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What The Papers Say - November 25

Daily round-up of what the papers are saying about Everton.

What The Papers Say - November 25

The views on this page are taken from the local and national media and do not necessarily reflect the views of Everton.

Liverpool Echo

EVERTON have agreed a record-breaking three-year sponsorship extension with Thai brewery Chang worth up to £12m.

The decision to prolong the club’s current partnership with the beer manufacturer makes it the longest-standing sponsorship deal in the Premier League. Goodison officials were today in Bangkok to complete the agreement, which is also the biggest shirt sponsorship deal in the club’s history.

Toffees Chief Executive Robert Elstone, who was in the Thai capital along with first-team star Marouane Fellaini, said: “We are delighted to be signing a new three-year extension deal with Chang. We consider Chang to be very much a part of the extended Everton family. We are proud of what we have achieved in our time together and to have contributed to the development of young Thai footballers and the coaching infrastructure.

“Thai Bev has harnessed the years of accumulated expertise in our Academy and used it to deliver their own agenda on the ground in Thailand.”

Everton have been wearing Chang’s distinctive elephant logo on their shirts since the start of the 2004/05 season, and the extension will further boost their profile in the thriving South East Asian football market.

The club’s recent achievements have delighted the brewery, culminating with one of the biggest global audiences for a single sporting event at the 2009 FA Cup Final.

That huge international exposure for British football's showcase final, illustrates the attraction of deals with established Premier League clubs to top Asian brands.

Mr Elstone added: “Chang have always been very supportive of Everton since we first signed with them in 2004 and have been extremely proactive in driving the partnership forward, helping Everton grow internationally, whilst we have assisted in supporting Chang in key markets around the world.

“We understand that in the modern sports sponsorship market it is vital to generate as much value as possible and together we believe that the Everton/Chang relationship will continue to provide a significant payback on the investment.

Å “We are extremely excited about the new contract and look forward to working with our Thai colleagues to further develop the relationship.”

Charlie Jitcharoongphorn, Deputy Managing Director, Thai Beverage Marketing Co. Ltd said: “Chang has been a major sponsor of Everton for seven consecutive seasons. Over the course of these seven years, our partnership has been nothing short of truly fulfilling.”

Daily Mail

Charlie Adam is considering an appeal - despite winning his battle for a £25,000 bonus from Blackpool.

The Premier League confirmed that an arbitration panel had found in the player's favour over a disputed 'survival' bonus but they also ruled that his contract had not been breached - so preventing him leaving on a free.

Blackpool now face further pay-outs as other players and staff were on the same bonus system and Adam's ruling has set a precedent.

The other problem for Blackpool is that Adam's legal team are considering challenging the ruling over breach of contract and have 24 hours to lodge their appeal.

The 24-year-old is still contracted for 18 months but is a target for several clubs including Everton, Wigan and Blackburn and talks were held to establish what the player wanted to do over his future.

Blackpool want to protect their asset as a transfer fee could prove crucial to their finances and may even offer him a new deal.

Daily Post

VICTOR ANICHEBE is desperate to return to the Everton first-team fold and help David Moyes solve his goalscoring conundrum.

Anichebe marked his first 90 minutes of football this season by scoring the equaliser in the mini-derby against Liverpool reserves on Tuesday night.

The 22-year-old – who played only 11 times last term due to knee problems – has yet to make a senior appearance this season after seeing a promising summer curtailed by another knee injury in July.

Everton’s forward line has struggled, with Ayegbeni Yakubu’s winner against Stoke City and Jermaine Beckford’s equaliser against Bolton Wanderers the only Premier League goals scored by a recognised striker this campaign.

And while admitting he still has a little way to go before regaining full fitness, Anichebe is keen to bolster the attacking options of Goodison manager David Moyes.

“It was good to get 90 minutes under my belt,” said Anichebe. “Towards the last half an hour I was dying but it’s good to get the game time and hopefully it will take me a long way.

“I would say the injury is behind me. I feel it sometimes and it’s been a long time but it was good psychologically to come through it and hopefully all my injuries are behind me as it has been a tough last 18 months with being injured, coming back and then getting injured again.”

He added: “I worked hard in pre-season and it was hard to get injured when I did. Hopefully the manager will be thinking about me now but we will see.”

