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Blues Accept Rodwell Bid

Midfielder having at Manchester City on Sunday.

Blues Accept Rodwell Bid

Everton have agreed an undisclosed fee with Manchester City for the transfer of Jack Rodwell.

The midfielder was undergoing a medical with the Premier League champions on Sunday.

Gary Simmons15-20 million for someone who plays 3 thens injured for 6 and isn't a regular 1st team choice? Good business again by Mr Moyes. Hopefully Adam Johnsons part of the deal

Sunday 12th August 20:58 Report Comment

jonathan smithCahill to come back on loan same deal as donavon

Sunday 12th August 20:58 Report Comment

Stuart EatonHey if we have sold a 20 mil player who cant even get in our team things aint that bad surely.

Sunday 12th August 20:55 Report Comment

jonathan smithCahill to come back on loan same deal as donavon

Sunday 12th August 20:14 Report Comment

scott herringtonI agree with most people on here, Johnson on the right and Pienaar on the left would provide good ammunition for Jelavic, then we can keep Baines!

Sunday 12th August 19:22 Report Comment

Laurence KingAbout time he went , maybe he can fulfil his 'potential' there. Move on Blues and lets give those Red Devils a headache next week!

Sunday 12th August 18:29 Report Comment

stuart bryan15 or 20 mill good buisness to long warming the bench and injured get johnson and another striker in got a good feeling for this season

Sunday 12th August 18:23 Report Comment

Steven PentenNow its time to see everton linked with with players rather than speculation over the everton squad!!

Sunday 12th August 18:02 Report Comment

Steve RookeIf we got 20 million for him, I'm happy with that. Hope Moyesy gets to spend it all. Wonder who on though.........More excellent business Moysey..

Sunday 12th August 18:01 Report Comment

Steven Pentenundisclosed fee.. davids platts comment, player at the right price, im sure we'll know what kind of money we got by the end of the transfer window... of what calibre players come in!

Sunday 12th August 17:54 Report Comment

paul phelpsgood business. he hasnt produced the performances people say hes capable of. with 15 mill plus moyes can add 3 players that can bring much more to the team than rodwell.

Sunday 12th August 17:52 Report Comment

Wesley EdwardsGood luck at City Rodwell, hope fee can be used to get much needed proven striker! COYB

Sunday 12th August 17:38 Report Comment

Steven Pentenor snip chelsea to moses signing? im sure he would be great at attacking right wing...

Sunday 12th August 17:47 Report Comment

stephan longhave adam johnson from man city at right wing

Sunday 12th August 17:29 Report Comment

Kenneth GylesCan't understand why the club has not made a statement so fans try to understand why he was sold ??? frustrated as usual !!!

Sunday 12th August 17:22 Report Comment

Christopher CoyneThe kid is a good player but he has had an injury problem the last while - I fancy Barkley could become a better player. Go get a right back, right mid and a striker to help Jela ow Moyesy lad.

Sunday 12th August 17:16 Report Comment

Kenneth VivianIf he passes fitness lets hope the money is used and not given to the bank.

Sunday 12th August 17:12 Report Comment

ROBERT DONOGHUEHopefully this deal involves us getting johnson or weiss

Sunday 12th August 17:10 Report Comment

Andy Rowlands£20m, an offer which cant be rejected for someone who hasnt progressed and is a fringe player.

Sunday 12th August 17:06 Report Comment

David RobinsonGood move by Moyes to cash in ,rodwell maybe fit now but how long before he gets injured again

Sunday 12th August 17:06 Report Comment

Marcus Luntthink Barkley may be rubbing his hands together right now

Sunday 12th August 17:01 Report Comment

stephen burnsWatching blues for 45 years. Sorry but could not see myself what was so special about Rodwell. Looked average after first season. Hope we get good money for him.

Sunday 12th August 17:01 Report Comment

GARRY OTOOLEI can't see how we will miss Rodwell. He is good at keeping a bench warm so will fit in at manc city. If a player wants away he is no good to us.

