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Fans Thank Tim

Evertonians pay tribute to Australian midfielder.

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On Monday we confirmed agreement has been reached with Major League Soccer for the transfer of Tim Cahill to the New York Red Bulls.

The announcement led to the Club receiving a wealth of messages across our official social media channels paying tribute to Tim and his magnificent efforts in the Royal Blue jersey since his arrival from Millwall in 2004.

Evertonians can leave their comments at the foot of this article, on the Club's official Facebook page and also by tweeting our Twitter account.

Here is a selection of the messages received so far:

Ged Spellman
Best wishes to you Tim for your future in the U.S.A. Watch out all you M.L.S cornerflags!!! come back and visit in the close season 'cos you are a true blue hero and a living derby legend!

Martin Gibbons
Great evertonian, great player, top bloke, good luck and don't be a stranger at Goodison.

Derek Etid Egan
Good luck Tim, you've been a Great Evertonian!! Loved every minute watching play for us!

John Donnelly
Good luck Tim.. A real ambassador for us on and off the pitch!!

Debbie Bellis
Timmy Cahill the ultimate professional moyes's best ever signing All the best timmy a true blue !

Gareth Morris
Nice one Tim, always remember the goal smashed into the top corner against Newcastle to clinch 4th spot an a shot at CLQ .. Good luck mate, give a few corner flags in the USA a good punching .... NSNO legend

Alan Barnes
Bet Chelsea are glad to see the back of Tim, he will be held in the same esteem as Alan Ball, Duncan Ferguson, Peter Reid.... a legend and ALWAYS will be welcomed back & loved by Evertonians.

Andy Hudson
he gave his all to the club. He came in and no-one was sure of what he could do for us and wow look what he did for us. Thank you tim for all those wonderful memories and goals. Enjoy playing in the US and hope to see you back here at goodison one day.

Ed McCosh
The first time the corner flag celebration came out....0-0 against the Mackems, New Year's Day, 89 minutes gone. And up pops Timmy with a trademark goal and the to-be-trademark celebration. Class.

Elliott Cuff
Living, breathing legend! The door will always be open at goodison for you Timmy! Sad to see you go but you will remain in the hearts of all Evertonians forever! Good luck Tim!

keith portergone ..just like dat ....weird ...wat a player for us

Wednesday 29th August 00:19 Report Comment

June TaylorIf you give as much to the American game as you gave to us then you'll be a success.Sorry to see you are a true blue through and through!

Tuesday 31st July 10:26 Report Comment

ann reynoldsThank You Tim..A true Legend.We are going to miss you..Good Luck in the States...Theres only one Tim Cahill.!!Danny Ann and Connor..

Saturday 28th July 15:51 Report Comment

Anthony BirdAll the best, Tim, a true legend, keep punching!!

Saturday 28th July 12:21 Report Comment


Friday 27th July 19:51 Report Comment

Tony de WynterThankyou Tim for your excellent service. You have given us a lot of pleasure over the years and have been a true blue. You will always be welcome at the home of the Blues!

Friday 27th July 15:16 Report Comment

Kieran McateerStar player, gentleman and all round legend - the glue that holds the club & squad together, will be sorely missed. all the best in US, I’m sure they love you already! going two season too early imo

Friday 27th July 12:37 Report Comment

A great player and a true professional.Best wishes for the future

Friday 27th July 06:46 Report Comment

Finn Toddgood luck in america tim! really, really, gutted though. i hope he will do a thierry henry and make a dramatic loan deal back to his spiritual home....

Friday 27th July 05:45 Report Comment

Simon LahnYou may have been one of the smaller players on the pitch, but you played you were the biggest player out there. I will always look up to you as a role model.

Friday 27th July 02:54 Report Comment

graham eastwoodonce a blue always a blue one of the greatest a true legend best of luck TIM

Friday 27th July 00:40 Report Comment

Imran NiaziThanks from ARE a True Blue...Legend...the one against chelsea (overhead kick) was the best!

Friday 27th July 00:23 Report Comment

Frank BoyleProbably our best signing of the modern era. A beast of a player! Good luck in NY, Tim.

Friday 27th July 00:13 Report Comment

Ray millsGood luck Tim,you and Arteta our best recent players.You can still do the business in America.

Thursday 26th July 23:35 Report Comment

Kevin DaceyGood luck on your new chapter, Tim, and thanks for all the memories - the greatest Evertonian of my generation, and I can't wait to see you back at the Old Lady sometime! Can't thank you enough.

Thursday 26th July 22:53 Report Comment

Paul normanThanks Tim ! your an absolute legend ! once a blue always a blue ! good luck in the states . see you at goodison again

Thursday 26th July 22:01 Report Comment

ann reynoldsThanks Tim.You are a true Legend.Good Luck in the States.Hope to see you when you are on loan in January! You will be truly missed Tim.. Best Wishes...Danny, Ann and Connor

Thursday 26th July 21:37 Report Comment

scott parkinMy best player has left Everton :'( all the best Tim at your new club the corner flags will stay attached to the ground will be missed :(

Thursday 26th July 21:34 Report Comment

Robert Phillipsgood luck Tim , loved your passion for the club,come back and visit us asap,true blue in every way.