Tim Cahill has revealed his pride after being named Everton’s player of the month for October.

Cahill, who has netted seven times in 13 appearances this season, scored in the 2-0 wins over Birmingham City and Liverpool during the month.

Cahill said: “It’s always great to be recognised but most of all it’s always great to get points on the board.

“One of the most memorable goals has to be Liverpool because of what it means to myself and the supporters.”

Paul Ellamsounds like a good plan stephen! im up for that. think that matt jarvis from wolves might be the answer for the winger position and i like the look of jelle vossen from genk as striker - young, within budget, confident, big and good with his head and both feet - check him out on youtube folks!!!

Friday 26th November 07:57 Report Comment

Grant JansenLets us fans then start rallying around Pienaar staying - and do a massive drive in the crowd with home games...wear bands or caps or something to give him little option but to remain a Toffee. Need everyone to sing same tune though....! Go Schilo staying at Toffees best thing for you and the club! COYB!!!!!!!!!

Friday 26th November 06:58 Report Comment

stephen greenSell jonny, billy, yobo and saha and get them off the wage bill, Should get 15million for that little lot. Then we can offer pineaar the 75k. Buy a 1st team right winger (5m) a striker (8m or more please Bill) and Weater or Steven Taylor (3m). Think that would give the squad a bit of a lift. I love Seamus but his future is replacing captain Phil not a right winger

Thursday 25th November 20:53 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiAbout the new striker, how can some poeple say we don't need one? 2 striker goals in 14 games are relegation numbers, we aren't there just thanks to the rest of the team! I hope the Chang money is handed to DM, but to be honest I think our only possibility of getting a really good striker will be, as usual, to get an on-loan player who has something to prove for a 'big' club. Becuase really good strikers are really expensive to buy.

Thursday 25th November 20:45 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiPienaar deserves a good contract, but I'd like to know what the situation really is. Maybe he's been offered it but thinls he cold get something better or simply wants to play in Europe next seson, especially with CL clubs interested in him. Aa long as they don't tell us anything, we don't know what the real situation is, and we should know by now.

Thursday 25th November 20:42 Report Comment

Paul Ellami too would like pienaar to stay but he looks increasingly like hes leaving so we must have a plan in place for when he goes

Thursday 25th November 20:28 Report Comment

Alec WalkerWe must give Peinaar the same as Arteta, he was far better at Sunderland,worked his socks off.

Thursday 25th November 19:44 Report Comment

Jimmy Soerheim1. Pienaar wants more money. 2 Or he wants a longer conract than everton is offering. I say lets give him what he wants and end this nightmare period. I think the team is suffering and are afraid of the future if he walks for free without being offered a new improved deal with 75000 like artetas deal has. It is affecting morale and performances on the pitch and this will continue until he has signed or has gone....

Thursday 25th November 18:40 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimPienaars own words was : I like playing for Everton, and I only want whats right and fair. This can only mean two things, 1. Bigger wage than 55.000 pund a week, perhaps 75.000 same as arteta, maybe a bigger assist and win clause. 2. Or he wants a longer contract time than 3 years which is standard. He is at a point in his career that he needs to think about long-term economics and I or any other pro-fotballer cant really blame him, he is and will be worth the extra 20-25000 punds when we qaulify for europe through fa cup or 6th place or higher in the table..,.

Thursday 25th November 18:33 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI think the Pienaar situation as dragged on for far too long. Please just sign. You are our hero.

Thursday 25th November 18:26 Report Comment

brennan finneganWe must do everything to keep Pienaar. In all the years watching football iv never seen a player of his quality who works so hard off the ball and can make good strong tackles. Give him what he wants if thats the problem. I wish we were informed of the reason why he hasnt signed

Thursday 25th November 17:59 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimI think there has to be more public pressure on bill to give pienaar a decent contract, all of us Everton supporters must make the same demands like Manu with the glacer situation, in other words protest that the club isnt keeping hold of its best player. This is worse than the rooney saga, we now have the possibility to keep him,. Pienaar has said he only wants what is fair, lets give it to him!

Thursday 25th November 17:08 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimThamks for agreeing Brennan! Of course Bill kenwright has to give moyes the oppertunety now to at least par pienaar up with arteta. Remember in the summer when moyes called out for the club to adjust the wage structure at the club, now Bill in my eyes doesnt have a choice but to give in to pienaars demand. Even if moyes says he can go, he doesnt really want him to.

