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Moyes Hails Tim

The Goodison chief on the Aussie's goalscoring form.

Moyes Hails Tim

David Moyes has hailed Tim Cahill for the goalscoring exploits that are helping Everton secure invaluable points this term.

The Aussie international netted his seventh league goal from 14 outings in the 2-2 draw against Sunderland on Monday night.

His powerful sixth minute header set the Blues on their way at the Stadium of Light but it needed an 84th minute Mikel Arteta effort to grab a point after a Danny Welbeck brace turned the contest in the home side's favour.

Moyes was delighted with the input of Cahill - although he admits he is frustrated by his side's ongoing failure to secure the results their play warrants.

He said: "I think we've got a really good team, we're a good footballing team (although) we're certainly lacking at the top end and not (getting) enough goals at this moment in time.

"Thankfully Tim Cahill keeps getting those goals. Another really good goal tonight."

Moyes was left to rue Jermaine Beckford's last-gasp chance, which saw the substitute fire over the bar with virtually the last kick of the game with only Craig Gordon to beat.

"It was a great chance in the last seconds, through on goal," he said.

"You wouldn't want any more. To be fair, that's what he normally does, he normally finishes those, and it could have been three points."

The manager admits the Toffees' main problem lies in their inability to finish off their attacks.

"I thought we had the ball a lot in and around the edge of the box," he added.

"We got some crosses in, we got into some good positions, but we didn't make them pay again tonight. In the end it cost us.

"I know Sunderland had one or two chances as well, you would expect that, but overall I'm just disappointed we couldn't finish off some of our good play at times."

Despite being disappointed with the draw, Moyes maintains his side can challenge at the top of the table this season.

"Well at the start of the season I thought we were capable of achieving big things and I still do," he said.

"I still think we're in a position to challenge at the top end and hopefully we can try and do that."

Sammy OwenIf I had a penny for every time I read somebody stating that Gueye should get a run out... I do thoroughly agree though - he looks a great prospect. But how will he feel if Big Vic gets the nod off the bench ahead of him tomorrow yet he's been sat there getting splinters all season?

Friday 26th November 16:11 Report Comment

Jon Summerbrad thats why it's 451 mate cos when Tim drops back we've ONE option

Friday 26th November 16:02 Report Comment

Victor TayOnce the players start to believe and start scoring, that is when the points will follow.

Thursday 25th November 15:26 Report Comment

brad taylorWE ARE PLAYING 442, for people who cant see it cahill is playing as a striker... he just works hard and drops back to defend!

Thursday 25th November 07:16 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimShould, could and if. These are the justifing words for playng with only one weak and out of form striker. I say it again , put Yakubu in from start with Guye or beckford and we will have trippel the goals then this far in the season. Why are we playing 451 when the big teams n like chelsea,manu , and tottenham are playing 442 and winning games. I just dont see a good reason to not change our starting formation. Its naive to think saha can rediscover his form on his own, he lacks strength and eye for goal now...

Thursday 25th November 01:28 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI would start Beckford instead of Saha on Saturday.

Wednesday 24th November 22:32 Report Comment

ian wilkinsongive beckford more minutes to get up to speed .might miss a few but gets in good positions,goals will come.if your going to make last minute subs give gueye a run out.

Wednesday 24th November 22:15 Report Comment

Bal BainsAre people actually watching the games or just slating Heitinga's performances because of his comments earlier in the season?

Wednesday 24th November 21:08 Report Comment

Paul HowellsCahill is a hero. With our strikers firing blanks he has a huge burden on him and you never hear him complain or see his commitment levels drop. A lot of players these days should take a long hard look at him and he should be a role model on how to be a proffesional footballer to all up and coming young players. Hopefully Tim will continue to produce the goods all season but he needs the strikers and other attacking midfielders to ease the pressure.

Wednesday 24th November 13:06 Report Comment

Billy FooteLegend!