Sunday 12th August 16:59 Report Comment

Victor TaySad to see him go as he is a homegrown talent. Nonetheless, all the best Rodwell.

Sunday 12th August 16:58 Report Comment

Peter CarrollGood money for someone who is not settled, two good players can be bought now!

Sunday 12th August 16:38 Report Comment

jonathan smithI heard a rumour 10-15 mil plus johnston take that all day long

Sunday 12th August 16:03 Report Comment

Scott GlasgowGet Donovan or Dempsey

Sunday 12th August 16:01 Report Comment

Mark JamesGet both, our US profile would go through the roof and increase our hopes of investment.

Sunday 12th August 18:18 Report Comment

jonathan smithGood luck Rodders let's hope we keep bainesy now we need a right mid player an a striker to play with jelivic

Sunday 12th August 16:00 Report Comment

david russellAlways looked like he might be a good player , but when will he be a good player? anything up to 8 million is a great bit of business .

Sunday 12th August 15:56 Report Comment

Kev KellyGreat news was always a bench player never as good as people made out.

Sunday 12th August 15:38 Report Comment

edward fongshould do a deal with city,for adam johnson and take him under the noses of the other side across the park

Sunday 12th August 15:37 Report Comment

Pat BrennanSome saying £20 million, others saying £15 million. If its the latter there must be someone coming from City as part of deal.

Sunday 12th August 15:36 Report Comment

robert griffinweird move for rodders? great for us! donavan and defoe would be nice in return....

Sunday 12th August 15:28 Report Comment

Paul RyanGood luck Jack, should try for Adam Johnson off them with the money or some swap agreement!

Sunday 12th August 15:14 Report Comment

Jeff DolphinNo big loss, as the lad was mostly injured... In my opinion Rodwell is well overated and the club has done well to unload him..! Jollyfella...

Sunday 12th August 15:09 Report Comment

Darren ReevesHope he passes the medical. I like the lad, but we need the cash.....At CM we have options

Sunday 12th August 15:05 Report Comment

Andrew baddercan dm use money to sign Landon Donovan

Sunday 12th August 15:02 Report Comment

andy mayso close to the start of the season , is there the time or MONEY to get anyone decent in

Sunday 12th August 15:00 Report Comment

Shaun Smithrather see rodwell go than fellaini, so about £15 million to get a couple new players in COYB

Sunday 12th August 14:57 Report Comment

steven fellowsI think that this could be very good business i'm a little upset to see him leave but if it means we can keep felli and bainsey and maybe get johnson and another striker then i'm happy with that.

Sunday 12th August 14:52 Report Comment

gary mcintoshI hate undisclosed fees the fans should know what the bid is. Hope this is the last player to go this season so we get a flying start to the season

Sunday 12th August 14:39 Report Comment

Peter Southern20m is the talk if so it's a great deal he has'nt done a lot lately

Sunday 12th August 14:32 Report Comment

Neil BullockAdam Johnson on loan and a bid for Dempsey?

Sunday 12th August 14:30 Report Comment


Sunday 12th August 14:24 Report Comment

Phil LivingstoneGreg O'keef of the Echo was on the flight back from Malaga with Rodders today (Jack travelled back seperately from the rest of the team). Move is £15m + add ons, according to him.

Sunday 12th August 14:18 Report Comment

James StewartSky Sports News saying between 15-20'000'000, but wish someone would come out & state the true amount which has been offered & accepted.

Sunday 12th August 14:10 Report Comment

Ashley DavidsonReports coming in that its 16m plus add-ons taking it up to a possible 20m deal.

Sunday 12th August 14:06 Report Comment

matthew Allcroftall the best rodders hope johnson in with deal !!!! would love that and pienaar on other side coyb! wouldnt that be a good attacking midfield my mouth watering...........