Thursday 25th November 17:03 Report Comment

gareth cottrelloh and i'd like to publicly pass on my sympaties to Dave Hickson after the death of his wife!! EFC HERO + GENUINLY VERY NICE MAN = DAVE HICKSON

Thursday 25th November 16:07 Report Comment

gareth cottrellJan i think your wrong we have young samus on our right and i'm sure anyone who has ever seen him there doesn't think he's a slouch!!! striker need to score goals and if thy aint doing it then they need a kick from somewhere. on the other hand perhaps we should give our younger strikers a chance up there???? i still think stand by what i have said fr years tho and that is to buy Kevin Davies!! i know he's knocking on but has 2 good seasons left in him he won't cost the earth and he will WORK HARD and SCORE goals for EFC!!!!!!!! i do however agree that Charlie Adam is good and that we should really have a go at signing him.

Thursday 25th November 16:02 Report Comment

Jan Ove SvendheimThink Charlie Adam could be a fine signing,think he was Blackpools best player against us,and he is a hardworking goal scorer to,and i dont think we need another striker.. any striker that is avaible for Everton at the moment is not better than them we already have,i would go for a winger we lacks pace on the right side,look at spurs they have success basicly on Lennon,Modric and Bale,we have the strikers but not the wingers to set up goals.

Thursday 25th November 15:33 Report Comment

brennan finneganJimmy youre right we now have more money but will DM see any of it

Thursday 25th November 14:44 Report Comment

brennan finneganYes Jimmy especialy with the new sponership money. Be interesting to see how much DM is given

Thursday 25th November 14:37 Report Comment

brennan finneganJimmy youre right Pienaar should be at least on a par with the top earners and now wev go over £12mill rom Chang sponership that should be possible as well as money for a new striker in Jan or will DM just get £1mill as usual

Thursday 25th November 14:35 Report Comment

brennan finneganMarc you ask why we need to buy another striker. Because with only two goals between them and over a thirc of the season gone this is the worst record in the history of the club for strikers. We could be top four with a proper striker. With TC gone for a month we badly need a goal scorer.

Thursday 25th November 14:13 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimCome on Bill kenwright, splash the cash and finally end our anxiety and give pienaar what he wants, it will be much more costly not to. He is one of premier leauges best creative midfielders an he deserves a top wage structure at this club. Dont be cheap, dont spend a dollar to lose a penny. PLEASE SIGN PIENAAR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 25th November 14:09 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimNow that we have more money lets give our biggest star and the best player this season the contract deal he wants. Ha has said he only wants what is fair, and I think he wants to be alinged with arteta, which is more than fair, espescially since pienaar has developed big this season to be the most consistent and creative player this far. We will be a mid table team without pienaar I dont think anybody knows how important he has become to this club. And to be fair ha has been treated unfairly arteta and cahill got 1 priority instead of pienaar.

Thursday 25th November 14:04 Report Comment

David FayLets get stephen Ireland from Villa, he will cost 8 million or less but is a proven attacking and creative midfielder in the premiership and scores goals and has a great engine and I think Moyes could get the best out of him. He was the heart of the city team when they started to do well. Donovan would be nice but at his age is he the sort of player we want and as for adam, he has not got the pace to play in our midfield.

Thursday 25th November 14:04 Report Comment

timothy harrisi say if heitinga wants to go then let him. buy donovan and make everyone happy. COYB!

Thursday 25th November 13:49 Report Comment

So disappointedWhat is the point of wasting a few million of our meagre budget on Charlie Adam?!?! He looks good playing in an average side, and how many times have we seen teams come up from the championship and one of their players really steps up to the plate for one season then disappears. Adam hardly stood out at Rangers. We need pace, pace, pace not another nicey, slowly, slowly catchy monkey midfielder with some nice touches. We need dynamism both on the wings and up front. Saha I'm afraid doesn't have the mental ability to score 20 goals anymore (I;m not sure he's hungry enough), the Yak certainly looks keen at the moment so I'd throw him in, Vic hasn't got ten goals a season in him let alone 20 and we have to be patient with Beckford. Lets not add for the sake of it in January - I'd much rather we threw what ever budget in with next summers and bought a world class striker who could really make a difference.