Thursday 26th July 21:06 Report Comment

sophie mattocksBeen a pleasure to watch for the past eight years Tim, you will be missed by everyone, a true Everton Legend. Heartbroken but hope its not too long before we see you again, hopefully as a coach! x

Thursday 26th July 21:03 Report Comment

Scott Robinsonall the best mate - you are an absolute Everton legend!

Thursday 26th July 20:41 Report Comment

Chris WaltersAll the best Tim you have been fantastic for the Blues No more icy days at Fulham!! Thanks for everything will follow still on Twitter

Thursday 26th July 20:32 Report Comment

richie byrneTimmy, thanks for the memories. An Everton legend and a man who truly understood that "Once a blue always a blue". Best of luck in NYC!

Thursday 26th July 20:26 Report Comment

Phil BillTim you are one of my best ever Everton player.s Good luck TIM and thanks for those goals. Sorry we never won anything during your time but you are a living legend no matter what anyone says xx

Thursday 26th July 19:18 Report Comment

Norman AbrahamsA great player - will be sorely missed. I live in Canada but have been true Blue for 70 years

Thursday 26th July 19:15 Report Comment

fraser slossDefinitely THE Everton great of my lifetime, and I'm sure you're up there with the best Tim. Epitomised what Everton is all about! Good luck in the USA, you will always be welcome at Goodison

Thursday 26th July 18:25 Report Comment

Ethan LongHeartbreaking to see such an amazing player go, hope when you retire you choose to come back!

Thursday 26th July 18:24 Report Comment

stephen mcalleyquite simply thanks for the memories tim, best of luck in the states

Thursday 26th July 17:59 Report Comment

christy ringa true blue,you wore the '17' jersey with pride and passion,you were mr.everton.all the best in the big apple

Thursday 26th July 17:15 Report Comment

John MorganGutted but thanks for the memories Timmy, Good Luck with your new club, hope to see you back at Goodison someday.

Thursday 26th July 17:12 Report Comment

alex porteralways welcome here at goodison thanks tim. xx

Thursday 26th July 17:06 Report Comment

Ronnie TannerIf only we could have had eleven Tim Cahills on the team for the last eight years!! If only!!

Thursday 26th July 17:06 Report Comment

Phil BuckleyThanks Tim Just returned from downunder in March they love him almost as much as we do! Good Luck Mate.

Thursday 26th July 16:19 Report Comment

robert mercurysad news indeed, you have given everything to our club since you joined, we will miss you mate, good luck in the states, dont stay away too long, come visit us, goodison wont be the same

Thursday 26th July 15:27 Report Comment

Timothy LiuGutted and speechless

Thursday 26th July 12:25 Report Comment

WAYNE TYSONHe came from down under and showed us how to jump like a Roo, to put the ball in the net. Tim you were our star now be one in USA, you will always be a Goodison Legend, good luck over the pond.

Thursday 26th July 12:06 Report Comment

Great Evertonian. You've given so much pleasure to so many fans. Brilliant player and top man - a true professional. Thanks, Tim and good luck. Do hope to see you back at Goodison in future.

Thursday 26th July 10:54 Report Comment

Michael Westonyou need to bring him back on loan in January with landon to say goodbye

Thursday 26th July 10:54 Report Comment

Daniela Kieli think it's the best for everyone but can't help it hurts! Thanks, Tim for being that great person on and off the pitch. Good luck!

Thursday 26th July 07:02 Report Comment

Christian IrwinAbsolute LEGEND. Everton FC must honour Tim Cahill for 8 years of blood and guts better than a video!

Thursday 26th July 04:04 Report Comment

anthony stanleyi love that guy, true evertonian.

Thursday 26th July 02:01 Report Comment

Carl HoweyUnplayable, irreplaceable, Evertonian. Thank you Tim.

Wednesday 25th July 23:41 Report Comment

Matty ReillyGood luck Tim - give 'em hell!

Wednesday 25th July 22:46 Report Comment

joe kilshawRetire the number 17 he is a LEGEND

Wednesday 25th July 22:06 Report Comment

barry delaneyYou have been fantastic for the Everton Tim! You always gave 100% to the cause. You will always be welcome! Tim Cahill - Legend!

Wednesday 25th July 21:36 Report Comment

lee mullina true blue is timmy, all the best and hope to see u at goodison in the near future

Wednesday 25th July 20:52 Report Comment

MARCUS MCCARTHYNice one Tim! Up there with the best to pull on a royal blue jersey! Good luck in America, them corner flags could do with a beating. Thanks for the memories.

Wednesday 25th July 20:33 Report Comment

Paul CarrollThanks for all the wonderful memories Tim. Enjoy New York, you deserve it. Come and see us all at Goodison close season so we can properly thank you.

Wednesday 25th July 20:21 Report Comment

Richard ReadSad day, a true blue leaves after 8 years. Had such an impact on and off the field, so much so that my wife immortalised him in icing on top of my 40th birthday cake!

Wednesday 25th July 19:54 Report Comment

Noel Girlingfarewell and good luck to the blue kangeroo!! premierleagues finest header of the ball since big dunc!

Wednesday 25th July 18:10 Report Comment

Ty Sommers OttoTim you are a huge staple in the toffee army and youll be very from the states and it hurts to see you come to us hahaha but good luck and i look forward to seeing you when you play LA!

