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Blues Dismiss Crouch Claim

Everton dismiss rumours of a Crouch-Pienaar swap deal.

Blues Dismiss Crouch Claim

Everton have dismissed tabloid rumours linking them with a move for Peter Crouch.

One morning newspaper said that the Blues were keen to recruit the England striker, with Steven Pienaar moving to Tottenham as part of the deal.

But Everton's assistant manager Steve Round told the media at the press conference ahead of the Carling Cup clash with Huddersfield that there was no truth in the rumours: "No, none at all," he declared.

"There has been no contact. Steven Pienaar is a very, very important player for us. We value him very highly. He was our player of the year last year and he was terrific.

"The manager has said all along that we want him to stay. He has signed with us, he is under contract and as far as we are concerned he will be an Everton player this season."

Round also revealed that the same can be said of Nigerian duo Yakubu and Joseph Yobo, explaining that their World Cup exploits were the reason they haven't featured at all in the first two Premier League games.

"They came back from the World Cup a little bit later and have taken a bit of time to get fitter again," he said.

"Joe is in the squad tomorrow and Yak would have been but he picked up a whack in training and is out. They are both in contention and will hopefully play a big part in us having a good season."

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King Lee WongPls keep Pienaar. If we sell him the team would lose more pace and speed, which the team is seriously lacking at times. Everton needs to put pace into their game to benefit the attacks. Getting Crouch and playing together with Fellani would pull the pace of the team down to slow mo!!! Everton has pace if the right players are put together. Coleman provides excitement if he can build up his confidence and will do wonders for the team. (Another pointer for Everton to improve would be to allow Baines or Coleman to take spot kicks and corners as Arteta always aim too low and hit the walls and defenders too often.

Saturday 11th September 18:15 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGNo do not need any more new signings. I have decided. We have got the season underway in the cup last night that will follow on in the PL. Our strikers will score plenty enough. Looking forward now to Sunday. COYB

Thursday 26th August 09:16 Report Comment

Matthew Grundyisnt that jake bidwell a left back he came on in europa last year looked good sure he played left back but dont quote me. distin can play left back too.

Wednesday 25th August 17:27 Report Comment

Andre Rheederi have said it for ages and posted it on this forum. I am a South African and i do understand some of my countrymen. Steven is holding out for as much as possible because this is his chance in life. He is nowhere near as good as Mikel and had a shocking World Cup. Everton cash in now!!! your first profit is always your best profit. 4-million now is better than nothing later. Club first and foremost it IS bigger than any player. COYB

Wednesday 25th August 16:25 Report Comment

Paul Ellami seem to be the only one on here but i would like to see us go for peter crouch in return for pienaar (over rated and doesnt want to stay plainly!). we have strikers, lots of them i know (i would sell 2 or 3 of them too!) but they just arent doing the job. as a team we create a lot but we have no-one who puts away the chances regularly, at least with crouch you know we will have a proven striker who has obviously got enough about him to be signed by villa, spurs and liverpool (all in our class bracket) saha, good when fit, yakubu, good when fit, but how often is that? they are injury prone and we need back up. beckford will do his best but he is new to this level. vaughan and anichebe have had their chances in my eyes, not up to the task. lets get in experience and a good scoring record. and for all those crouch haters cos he played for liverpool, get a grip, were not in the playground! its not like hes a red through and through is it? im sure it would all be forgotten once hes banged in 20 goals for us!! NSNO

Wednesday 25th August 15:19 Report Comment

graham griffithsphil neville can play left back and hibbert has played there before, we need a striker ours just rnt gd enough its simple even crouch wouldnt hit 20+ a season but we cant afford a decent one so we will always be mid table while we are skint, and man city and spurs continue to spend, without a cash injection were goin nowhere

Wednesday 25th August 10:05 Report Comment

brad taylorpeter we need an another left back, what happens if baines is injuried! no cover what so ever.

Wednesday 25th August 09:57 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiThanks God! But I still think we need someone, Donovan would be perfect, we need someone with pace and Donovan has it, he was a very big influence in our change of play last season, and he wants to come! Bring him!

