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Blues Unveil Plans

Everton announce plans for a new building at Goodison.

Blues Unveil Plans

Everton have announced plans for a state of the art retail and administration development adjacent to the Goodison Park stadium.

Chief Executive Robert Elstone revealed the news to a Shareholders Forum before the clash with Everton Chile on Wednesday.

And the Blues are confident that planning permission will be awarded for the new building, which will sit within the Goodison Park footprint. The project could be operational by summer 2011.

The planned building, on the current site of the Club Everton lounge at the Park End of the stadium, will house a retail store, museum, cafe, corporate hospitality lounge and office space.

The four-floor, self-funded £9m development will also free up space within Goodison, meaning that capacity for corporate hospitality inside the stadium itself can be expanded.

Mr Elstone also confirmed that the plans will not negatively affect the cash available to David Moyes as it will be taken from extended deals with catering partner Sodexo and retail partner Kitbag.

John Alun simmondsGot to say I like it.

Wednesday 10th November 21:02 Report Comment

Gareth RowlandThis development looks really good, but it could of been better if it also included an extension to the park end (Which should of been built with two tiers and hospitality boxes in the first place) but am sure everton have thought of this! we don't need more car parking space just need more fans to use public transport. can we not buy more land around Goodison for expansion? We must be able to get loans from banks or the Council to redevelop Goodison park, this would an investment in the future of the club before it is too late!

Saturday 7th August 15:35 Report Comment

Jon SummerNO!

Saturday 7th August 12:03 Report Comment

Jon Summermaybe no censorship on here I wrote a comment in three differant ways and it didn't come up on here? I wrote the mind boggles and it printed it staight away? Lets see if it does this one?

Saturday 7th August 12:03 Report Comment

Stephen McNallyAre Everton restricting any future development of Goodison Park by building this facility. I feel there are more urgent needs. The Street End and Bullens Road facilities are deplorable. I think that as much as possible should be done to ensure loyal fans (not the prawn sandwich brigrade) have the best possible facilities. I know that the club say that the cost of this build will be the responsibility of Kitbag and Sedexo, but I feel more long term planning is important. The land behind the Park stand maybe better served for future stadium development. The stadium is located in an a land locked area and space is crucial if the redevelopment is to be realised.

Friday 6th August 20:01 Report Comment

David BadcockMike, two responses.1) I think the statement emphasises the NET figure because if you read it carefully you should note that the new building once up then permits alterations to the hospitality facilities in the stadium. Those changes will be undertaken by EFC but they also will improve revenue and profitability. The club will start receiving rent and rates paid for the use of the area, from the start of the build project, so causing a positive cashflow from the very start. That cash will be put towards the stadium changes costs. The club will not only receive rent etc and portions of otherwise fully charged costs such as Council Tax, Rates etc but they will then also receive a percentage of either turnover or profits, as would any franchise.The only thing I can't tell you, or guess, is over how many years the NET is calculated. If over ten years, then it would turn positive in the eleventh, if over five, then it would turn positive in the sixth. But either way, so long as the calculation is over a shorter time period than EFC moving ground, it will be positive. And, regretfully, I can't see Liverpool CC getting whipped up enough to allow us to do that. hence the statements about no new ground over the short or medium term and hence the club have decided to do this as a back up plan because it is better to do something positive than nothing at all with regard to improving income and which will help conditions for interesting an investor. 2) I have had discussions with the team that run the site and they do not censor what you say but the search engine is fine-tuned and very sensitive to pick up inappropiaite words or phrases.Remember that children can read this, so even the first four letters of the real name for the Gunners will be picked up and blocked by the IT system.

Friday 6th August 16:26 Report Comment

James CPaul Howells - listen to the boy

Friday 6th August 15:08 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiMike, no censorship here, just commets that contain ceratin words are held for apporval, it happens to everyone, it's got nothing to do with what type of opinion you have. I think everyone should read the article fully and David's comment to understand how it is funded and how Everton would get revenue from it. And as I said before, I'd like Everton to continue at a renewed Goodison in the future, though if the club finds it's not possible I'll accept a move but Goodison is so special!

