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All About Everton Chile

A brief history of Everton Chile and the Ruleteros Society ahead of Wednesday's historic friendly.

All About Everton Chile

It appears to be a game Everton cannot lose. But that depends on which Everton you are talking about. The one that has been crowned champions of Chile four times, most recently in 2008, or the Premier League club that has been champions of England nine times.

Above: Everton Chile captain Gustavo Tulo Dalsasso talks about the game.

One was named after the other, a century ago. To celebrate this fact - and to extend the hand of friendship across the Atlantic, Andes and Amazon - they meet at Goodison Park to play for the Brotherhood Cup.

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It was in 1909 that Everton and Tottenham Hotspur were invited to South America to play a series of exhibition games against each other and against the strongest teams Argentina and Uruguay could muster.

The trip for the two English clubs involved a three-week voyage each way, with stops on the way that included Lisbon, Madeira and Rio de Janeiro.

Obviously, it was a marvellous experience for the players who included England's centre forward, Bert Freeman of Everton. He was the star of the tournament, helping the Blues' score 14 goals in five games that included wins over the Argentinean League XI, the Uruguyan League XI and Spurs.

A few weeks later, after news of the games had spread, a group of Anglo-Chilean teenagers met in the port of Valparaiso and formed a football club which they named Everton.


If there was any doubt about the origins of the name, this was dispelled in 1919 when one of the founders, David Foxley, confirmed the link to Goodison Park officials during the celebrations for the Chilean club¹s 10th anniversary. Sadly, two of the founders, Frank Boundy and Malcolm Fraser, had died on the Somme in 1916, fighting for Britain.

Later, the two World Cup tournaments of the Sixties served as a reminder of this unique link. In both the 1962 and 1966, a semi-final, a quarter-final and all three of Brazil 's group games were held at the Everton ground, the Sausalito in Chile and Goodison Park in England.

By this time, Everton had twice been champions of Chile, in 1950 and 1952, and had re-located to Vina del Mar, a few kilometres along the coast from Valparaiso. They were Chilean champions again in 1976 and 2008.

The match will pit two of the shrewdest coaches in the game against each other: David Moyes, three times voted Manager of the Year by his fellow managers, and Nelson Acosta, who was in charge of Chile when they beat England at Wembley. Acosta has said his players will be treating the game as if it were a cup final.

The game is taking place after years of lobbying by the Ruleteros Society, which was set up in 2002 to develop links between supporters of the two Evertons. Visit the website There have already been exchange visits involving supporters of the two clubs, including one Juan Foxley, nephew of Chilean co-founder David Foxley.

A leading light in the Ruleteros Society has been John Shearon, from Norris Green, Liverpool. He was a 20-year-old Latin American Studies student in Mexico when he decided to hitch-hike to Chile in 1980 to see at first hand this other Everton he had heard about. He has since been back five times and has conducted extensive research for a book he is planning to publish next year.

Shearon said: "In an age when everything connected with football seems to be driven by profit, we have an occasion where two teams will meet as a direct result of the initiative of both sets of fans - supported by the boards of each club - to celebrate a unique relationship and history."

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Cason TangThis is more than pre-season. It is meaningful. Hope Toffees can travel to Chile next year and play the cup there. May I suggest if we can even exchange academy players for one season to learn the culture of the two clubs. It will definitely broaden the player's horizon and be a better player not only on skills but the style and culture. That will be very meaningful player development which we are always proud of.

Wednesday 4th August 11:43 Report Comment

Mark LynchReally hoping to be there to be a part of this one off unique occassion, haven't bought tickets as i have a really full on day, so please keep 4 tickets for me ;^) (unrestricted lol)

Wednesday 4th August 11:05 Report Comment

Bill HayesGutted can't make this game, hope and expect it to be a great night for all. Mark Halsey also enjoy yourself

Tuesday 3rd August 22:25 Report Comment

Phil DaviesThis is a fantastic occassion and one that other clubs couldnt put on. Enjoy the game and your education at the school of sicence !

Tuesday 3rd August 12:29 Report Comment

Milin Chandralets all play with heads high and win because this is no rivalry or eneything....its for brother hood!!! cmon everton!!!!!!(england)

Tuesday 3rd August 11:35 Report Comment

Arturo PintoI hope that Everton England will come to Chile someday,because here they have many fans

Tuesday 3rd August 07:23 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI've read the history of Everton Chile and it's so nice to play them! This match is history in the making and I hope it turns out to be a great game with a wonderful atmosphere and an opportunity for both clubs to celebrate their bound. COYB and, for our chilean fellows, vivan ambos Everton, espero que sea un gran dĂ­a y un partido digno de ser recordado :)

Monday 2nd August 18:06 Report Comment

Glenn RossWell done to all who have worked to make this match possible. I hope we toffees take the game seriously and put out a worthy side. Wish I could be there. Tim Cahill is a hero in vina del mar, TC to score the winner in a five goal thriller? that would be nice. COYB and viva Everton.

Monday 2nd August 16:50 Report Comment


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