Wednesday 25th July 17:58 Report Comment

Oz OwenA true legend. Thanks for the comittment to this wonderful club. I like the transfer good for him and us every Jan we can welcome him back for 2 months like Donavan Sorted

Wednesday 25th July 17:21 Report Comment

Joanna OldhamHow about our corner flags having the number 17 on them?

Wednesday 25th July 16:25 Report Comment

Ron WilsonYou have done us proud Tim, your dedication and passion is a serious loss to the Blues. Good luck in the States and don't forget, once a Blue always a Blue.

Wednesday 25th July 15:33 Report Comment

Craig Tearethanks tim you will allways be welcome back, always an everton legend

Wednesday 25th July 15:12 Report Comment

David RoundGood Luck Tim thanks for evrything you are a Legend come back any time!

Wednesday 25th July 15:08 Report Comment

JONATHAN SPITERIForever in our hearts. True loyal Evertonian. Will be hard not seeing in the squad anymore but guess this marvellous journey had to end some time. Good luck from all Evertonians in Malta.

Wednesday 25th July 14:14 Report Comment

Margaret WalchSad to see you go, Tim, but I wish you all happiness and success in the next stage. You always gave everything for the team - we loved you for it, and you will always be Everton.

Wednesday 25th July 13:59 Report Comment

alexis leungGood luck Tim Cahill the Header King.

Wednesday 25th July 12:53 Report Comment

Matthew CardusBest of luck Tim, sad too see you go but what a legend you have been always getting those important goals, hope you take the MLS by storm too!

Wednesday 25th July 12:44 Report Comment

Joel CurranGoodbye Tim..... You will be missed and forever in our hearts. Everton LEGEND!

Wednesday 25th July 12:33 Report Comment

paul woodwardi honestly don't think it is over, i'm pretty certain he will be open to coming back on loan in january/february

Wednesday 25th July 12:31 Report Comment

Alec WalkerCan I say, on behalf of the thousands who haven't written in, because everything has already been said. THANKS TIM YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS

Wednesday 25th July 12:27 Report Comment

Phil BuckleyThanks Tim Just back from Downunder in March . They Love him almost as much as we do. Good Luck Mate.

Wednesday 25th July 11:50 Report Comment

Lea-Anne BoyceTim Cahill... you played with so much passion and love for the are a legend and true blue. You will be missed mate. Best wishes for the future

Wednesday 25th July 11:01 Report Comment

Perry Wallacereally gonna miss ya tim, you are a true evertonian.

Wednesday 25th July 10:36 Report Comment

KOBUS VERMEULENGood luck Tim will miss you

Wednesday 25th July 10:06 Report Comment

robert mcleanwish tim all the best in america

Wednesday 25th July 09:55 Report Comment

Fresly PakpahanKangoroo Boxing, Cahill is a legend...

Wednesday 25th July 09:40 Report Comment

ROBERT DONOGHUEOne season too early for me, All the best Tim!!

Wednesday 25th July 09:34 Report Comment

Pgee AriffinLEGEND!!! Thanks for wholehearted plays in every game. We'll miss you for sure.. p/s: Corner flags will miss you too.. :)

Wednesday 25th July 09:30 Report Comment

Alan MullallyEverything's been said legend!!...but all good things have to come to end. Good luck in the US and thanks for the Memories!!

Wednesday 25th July 09:22 Report Comment

Reed LoNo question that you are our Legend, miss you and hope you all the best in USA

Wednesday 25th July 09:13 Report Comment

Christian GerdenThanks for everything Tim! Words cannot describe how much you have done for this club during the years. Good luck in NY. //Blues supporter in Sweden

Wednesday 25th July 08:58 Report Comment

Kelvin LamThank you so much! Goodluck and all the best!

Wednesday 25th July 08:54 Report Comment

Ann CoathupYou will always be ours Tim - we won't be the same. Sad day for the Blues fans you will remain in our hearts forever. Put them in the back of the net for the Bulls Timmy.

Wednesday 25th July 08:25 Report Comment

Paul Jurythis bought a tear to my eyes

Wednesday 25th July 07:42 Report Comment

Mitchell CookLiterally brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for the memories Tim, true Everton legend!!! Aussie Mitch

Wednesday 25th July 07:38 Report Comment

Ged GriffithsWhen i heard you say in an interview how much it meant to you to play for Everton I truly believed you . Thank you Tim for all the great entertainment over the years . A true blue

Wednesday 25th July 07:36 Report Comment

desmond jonesAll the best tim you are true everton legend. Gd luck in the USA. Come back soon with Landon.

Wednesday 25th July 07:25 Report Comment

Paul BatesLegend mate, end of an era and best of luck, come back to Everton soon.

Wednesday 25th July 07:12 Report Comment

william edgetrue blue .great memories.thanks for doing a great job for the blues .never let us down.will allways remember your corner flag gig when you scored for the blues.all the best for the future

Wednesday 25th July 06:49 Report Comment

Andy PearceMy favourite Everton player in the last 20 years. Sad to see you go, no-one has a bigger heart. Hope to see you playing football downunder in the not too distant future

Wednesday 25th July 06:26 Report Comment

vivek smCahill heart broken to see you leave everton. U r a LEGEND n will always remain one... Cheers in the US mate

Wednesday 25th July 06:21 Report Comment


Wednesday 25th July 05:54 Report Comment

Vu Nguyen Tuanthanks for being with us in 8 years ,you are always in our hear ,a blue boy !