Wednesday 25th August 09:19 Report Comment

Jordan BoweringI've always thought Crouch was over-rated as he only scores against little teams when playing for England and never when we really need it, so I'm glad to see we will be keeping our gem and not having there pile of useless coal ;) if anyone's interested in a decent sports/gaming forum go to

Wednesday 25th August 00:23 Report Comment

ian rutlandi think we should get rid of pienaar if we can get 15 million and player like nicko krancjar rather than the long streak crouch

Tuesday 24th August 21:26 Report Comment

Paul HowellsYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! No Crouch. Dont want or need him. Yak and Louis have so much more quality than him and while I felt Saha looked un-interested when he came on against Wolves I know Moyesy can still get the best out of him and I believe Yak will come back and score a lot more goals for us. Plus I would not want Pienaar leaving in a swap deal for him, not unless we got several million on top which I doubt. I agree wit Chris Bannatyne though. I'd rather Pienaar go now for a fee than in 12 months for nothing. Above all I'd like him to sign on £60K or £65K a week but as Shaun Hanna said he's not worth the same as Arteta so I wouldnt give him the £75K.

Tuesday 24th August 21:05 Report Comment

John GillamOk i am gonna go out on a limb here n say what all of our blueboys should be sayin,Ok Piennar has said i will sign if the deal is right for both parties,well let me say this,ok he was an outstanding player FOR US when he is on his game.He was thrown into the limelight because our Talisman (and dedicated talisman i'll have you know) ended up injured and he took the burden on the chin and provided for us i'll give him that,but seriously,although i am a blue through and through and at 36 ive seen some tripe and some class goin through the years at our beloved club and piennar is a class act (when he's not fallin over n lookin at the ref as if to say "are you gonna protect me ere??") but still he's stalling for a reason n as former texters have said i will agree with them.Piennar??? You are no Arteta mate n never will be and dya know why??? Because you dont have the dedication or love for this club and if you did you would have signed ages ago.SELL UP MOYSEY,you made him the player he is and greed doesnt count for nothing to evertonians we want dedication and frankly Stephen you dont have it.I don't want a player like this in my,our,moyseys or kenwrights club.I'm sorry but they are my sincere words.ETID

Tuesday 24th August 20:41 Report Comment

Dom DunningLets have the old Yakubu back. The one who scored 20 goals in his first season. Get him back in the starting 11 because defenders are scared of his strength. And on his day he's twice as good as that big idiot.

Tuesday 24th August 20:07 Report Comment

Gwyn HughesI forgot Silva and Agar

Tuesday 24th August 19:58 Report Comment

Gwyn HughesWe have Saha, The Yak, Becks, Anichebe, Vaughany, Cahill, Fellaini all who can play up front we dont need another striker we need to give this lot a chance, i feel we need a similar player to Neville in midfield or another Carsley were a little light in midfield very creative but light.

Tuesday 24th August 19:53 Report Comment

Gwyn HughesWe dont want CROUCH :(

Tuesday 24th August 19:45 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI dont think i would want Crouch given that he played for the Rags but Pienaar I WANT HIM TO STAY.

Tuesday 24th August 18:45 Report Comment

Chris BannantyneI understand the opinion of keeping Pienaar to have a crack at top four, but I think it's a pretty uncertain basket to be putting all our eggs into. That's not a swipe at our team, although I do think we are missing an essential ingredient, but as Bilyaletdinov said, we also need luck - luck with injuries mainly, but there will be luck involved with some wins/losses too. Also IF Pienaar is planning on moving on when his contract expires, I wonder if this would affect his game, and maybe the attitude and harmony and all that psychological business in the team. My personal opinion, one that I am certain many of you don't share, is that it will probably be better for THIS season, and upcoming seasons if we sell. (still assuming he isn't going to sign a new contract). He's still playing well now, and MAYBE will continue to play well all season, and MAYBE we will break into the Champions league and so on so forth, believe me I have put some money on it, but I don't think Everton should put 15-20 million pounds worth of midfielder on it.