Friday 6th August 15:01 Report Comment

Jon SummerEXTEND the Park End instead and use the space for parking?

Friday 6th August 14:52 Report Comment

Jon SummerI'll try again spend the brass on, maybe a upper stand on the park end ans use the space for parking?

Friday 6th August 14:51 Report Comment

Jon Summerwhy not extend the park end and make more parking space???

Friday 6th August 14:49 Report Comment

Jon Summerthe mind boggles???????

Friday 6th August 14:48 Report Comment

Jon SummerCouldn't we extend the Park end stand in stead? more bums on seats? and then in stead of building a shop across the road from the other shop make more parking space's???? just a thought????????

Friday 6th August 14:43 Report Comment

Mike Williamsok - so where are my other comments and questions?

Friday 6th August 11:32 Report Comment

Mike WilliamsWho is the censor on this site? The mildest criticism of the 'masterplan' is withheld.

Friday 6th August 11:31 Report Comment

Mike WilliamsThe CEO claims there is 'no net cost to the club'. This suggests that the club will therefore be making a contribution to the Capital and Operational expenditure of the venture. I.E The build costs and running costs. The 'net' statement, allied with refererence to 'pay back' periods also suggest there has been an analysis of what level of revenue will be generated over a time period. So come on Everton - How much are we contributing, how long will it take to recoup that investment and what levels of sales will have to be generated each year for the venture to contribute a net gain?

Friday 6th August 11:28 Report Comment

bani singhSounds really nice can't wait! Hopefully I'll get to see it open when I come to England!!

Friday 6th August 11:27 Report Comment

DAVE HUNTERI believe Dixie is staying where he is

Friday 6th August 11:12 Report Comment

Paul HowellsWell Said David, after reading a few of them posts I was gonna put something similar. This is not instead of Donovan, there isn't a Donovan or Retail option. As David said this is being funded by 3rd parties and we are simply reaping the benefits. Besides, even if it was paid for by money that might have gone on Donovan I'd say this is better for the club. I know a lot of you will now slate me for saying this but think about it. Donovan would provide us with a few years on the pitch whereas this will guarantee increased revenue over the short, medium and long term so as an investment for the business this is better. It will help us get money in for future signings. Oh and Rodda Dixie will still be there dont worry, this will be built behind the wall around the car park and dixie is in fron of that wall, the plan is to keep dixie where he stands and he will be a bit of a centre piece/ focal point fo the building

Friday 6th August 10:58 Report Comment

Mike WilliamsWell done - Not. The anticipation that builds up as anyone walks alongside the park and catches a sight of Goodison has been wiped out. Now all we'll see is a prefabricated shop. Echoing Rodda - where is Dixie in all this? Where is the tradition? Perhaps Dixie - the meeting place for thousands of Evertonians over the years - will be stuck in an alcove somewhere, relegated to the 'also rans'. Yes, money is important to the club but do we not have a vast new and shiney enterprise in Liverpool One. Get on with the real issue Everton and find us a new ground.

Friday 6th August 10:50 Report Comment

Rodda ThomasWHERE IS DIXIE ??

Friday 6th August 10:04 Report Comment

Alex KewnI think this could be great for the club! well done Everton!

Friday 6th August 09:17 Report Comment

PAUL SINNOTTi wish people would stop goin on about donovan. he isnt worth 9 million i would much rather heve stephen ireland from city. younger and better.

Friday 6th August 09:16 Report Comment

DAVE HUNTERWell said David Badcock, I had given up reading comments on this subject as they were driving me mad, Please can everyone read and understand the full story before commenting on things.

Friday 6th August 08:31 Report Comment

David BadcockGuys, you are driving me dimented. GET this: this is not costing EFC a penny. It is free. The third parties are paying for it. EFC merely provides the land for it being built on. SO, even if EFC move it will still not have cost EFC a single penny. Therefore, it is saving £9m from having to be spent. SAVING £9m. As a result, it is NOT affecting any transfer pot, so for pity's sake STOP blathering on that EFC should be getting Donovan instead. This is going to provide future increased income, at no cost. Please understand that this is a brilliant masterstroke. And no, the foundations will not be built for a hotel, as the building is not being built by EFC, so there is no benefit for the third parties to incur the extra cost.It will be a building that could be used for other retail/office uses or dismantled, if EFC move, or which could easily be dismantled. So it will also be likely to be a structure which can be put up relatively quickly. Even better for profits to flow sooner for increased income.

