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'We're Up For The Cups'

Cup competitions as important as the league, says Baines.

'We're Up For The Cups'
Leighton Baines
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Leighton Baines insists cup competitions are as important as the league to Everton this season.

The Blues begin their Carling Cup campaign on Wednesday with the second round visit of Huddersfield Town to Goodison.

It is not unusual for Premier League bosses to shuffle their pack for the competition - with their focus trained primarily on the league.

But Baines insists the hunger for silverware at Everton means the Carling Cup is far from second on their list of priorities.

"I think, as much as the league, the cup competitions are as important to us," Baines told evertonTV.

"There is no Europa League for us this year, so we want to be in those cup competitions for as long as we can, obviously with the aim of making the final and winning the competition. The early rounds are the ones which can sometimes prove to be tricky fixtures and we have come unstuck in some games against lower league opposition in the cup games in the past."

The options available to David Moyes this term means the Everton boss could make changes for the visit of Lee Clark's League One outfit.

Everton have picked up just one point from their opening two league games but, regardless of who is selected, Baines is confident the side will make home advantage count.

He continues: "Hopefully, being at home will serve as an advantage to us and we will be able to progress.

"I think the final is around March so it means the Carling Cup competition tends to rattle through quite quickly and if you win a few games before you know it you are in the latter stages and things can start getting pretty exciting very soon. I remember getting to the final with Wigan and obviously we had a decent run as well so hopefully we can go on a good run and get to another cup final this season. We want to be in the cup competitions as long as we can and our ultimate aim is to win them."

Peter Clarke and Gary Naysmith are two former Blues in the Huddersfield squad for the tie.

"I think a few of our lads are friends with a few of the lads at Huddersfield so we know a few things about some of the individuals there," Baines added.

"I think they will be tricky opponents, when they come to Goodison it is almost there cup final already. We know we have to be on our mettle and match them for enthusiasm and work rate before we earn the right to play our football. Hopefully we can do that and play our stuff and come out on top. They will be excited I’m sure about coming to Goodison and getting a chance to showcase themselves and it is up to us to match all that enthusiasm and come out on top."

Look out for more from Leighton Baines in Wednesday's matchday programme.

CRAIG WEILDINGNow know Silva played 45 mins in reserve game. Maybe he will have some involvement on Wednesday, I hope so.

Tuesday 24th August 18:42 Report Comment

Dom DunningIv'e just seen Heitinga's story on him wanting to score so i'm gonna do him first goal i recon its worth a bet.

Tuesday 24th August 15:00 Report Comment

Austin TiernanI have an idea, so i'm just gona throw it out there. Since we have competition for places, anyone that plays bad against Huddersfield, should NOT play against Villa. Just an idea, but I bet players would raise there game then.

Tuesday 24th August 14:41 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGI was hoping Silva would get a game on Wednesday but if he played 90 minutes in the reserves last night(mon) then he probably wont. Dave thinks i am dreaming. COYB.

Tuesday 24th August 09:48 Report Comment

Adam LaffoleyWe really need to get a grip of our game. 2 disappointing results thus far against 2 teams we should really be beating. This 'big squad' of ours isn't doing us any good at present moment as we're still playing players who aren't performing as they should be. I hope DM takes a long hard look at the team for this Sunday and gets it right for the first time. I thought we were far to negative last week and should have gone 4-4-2 at home against a team who are meant to be fighting for PL status. This weekend however is a must win against Villa who are going to be fighting tooth and nail to make sure they rectify their lose to Newcastle. I agree with some comments I have read stating that we need to start having a shot at goal rather than walk it into the back of the net. I've been saying it for the last few years and I'll keep on saying it. We play nice football but it all counts for nothing if the ball does'n't end up in the oppositions net! I hope the lads can rally together for this weekend and get our winnin ways started again. COYB!!