Thursday 25th November 12:41 Report Comment

ELPHENOR MARCWe have to be patient. We dont need a new striker. We already have Yakubu, Saha, Beckford and Anichebe. We have quality young players: Gueye, Baxter and Vaughan. Why buy another one? I juste hope we can keep Peanuts and buy Donovan because he's an Evertonian. We should sell Heitinga if he wants to go or Bily.

Thursday 25th November 12:23 Report Comment

Matt Hedditchi agree with adam what all defenders fear is pace and we have a little gem currently on loan seems to be doing good with an extended run in the team and stay injury free i think vaughan could be the missing link but as are all harping about is a 442 yakuba to hold the ball up and release vaughan could be the answer so dm do not sell james as he is a real assist to the club

Thursday 25th November 12:19 Report Comment

Maurice JonesWelcome back Vic Anichebe. Here's wishing you a season free of injuries and, who knows, you may provide the answer to our scoring problems. You certainly won't make it worse!!

Thursday 25th November 12:04 Report Comment

Ian GroobyI'd like to see Charlie Adam arrive if he's willing to be a squad player. I think we really need to get Donovan back and keep Pienaar though. First 11 from January: Howard; Neville, Jagielka, Distan, Baines; Coleman, Cahill, Arteta; Donovan, Saha, Pienaar. Subs from: Mucha, Hibbert, Heitinga, Fellaini, Rodwell, Adam, Osman, Anichebe, Yakubu, Beckford. Then bring in top quality replacements for Saha/Yakubu and Distan at the end of the season.

Thursday 25th November 11:46 Report Comment

Ryan DeanSanta Cruz? Are you mad? We have enough injury prone strikers as it is.

Thursday 25th November 11:30 Report Comment

Mark HooleyWe already have more strikers than you can shake a stick at. We just need to play 2 styrilers together at the same time. It's not rocket science.

Thursday 25th November 11:27 Report Comment

Adam LaffoleyI don't think Santa Cruz is a good bet. What we need is some pace, that is what defenders fear. The last time I checked Santa Cruz wasn't the fastest of players. I don't think Charlie Adam is the calibre of player we should be after either. Don't get me wrong I think he is a good player but seriously, how can DM ever be happy at Everton having to look for coins under his sofa to put towards our transfer budget. He can only take so much. We all know that investment is needed, but I fear that we are currently falling behind the competitors and may lose the 'investability' with the chance of some investment drifting further away. I can't believe no one has even wanted to pump a bit of cash into us....I just hope that we can keep hold of DM let alone bring anyone else in.

Thursday 25th November 11:26 Report Comment

lee thrieplandwe dont need any new players (unless we can get £20M together and get a world class striker. what we need is to play 2 upfront especially when we are at HOME for crying out loud. we also need to stop playing players out of position. heitinga is a central defender (a world cup runner up at that) and rodwell is not and never will be our new right winger. cahill is brilliant in the box but he is not a striker, he can still get forward from midfield just we will have 2 other strikers who can help him out.

Thursday 25th November 11:10 Report Comment

TOMMY HOLLOWwe need a very good striker thats it!

Thursday 25th November 11:00 Report Comment

lee morrisI would go for santa cruz he is a good player and a goalscorer but i would also sign charlie adam he is also a good player and you cant have enough good players and it would take some pressure of arteta who to me is looking very tired and in need of a rest. The one player i would love to sign is steven pienaar give the lad what he wants we'll miss him when he goes he has been our best player this season.

Thursday 25th November 10:29 Report Comment

Stuart Jonesit's being reported in the Sun that Blackburn are considering making a £4 million bid for Roque Santa Cruz........ surely we can muster together £4 million, were a better club for roque than blackburn! what does everyone think??

Thursday 25th November 10:20 Report Comment

alexis leungOh yes, we don't need Charlie Adam, or Adebayor, or Bellamy.... the team is good enough to do anything. I prefer an additional coach who can let our players have something different, different approach to a game, different way of training, different ideas about playing football....

Thursday 25th November 10:03 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGCharlie Adam is a really good player but i do not think we need him.

Thursday 25th November 09:26 Report Comment


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