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Donovan Eyes Return

Landon Donovan reiterates desire to return to Everton one day.

Donovan Eyes Return

Landon Donovan has reiterated his desire to return to Everton one day.

The USA star enjoyed a 13-game spell at Goodison last season and impressed throughout his loan from LA Galaxy.

He then starred in the World Cup in South Africa and speculation over a return to Merseyside has been ongoing all summer.

Speaking in the wake of the MLS All-Star game against Manchester United in Houston this week, he said: "I would love to go back to Everton. I love the people there and I love the fans there. But that said, I love being in America too, so we are going to take everything into account and see where it ends up.

"Anything is possible at this stage and I'm going to make the decision that's best for me. We hear little bits and pieces here and there and there have certainly been clubs that are interested, but right now, it's only preliminary.

"There's still a lot of time left in the transfer window, so we'll see what moves are made and, if it's serious, then we'll treat it seriously."

Donovan, 28, scored twice during his loan spell at Everton, which took place between January and March this year. He became an instant hit with Blues' fans before returning to the LA Galaxy and then spear-heading the USA's run to the last 32 of the World Cup, where he scored twice.

colin dolmanklick if we wont r landon back i no i do imwt

Sunday 1st August 09:56 Report Comment

Ian LinsleyGotta agree with others who say we have to sell Yak and Yobo. I don't think either will do it for us this season. Get them sold and get Donovan in, even (dare I suggest) if it means selling Peanuts as well. I'd rather have someone who really wants to play for the clube here than someone who doesn't seem to know what he wants to do.

Sunday 1st August 09:22 Report Comment

Steve PierceCome on, Mr. Kenwright! Let's find a way to bring Landon back to Goodison. He wants to be here and we always need more top-class players with the Everton spirit. I know the price is a little steep for us, but gaining unprecedented access to the U.S. market will more than pay for itself in long-term ticket/shirt sales. Trust me: as an American, no footballer commands more attention in the U.S. than Landon Donovan. Let's find the funds to put him back in blue and take the league this year! NSNO.

Sunday 1st August 02:48 Report Comment

timothy harrisI am an american and I have been a die hard everton fan for years now, when Landon played in the blue he played so with more fire than I have ever seen him play, he is pure quality and he strives to be the best (nil satis nisi optimum). Bringing in the USAs star player would bring in a larger fan base which would help our club out tremendously. We only got to see a glimpse of what Landon can do and I know he can bring more. He wants to be at our club why not go for him? I know money is an issue but he is well worth the risk

Saturday 31st July 23:09 Report Comment

Ever TanTop 1 finish with Landon. Top 3 finish without Landon. EFC team unity and depth are too much for the opposition to handle!

Saturday 31st July 19:16 Report Comment

John GillamI would love to see Landon in the royal blue jersey again,but come on fans to say lets get into 10mil of debt to make the move possible is a bit too optimistic and foolish.If we have the money to buy without Bill getting into debt then fine it would be fantastic to have him back,he has blue in his veins as we can see,he truly loves our club and its fans.Landon i hope you come back mate and if not i will always hold you in high regards NSNO

Saturday 31st July 19:08 Report Comment

Sanjay Gopaljersey no 9 is waitng 4 u don..come get it soon fast... i just cant wait!!!!!

Saturday 31st July 18:30 Report Comment

brennan finneganSen-C You have to be careful making such a request as you could upset the BK fanbase Hopefully we will find finance on this occasion as the DON is a quality player

Saturday 31st July 18:04 Report Comment

Sen-C ConquerorTo Bill Kenright.... Read all the comments below - and on other pages. Thanks, Sen.