Friday 6th August 07:26 Report Comment

Scott Ryan-MitchellSurely we could have spent this £9m towards Donovan ?

Friday 6th August 02:50 Report Comment

tony I'AnsonPlease put sufficient concrete in the foundations to support a 20 floor hotel on top of this, even if we do (or do not) move to another location.

Thursday 5th August 23:11 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI like it, good idea, it's a step forward. Longer comment coming when approved :)

Thursday 5th August 23:03 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI like it, I think it's a step forward for the club, it could bring us revenue for nothing. Like Paul, I also like the fact that it looks as if the club will try to upgrade Goodison as I'd like Everton to continue playing in our beautiful and full of history ground. My only two concerns are 1) if the Liverpool CC will permit it and 2) if as some people say it might affect a possible expansion of Goodison. I think we coul go rebuilding it stand by stand as previously mentioned and making it a 3 tier stadium all round to add more seats in the minimum possible space. I think if this new building is not all square it shouldn't affect a possible expansion, if it is square it looks af it it couls affect it when you look at it on Google Earth.

Thursday 5th August 22:59 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthFree or not.I want Donovan,not a posh shop/cafe.

Thursday 5th August 22:57 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthWOW,GREAT,SUPER!We want Donovan & Bill gives us a shop,museum,offices etc.You cant polish a turd Bill.

Thursday 5th August 22:54 Report Comment

Paul HowellsI agree with your points David, my post was more in hope than expectation. The major problem as you say would be the space required for a building site. While it would be possible to knock down the existing stands and re-build them one at a time it would probably mean closing off the streets around making access to peoples houses and the shops/chippy's/pubs on Goodison almost impossible. One idea which I think has been explored is buying the school and houses in the adjacent streets so we could expand out that way. however a lot of local tennants were aginst that - which is fair enough as that is where they live. I'd like to think we could relocate to Everton and near St Domingo's and looking at google maps the nearest realistic location is probably where Everton Park Sports Centre currently sits (not sure if the sports centre is technically in Everton), there is a large area behind the sports centre although I'm not sure how flat the land is as there are a lot of hills in Everton. Would be good if we could build on and around where the sports centre is and maybe even encompass a new sports centre in there. Just up the road form there is the bestway site, I knwo this has been ruled out but it looks a big enough site, the only problem may be transport. Traffic to the city centre and the match on the smae day could cause mayhem.

Thursday 5th August 19:29 Report Comment

Alan McHattieThis is totally the right thing to do. When any investor looks to buy into a club, the first thing they look at is the corporate facilities to figure out the net growth. The more successfull the club, the more they can charge and the more big companies want to buy. Like it or not, that is where the money comes from in football, (outside of sponsorship). Increasing attendance means pittence in comparisson. Even if we had to put the £9 million in ourselves, we would make that back in a year with what is being proposed as a whole package. Well done Bill Kenwright and co.

Thursday 5th August 18:48 Report Comment

Mark ReidA joint EFC/Kitbag/Sodexo presentation of what they feel this will bring and how this scheme's being put together to benefit each party would be welcome, because it seems a lot of commentators mistakenly seem to think that this is being funded directly out of Moyes transfer budget!

Thursday 5th August 17:00 Report Comment

Andrew KirbyCould the club please have more pictures of this, as fans seem to be unable to understand all the words being used in the written article.

