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Everton Face Scunthorpe Trip

Blues on the road in the FA Cup

Everton Face Scunthorpe Trip

Everton will travel to Championship side Scunthorpe United in the FA Cup Third Round.

The Blues head to Humberside to face a club currently sitting 21st in the Championship.

Everton have only ever played twice against Scunthorpe winning a two legged League Cup tie 6-0 on aggregate in 1997.

In the fixture at Glanford Park Everton won 1-0 with midfielder Gareth Farrelly scoring the game's only goal.

David Moyes side, who reached the final of the competition in 2009, will be hoping to improve on exiting in the Fourth Round last season against Birmingham City at Goodison Park.

The ties will be played on the weekend of January 8.

Jimmy SoerheimLets put guyue and vaughan in, they are young and aggressive, and put heitinga and arteta out with felli and rodwell in. We need some height in midfield to win duells, I am confident the yak and beckford will shine together if they are given game time together. It takes time to build a striking pair that fulfills eachother perfectly like ex. baines and cahill finds eachother. Play attacking 442 in the cup and leauge then we will in time shine again.:-)

Wednesday 1st December 01:16 Report Comment

muhammad ikhwan sanijoao silva,magaye gueye,jose baxter,james vaughan, this is your time to shine!

Tuesday 30th November 04:00 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiRex, I believe Silva has been injured for some weeks, that's why he wasn't playing lately. He doesn't appear on the injury list now so hopefully he'll be recovered already.

Monday 29th November 20:30 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiBrennan, spot on about the strikers, you know I think the same. Let's hope we get a decent one or somebody steps up, I know it looks difficultright now but hope is the last thing we should lose! And totally agree that it affects the rest of the squad, it had to happen at some point.

Monday 29th November 20:28 Report Comment

paul costelloa good cup run will banish those woes and hopefully give the boys a much needed boost and some luck,maybe beckford might get us a few goals in the cup as he would be used to scoring against the lower league'd never know......

Monday 29th November 16:46 Report Comment

brennan finneganMikel you made a good point regarding 1995 winning the cup when we were struggling in the league yet won the cup. However then we still had competent strikers Paul Rideout and Big D who would be miles better than our current lot. When one area of a team is suffering it affects other areas, thats why our midfield and now our defenders are below par.

Monday 29th November 16:31 Report Comment

Jan Ove SvendheimThis could be our cup year.

Monday 29th November 16:18 Report Comment

Paul WilliamsOh no, would rather have drawn a bit team, at least when we get beat it's not so embarrasing. Lost all faith lately Prove us wrong lads, and win the cup!! COYB!!

Monday 29th November 16:14 Report Comment

Rex H LawrenceCan anyone please tell me what is the latest news on Barkley and Silva?.How long before Ross is back in action?.Joao doesn't seem to be playing if not,why?

Monday 29th November 15:29 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI think we can win the cup.

Monday 29th November 15:19 Report Comment

jack hughesreply carl. Put beckford on? what for to watch us create 40 chances and for him to try an over head kick when he just needed to tap it in. Put beckford out on loan and bring vaughny back

Monday 29th November 15:15 Report Comment

eric mcnamaraeasy can be serious surely..? I am serious and dont call me surely...!

Monday 29th November 15:09 Report Comment

eric mcnamarathats the fa cup over, I think even the most optimistic Evertonian would be slow in saying Everton will actually win this game, we have seen games like this all too frequently unfortunately

Monday 29th November 15:08 Report Comment

Samuel Collinseasy draw were through. the f.a cup is our only hope, looks like the europe places are becomin out of reach. few lucky draws we can go all the way. WE REALLY DO NEED TO IMPROVE THOUGH!

Monday 29th November 13:46 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiAbout the FA Cup tie, there's still over a month to go, who knows how we'll be then, everything is posible and we could be on a good run then. Let's calm down a little, it's OK to criticise till a certain point, but then in the game we have to cheer them loudly to show our support. And you can be struggling in the league and having a good run in the FA Cup, like we showed back in 95, when we were much worse in the league by the way.

Monday 29th November 13:42 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiPaul, I'd also like to see Gueye and think we should bring back Vaughan also, we need players who can score and we shouldn't be afraid of trying, they're not going to do it worse than the strikers who are playing right now.

Monday 29th November 13:36 Report Comment

Paul HowellsI'd like to see Jaoa Silva in this game. As for Gueye I want to see him sooner, like next weekend! It may sound mad as Chelsea away is a big game to throw a youngster in but he will be hungry and motivated and wanting to win. I'd like to see Gueye on the left, coleman on the right and Piennar CM with either Fellainin or Rodwell DCM and go for it. Chelsea are not playing great at the moment and if we get stuck into them early doors they dont like it. If we show them too much respect they'll walk all over us. They are expected to win so maybe its a little pressure off us and we should go at them with nothing to lose.

Monday 29th November 13:26 Report Comment

graham griffithsye but he wasnt using the rubbish tactics then then what he is now either change or wer done for FACT

Monday 29th November 12:21 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimIf I remember correctly it was via the cup that moyes found his winning team earlier this year, and last year, perfect draw for us. Here he can experiment a little with guyue for example. We can go to europe through fa.cup , thats motivation!