Saturday 31st July 17:25 Report Comment

Gwyn RowlandsMr Kenwright and the Board - As we are known as the peoples club all the fans want Landon Donovan back Davie Moyes Wants him back and Landon himself wants to come back you saw how he did for us when he was here he is a player who works hard and always gives 110% he is the player which could provide a final piece for the team we have been crying out for for so many years So if we are to spend any money on a transfer this year please make it Landon Donovan and please do it before the begining of the season

Saturday 31st July 16:41 Report Comment

brennan finneganJohn Lleonart since the DON came to Everton there has been a bond with Galaxy and this will continue Your comments are well received. It would be great if your club could play a friendly with Everton sometime in the near future. The DON has made a name for himself at Goodison and since the world cup is is renown worldwide The BLUE carpet will be rolled out if he returns Good luck to all LA fans GO GALAXY

Saturday 31st July 07:24 Report Comment

John LleonartI'm a Galaxy fan and sinse LD went EFC last year been watching on a regular basis. IT wouldn't bother most Galaxy or MLS fans if LD went back. He's given us so much but to see the best american born player of his generation thrive at a club he loves what is more beautiful than that. On an economic side I think he would eventually pay for himself and then some. He is our Pele and being such americans in the millions would tune in to Everton games just to watch his exploits. Everton would continue to gain fans such as they did with myself and family. What do us seroius fans do, we buy jersey's every year with our favorite players name on it. My family and I are all sporting Everton blue now. To the powers that be, Donovan loves Everton and the Everton faithful likewise and on the economical side you would have underestimated LD's appeal if he is not at EFC yesterday. GO TOFFEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 31st July 03:28 Report Comment

Mark PowellI hope you do come back to play for EVERTON Landon now you have played for us and gone away you feel you should be back playing for the mighty Blue Boy's. That why we support the club it drew's you back time after time. YOU KNOW IT MAKE'S SENCE TO SIGN A FULL CONTRACT.

Saturday 31st July 01:10 Report Comment

mark fenertybuy him fast, the money we make on shirt sales and fanbase in usa will be worth loads to us for years to come, and for me he was one of the highlights of last season

Friday 30th July 23:17 Report Comment

Simon RobinsonWhat a guy!!! We'd love to have you back Landon. I know things are tight, but any chance you could re-negiotate our overdraft limit (again), Blue Bill?Landon belongs with Everton, and I think this is one of the very very few signnings that is worth the ridiculous interest payments. I promise I'll buy more Everton stuff!!!

Friday 30th July 21:49 Report Comment

Tom ReesDonovan was quality last season, espescially in the world cup aswell. As David said can't we just take out a loan?

Friday 30th July 19:40 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthMr.Kenwright.Did you hear what Landon said?Did you?We believe you have a Cheque to write.Do it Bill before its too late.Remember...In Moyes We Trust!

Friday 30th July 19:31 Report Comment

david goodwinThere must be cash available somewhere!! Other clubs are going £100' s Millions in debt - can't we borrow £10 Mill or more? Our future prospects can only be up!! Long term investment is essential

Friday 30th July 18:59 Report Comment

John-Paul JabourPlease, please, pretty please let Landon come back!!!! Landon, Everton is where you belong... You know it! Kenwright, if you reading this, FIND THE CASH TO SIGN HIM!

Friday 30th July 18:07 Report Comment


Friday 30th July 17:27 Report Comment

John HauIt was without a doubt Donovan has been an effective player for us, helping us to great result against Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea & Man Utd, I hope the rumour is true and we did have Donovan here before the window close, and on top of that if we can keep hold of all our player, with Anichebe, Pienaar & Arteta signing a new contract in the near future would be great.

Friday 30th July 16:28 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt's wonderful to see a player who stayed here just two months and likes this club so much. It's crystal clear he want to come back right now, I think he can't say it clearer bot to dissapoint his club or the MLS. I'd love to see him back, he'd be the icing on the cake for this team and with the status he has in the USA it would probably not only help us on the field but OFF too, economically I mean. It's awin-win situation for both him and Everton!

Friday 30th July 14:52 Report Comment

Rich LomantoWell I,m here in Socal and nothing new in the news here. I,m glad to hear the interest is still there, I would love to see him come over and play in Europe. I can tell you he continues to speak highly of his time at Everton.

Friday 30th July 14:02 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbLove to get him back. £8mil MAX tho. Generally we should be looking at younger midfielders considering what we already have.

Friday 30th July 12:05 Report Comment

Daniel LagoudakosIf we get Donovan we keep Mikel, Steven and Phil...simple.

Friday 30th July 11:54 Report Comment

gavin mckindleyhe would like to return to Everton one day? Well lets make that day before the end of august and who knows where it will take us - landon is the missing piece to our title challenging side ;-)

Friday 30th July 11:44 Report Comment


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