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Moyes On Beckham

Boss would relish the chance to work with ex-England skipper.

Moyes On Beckham

David Moyes has revealed he would relish the chance to work with David Beckham again.

But the Everton manager admitted to the national press in Friday's pre-West Brom press conference that a January loan move for the former England captain is unlikely because of the difficulties in matching his LA Galaxy wages.

Beckham has had short term loan spells at AC Milan in both 2009 and 2010. And if he decides to make a similar trans-Atlantic switch this January, Moyes says he is interested.

The Goodison chief played with a rookie Beckham on loan at Preston back in 1995, while the ex-Manchester United icon is still friends with Blues skipper Phil Neville.

Moyes would welcome a call from the England international. But if Beckham, who joined the Galaxy in 2007, is keen on a switch to Merseyside, there remains plenty of things to sort out.

"I would hope that if David Beckham wanted to come he would pick up the phone and call me," Moyes told the national press.

"I worked with David and I know him. If he wanted to come back to the Premier League, he would only need to call me or Phil Neville.

"We would be here for him at Everton. He probably could pick up the phone to a lot of clubs in the Premier League.

"But if he wanted to play for me then he could do that. He knows how to get hold of me and Phil.

"We played in the same team. I even scored from one of his corners," added Moyes.

"I would need to come and see the chairman and ask how he thinks we could do it. Could we make it work by selling shirts?"

Moyes believes Beckham, 35, would help solve his side's problems on the right hand side of midfield.

"We've said all along that since Landon left last year we've had no right-sided player," continued the Everton manager. "Victor Anichebe came in and did well for us, but he's been injured.

"We've tried Steven (Pienaar) on the right, and had Bily on the right, trying to cover all bases. Then we've had Seamus on the right, and to be fair he's done well for us.

"He hasn't let anyone down at all. He's a young boy, and not really a wide right, but can definitely do a job when needed."

Graeme TierneyIt amuses me a bit to see that someone uses a page on something completely unrelated to have a dig at Tony Hibbert. I thought he was one of the few who did ok on Saturday. He wasn't at fault for the first two goals, and the 3rd which he seems to be getting the blame for from some people came when he was blocking Tchoyi's view of goal only for Rodwell to run back and get in his way. Rodwell will learn from these kind of things, but it's hardly Hibbo's fault

Monday 29th November 14:21 Report Comment

dave lawsonwhile beckham would be a nice novelty signing i'm going to have to agree with the majority of other comments and say that the answer to the right sided problems is landon donovan. he proved instantly last season how good he is and how well he suits the team, come on bill we need the number 9 shirt back on the pitch and it needs to be worn by landon. coyb!!!!!

Monday 29th November 10:53 Report Comment

Barry ChallinorBeckham well past his best,injury prone,only average performances in the MLS wouldn't last 5 minutes in the PL.If you have a bit of spare cash David give it to Pienaar a player who works his socks off week in week out in the hurly burly of the PL.Would love to see Donovan back.We are having enough problems at present without the Beckham circus coming to town.

Sunday 28th November 07:07 Report Comment

Milin Chandrai just read in my newspaper(first time evertons news in a good paper)that bekham is not over enthusiastic to join us..he says he respects moyes very much but is not over i doubt his come at goodson...anyways try moyes...try and sell pienaar if possible then buy beks if if get 30million from arsenal

Sunday 28th November 06:27 Report Comment

muhammad ikhwan saniforgot becks bring landon this instance!!

Sunday 28th November 03:12 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGBeckham will not come to us. Money and our league position the 2 reasons why it will not happen.

Saturday 27th November 17:59 Report Comment

ELPHENOR MARCDo you think Beck will comes with a team who play the bottom of table? No more Hibbert please!

Saturday 27th November 16:47 Report Comment

robert hillnot sure about this but if he does (and thats a big if) how will the others respond? when we got gazza a few years ago that didnt work too good, so for me its a no no. bring in landon thats a yes yes!!

Saturday 27th November 14:50 Report Comment

Mike ConnollyWhy would we not want him. Cahill alone could get about 10 goals in 3 months from his deliveries... Beckham is a solid pro ...people go on about wanting players who want to play the game well johnny H and Pienaar blatently arent bothered about being at Everton. IF Beckham came he would run himself into the ground cos thats the kinda player and guy he is. TBH I think there is something in the works as Moyes NEVER talks about transfers anymore

Saturday 27th November 14:49 Report Comment

doug hdonovan yes beckham a big NO, why would moyes want a player who's over the hill and sadly over here looking for someone to sign him, maybe his misses (posh) will find a nice little house in bootle to rent there's a nice two bedroom in my street for rent.

Saturday 27th November 14:33 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI feel the same about Moyes Brennan, he must be fed up with trying to look for loans, but hope he concentrates on strikers. But I don't like the idea of Beckham coming for many reasons. Just think, how would Pienaar (and others) feel seeing a player who plays in the MLS arrive and earn more than them whilst on-loan! Cause Beckham's wages are way bigger than anyone in this club!

Saturday 27th November 14:17 Report Comment

brennan finneganI feel so sorry for David Moyes having to look for loan deals continuously, which isnt his fault. Some investment needs to be found quickly or hel get fe up. I would hope if DM is looking for loan deals hel conscentrate on the STRIKER position. Robbie Keane isnt playing much these days. He could add something maybe.

Saturday 27th November 14:06 Report Comment

DAVID JONESW T F ???? .... BECKAM ..U ARE JOKING ??? ... landon donovan we need january ,he changed the way the whole team performed after his arrival last year

Saturday 27th November 13:57 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiNO! He's too old and his wages must be too expensive, we need a striker please! And preferably not a 35 year-old one!

Saturday 27th November 13:52 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGBeckham and Donovan would be fantastic. Oooh and Pienaar signing a new deal.

Saturday 27th November 13:33 Report Comment

Chunda BwalyaNo no no no no!Bekham is too old!y r u evn complainin dat we hvnt found a gud right-sided player wen we cn loan o evn transfer Donovan bck!dis is gvin me a headache...cnt u see it..he hs done it b4.argggh!!COYB

Saturday 27th November 13:30 Report Comment

Chunda BwalyaNo no no no no!Bekham is too old!y r u evn complainin dat we hvnt found a gud right-sided player wen we cn loan o evn transfer Donovan bck!dis is gvin me a headache...cnt u see it..he hs done it b4.argggh!!COYB

Saturday 27th November 13:29 Report Comment

Grant BellYeah... Bring in a 35 year old to do a 25 year old's job. Sounds like a good plan. Beckham was class in his days. He's playing in the MLS for a reason... He's no longer EPL standard. That's why he isn't playing here anymore... and it's why he isn't playing for England anymore. Really, it would only be gap filling. Take that money you are going to pay Beckham, invest it for a little longer and buy Donovan at the end of the season.

Saturday 27th November 13:15 Report Comment

Glen Williamssimply not going to happen, but I would love it.

Saturday 27th November 12:31 Report Comment


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