Thursday 5th August 16:47 Report Comment

David BadcockAs much as many people will agree with Paul's thoughts below and it all makes fairly good sense, I see several issues. When you have a really good look at the site on Google Satellite, it shows how cramped it is. I think developing the ground AND being able to maintain attendances at no less than the present AND have the space around it for all the building site required would be nigh impossible, if only due to the HSE implications. When Chelsea did likewise in the Bates era, their attendances were down because the stands had to be demolished to be rebuilt. The shape of the ground/footprint makes it very difficult to maximise. Added to which it would be very difficult and therefore much more expensive over time to develop the ground to provide the real money-spinning catering and hospitality facilities needed to compete with other venues (such as a possible new Reds Ground). Furthermore, that kind of development would only be funded by EFC alone: I can't see any external assistance being provided quite like this announcement because there woould be nothing in it for them. This announcement at least looks "separate" and could remain afterwards for other uses if EFC moved elsewhere. I keep looking across Liverpool and always end up with the opinion that there is ample scope for another site, if only another Tesco/major retailer/ major land developer could get enthused, together with Liverpool CC support. What's more, I keep looking at the areas in the St.Domingo's and Everton boundaries. It would not be easy without immense will but what a story it would be if we could return to our roots (before we played at Anfield). It was such a shame that we were not able to find the money for the King's Dock proposals.

Thursday 5th August 16:43 Report Comment

Alex JenningsSurely there are more worthwhile uses of the money?

Thursday 5th August 15:42 Report Comment

Rex H LawrenceNo sign of the word Everton on the badges.Hope that it is because it is only an artist's impression.

Thursday 5th August 15:26 Report Comment

Per Arne DragstenThis spring did not Moyes tell us that it would not be any big signings this summer. He would rather use the money to secure long time contracts. So i hope we can do that, and get Pienaar and Arteta to sign new long term contracts as well. If they dont want to sign in, sell and get new players. Dont want another aug/sept as last year. Please:)

Thursday 5th August 15:22 Report Comment

james richardsthis is a good idea while its only 9 mil.. but i can pretty much gaurentee that it will be more than that.. an were will the extra investment come from.. our club.. so im not 2 sure about this 1

Thursday 5th August 14:13 Report Comment

Paul HowellsDave Lawson - I too had a similar concern but reading the Liverpool Echo it says the existing Dixie Statue will remain in place, I like your idea about more statues too. David Brien even with putting this retail section up we could still build the park end upwards. After all none of this development will be above the park end tier. I heard when the park end was built the roof was purposely structured to allow the addition of a second tier on top of it. If that is the case then there is no reason why we cant do that which would probably add 4 or 5 thousand to the capacity. We could then go around the other three parts of the ground and update them. Probably knocking them down and rebuilding within the same landspace however making the whole ground non-restricted views. If we could do the other three one at a time and rebuild them with at least the same number of seats but without the huge stantions in the way, plus the additional 4 0r 5 thousand above the park end then we could have a 45 thousand plus stadium with no obstructed views and a revenue generating retail district attached. Surely that would please all parties. Fans are happy to stay at Goodison, capacity is increased and the business men are happy with the revenue.

Thursday 5th August 13:44 Report Comment

Anthony Sproulegreat idea well done to the club for thinking it up

Thursday 5th August 13:27 Report Comment

dave lawsonLooks like a step in the right direction to me and it will surely make the club even more attractive to potential investors because it proves we don't throw what little money we have down the drain, we are smart with it. As for the dixie statue it is a bit of a concern not seeing him on this picture but I am sure he will be centre stage when this is finished. maybe this new building would give us a good opportunity to add more statues of blues legends around it to keep dixie company - sheedy, ferguson, ball etc the list is endless. maybe a poll on the site would be an idea hint hint.

Thursday 5th August 11:28 Report Comment

philip chetcutiSo can we presume that a new build on Goodison effectively ends any hope of a new stadium. What a shame.

Thursday 5th August 11:27 Report Comment

Tony Kibble"has long as it doesn't put in jeopardy the finances for David Moyes" what finances?

Thursday 5th August 10:58 Report Comment

David Brieni'm not gone on this idea....the revenue wud be very welcome but wud we be better off putting that money to good use in extending the Park End as it has the most potential - a huge area - why cant we extend the stand upwards (double tier)???

Thursday 5th August 10:34 Report Comment

Mark ReidThis is a win win. The commercial partners (investors or stakeholders, whatever words you want to use) are seeing the potential for future revenue and are paying licence fees to us to get a cut of the revenue. This investment will showcase Goodison Park and dramatically improve the image of the area surrounding the stadium for local residents and businesses. Excellent news.