Wednesday 24th November 06:25 Report Comment

Jon SummerDavid, I don't think you'll get manager of the month for November mate, I respect and love the bones of you but we do have to go for it and stop giving teams to much respect, let them worry about us, 442 from the start please, scare em to death. Wai Kin Low, Tim can be more dangerous behind 2 forwards mate

Wednesday 24th November 01:23 Report Comment

Jon SummerWhy not try Tim behind the Yak and Victor in a 442? can't do any harm, instead of the boring 451 and chasing the game for a yawning draw??? Birmingham, liverpoo, stoke, all the rest chasing around for a goal. FFS attack

Wednesday 24th November 01:15 Report Comment

Paul Ellamcahill has and probably always will get in my all time everton XI - hes that good!!! however, he needs help! i just hope we have some strikers coming our way in january otherwise this season will continue the way it has so far - lots of domination with little reward. bring in vossen or santa cruz or both!!!

Tuesday 23rd November 19:40 Report Comment

Douglas TurnerMoyes Hails Tim and God only knows where we'd be without him!

Tuesday 23rd November 19:39 Report Comment

Jan Ove SvendheimSaha is unlucky at the moment,and it is pretty much the whole team that must raise their performance,Saha can be anonymous for 85 minutes of a match and within seconds he can turn a game, it's a bit of his style. I think he should play the whole game when we are chasing a goal, and instead put another striker on the pitch earlier.

Tuesday 23rd November 19:36 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGWhere would we be without Tim ?. He is brilliant.

Tuesday 23rd November 19:26 Report Comment

david hodgsonAlexander aggreed it is actually 9 of cahills last 12 or 13 headed goals bainses left peg has been the provider, but it was his link up play with pienar playing back on the left which gives baines his donfidence and freedom to bomb on

Tuesday 23rd November 19:07 Report Comment

David LeverCome on Moyesy sort it out for Gods sake. I was watching in Oman and I could see from here that Saha was awful. What is the point of giving The Yak and Becks only 10 minutes. If Becks had had a few more touches i.e. been on longer he would have buried that chance at the end. I don't know abouy everyone else but I'm getting sick of hearing that we should have won it. Should have and actually winning are two very different things. Please go 4-4-2 against the Baggies and give Becks a chance because Saha doesn't look like he's going to score in a month of Sundays at the moment. COYB

Tuesday 23rd November 18:01 Report Comment

Aleksandar JovanovicYou forget that it's Bainsey's superb crosses that allow Tim to score so many.

Tuesday 23rd November 17:15 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowguys, if we change to 4-4-2 then cahill will not be as effective anymore...cahill only play well when he is behind the striker that means 4-5-1!!

Tuesday 23rd November 14:23 Report Comment

kevin murrayMaybe Arteta is being asked to play deeper? He definitely isn't as influential or involved. When felli comes back maybe Moyes will play him sitting with rodwell and push Arteta higher up in a 3 with Piennar and Timmy behind a 'striker'!? Then again maybe not ...........

Tuesday 23rd November 13:52 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiJohn, that's true, Cahill's goals are saving us, but we can't rely on midfielder goals (though they're welcomed of course!) if we want to be a top half team.

Tuesday 23rd November 13:28 Report Comment

John HauCahill is basically on fire for us at the moment, it just we can't provide enough opportunities for him to score more, Arteta had a better performance but still far from his top form, the linesman was doing great until his failure to see Welbeck's second goal provider Richardson who is clearly off-side when he receive the ball. It is the third start in a roll for Saha and he still can't find the net, and as much as I love the player and he does look sharp. I think it is time to start Yakubu again in our next match and until Saha could find the net coming on as a sub, I think we should start Yakubu ahead of Saha.

Tuesday 23rd November 13:18 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiAnd what if the issue with Pienaar is not the money? What if he wants to play Champions League football? That's something we can't offer, so maybe it's not the cubs fault, we don't know! And Arteta gave us a point and has scored more goals than our strikers, despite not being in top form...

Tuesday 23rd November 13:03 Report Comment

kevin murrayI've been Artetas biggest fan but on recent performances he should be dropped. If we haven't got the money to buy top players we should make sure we keep our top players. Piennar is our most influential midfielder and should be given parity with Arteta. Simple.