Wednesday 25th July 03:40 Report Comment

Sean O'DonnellThis has been the hardest transfer for me in all my years as an Everton fan. A true Evertonian & a gentleman. Devastated you're leaving. Tim Cahill, Everton legend.

Wednesday 25th July 01:40 Report Comment

Pat FineganGreat memories of Tim in a blue jersey. Literally wiping away tears watching that compilation of his goals. So long, Tiger Tim. Best of luck in NY!

Wednesday 25th July 01:15 Report Comment

joe mcparlandMLS beware. Coming to a corner flag near you! True blue Timmy Cahill!!!

Wednesday 25th July 00:19 Report Comment

Gary JonesThanks Tim for everything!!! You deserve everything you have got!!! Go and live the American dream

Wednesday 25th July 00:05 Report Comment

Kevin HeartyWhat a magnificent player Tim has been for EFC. Thanks for everything, and best wishes for the USA move!!

Tuesday 24th July 23:42 Report Comment

Stephen WilliamsSuperman STILL wears Tim Cahill pyjamas!

Tuesday 24th July 23:28 Report Comment

Maureen MorleyA great legend come back and see us tim good luck to you and your family x

Tuesday 24th July 21:59 Report Comment

Jimmy O'ConnorTim, you are an Everton leg-end in your own lifetime mate. I wish you all the very best in the MLS. Good luck!

Tuesday 24th July 21:54 Report Comment

Neil SandiferIts the right time for Timmy and club, but gutted all the same, and feel sad tonight,,,,,,,

Tuesday 24th July 21:53 Report Comment

Nicola McNallyGutted to see him go :( he's been a legend. Once a blue always a blue. Good luck Timmy

Tuesday 24th July 21:44 Report Comment

robert murtaghgutted ,cant believe you have gone lad ... heart and soul springs to mind ,see yeah back in January with Landon,, remember you wern,t manufactured you were chosen !!!

Tuesday 24th July 21:40 Report Comment


Tuesday 24th July 21:38 Report Comment

William SprungDavid moyes best signing 8 great yrs thanks tim go get em in us.

Tuesday 24th July 21:34 Report Comment

stephen richardsonwe will miss you loads good luck thanks for the memories

Tuesday 24th July 21:34 Report Comment


Tuesday 24th July 21:31 Report Comment

damian mcauleyAbsolutely Everton to the core, will be remembered with all the other greats. All the best.

Tuesday 24th July 21:24 Report Comment

Mark BarryThanks Tim, a true warrior on the pitch and a gentleman off it. So many great memories of you ... good luck in the States.

Tuesday 24th July 21:23 Report Comment

The comments are testimony to Tim. A true professional. Thanks for all your efforts. Welcome back any time

Tuesday 24th July 21:09 Report Comment

Tony WoodersonVery best of luck Tim. Back on loan in January?

Tuesday 24th July 21:02 Report Comment

christopher morleygood luck tim--thanks for all that you have done for our great club-- wish you loads of success-- a true everton legend.

Tuesday 24th July 20:49 Report Comment

stuart bryanthanks for the memories tim you are a true blue legend we will all miss you rememer to call in any time give those corner flags the same treatment and think of us

Tuesday 24th July 20:47 Report Comment

christopher morleygood luck tim--thanks for all that you have done for our great club-- wish you loads of success-- a true everton legend.

Tuesday 24th July 20:45 Report Comment

gary jonesabsolutely gutted tim all the best youll always be loved at everton

Tuesday 24th July 20:40 Report Comment

luke thompsonWhat a LEGEND , will always remember the first game i went to when he scored twice against villa. Good Luck Timmy you will always be remembered !

Tuesday 24th July 20:25 Report Comment

d connorhope you enjoyed your time at Everton as much as we enjoye having you...always gave your best and you were proud to kiss the badge(and you meant it) Alfie (6)

Tuesday 24th July 20:17 Report Comment

patrick jonesgood luck tim see you back on loan in january, scoring another goal agaisnt them to knock them out of the cup god bless a true blue

Tuesday 24th July 20:13 Report Comment

STEVE CLODFELTERThanks for the memories Tim, A TRUE BLUE, Good Luck in the Usa...

Tuesday 24th July 20:10 Report Comment

Fiona M MackenzieGood luck Tim, we'll miss you lots. You're a Bluenose to be sure so we expect to see you back among us before too long. A great signing, a great player, a great bloke.

Tuesday 24th July 20:09 Report Comment

Michael CooperSo sorry to see you go Tim. You have been a magnificent servant to our club. Now go and make a name for yourself in the US. All the luck in the world for the next chapter in your career.

Tuesday 24th July 20:06 Report Comment

Liam TaylorTim your a true role model and will always be part of Everton thanks for the memories and the best of luck

Tuesday 24th July 20:05 Report Comment

andy chesters100% in everything you do - what a great man and a great Blue. Sorry to see you go and best of luck for the future. All the very best and thank you - you will always be remembered as a legend.

Tuesday 24th July 20:02 Report Comment

Thomas BrownAll the best tim, gone but definitely not forgotten, thanks for the great memories!!!!!

