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New Third Kit Revealed

Stylish new strip is revealed today!

New Third Kit Revealed

Everton's new third kit celebrates our rich heritage of iconic strips.

Taking inspiration from classic strips worn throughout the Club’s illustrious history, the new strip incorporates a collared shirt and hooped socks, echoing the style that was proudly worn during the era of Everton legends Dixie Dean, TG Jones and Ted Sagar.

The theme of the campaign is ‘Devotion’ - to depict the one constant throughout Everton’s 132-year history – the fans.

The new offering will give the devoted faithful a strip to celebrate with navy shorts are teamed with a stylish vanilla top to create a classic look, with a modern twist.

Defender Leighton Baines has already seen the kit and is very impressed.

“I think the new kit is really classy – I like it," he declared. "The retro look is great and I think the fans will really like it too.”

The third kit will be available to pre-order online at now. It will be available to buy in Everton One, Everton Two and online from 30 September.

The Toffees will wear the new kit for the first time in the away match against Chelsea on 4 December.

The new Everton third kitThe new Everton third kit

Jeff BeeCan we vote for the third kit to be our first choice away kit - we might be playing like a bad joke but I'm sick of us looking like one too.

Monday 20th September 18:03 Report Comment

James KiernanWe need two up front, we always look incrededly dangerous when we get stuck in and attack attack attack other teams. Perhaps the idea of we'll score more than you should be tried out. As for the new 3rd kit, I really like it. Its the first decent kit I've seen from LeCS since we switched to them (not that thats too difficult as every other kit including this years 1st and 2nd strips are diabolical)

Monday 20th September 14:42 Report Comment

Lawrence SharpBefore the Man Utd game, our start was disappointing... no better, no worse. On Saturday afternoon, it quickly degenerated from merely disappointing to outright catastrophic ! And it seems the more we scream and beg for two strikers, the more stubbornly the manager digs his heels in and refuses to show the aggression required in making the goals happen. Yakubu on for Beckford, when we're chasing a deficit ? How about Yakubu on WITH Beckford, BEFORE there's any deficit...

Monday 20th September 06:20 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGPeople would have probably posted constructive comments but there might have been a couple that over-stepped the mark. Safer to allow no comments i guess.

Sunday 19th September 18:53 Report Comment

Paul HowellsTo be fair Malcom Bubb Moyes actually said the fans had the right to boo and if he was in the crowd he's have booed himself.

Sunday 19th September 16:46 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI made a comment just asking why it wasn't possible to comment in other threads as long as the comments are not innapropriate and it didn't go through, I'd like to know why... we have to right to express our feelings, it's OK to not accept insulting or derogatory comments, but to just not allow any comments is to go to far I honestly think.

Sunday 19th September 16:34 Report Comment

Tony BatemanThe Peoples Club? But you have decided not to allow The People to comment on the recent match threads?

Sunday 19th September 16:07 Report Comment

brennan finneganThere are many questions needing anwsered. Two obvisous are Why are Everton FC slow starters in most seasons, playing outstanding after Christmas? Why are they so often slow starters in matchs finishing on top, though often too late finding the net?

Sunday 19th September 16:02 Report Comment

Jens AndersenMoyes, We need to have two men upfront. We simply need to score some goals!!

Sunday 19th September 12:34 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbNo Comments on the match stories?? DM and co may as well have run onto the pitch and covered the players ears as they walked off the pitch. Ahh, bless their little cotton socks. Diddums.

Sunday 19th September 09:37 Report Comment

mehdi karmiwe really missed cahill today

Saturday 18th September 23:28 Report Comment

Glen WilliamsMoyes, this is pathetic, we all know you're a great manager. You have one of the best squads you'll ever have So its time to pull your socks up and be more bold.