Tuesday 24th August 18:27 Report Comment

David BadcockWhat IS interesting is that on this occasion the Club has had a "spokesman" categorically state the club's position. There was complete silence on Gosling and relative silence on the Yak rumours, though this statement would "appear to show" intent to keep SP, JoYo and the Yak, whatever the circumstances, until January anyway..

Tuesday 24th August 18:07 Report Comment

Shaun HannaPienaar is a decent player but certainly not world class, he wants to be paid the same as Arteta! He aint worth the same as Arteta. Peanut had a great season last but in a season where we didnt really perform. I cant understand why people are getting some upset about the prospect of him going, let him go, wish him the best and lets cash in!!! In saying cash where does our transfer monies go?? Certainly not on new players. Cahill signed, Rodwell signed, Arteta singed good result DM and BK COYB

Tuesday 24th August 18:06 Report Comment

Chris CowellBill, hes been sold to porto

Tuesday 24th August 17:42 Report Comment

Bill MartinWhy not sell pienaar & go after that muithino boy from sporting again or has he been snapped up , love the way SP plays but we have a week left to sell or sign, come jan he free to talk to other clubs, we CANNOT afford a £12-£14 mill walk away at end of season, dont know much about this Izmailov but alot guys posting here seem to think he b a good buy

Tuesday 24th August 17:06 Report Comment

KOBUS VERMEULENSteven Pienaar we need yu!

Tuesday 24th August 17:01 Report Comment

Michael DyerPienaars had all summer to sign a new contract, does he really want to play for Everton! If Everton could get a decent fee for the player why not sell him now rather than let him go for nothing to one of the top clubs at the end of the season.Cmon Pienaar sign a new contract the fans like you show your a True Blue!

Tuesday 24th August 16:45 Report Comment

David BadcockEqually well put, Malcolm. Just goes to show the dilemma . . . . .pop lyrics: "should he stay or should he go now?". . . .

Tuesday 24th August 16:42 Report Comment

David BadcockStill spot on, Chris.

Tuesday 24th August 16:38 Report Comment

Chris Ouseyif pienaar doesnt want to play for the club that brought him out of obscurity and onto the best stage in europe, due to his wage demands then sell him to the highest bidder and use the money to bring in someone who does. C.O.Y.B

Tuesday 24th August 16:17 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbChris, the reason is that with Pienaar we will have a crack at fourth. And that is worth £20M if we progress in the CL. It also catapults the club forward, in terms of desirability to top players, when we splash that cash. If we losePienaar now, I do not think we will effectively replace him this season - if ever.

Tuesday 24th August 16:04 Report Comment

darren walklerpinnear is a cracking player for us and without arteta last season i thought he was just what everton needed, very skillful,clever and can scores goals he was and is vital to us.once the partnership between him felliani,arteta starts to click, well its going to be great to watch. i wouldnt want to see pinnear leave after just a short time and i dont think its going to happen moyes has made it clear that no player will be sold without a good amount of money.

Tuesday 24th August 15:59 Report Comment

peter sargisona new left back??? why , we already have the second best left back in the prem behind ashley cole...... as for pienaar i agree sell or sign on and today, dont wait another day , get him in the office and say sign or go right now. i dont want someone who doesnt want to be here. and as for arteta for england? if capello ignores him then he is the worst manager on earth. artetas the best midfielder in the world bar messi, miles better than that woman ronaldo.

Tuesday 24th August 15:57 Report Comment

Chris BannantyneFirst of all I want to make it very clear that Peinaar has been one of my favourite players over the last couple of seasons, and I do not WANT to see him leave. However, from a club perspective (especially one that can't find any money to compete in the transfer market) I have to question the wisdom in keeping a player who won't extend their contract, and will (by all appearances) leave as a free agent next season. Like I say, I don't WANT to see Peinaar go, but I feel as though the clubs hands are tied, and I would prefer to get some money in a sale, in order to reinvest, then see him walk out of Goodison on a free. Honestly, I am glad to hear we aren't chasing Peter Crouch, but I think we must sell Peinaar and bring in someone like Izmailov. If there is change then maybe a leftback too

Tuesday 24th August 15:18 Report Comment


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