Tuesday 24th July 20:01 Report Comment


Tuesday 24th July 19:51 Report Comment

James ditchfieldgood day tima true Ausie and toffee Legarnd good luk in the USA with the New york red bulls hope to see you back at goodison perhapps on loan deal mate

Tuesday 24th July 19:47 Report Comment

james mcelwainJimmy McElwain Monaghan Ireland Tim one the greatest ...loved to score against liverpool we will miss you . Good luck

Tuesday 24th July 19:47 Report Comment

John O'callaghancould it happen could tim be back on loan along with landon donavan,worth thinking about ,good luck tim...

Tuesday 24th July 19:42 Report Comment

Kristian SmithHe has put himself up there with one of the greatest Everton legends in the clubs history, Goodbye Timmy and good luck in the MLS, Spread the Good Word That is Everton in the Big Apple. COYB. x

Tuesday 24th July 19:32 Report Comment

barry burkeThank you Tim,i won loads on you first goal scorer,good luck in USA ,best player since John MacLauglin.

Tuesday 24th July 19:30 Report Comment

All the best Tim will never forget the way gave every defender you played against a really hard time, made me smile every time i watched you. Thanks.

Tuesday 24th July 19:17 Report Comment

tony flynngood luck tim your a true legend and youl be missed in the ranks

Tuesday 24th July 19:15 Report Comment

stuart maloneNew york red bulls have bought a player, they've just borrowed an Evertonian, once a blue always a blue!

Tuesday 24th July 19:15 Report Comment

Anne BlinkhornJust watched video with tears in my eyes.Gutted Tim is going but wish him well. Proud of him and all hes done for us.Good luck. A true Blue

Tuesday 24th July 19:13 Report Comment

geoffrey warrinergod bless you Tim you are a legend. come back with Landon and play for us and hopefully you come back to us for good in another capacity as you are an inspiration.

Tuesday 24th July 19:07 Report Comment

darren carterwill be deeply missed. gave you heart and soul in the royal blue jersey. all the best in the USA. dont forget to come and and see us. goodbye everton LEGEND

Tuesday 24th July 19:03 Report Comment

Lynn ChooAll the best to you Tim..we will miss you dearly...thank you for putting all your heart, soul and passion into Everton. a true blue and legend.

Tuesday 24th July 18:56 Report Comment

Stephen HumphreysonEverton Legend Thanks Tim you will be missed & not just by Evertonians

Tuesday 24th July 18:56 Report Comment

Mathew WilsonThe most inspiring player ive ever had the privledge to watch.

Tuesday 24th July 18:50 Report Comment

Stanley GordonGood luck tim fancy coming back on loan in January, wouldn't that be good,once again good luck.

Tuesday 24th July 18:49 Report Comment

Steve LandyA true Everton legend now off to play for my favorite MLS team. See you at the corner flag Tim!!

Tuesday 24th July 18:48 Report Comment

wayne backhouseAll the best Tim. Thanks for everything, one of the blues greatest ever signings. Once a Blue Always a Blue. Everton Legend.

Tuesday 24th July 18:38 Report Comment

Val DAWSONThank you Tim for being such a wonderful servant to our wonderful club. Enjoy America. Thanks for signing my portrait of you. You're a hero!

Tuesday 24th July 18:35 Report Comment

Karen ChambersAll the best in the States Tim. You'll always be an Everton Legend. We'll miss you - come back and visit Goodison soon xxx

Tuesday 24th July 18:34 Report Comment

Andrew CasswellLegend - Evertonian! Good luck Tim, Thank you for everything

Tuesday 24th July 18:33 Report Comment

Phillip McferranTrue Bluenose Timmy,good luck in the big apple

Tuesday 24th July 18:29 Report Comment

Kathryn GreggAbsolute Everton legend, always gave everything, will always be welcome at Goodison. Good luck Tim!

Tuesday 24th July 18:09 Report Comment

colin corriganLegend

Tuesday 24th July 18:06 Report Comment

Andrew PatrickTim Cahill, a true Everton legend. One of the most influential players we've ever had. Good luck Tim!

Tuesday 24th July 18:04 Report Comment

Ben ArmstrongTim Cahill LEGEND. think he should play in hibbos testemonial and something should be done to say thanks and farewell. Good luck tim mate Thanks for everything

Tuesday 24th July 18:03 Report Comment

Paul KingsburyAgain: Tim, you're an Everton Legend! Enjoy the MLS but come back soon! Hope to see you when you play against the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Tuesday 24th July 18:00 Report Comment

ray pendletona true blue in every sense of the word,their will always be a welcome here for you ,thanks for everything,great footballer and fantastic roll model for all blues,hope the future treats you well

Tuesday 24th July 17:58 Report Comment

Reed LoThanks so much , Thanks Tim, you are our Legend! ????????

Tuesday 24th July 17:49 Report Comment

David KingTim Cahill, Great man, Great Evertonian,Good Luck in the USA.

Tuesday 24th July 17:21 Report Comment

John RileyMuch like BIg Dunc and Big Nev, Timmy will no doubt be an Everton Giant one of these days

Tuesday 24th July 17:17 Report Comment

Kohsei UchidaGood luck Tim,I don't forget your soul!

Tuesday 24th July 17:09 Report Comment

Jos RowlandFantastic role model and true legend, thanks for all the memories tim you will be greatly missed, hope we see you back one day one way or another Coyb !

Tuesday 24th July 17:05 Report Comment

Khal MalikThank you Tim you will always be an Everton Legend.