Thursday 5th August 10:30 Report Comment

David BadcockNice one! The Board have possible pulled off a move as good as a Fellaini dragback here. Zero cost and a slice of the profit is a masterstroke in business terms. I hope that Liverpool CC actually support this planning permission this time, I am sure that Dixie will still have an excellent position and maybe even enhanced.

Thursday 5th August 09:49 Report Comment

Mark LynchLike it or lump it... Everton FC is a Business as is every professional football team, and to coin a phrase SPECULATE TO ACCUMULATE, This has to happen to raise our profile and profits.. its not all about buying guys, well done to the Everton FC board for looking at ways to improve the name and brand that is EVERTON FC..

Thursday 5th August 09:35 Report Comment

vincenzo cimminosorry people but this is a bad idea. any build there will effectivly kill off the ground expansion. it only takes some one to look at goodison via google earth, an you can clearly see the best possible way in expanding the ground is on the land behind the park end stand. im all up for everton bringing their coperate packages up to date, but not at the expense of the shrine we all know an love as GOODISON....

Thursday 5th August 09:31 Report Comment

Nick HughesThis is all lovely for income for the club. but it is making way for extra CORPORATE seating in the ground. what is in this for us fans that have paid our hard earned money for years? Yet again last night the refreshment service in the ground was shocking. going on 14 seasons now of extremely poor service. My friend wrote to Robert Elstone last season about the state of the service & he assured us it would get better......OBVIOUSLY NOT

Thursday 5th August 08:14 Report Comment

Liam ScarthThis is a really good sign that suggests Goodison is our home for the long run. You can stuff your new modern stadiums that look like space ships. Goodison is one of very many old fashioned English stadiums left. An if Goodison is left in the shadows then so is the history and heritage that comes with it. Traditional club, traditional stadium let's keep it that way

Thursday 5th August 08:11 Report Comment

Jon ThainI reckon it would look alright if they just rounded off the square edges a bit, and wrote 'Everton' on the badges, an if it helps us stay at Goodison and redevelop, sound. If it's self-funded and is only gunna make us money were's the negatives. An a think that's Dixie in the foyer below the emblem to the left, he just looks smaller cus he's further back inside. Also good game tonight, made up to see Seamus and Beckford playin well, an Fellaini back, can't wait for the season to start. COYB Viva Everton

Thursday 5th August 01:13 Report Comment

Paul McNamarawhy dont they mention anythin about the dixie dean statue? i was peekin through the window 4 it n it defo aint there!

Thursday 5th August 00:33 Report Comment

Mark ShawHow many people do not understand this? Only tonight walking from the ground we were saying how badly the stadium needs this - and the investors are paying for it - the cash required from Everton is £0 - that is ZERO !! The investors will put up the funds on the basis that they weill essentially run the services within the building, and Everton will get a slice of the profits - plus the ability to generate additional revenues from the expansion of the corporate business within the ground. Don't for one second think that the £9m should come from Sodhexo et al in order to buy players - doesn't work like that !

Thursday 5th August 00:30 Report Comment

simon mahonyI wouldn't get too excited....this project although it sounds great is probably going to be a non starter as planning permission needs to be sought...i dont want to be a sceptic but look at kirkby, stanley park and the housing development at bellfield all rejected by the council....i await another long and drawn out appeal process by which time the cost would probably have doubled

Thursday 5th August 00:18 Report Comment

padda brewstera dixie on the pictrue at front to the left by the coat of arms i hope i am not mistaken

Thursday 5th August 00:02 Report Comment

Jack Farronmartyn white, I would imagine that dixie will be situated in the ground floor part in the foyer bit. And people need to realise that sodexo are part funding this so catering partners usually don't give a club money for tansfers!!!!

Wednesday 4th August 23:49 Report Comment

Rupert CoghlanWhy not buy up Walton cars too, next to Bullens, start acquiring the land around Goodison piece by piece?

Wednesday 4th August 23:27 Report Comment

Kevin DevonportIt wont effect the transfer funds coz we dont have any!!!!!!

Wednesday 4th August 23:11 Report Comment

IAN CLOWESOh and an after thought, if that truly depicts what we are getting for £9 million then maybe we should be looking for different builders, glass as I remember is quite cheap. Blue & True.