Saturday 18th September 22:13 Report Comment

Dom DunningWhy did Cahill have to get injured on us. Just when we had got or confidence, he got a silly little knee injury. I didn't used to think 1 player made a difference and I still dont. But when that player missing is Tim Cahill then it makes a big, big difference

Saturday 18th September 22:00 Report Comment

Stephen Gracepeople might say moyes is wrong its criminal to put that on the site he can do no wrong remember

Saturday 18th September 20:29 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiAnd no Blueroom either...

Saturday 18th September 20:12 Report Comment

Graham BennettI do like the way we can't comment on todays result on the designated page. I wonder why..............................hmmm

Saturday 18th September 20:03 Report Comment

Ken PerryThe new kit!! what about a new team,hope all you anti Hibbo fans are happy , If you think Coleman and Becks are our saviours then dream on, Please play them next game they belong in a lower division

Saturday 18th September 20:01 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiLooks nice! However I'd like to see it first hand to give my final opinion, that's when you finally see how much you like it!

Saturday 18th September 19:58 Report Comment

Graham BennettAnythings better than that PINK farce

Saturday 18th September 19:29 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbMoyes; not an 'individual thing'? Give me a break. Fellaini was a joke today. He looked like an upset schoolboy. He is effective only in one position and it takes him 7/8 games before he settles to that position, Yet we are still trying to play him further forward!! His indiscipline ruins the shape of the midfield. Plus Heitinga is better than him in that position. Felli is a one trick pony who happens to has the advantage of being tall and plays for himself.

Saturday 18th September 18:30 Report Comment

stephen soleythis new kit is exellent, the best we have had for some time.

Saturday 18th September 18:06 Report Comment

john hugillThe pink kit is a joke it looks ridiculous on our players, our supporters and make us a laughing stock. Yes it looks nice on the girls but is this what we want to play in. The white kit is good and is getting back to the sensible colours for men playing football.

Saturday 18th September 10:22 Report Comment

john hugillThe pink kit is a joke it looks ridiculous on our players, our supporters and make us a laughing stock. Yes it looks nice on the girls but is this what we want to play in. The white kit is good and is getting back to the sensible colours for men playing football.

Saturday 18th September 10:20 Report Comment

Minik HansenAND I'm so GLAD that the first game with this kit is going to be CHELSEA! I got a GOOD FEELING about this ONE! (and the Newcastle match as well ;) !)

Saturday 18th September 00:30 Report Comment

Stuart Gawthornenice

Friday 17th September 23:53 Report Comment

ELPHENOR MARCI love!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 17th September 22:23 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGThe BEST white shirt we have ever had.

Friday 17th September 22:08 Report Comment

paul pierceLove it! Our nicest kit this season.

Friday 17th September 20:36 Report Comment

Tony WoodersonI for one, like the pink shirt and have one. However, this is different class. I don't believe we've gone down this route before, in terms of the vanilla colour. I'm buying one. I'm well into my 30's but may even buy the whole kit! There isn't one negative! Well done LCS and the designers. Top draw!

Friday 17th September 19:11 Report Comment

Stone HengeI think is uniquely cool, dudes

Friday 17th September 18:44 Report Comment

Adam FittonThat is easily our nicest kit. Shame we won't play in it much thanks to no other team having anything remotely similar to that pink monstrosity.

Friday 17th September 18:18 Report Comment

Alex Larseni hate collars!!!!!

Friday 17th September 18:02 Report Comment

Ricky JervisI like it, see myself in it already think it is rather dashing

Friday 17th September 16:56 Report Comment

Glen Williamsare the shorts purple or navy? and is it white or cream? either way very nice

Friday 17th September 16:29 Report Comment

brennan finneganNathan its not very often i disagree with a blue here but do so regarding the pink kit. As you say no one else wears such a kit. Everton FC is BLUE and any shade differentiation should not be extreme.

Friday 17th September 16:11 Report Comment

David BignallVery smart! Please, please use this as our second strip, the pink shirt is ghastly!!