Tuesday 24th July 17:05 Report Comment

Nigel JohnsonYou have been a joy to watch and have truly earned all the acclaim from all Evertonians. Thank you for your skills over the past 8 years and I wish you all the best in the USA.

Tuesday 24th July 16:52 Report Comment

John CullyYou will be sorely missed Tim. Once a Blue always a Blue!!!

Tuesday 24th July 16:51 Report Comment

stephen cruiseGood luck Tim served us well will always be remembered once a blue always a blue dont forget tim goodison is home come back soon

Tuesday 24th July 16:49 Report Comment

Filip LillevarsThanks for all the great football, you are a legend! Truly! Best of luck man, we will always support you!

Tuesday 24th July 16:45 Report Comment

mark sandersgood kuck to tim and all the best

Tuesday 24th July 16:33 Report Comment

Victor TayTimmy, you are a legend!

Tuesday 24th July 16:31 Report Comment

dale hayesSuper player the only guy i would let sleep with my missus all the best Timmy mate

Tuesday 24th July 16:29 Report Comment

Darren LunnHead held high timmy ure a legend and pure evertonian thanks for the memorys and good luck with new york

Tuesday 24th July 16:26 Report Comment

James YoxallTHANK YOU TIM, you have been a great player for Everton and you are a perfect role model for any young player. Good luck in USA and visit as often as you can.

Tuesday 24th July 16:11 Report Comment

connor gallagherlegend sad to see him go

Tuesday 24th July 16:09 Report Comment

andrew freaneycheers tim, good look in america they wont love you as much as us evertonians. once a blue always a blue

Tuesday 24th July 16:04 Report Comment

Scott BayleyLEGEND & will be remembered rightly as an Everton great. Good luck Tim, thanks for everything COYB

Tuesday 24th July 15:58 Report Comment

caolan mcgroganAlmost crying to hear that your going mate but thanks for everything your a true blue and always will be good luck in the US... There's Only One Tim Cahill#17 COYB

Tuesday 24th July 15:49 Report Comment

mark patricktrue legend gutted you have gone you epitomise everything a everton player should be...... you will be missed tim your in my heart your in my soul

Tuesday 24th July 15:49 Report Comment

John Carrollgood luck timmy! Everton LEGEND!

Tuesday 24th July 15:48 Report Comment

george efcnearly had a tear in the eye watchin that clip good luck tim

Tuesday 24th July 15:42 Report Comment

Neil DentGutted that a true legend has left the club. A proper honest player and footballer. Come back soon. Always welcome. All the best in the states. p.s Have a quiet word with landon when you see him

Tuesday 24th July 15:40 Report Comment

maureen gallongood luck tim we will miss you thanks for all the good times

Tuesday 24th July 15:33 Report Comment

Matthew PickfordSo sad to see such a legend go, easily one of everton's best players over the past 10 year's. Good luck in the U.S.A and don't be a stranger at everton.

Tuesday 24th July 15:03 Report Comment

Dyane Hallim gutted timmy good luck in your new club thank u for all your years at everton from josh hall age 9 :-(

Tuesday 24th July 15:00 Report Comment

stephen mooreTo a true legend,A true blue,A true gentleman.Good look to you in the usa and good luck to all your,e family. Come and see us whenever you can you will always be welcome.. The moore family

Tuesday 24th July 14:55 Report Comment


Tuesday 24th July 14:43 Report Comment

Paul WattersonGoosebumps watching all the goals Tim has scored for us! The overhead kick against Chelsea was something special. Good Luck in the US of A.

Tuesday 24th July 14:37 Report Comment

anthony tullythanks for all the good times best of luck to a true blue you will be missed

Tuesday 24th July 14:32 Report Comment

Terry Mcloughlinalmost brings a tear, thank you Tim Cahill, a true legend and gentleman!! hope to see you back home soon...

Tuesday 24th July 14:28 Report Comment

john vintenall the best tim fella , will miss u loads ,, 1 question will tim be playing in tony hibberts testimonial ??? , gd luck tim m8 , coyb , etid ,imwt , ftrs

Tuesday 24th July 14:28 Report Comment

Dean ElsonThanks for all the good times Tim. Get your kids to sign for Everton in the future so we can have another CAHILL to cheer on in the Royal Blue. Good luck in the USA!!

Tuesday 24th July 14:25 Report Comment

mic griffithsgood luck and all the best for the future. Look forward to seeing you in january with donovan. thanks for the memories.

Tuesday 24th July 14:21 Report Comment

Lee MustafaA total legend, someone who will be sorely missed by everyone. Enjoy the US Timmy and thank you for all the memories and being a true blue. You will be welcome back at Goodison forever.

Tuesday 24th July 14:12 Report Comment

stephen jonesgood luck in the usa tim,been a legend for us always welcome at goodison

Tuesday 24th July 14:05 Report Comment

super player 100 per cent in a world of greedy players you stuck by us top top player timmy cahill

Tuesday 24th July 14:04 Report Comment

Andrew PThe #17 jersey needs to be retired permanently. Make it happen Everton.

Tuesday 24th July 13:51 Report Comment

lee cookAmazing player...... see you in a few years as a coach???? Good luck

Tuesday 24th July 13:51 Report Comment

dave coxTim Cahill, the best thing to come out of Australia. Good luck to an Everton Hero, and an hard act to follow

Tuesday 24th July 13:46 Report Comment

Andy MacThanks Tim, you shall be missed. You're up there with Big Dunc in this Evertonians mind. Best of luck in the US!