Monday 29th November 10:56 Report Comment

Carl EllisNever thought I would utter these words but.... "Put Beckford on for the full 90 minutes". Scunthorpe is his old team, he will want to prove something.

Monday 29th November 08:46 Report Comment

graham griffithsoh well here is another loss for us

Monday 29th November 08:34 Report Comment

Per Arne DragstenLove letter: My dear dear Everton fc. I love you so much. Its been a longlife relationship starting in the late 70's in my early schooldays. It went into the the bright 80's with so much pride and glory. Its been a rollercoaster since then. We have had many ups and down, but i still love you. Even when my frustration have been high and i have yelled against you, I still love you. And thats whats its all about. Love in first sight. You really just want the love of your life preform well. So how we gonna change this? The skill is still there, the management is there, we are not among the big spenders. How we gonna change this? I tell you how: ITS ALL UP IN YOUR HEAD LADS. We really can do better, i trust you and i so sure we will do better. So what we need is to get the confidence back, and lets start climbing up the table. In Moyes we trust:)

Monday 29th November 07:55 Report Comment

muhammad ikhwan saniTry putting magaye gueye or jose baxter up front on this one.....

Monday 29th November 03:55 Report Comment

Jon Summerwell done spurs now let's start winning blues

Monday 29th November 00:42 Report Comment

Jon SummerWe'll have sorted it by then and you will eat your words

Monday 29th November 00:39 Report Comment

Jon Summeroh well I wont hold me breath

Monday 29th November 00:38 Report Comment

Robbie MackenziePeople are saying that they are expecting a Chelsea backlash and they will be desperate to get back to winning ways. Maybe Chelsea fans are saying the same thing. "Everton will be desperate to get back to winning ways and maybe we can expect a backlash." Just because it's Chelsea it doesn't make us any less likely to win. Remember our season started at Stamford Bridge with the 3-3 draw last year.

Sunday 28th November 23:26 Report Comment

Philip SmytheTricky tie indeed, but one we will win, especially after the other cup defeat. Will be a close game though. Maybe a chance for others to shine...?

Sunday 28th November 23:04 Report Comment

ian walkerOne good thing for everton is that scunthope are very poor at home,the worst home record in the championship.And by the time the fa cup comes round everton will be in the top half of the table looking great again.....

Sunday 28th November 22:43 Report Comment

macauley connollyall yous depressing everton fans moaning about how theres no point in goin to the game cos its a waste of your money or because wer goin to lose need to go away or suttin, the real fans will show there commitment by going to scunthorpe an supporting the blue boys! yeah wer going through a patchie phase but what team doesnt what the evertonians need to do is get behind our team and keep cheering them on instead of booing. some jokes at the match let me tell you that.

Sunday 28th November 21:13 Report Comment

Chunda BwalyaSORRY,TYPING ERROR:i ment 2 say"even if we r playin such a small team,we'l still loose..nd we wont improv any tym soon!lets jst pray we wil improv at sum point in da future"

Sunday 28th November 20:42 Report Comment

Chunda BwalyaAhh!even if we player such a small team we'l stil loose..therz no hope of emprovin soon!lets jst pray we'l improv at sum point in da future

Sunday 28th November 20:36 Report Comment

Edward RobinsonWe "might" be able to stop them scoring goals BUT WE CAN'T SCORE ANY OURSELVES!

Sunday 28th November 20:35 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthWe couldnt even DO the Baggies.Don't think I will waste any money going there and freezing my 'Nads' off.It's not like the players give a stuff is it.(T.C. being the exception)

Sunday 28th November 20:27 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthBye,Bye F.A.Cup.Bye,Bye.

Sunday 28th November 20:25 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthThats us out then!

Sunday 28th November 20:24 Report Comment

Craig MillsOn current form they will fancy their chances, this will be a very difficullt game and we will have to approch it with caution, on another negative note, i feel a Chelsea backlash maybe on the cards, i'm not sure we will have the quality to hold them and they will be desperate to get back to winning ways

Sunday 28th November 20:09 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI have a good feeling about us winning the Cup. Might as well rip up all my pre-season betting slips about what we were going to do in the PL. I will put a couple of quid on us winning the cup.

Sunday 28th November 19:38 Report Comment

Alec WalkerWow. great, another little team, we can take it easy now lads,just like Brentford.

Sunday 28th November 19:32 Report Comment

Sammy OwenA real potential banana skin, but surely plenty of time for form to pick up between now and then. Wasn't Baxter looking to go there on loan?

Sunday 28th November 19:25 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt wouldn't be the first time we're poor in the league and have a good run in the FA Cup. Here's hoping, as I love this competition :)

Sunday 28th November 19:07 Report Comment

James MorganThats us out the cup then!

Sunday 28th November 19:04 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGWe should get through. TV game hopefully.

Sunday 28th November 18:50 Report Comment

Minik HansenThis is what the lads need, a form test! Hehe.

Sunday 28th November 18:50 Report Comment

Simon AllenThe way we played yesterday should we be worried????????????

Sunday 28th November 18:49 Report Comment

Phil ThomasThat was a good draw - not Liverpool or Man Utd!

Sunday 28th November 18:36 Report Comment


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