Friday 17th September 16:04 Report Comment

Paul HowellsWhy are third kits always our nicest? Anyone remember the white Puma/ One 2 One kit from around 2001 or 2002? That too had a proper collar like this one and was probably the nicest Everton kit I've seen, this new one could come a close second though :) reacted to a post the other day and put their own reply in, lets hope they read all these posts and react again and make this the 2nd choice kit with immediate effect. Use it at away games even when Blue doesn't clash, for example our neighbours or the gunners?

Friday 17th September 15:59 Report Comment

neil brimageNice looking kit for a change. Better than that pink kit.

Friday 17th September 15:21 Report Comment

Daniel LamontWill definatly be buying this!!! Kit looks great and would prefer to sit in the ground in a white kit rather than a pink one tbh. Can only see us possibly wearing the kit once if we are lucky. Think the price of all the kits are stupid really at most id be willing for a £40 for the whole set shirt, shorts and socks.

Friday 17th September 14:28 Report Comment

Nathan ShakespearHonestly what is the point of having a third kit since no-one else wears a bright pink and blue kit? looks very nice but i like the pink one as a second kit personally

Friday 17th September 13:53 Report Comment

Chris HalsallThis should be our away kit! and the home kit should of been a blue version of this... Its very classy just like Englands last 2 home kits. Love it, just wish there was a student friendly price, theres no way i could afford £40+ on it

Friday 17th September 13:33 Report Comment

John BlackNow THAT should be the first choice away kit, classic design as well. If they can wear it at Chelsea they can wear it at most aways, please bin the pink monstrosity or make it the 3rd choice kit.

Friday 17th September 13:20 Report Comment

Paul Anthony HaggertyThe best kit ever!

Friday 17th September 13:18 Report Comment

timothy harristhose new kits are sick rather see them as our aways lol

Friday 17th September 13:17 Report Comment

Milin Chandraand of course if its safe then feed yak with 22 will be on my back with this kit in India

Friday 17th September 13:12 Report Comment

Milin Chandrahmm can anybody please tell me why is it coming "your connection to is encrypted with 256 bit encryption however this page includes other resources which are not secure.these resources can be viewed by others while in transit and can be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page."is it safe to shop online from efcdirect???can anybody please help me if you can, then mail me to

Friday 17th September 13:11 Report Comment

stephen lathamNo more pink please

Friday 17th September 12:59 Report Comment

willie kellybut the pink kit is specifically designed for peripheral vision, lets keep it distin needs all the help he can get :)

Friday 17th September 12:42 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowargh!!! we need to wait until december to see this fantastic jersey!!!

Friday 17th September 12:02 Report Comment

John CheeversNice. Goes so much better with the clean Blue home strip. Well worth buying. this another one season kit?

Friday 17th September 12:01 Report Comment

Iven BiedermannBest kit in Premier League...I love it... I would be proud to wear it in germany with a "6 Jagielka" on the back... COYB

Friday 17th September 12:00 Report Comment

Iven BiedermannBest kit in the premier league. I love it.. I would proud to wear it in germany... COYB

Friday 17th September 11:56 Report Comment

Dan DickensonSurely this should be an away kit as there is no such team that wears a pink and blue home kit therefore there would be no need for it.

Friday 17th September 11:33 Report Comment

Chris Bannantynehahaha @ Mathew Gill's post.... "getting the urine ripped out of us" hahahahah

Friday 17th September 11:12 Report Comment

John HauThis is alot better than our pink away kit, in fact this 3rd kit look real good, this should have been our away kit this season!

Friday 17th September 11:11 Report Comment

Chris BannantyneYeah, thats veeeery nice. I actually really liked the pink one (might be alone here) but i think this one looks better. Would not object to swapping this to the usual away strip. Going to order with a big no. 23 "coleman" on the back I think. Investing in the future and what not ey?

Friday 17th September 11:09 Report Comment

Chris FisherLovely kit, finally with this seasons home shirt and this third kit Le Coq have done a good job! Hopefully we will use it more than the pink one! One thing though i went to pre book the shirt with Baines printing but he is not an option?! I thought that was a bit odd as even fringe players are available!!!