Tuesday 24th August 08:54 Report Comment

alexis leungI have the feeling that Bainsy has not been running fast since the later half of last season. He still looks tired now. In the previous two games we had been able to hold the ball very well in the middle but we showed no speed to break through in front and we turned back slow to defend. It is true that we didn't have a lot to do at the back but we lost 2 goals = 5 points. It is also true that we were busy up front but we only got 1 in.

Tuesday 24th August 04:02 Report Comment

Ever TanDavid O'Neill - By mid season a different tune we will sing. Be glad you are supporting the people's club which is on the up and up. It could be worse, look at LFC, particularly after that dreadful result vs. man city. While we would never let that result happen to us it does seem like we play down to the competition.

Tuesday 24th August 00:16 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiWe have to win a cup this season! Tahta should be our priority along with the best possible final position in the league of course, but being reallistic it looks like top 4 is quite difficult, though if we played like last some month ago... My wish: top 4 and a cup title, hope it won't be only a dream, but I'd be more then happy with just a Cup :)

Monday 23rd August 23:19 Report Comment

gary browndoes anyone else think when were up againest it 12 man squad due 2 injurys and all that D.M. great getting everything out of them but now D.M. got a full strenght squad he looks abit lost

Monday 23rd August 22:59 Report Comment

gary browncome on lads a good win on wednesday could kick start are season. D.M. attack the game 4.3.3. baines,distin,jags,coleman,arteta,fellaini,rodwell,pienaar,saha,beckford.we need goals get us going

Monday 23rd August 22:54 Report Comment

joe crosseThats good to hear as i presumed we should be looking to do well in the cups as we are not going to finish as high as we expected in the league.The transfer window will close and we will still be left wit hibbo,yobo,and probably yak will be sold for 4mill close to deadline day so no chance of a decent striker,on that subject hammers to sign nigerian striker from inter so yak wont be needed there and not with us either as still no sign of him ,play rodwell and coleman from the start ,johnnie along side jags,give guye a run along side saha ,come on Moyes shake it up before we are all bored to death coyb.

Monday 23rd August 18:32 Report Comment

Dave O'NeillDream on Craig, Saturdays performance was another disaster. I'm fed up now with stories here by players saying we're gonna do this and we're gonna do that, talk is cheap, let's see some action.

Monday 23rd August 17:47 Report Comment

CRAIG WEILDINGIn order of priority for us 2010/11 it is 1/ PL 2/ FA cup 3/League cup. I want us to win a cup this season. Now next season the 2 domestic cups will not matter because we will be in the Champions League. COYB.

Monday 23rd August 17:14 Report Comment

graham griffithsye use said use were up for blackburn and wolves oooops but im not blaming players blaming tactics

Monday 23rd August 16:56 Report Comment

Chris FisherI would quite happily finish in the bottom half of the league in return for the League Cup this season. I dont care any more, i havent seen Everton win anything since 1995 and i was only 9 at the time, i want to see us win something that i can remember properly.

Monday 23rd August 16:20 Report Comment

Ken PerryI do hope all players were "Gutted" after a poor performance, once again we are playing catch up .Are we as fit as our competitors,

Monday 23rd August 16:06 Report Comment

david harmanI think the Peinaar saga need`s sorting before the team will be up for anything, I noticed Peinaar spent some time on his own during the warm up before the match, so we have to wonder if all is well with the TEAM, and it`s time to change our formation to 442.Come on Davy get thing`s sorted. KEEP THE FAITH.

Monday 23rd August 15:34 Report Comment

Hugh DanielsMuch as I love you Bainsey, I think the team should al zip it until we have 3 consecutive league wins behind us....just show us!!!!!

Monday 23rd August 15:29 Report Comment

Jordan Gilleni find this hard to believe considering, the players really felt we could do well this year.. 2 teams we should be beating have got the better of us.. a draw against Wolves is like a loss (no disresepect) so, prove it to us on Wednesday and the rest of the season.. that you ARE up for the cups and the league.

Monday 23rd August 15:07 Report Comment

Mark C WatlingLike you're up all for the league ay Leighton?

Monday 23rd August 14:55 Report Comment


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