Tuesday 23rd November 12:51 Report Comment

Jimmy SoerheimNo more excuses, no more saha and heitinga, and no more 451. More Yakubu and rodwerll and more 442. If saha and heitinga starts the next game I will be calling more moyes to be sacked, becouause then he sabotages our teams future. In addition to losing pienaar who now is the best everton player without a doubt. Arteta 75k, pienaar must be handed the same wage!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 23rd November 10:36 Report Comment

Gary WrightWhat would we do without Tim? Saha surely cannot start the next game... Does Moyes need specs?

Tuesday 23rd November 08:45 Report Comment

Christine HopeMoysey whats up with you....8 mins again for Beckford and Yak....Saha was dreadful as was Johnny....dont agree with anyonebout Pienaar tho I thought he played his socks off , should have won it and by the way Grant those comments about Mikel are uncalled for we would have lost the game without his goal (even if it was deflected) !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 23rd November 08:42 Report Comment

stephen greenthink is time for a january shake up. We can't play the rest of the season without a striker, Time for the want aways jonny, peanuts to go they are unsettleing the team. Also think saha and billy should be sold we need a new injection and new 1st team faces. Also we need to buy players capable of playing in 442!

Tuesday 23rd November 08:18 Report Comment

Jimmy Soerheimroud is sick of saying we deserved more, well we are really sick of hearing it. Deffence was rubbish, saha was a disgrace, heit. also. Even the coach desicion to play saha 80 min instead of yakubu was a discrace. Im now fed up with excuses, go 442 or lose.

Tuesday 23rd November 06:47 Report Comment

brian wilkinsonHeintinga,Pienar and lescott, take a leaf out of Tim Cahills book, here is a player who wants to play the rest of his football career for Everton Football Club,he loves the club and gives everything when he pulls on the Blue Jersey. Theres not many players loyal to their club nowadays so it makes me proud everytime I see Tim cahill run out for Everton.if only we had a few more players like that.

Tuesday 23rd November 05:27 Report Comment

Jamas Toonall rise to king Cahill

Tuesday 23rd November 04:42 Report Comment

Toffee SgIts a good point against a team that has just lost twice this season. Unfortunately we shouldn't have sat back after Cahill had given us the lead. Yakubu with his direct running , would have been a better option for away games

Tuesday 23rd November 03:56 Report Comment

Grant BellTeams like Sunderland we would have crushed a couple of seasons ago. Infact, we did. Now we are playing at the same level as them, when Man City and Tottenham are turning it up a notch. We're falling backwards, and we're falling fast. We need to start talking to investors and for god's sake PUT 2 STRIKERS ON! by the way, Arteta... I can't believe you earned 75k for that performance last night. You should donate that money to a charity, because you certainly didn't earn it.

Tuesday 23rd November 03:07 Report Comment

alexis leungMay be King Cahill can score 20 this season. If he was lucky he should have got at least another one. Indeed we could have won the game.

Tuesday 23rd November 02:39 Report Comment

Yew Wah HewPut less pressure on ourselves. They way we play, the goals will come. IMWT.

Tuesday 23rd November 01:31 Report Comment

James McKeownYakubu has looked fit, hungry and looks like he has got a goal in him, yet Saha who at the moment couldnt hit a barn door plays 80 minutes...why?

Tuesday 23rd November 01:09 Report Comment

luke martingotta say i was dissapointed with beckfords miss at the end but it could have been anyone they are missed week in week out just to much pressure gotta say again saha looked poor no want for the ball and first touch is lacking.....was happy to see yak doin well again gotta say it should b 442 with yak and beckford up top or if not yak and saha with cahill playin just off em them 4 players could get a hatful of goals between em.....cant wait to see what anichebe does when he gets back

Monday 22nd November 23:47 Report Comment

Matt CheethamCahill and Baines were fantastic, Heitinga is seriously worrying me, so many times he shows no hunger to sprint back or close down. Cahill missed Fulham away, 7 in 13!

Monday 22nd November 23:38 Report Comment

kennie knowlesIm afraid the team is lacking in confidence at the moment and the season is drifting away from us, thats why we are not seeing teams off. It may be down to peanuts not signing on which might be impacting on others in the team, heitinga playing in midfield and coleman not being a good enough midefielder.Coleman has pace but I think that is it. Cahill and Baines are the only positives this season, everything else with the team has taken a backwards step.

Monday 22nd November 23:28 Report Comment


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