Friday 17th September 10:38 Report Comment

Jamie McDineabsolutely amazing looking kit, but I can't imagine there ever being a need to wear it. It's not like any opposition have half blue half luminous pink shirts, which would clash the first and second shirts. and no doubt we will have 3 new kits available again in 12 months time after the players have maybe worn this shirt once?

Friday 17th September 10:31 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGREALLY smart kit. I like the collar. Am i getting it ? YES I AM.

Friday 17th September 10:24 Report Comment

Chris BluenoseMake this our away kit, an make the pink one the third kit.

Friday 17th September 10:01 Report Comment

Paul Keevansagree with every comment so far. change the pink to 3rd strip this one as the away. please

Friday 17th September 10:00 Report Comment

clinton walkerlose the nasty pink kit and keep this 1 as our away kit.COYB IMWT

Friday 17th September 09:43 Report Comment

evertonfc.comWe have just been informed that this kit will be worn for the firs time in the away match against Chelsea on 4 December.

Friday 17th September 09:43 Report Comment

John DaviesPLEASE READ - MR KENWRIGHT AND MR ELSTONE This is an 'UNOFFICAL' petition to get the NEW 3rd strip - a promotion to become the away strip. Agree with this comment to register your vote! GREAT KIT! I like the current away strip, but this style tops it ...

Friday 17th September 09:27 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbSmart, but not visible enough for our fast, slick passing game!

Friday 17th September 09:23 Report Comment

Travis DegenWe are the Peoples Club- EFC, please listen to the fans and make this our regular away kit

Friday 17th September 09:20 Report Comment

Paul HowellsLike it, nicer than the pink kit which I actually dont mind that much. But totally agree this should be our away kit. I cant see us wearing it though as 3rd kits are only used when both home and away clash with their home kit. When will blue and pink clash with anybody? Still I'd like to see it become the second kit, just depends on whether the club will be a little stubborn in sticking with the pink. Obviously as a 3rd kit is technically not needed on the pitch this has only been brought out to make money, but who cares? Its a much nicer kit. Bit annoying that new kits are only coming out end of september though, we need to be releasing kits earlier, including the home.

Friday 17th September 09:19 Report Comment

Bill MartinSavage Kit , defo should be second kit... gona pre order today .. I agree with David loose the pink one NOW

Friday 17th September 09:11 Report Comment

Mathew GillWell smart, gotta be our 2nd kit so we stop getting the urine ripped out of us

Friday 17th September 09:09 Report Comment

paul yearsleylike this kit a lot lets vote to have this has our 2nd kit ps goes well with jeans to lol.

Friday 17th September 09:09 Report Comment

Adam KerriganAbsolutely love this 3rd kit. Please Everton get rid of that HORRENDOUS Pink garbage and use this as the 2nd kit. Its classy, neat, stylish, and wont make us a laughing stock of the premier league!

Friday 17th September 09:07 Report Comment

Liam ReillyTop Kit, very wearable. Agree, should be the 2nd kit

Friday 17th September 09:03 Report Comment

David StubbsThis should have been our 2nd kit and if it wasn't now then it should be now. get rid of that awful pink joke.

Friday 17th September 08:44 Report Comment

Padraig FalveyLoving it!!! At last something different but wearable!!!

Friday 17th September 08:42 Report Comment

muhammad ikhwan saniplease change this to the second kit!!! please we the fans r united to see this kit on the next away game...and maybe all the away games this season..

Friday 17th September 07:52 Report Comment

KIERAN O'CONNOROrder going in right now, 1 shirt to Australia please :)

Friday 17th September 07:51 Report Comment

Dom DunningAbsoloutley Brilliant Kit Vanilla nice colour , Forget the pink away one This is what we want to be wearing.

Friday 17th September 07:40 Report Comment

Thai I.Hopefully this kit will be worn in all away games when the home team wears blue so we never have to see that hideous pink kit ever again!!!

Friday 17th September 07:38 Report Comment


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