Tuesday 24th July 13:44 Report Comment

Harry Jamesalthough your form was depleting you will be sadly missed bye you LEGEND! nsno

Tuesday 24th July 13:41 Report Comment

Colin MorleyWill rightly go down as one of the greats, not going to be near the same without him but I think its safe to say, he will forever be welcomed at Goodison.

Tuesday 24th July 13:37 Report Comment

ste porterThanks Tim, You were/are the epitome of David Moyes' hard working Everton FC ethos. Good luck in the big apple, they'll love you.

Tuesday 24th July 13:34 Report Comment

Robbie ParkerSo sad to see you go Tim, lived and breathed the club for 8 years, true blue legend. Good luck in this new chapter in your life, thank you.

Tuesday 24th July 13:34 Report Comment

David ThaxtonIt's the right time for the move but I'm still just gutted. A true legend, it's going to be very strange without him. All the best Tim, go smash it.

Tuesday 24th July 13:33 Report Comment

Costas ConstantinouCan only agree with everbody, we've loved the time you have been with us. We will miss you and have a great time in the USA. Hope you visit us some time.

Tuesday 24th July 13:33 Report Comment

Peter SwansonGood luck for the future timmy boy , true blue legend. you will be missed by all at EVERTON,

Tuesday 24th July 13:30 Report Comment

Ian Keith BullMany thanks Tim a True and Great Blue a Loyal servant for 8 long years a fantastic buy DM where would you find another as good for 1.5 m Good Luck and.Enjoy the States.

Tuesday 24th July 13:30 Report Comment

david spatchertim... your in our hearts your in our souls

Tuesday 24th July 13:26 Report Comment

garry cannellbeen an evertonian for the last 18 years, and cahill has been one of the best players to ever come to everton, all the best cahill you legend

Tuesday 24th July 13:25 Report Comment

derek john teevansuper everton player,we will always welcome you.LEGEND

Tuesday 24th July 13:20 Report Comment

Heather Clareso sad to see you go but lots of great memories.will miss your twitter banter with fizzer18.good luck#ytrueblue

Tuesday 24th July 13:16 Report Comment

derek john teevansuper guy,great times you gave us,hope you will be back some day.thanks for being one of the greatest everton players.

Tuesday 24th July 13:14 Report Comment

Derek SullivanYou've given us so many golden memories,thanks for everything and you will always be welcome back at L4 4EL!!!

Tuesday 24th July 13:11 Report Comment

Neil MunnellyOnly the second time I have shed a tear at losing a player, first time was Big Dunc! Thanks for everything Tim, all the best in the US!

Tuesday 24th July 13:10 Report Comment

Ramon WignallAbsolutely hero. All the best Tim you will be missed. How about a loan spell in the winter.

Tuesday 24th July 13:07 Report Comment

Ruslan GarifullinGood luck Tim, you'll always be Everton Legend,we love you!!!)))

Tuesday 24th July 13:04 Report Comment

Ruslan GarifullinGood luck Tim, you'll always be Everton Legend,we love you!!!)))

Tuesday 24th July 13:02 Report Comment

Richard StapletonIts been a privilege having you at our great club Timmy, you'll always be remembered as a true Everton legend. All the best for the future.

Tuesday 24th July 13:01 Report Comment

noel hanleyLEGEND ,TRUE GREAT ,all the best tim cheers

Tuesday 24th July 13:01 Report Comment

john alan hughesAll the best sport, always 100% given, a true Evertonian and a winner - that goal at Chelsea will stay with me forever.

Tuesday 24th July 12:59 Report Comment

peter mciverIt just wont be the same without you Tim. You never got to raise a cup but you can raise your head high. A true blue never to be forgotten.

Tuesday 24th July 12:56 Report Comment

Sheila WhiteWhat a sad, sad day but what a wonderful example youve been. Thanks for being such a great Evertonian. Good luck to you and your family in USA Come back and batter the corner flag again one day

Tuesday 24th July 12:53 Report Comment

Tom HamiltonThank you Tim for the fantastic memories, the hard work and the loyalty to the club and us the fans, much respect and good luck, we are going to miss you here.

Tuesday 24th July 12:49 Report Comment

Ken Knowles11 Cahills and we'd not only win the league but the world cup. Great player, great man.

Tuesday 24th July 12:45 Report Comment

gary mcintoshtim your a true great and will be missed. good lucky in the us. you gave me loads of great memories.

Tuesday 24th July 12:44 Report Comment

Daniel MillerTim Cahill was a great servant who never gave less than 100% where ever he was asked to play. Plus he leaves us with some great memories.

Tuesday 24th July 12:43 Report Comment

David HeathTim, you are, and always will be a Goodison Legend!! Enjoy your time in the States, you deserve this chance - and hope o see you back at Goodison coaching! Good luck

Tuesday 24th July 12:39 Report Comment

Barrie MillerNo what about the testimonial??? Surely the least he deserves - Mr Chairman over to you!

Tuesday 24th July 12:38 Report Comment

Seva SevakYou - the heart of Everton. Good luck, we all love you and will never forget ... Come back to us is shorter ...

Tuesday 24th July 12:38 Report Comment

Chris Fisheraccept i mean!!

