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We Are Hungry

Leon Osman on Everton's motivation on Wednesday night.

We Are Hungry

Hunger will be the driving force for Everton when they take on The Terriers this week.

That is the message from Leon Osman, who believes the increased competition for places in the Everton ranks will drive the squad to better performances as they prepare for Wednesday's Carling Cup second round tie with Huddersfield.

Everton have started the Premier League season slowly, picking up one point from the first six available ahead of the midweek cup encounter.

But Osman points out that the options available to manager David Moyes means players will have to keep their performance levels high if they want to maintain a regular starting berth.

Osman told evertontv: "The competition for places is such that when people are playing they want to do the best they can to keep their place so that will breed better performances and better results."

The 29-year-old, who himself had to settle for a cameo appearance from the bench for Saturday's 1-1 draw with Wolves as Moyes made three changes from the team that lost at Blackburn, is desperate to help Everton win silverware and end his own wait for a major trophy.

He added: "We would like some silverware. The League Cup is a cup that we are entered into so we want to do as best as we can and hopefully go all the way."

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Ray Weirso west ham dont want yak, get him fit quick, he is the best striker we have

Wednesday 25th August 01:11 Report Comment

Austin TiernanI hope its not the same hunger that we have witnessed in the last two games.

Tuesday 24th August 14:19 Report Comment

Mark HooleyCompetition for places? Everyone says that but all I see is the same players week in week out. Even after a woeful performance against Blackburn Ossie came on as sub and did nothing, but he is a Moyes favourite so what else do we expect?

Tuesday 24th August 12:38 Report Comment

Chris BannantyneThanks David. Yeah, assuming the £4m quoted for Izmailov is correct, he certainly is a much more viable option than Donovan. I just cant mention buying a speedster without mentioning the Don. (and we can always dream).

Tuesday 24th August 11:22 Report Comment

Jeff BeeI think we all have the same questions over playing 1 up front and not having a tricky pacey winger but we need to leave that to DM to sort - our bit has to be to support the team and I'm hoping that we make more noise this season than we have for the last few years. Saturday was better but there are still too many moaners who don't get behind the team even when we play well. I would like to see more supporters at Goodison and less people pretending to be Hansen & Lawro .......

Tuesday 24th August 10:46 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGTBH I would have liked Crouch but he has played for the Rags so NO.

Tuesday 24th August 10:27 Report Comment

David BadcockSpot on, Chris, though if we could get Ismailov for £4m versus £10m for the Don, I suspect you may well be left disappointed that the Don doesn't join us permanently.

Tuesday 24th August 10:07 Report Comment

Chris BannantyneWell the papers are saying Peinaar is going to Tottenham and Crouch is coming to Everton. It's disappointing, I like having Peinaar, but if he won't sign a new contract then I suppose we HAVE to sell. Can't say I think too much of Crouch, but I will leave that one to the manager. But get a good price for Peinaar, because I think we need a really fast right winger - Izmailov sounds great, would love Donovan though. It was Donovans pace, I believe, that gave us such a good spell last season, all other skills we have got covered. I'm only commenting about this here because you can't seem to be able to comment on what the papers say today. Anyways, we need that fast winger if we want to beat the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Tottenham - or so I believe at any rate.

Tuesday 24th August 10:00 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI hope we paste these on Wednesday. Then maybe all these REALLY negative comments will stop. Ossie you are ace. COYB.

Tuesday 24th August 09:35 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbSomebody said it yesterday; less talk, until we see some action..

Tuesday 24th August 08:55 Report Comment

Carl RobertsI think our midfielders do a good job, I think our Defence does a good job I think our strikers have been terrible for a long time now Saha needs to find some form to inconsistent, beckford hav'nt seen much of him yet its going to be very hard for him adapting to the P.L.and as for the Yak what the hell is going on with him? is he staying is he going? Donavon should of been a must for us how good where we with him on that right side now its like there's no one there at all, hope there's a 4,4,2 formation against Huddersfield, oh and one more thing what the hell does Coleman have to do to get in the starting line up ??? Moyes must be thinking he has to save a penalty, score from half way and raise 8 million to buy a decent striker, just fustrated lads get it together for the fans

Tuesday 24th August 05:59 Report Comment

Milin Chandragood words saegaran ....and ossy of you are really hungry then go and the next 20 games in row

Tuesday 24th August 05:30 Report Comment

Saegaran KanalanadanWalk the talk Osman..the team needs to wake up and play 100%. The manager only gives ideas on the play format but its u guys on the pitch who'll have to improvise and p[lay to the best of ur ability. Enough talk...its showtime!!

Tuesday 24th August 04:59 Report Comment

graham griffithsWE ARE HUNGRY my god use wind me up, use were hungry at the start ov the season but ooops 2 rubbish teams and we still cant win zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz same old rubbish, build us all up for nothing its a joke.

Tuesday 24th August 00:17 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt's high time to win silverware, aand our two chances are the FA Cup and the League Cup, so we better play our best possible team in them, I'd be dissapointed otherwise. We just have one odd mideweek game every onth so player's won't get tired, ther's no need for resting the best. And as in the league it'll be very difficultt be top 4 (though I still think we can do it if the team starts playing like last year), then I'd rather be 8th or 10th an win a cup than 5th and just Europa League. Who remembers our legue position in 95? But we all remember the FA Cup!

Monday 23rd August 23:14 Report Comment

Ajamu MutumwaI think that after 8 years the fans have every single right to up their expectations. We expect the team to deliver and with the talent we have we have every chance. Its on.

Monday 23rd August 21:52 Report Comment

Minik HansenThe problem is the expectations for the team to win every next game. Support Everton at your presence. Not in some future imagination. We wish the best for the lads. COYB!

Monday 23rd August 21:46 Report Comment

david harmanNeed to show a lot more HUNGER in the P.L. or we won`t get very far.

Monday 23rd August 21:41 Report Comment

Mark ReidStop trying to walk it in and take more shots. That goes to the whole team.

Monday 23rd August 20:44 Report Comment

John HornThe pre-season optimism is already on the wane after two disappointing performances and tomorrow's game gives us an opportunity to play with a bit of style and a swagger. A hatful of goals would do the team and the supporters a world of good. Coleman to start with Rodders in the middle and Beckford and the Yak up front

Monday 23rd August 20:39 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthNonesense.Simple.The fans are hungry for a return on their season & cup tickets.

Monday 23rd August 20:23 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthNonesense.Simple.The fans are hungry for a return on their season & cup tickets.

Monday 23rd August 20:23 Report Comment

Paul Ellami hope the club is hungry - i cant see us winning the league title so its all about the cups! lets really try go for this league cup as it seems its our best chance of silverware. a lot of the top clubs put out weakened teams and we should be looking to take advantage of that fact. come on everton!!!

Monday 23rd August 19:03 Report Comment

Dave O'NeillNot as Hungry as us Fans are to see Everton win and put in a good performance for 90 mins. Talk is Cheap Leon, let's see Actions, not Words

Monday 23rd August 18:11 Report Comment


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