Wednesday 4th August 22:47 Report Comment

IAN CLOWESHe like most of our history do not seem to matter. Blue & True

Wednesday 4th August 22:37 Report Comment

martyn whiteits right on top of dixie! where do they intend moving him to?

Wednesday 4th August 22:35 Report Comment

IAN CLOWESHe also said he was looking for a buyer .... don't see that happening either, as for profitable from day 1 , until the spiralling costs become too much and 2 or 3 million needs investing from the club, it's a bull idea and it's not even a good 1.

Wednesday 4th August 22:31 Report Comment

Colin EnticottRead the article fully guys - It is self funding which means there is no cost to the club and therefore won't impact on any available funds to DM. The spin off is increased revenue which conversely should have a positive impact. I don't think people realise what a positive and prudent board we are fortunate to have (Gosling cock up excepted!). In Kenright, Elstone and Moyes we trust!

Wednesday 4th August 22:27 Report Comment

Paul KearneyCraig Thompson seems to have missed the crucial point that the Chairman made, any move away from Goodison will take several years and as this is self funding and will produce profit from Day 1 it is a no brainer. THAT is the point!

Wednesday 4th August 22:25 Report Comment

Brian KellyHow does that make sense? 'Its not going to effect david moyes' transfer kitty'??? how else is DM able to produce funds?? we cant afford to sell players and if were would the funds from kitbag and other partners be going if we wasn't going to build this?? the majority id imagine would be go to players wages and transfers for players??? surely the money we make from are sponsors and third partys still contribute to are transfer budget! Got this one all wrong Erlstone and am sure DM is in disbelief! wage bills are rising, players cost more every year and the year we were in the fa cup final and qualified for the europa cup we still reported a loss at the end of the year?? but blowing 9mn on a building that will probably make 10 million over 10 years makes finacial sense?? were not in the eufa cup this year and with the money man city are spending its going to be even harder to break the top four. dont get this at all.

Wednesday 4th August 22:25 Report Comment

mehdi karmilook up people i think this is a good idea. where looking for new investors a big everton buliding next to the staduim will be attractive. it will annoy the reds aswell

Wednesday 4th August 22:18 Report Comment

Morten KolobekkenThis is absolute rubish. This just proves that the administration at our club doesn`t have a clue. Stop wasting time and money on another fancy project that wont take us forward. It`s about time you face the reality and that is we need stadium not a shed with glass windows!

Wednesday 4th August 22:18 Report Comment

GAVIN STONEI don't see what everyone's problem is with this. With no forseeable option to move and not enough capital to 'rebuild' Goodison, we have to look for short-term ways of increasing turnover. If, as suggested, the £9M is coming from our partnership agreements and not an EFC deposit fund then it's a win, win. It is also another capital asset on the balance sheet, which helps make us a more sustainable company.

Wednesday 4th August 22:17 Report Comment

Craig ThompsonWhat is the point in this? If we are trying to move away from Goodison park in the near future as re-developing is apparently out of the question? Use might as well have built it by Finch Farm.

Wednesday 4th August 21:26 Report Comment

Padda BrewsterHow can we build a new Goodison park if we are using up the land its beyond me

Wednesday 4th August 20:57 Report Comment

Ellen BarnicleThis is fabulous news because not only are we expanding in a recession but we are moving such things as the museums onto land we own which means we will not have to pay rent. I know some are angry that this money is not going on Donovan but in the long run this is much healthier for the club because this is added revenue. Revenue we desperately need as we do not have a well enough known name worldwide -and that irks me- to sell tons and tons and tons of shirts. It also shows that BK is trying to make the club more appealing to investors although most seem blind to our great club. I am heartily glad of this new development and hope it is the first of many developments.

Wednesday 4th August 20:51 Report Comment

kevin milnerWhy the hell are we spending 9 Million on that, so does that mean we are not moving from goodison park then. dont see the point when bullens road needs completely re-building wood floors are not allowed now in football. Unbelieveable another boob from our club would rather have Landon eh?

Wednesday 4th August 20:48 Report Comment


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