Tuesday 24th July 12:35 Report Comment

:Paul VarleyAn absolutely fantastic signing already an Everton legend. Good luck for the future Tim and dont be a stranger. If all our players have as much heart as you we wont go far wrong.

Tuesday 24th July 12:33 Report Comment

liam-james munroClass pure class!!! Thank you timmy your an official EVERTON LEGEND

Tuesday 24th July 12:31 Report Comment

daniel maloneyProud aussie & evertonian; Time for America to witness the 'boxing kangaroo.' Goodluck mate!

Tuesday 24th July 12:29 Report Comment

Gheghesan DariusThx Tim You're a LEGEND!!

Tuesday 24th July 12:25 Report Comment

Barry SummerfieldGutted! Everton Great! Good Luck in the States

Tuesday 24th July 12:24 Report Comment

Hayley WilliamsGood luck in America Tim, you'll always be welcome back at Goodison! Everton should grant you a testimonial as a thanks for all you've done for us! x x x

Tuesday 24th July 12:15 Report Comment

Zac Kirkwoodgood luck tim! But you still no your a blue right? Haha Once a blue always a BLUE!! Were all going to miss you tim

Tuesday 24th July 12:15 Report Comment

mark doughertygood luck in the states tim. you always gave 110% in every game. will be remembered as a true everton legend. come back and enjoy the goodison atmosphere anytime

Tuesday 24th July 12:13 Report Comment

Merryl David RobertsEnd of an era, you have ernd your place as an Everton Legend! Thanks for the memories and good luck!

Tuesday 24th July 12:12 Report Comment

Giles EdwardsGreat service from a great player! Tim goes down as legend at Goodison. Thank you and good luck!

Tuesday 24th July 12:12 Report Comment

Nathan CowleyMy favourite player to don the royal blue. To say that we will all miss you is an understatement.

Tuesday 24th July 12:10 Report Comment

raymond kewinsorry to see you go tim, but good luck in the states, show them how to play with your heart on your sleeve.GOOD LUCK All the very best.

Tuesday 24th July 12:07 Report Comment

Lindsey McGrathSad,sad, day Tim. U served us well, a gr8 player and legend too. Thanks for 8 years of fantastic service a true example of our motto N.S.N.O. and u are Tim. Thanx 4 the memories xx

Tuesday 24th July 12:06 Report Comment

Dieter Scheuchergood contribution, one of many.... :-)

Tuesday 24th July 12:50 Report Comment

Paul McCleanThanks for the memories Tim, and best of luck in the future. That overhead against Chelsea was really special

Tuesday 24th July 12:05 Report Comment

Ian HoughtonI hope you continue smacking them corner flags in the MLS. Good luck Tim, forever blue and in our hearts.

Tuesday 24th July 11:59 Report Comment

Margaret BuntingGreat player,great Evertonian,great memories.Good luck Tim !

Tuesday 24th July 11:57 Report Comment

Nathan YiangouTim Cahill is Everton & vice versa. You leave the club a better place for you being here, and I am sure you would say the same about the club. Always a Blue... Good Luck

Tuesday 24th July 11:54 Report Comment


Tuesday 24th July 11:50 Report Comment

Kev KellyThere's only one Timmy Cahill, Legend

Tuesday 24th July 11:50 Report Comment

Phil ThomasGoodbye Tim, you served us with passion and scored a lot for us.

Tuesday 24th July 11:49 Report Comment

Kev KellyThere's only one Timmy Chaill

Tuesday 24th July 11:49 Report Comment

john wellsThanks for the good memories Tim! All the best in the states LEGEND!!

Tuesday 24th July 11:48 Report Comment

dave lawsonthanks for all the years of hard work, dedication and passion you have given us tim. all the best in the usa. you are welcome back at goodison forever mate

Tuesday 24th July 11:48 Report Comment

Neil MaverA great ambassador for Everton and a great player, you will be sorely missed by all true blues and we wish you every success over the pond!

Tuesday 24th July 11:41 Report Comment

patrick liddaneYou were my favorite player. A true Legend and someone who truly loved this great club. Best of luck Tim, we will miss you!

Tuesday 24th July 11:40 Report Comment

Don MooreBest Wishes Tim. You always gave your best. You personified all that is great about Everton Football Club.

Tuesday 24th July 11:37 Report Comment

brian connorBest wishes for the future Tim hopefully you back with Landon in closed season:) Great ambassador great human being great Evertonian will be a long time till someone fills your shoes at Goodison

Tuesday 24th July 11:37 Report Comment

Shaun DaviesTim, you've been a great player for Everton. I wish you the best of luck

Tuesday 24th July 11:37 Report Comment

scott burkewe really loved you tim, you brought some great times to everton fc

Tuesday 24th July 11:34 Report Comment

graham griffithslegend timmy you will be sadly missed gd luck in USA come and grace goodison park again soon number 17 big number to fill

Tuesday 24th July 11:32 Report Comment

alan gillibrandA great Evertonian most of all his honesty and integrity will be missed both on and off the pitch, good luck in the USA Tim we all hope to see you at Goodison again,Thankyou for everything.

Tuesday 24th July 11:32 Report Comment

wiliam williamsbeen the best tim ,spread the word about everton the peoples club

Tuesday 24th July 11:31 Report Comment

Mark NorwoodOne word... LEGEND! All the very best in the States mate.

Tuesday 24th July 11:31 Report Comment


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