compliment I can give Stracq is that he played like a fan! Thanks for the memories

Tuesday 4th September 19:52 Report Comment

ken hugheswhy did he leave.???????????

Tuesday 4th September 18:59 Report Comment

Mark DavidsonAgree with everyone else. The big man always ran his heart out. Would love him to have stayed.

Tuesday 4th September 18:46 Report Comment

Ian Butterworthgod bless you dennis!... without you particually in dec/feb we would of struggled!! would love tp see you back here at goodison, take care dennis and regards to your family.

Tuesday 4th September 18:15 Report Comment

James SmithGreat player

Tuesday 4th September 17:40 Report Comment

george mulvillefeed the straq, feed the straq, feed the straq and he will score! hope he comes back gave 100% everygame, good luck for the future big lad!

Tuesday 4th September 17:31 Report Comment

Hugh DanielsClass act, Big Den - all the very best for the future!!!!

Tuesday 4th September 17:29 Report Comment

Jamie Murphygreat article stracq goodluck for the future

Tuesday 4th September 16:56 Report Comment

KWONG POK LAPDenis is a good player. he works hard,play hard. I hope that he will come back in future! ^_^

Tuesday 4th September 16:41 Report Comment

Iodine for cuts whisky for sprainswas also brilliant against City just terrorised Kompany and Lescott all match. A joy to watch the effort he put in!

Tuesday 4th September 15:06 Report Comment

paul merrisonWhat an ENGINE ! this man had .Gave 120%. Really surprised he's not here anymore. It looks like he wanted to stay and in my opinion should have done .

Tuesday 4th September 15:00 Report Comment

Carl LiljebergI wear my Everton jersey with your name on with pride ! Hope to see you back Denis :)

Tuesday 4th September 14:49 Report Comment

Data PosayanukhulGreat lad. Pity he is not with us this season. Wish him all the best @ San Lorenzo. Perhaps, when he has the time during Argy league break, he can be back with the crowd cheering us...

Tuesday 4th September 14:45 Report Comment

Ray Campbell LuptonI'd have 11 Denis Stracqualursi's on the pitch any day of the week. Always gave 100%, never stopped running. Top man, always welcome back at Everton in my book.

Tuesday 4th September 14:44 Report Comment

KEITH BARTONIn our time of need Denis was our savior - he fought for every ball ! Thank you Denis for your excellent endeavor!

Tuesday 4th September 14:25 Report Comment

Joe HayesLove you big guy come back soon

Tuesday 4th September 14:13 Report Comment

anthony gliddonwe love you to straq!

Tuesday 4th September 13:57 Report Comment

michael fennessyWhen you score 30 gaols hopefully we'll bring you back. Im sure most of us would great you with open arms. All the best at San Lorenzo

Tuesday 4th September 13:57 Report Comment

john wardaleWas great Against Fulham and Blackpool FA Cup, come back to Goodison always welcome!

Tuesday 4th September 13:49 Report Comment

David KellyGreat fella and a hundred per center every game he played in. It's great when they say that about Everton, the club which seems to have a magical effect on most of it's ex-players!

Tuesday 4th September 13:43 Report Comment

Kristian KarlssonBring him back :)

Tuesday 4th September 13:42 Report Comment

ian clarkenice one strac you will always be welcomed back to goodison by all bluenoses , we wish you and your family all the best .

Tuesday 4th September 13:36 Report Comment

Ryan Macca COYBget im back

Tuesday 4th September 13:33 Report Comment

Ash Marsdensign him!

Tuesday 4th September 13:32 Report Comment

jamie spencethanks for your hard work and dedication to this club denis, Hope to see you again soon, good luck mate!

Tuesday 4th September 13:31 Report Comment

Matthew Keenani thought he could have done a job for us there. another 12 months, i think he will have fully adjusted and been a decent player

Tuesday 4th September 13:22 Report Comment

Brandon BrancatisanoTrue Evertonian! Hopefully we see you back mate! All the best for this season!

Tuesday 4th September 13:21 Report Comment

Max BloodWhat a top man!

Tuesday 4th September 13:20 Report Comment

Connor BennettDenis, Denis got it. Brilliant.

Tuesday 4th September 13:09 Report Comment


Tuesday 4th September 13:03 Report Comment


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