Sunday 12th August 14:05 Report Comment

paul rawlinsonall the reliable sources are suggesting £15m......dont sound much but to be honest i dont think he'll be missed.....still i wish him luck

Sunday 12th August 13:44 Report Comment

terry taylorgood deal i hope,wonder how much we will get thats if he pass medical 10 to 15mil with johnson coming are way will do me in that deal

Sunday 12th August 13:42 Report Comment

robert mcleanhope we get 1 or 2 more players in before the transfers window shut moyes must have someone in mind to replace him

Sunday 12th August 13:39 Report Comment

Dave HarperIf by selling Rodwell we keep hold of Bainse and Fellaini, fantastic news. IMWT

Sunday 12th August 13:36 Report Comment

Per Arne DragstenIs there any swap deal + money in this transfer?

Sunday 12th August 13:31 Report Comment

Jason HigginsI just hope we get a decent fee for him, 15mill at least considering J Allen's fee. Or slightly less with a player involved.....Adam Johnson would be perfect for us on the right :-) Here's hoping

Sunday 12th August 13:22 Report Comment

Cahir MartinDoes any one know how much the bid is?

Sunday 12th August 13:16 Report Comment

Pat BrennanThey are saying £20 million but other places saying £15 million... if its latter id say someone is coming from City.

Sunday 12th August 15:35 Report Comment

stephen whittinghamit sais on mail online 15 million but other sites are saying undisclosed

Sunday 12th August 15:07 Report Comment

jason waring£20M i've heard

Sunday 12th August 13:40 Report Comment

Owen LandonGood luck rodders. Let's spend the money well

Sunday 12th August 13:14 Report Comment

jamie lawtonCan't understand why we would sell, unless he wants to go and we got really good price for him.

Sunday 12th August 13:10 Report Comment

Phil HudsonSo we dont have to sell Baines or Felli, good business

Sunday 12th August 13:53 Report Comment

Jean BreezeNot surprised, he is not progressing. Has his price gone up since being named in the England squad? David Moyes could get a couple of new players. Has he got someone in mind, I would think he has!?!

Sunday 12th August 13:09 Report Comment

Kevin Peter McBrideGood time to cash in, Rather see Jack go, than Baines....He was never staying at Everton.

Sunday 12th August 13:06 Report Comment

Robin MooreDepending on what we got for him, I'd say he was a good bit of business, He showed promise but he was injury prone and didn't get as many goals as he should.

Sunday 12th August 12:59 Report Comment

Jonathan HackerAHH NO.

Sunday 12th August 12:57 Report Comment

Ateeq MoghalWow this one came out of the blue, well, lets use the dosh to get some more talent in mid field and a winger on the right...........DONVAN maybe.......

Sunday 12th August 12:57 Report Comment

Patrick BarrettGood luck Rods...Hope this means no more exits this term. Money has to be reinvested!!!

Sunday 12th August 12:52 Report Comment

Ken MurphyIt is a shame that we never saw his full potential, but good luck at city Jack.

Sunday 12th August 12:52 Report Comment

Greg Ter-HovanessianI am surprised by this transfer...could be good business by Moyes, but lets hope we see the cash re-invested in 2 new players.

Sunday 12th August 12:46 Report Comment

luke williamsdo man city no something we dont he had 6 decent games 3 years ago and hasnt progressed since then

Sunday 12th August 12:44 Report Comment

David SandleSorry to see him go, however, we still have good cover in the midfield. Hopefully Moyes will get the funds to invest in the squad. A strike partner for Jelly has to be top of the list.

Sunday 12th August 12:42 Report Comment

calum budgeIt had better be an offer,we could not have refused,Good luck Jack there`s a place waiting on the bench for you

Sunday 12th August 12:33 Report Comment

derek john teevanhope it is a big fee, jack has always promised so much,never don it .get some more players in now

Sunday 12th August 12:28 Report Comment

jason woosnamNeeds to be at least 25million

Sunday 12th August 12:24 Report Comment

Graham RobertsLater Rodwell lid

Sunday 12th August 12:22 Report Comment

shaun standingSee you laters rodders. bad move mate.

Sunday 12th August 12:21 Report Comment

glyn daviesmixed fellings really but if we get the sort of money 20 mill mabee moyes gets 1 or 2 players in

Sunday 12th August 12:19 Report Comment


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