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Blues Sign Silva

Everton sign striker Portuguese striker Joao Silva.

Blues Sign Silva
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Everton have signed striker Joao Silva from Portuguese side Desportivo Das Aves.

Blues officials flew to Portugal this week to conclude the transfer and the 20-year-old has now penned a three-year deal, signing for an undisclosed fee.

Last season Silva was the second top scorer in the Liga Vitalis, Portugal's second tier.

The 6'2" forward scored 14 goals in 32 appearances for Aves last term, which was his first season since graduating to the professional ranks.

Silva has played for his country's Under-20 side and is highly rated in his homeland.

He will now move to Merseyside before linking up with the Everton squad when they reconvene at the start of July for the pre-season tour to Australia.

Joao Silva signs in, watched by Everton's assistant club secretary Anthony BlochJoao Silva signs in, watched by Everton's assistant club secretary Anthony Bloch


azmirul adliSell jutkiewicz & vaughan.We need new young winger.

Sunday 20th June 05:20 Report Comment

stephen hendersongreat news that we are doing some business early and welcome to goodison joao . Looks like we going to lose pienaar and i cant see us getting over 10mil for with 1 season on his contract left i would just like to see us sell him and maybee vaughan and raise enough cash to sign Moutinho or one big signing i think the team has some realy quality now

Saturday 12th June 16:53 Report Comment

Daniel KnowlesIt just shows this kid knows what's best for him. I was reading on skysports that he rejected champions league football in Portugal! Just goes to show that Davie Moyes bleeds the good young players and it pays dividends when we are racing to sign them! COYB IMWT

Friday 11th June 22:37 Report Comment

Ryan EdwardsFrom the stats in Portugal league, silva looks to be a good addition to the squad. Its going to be difficult to come up with a starting 11 now because we got loads of quality midfielders and strikers. A bonus is that a lot of thos players are young so they will only improve. COYB!

Friday 11th June 15:28 Report Comment

Dale KempI agree with James Wilkinson, even though Jutkiewicz is a good player I'm not sure he's up to the standard of the premier league. He's had a good run at Motherwell & I think he'd be happy there especially as he's getting a run out, week in, week out. Personally, I think we should sell both him & John Ruddy to Motherwell (if they haven't gone already) & invest in some more home grown talent. Look what we managed to do with Wayne Rooney! COYB!

Friday 11th June 13:24 Report Comment

James WilkinsonI'm sorry but what is the point of keeping Jutkiewicz? I mean during this season when all our strikers were injured we still didnt recall Jutkiewicz from his loan and instead played Cahill. I say for this season I would say I think Yak has the starting gig, and Saha and Beckford on the bench, I'm sure this lad can become a solid player but he will definetly need time to adapt to the football and the lifestyle, people who expect him to do something this season might be in for a crude surprise.

Friday 11th June 11:45 Report Comment

Liam TyrerI really hope that Silva does well but Saha and Beckford should lead the attack. In my opinion, we should cut our losses with Pienaar and try to tempt Donovan back to Goodison on a permanent deal.

Friday 11th June 10:17 Report Comment

Paopitaya Smutrakalinwe need good right wing too.

Friday 11th June 08:05 Report Comment

azmirul adliSaha & yakubu is first choice,beckford,silva,jutkiewicz,vaughan,baxter is behind them..

Friday 11th June 06:03 Report Comment

William Buckfab little signing. joao best of luck. worst thing everton could do is get rid of pienaar - if he is too greedy and wants to go let him but if he knows that he is with a manager and club that would do the best - by the way, totttenham's money will only see them thru next year before seeing a liverpool and manure scenario - andf then where will it take peanuts? have a think and see where the future lies P... best of luck for the new seaspon guys!!!!!!!!

Friday 11th June 03:03 Report Comment

brendan o carrollgood to see a new striker brought in but i still think we need to spend money on a premiership quality striker who is proven quality and not potentially quality ... i would love to see petrov sign but not as stevie Ps replacement . i think a sneaky bid for santa cruz and a defender who can play anywere across the back is all we need . anyone else would be a bonus . but if bullard is availible on a free bring him to goodison

Friday 11th June 01:13 Report Comment

Charles FathBeckford and Silva have been signed to replace Vaughan (never fit) and Jukewitcz (not prem standard). It seems inevitable peanuts will go but Petrov is not a replacement, far to inconsistent. Another playmaker to help Arteta is essential. Maybe Ireland. If the Hammers offer enough for the Yak, then I think Moyes will go for Kevin Doyle, young, skilful and a grafter.

Thursday 10th June 23:23 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowi think we might need to sell saha and vaughan instead of yakubu. Both saha and vaughan are just too injury prone and couldn't play a month of football without getting injured. Yakubu was a good finisher, he just need more playing time. I actually jutkiewic a lot but signing of silva might persuade him to stay at motherwell.

Thursday 10th June 21:52 Report Comment

Padda BrewsterBrothers and sisters let me tell you this Alan Brazil’ and Jose the special one are just two men who’s voice’s are heard loud and clear most days. They both say that Goodison parks atmosphere is the best they have ever experienced. And I know when the boys run out to Zcar my heart fill with pride and my eye’s with water and that’s down too all of you and me so for once I want to give praise too one and all keep the faith

Thursday 10th June 21:01 Report Comment

peter sargisonloving it lets get moutinho and use coleman all season , sell yobo and get in joe cole on a free and a centre back, there i solved everything for us lol in moyes we trust, chuffed at getting this lad i really am

Thursday 10th June 21:00 Report Comment

Corey McLeodalready a well bolsterd squad, 2 proven goal scoarers for less than 3mil, another 5 or 6mil (donovan, onuha) n we will be ready before most COYB top 4 next season

Thursday 10th June 19:50 Report Comment

Xenophon LawI'd like to say Moyes has done it again. A good, young prospect for little money. He and Beckford though are our future. It's Yakubu and Saha they need to try and beat into the first team and both players are exceptional. Add Vaughan and Anichebe (plus the improving Jutkiewicz if he stays) and we have a 7 man attack! But it is defence we need a couple of extras. Micah Richards and Wes Brown anyone?

Thursday 10th June 18:31 Report Comment

David Kellyi dont agree with the guy eho says we are overloaded with too many strikers, we dont play saha from the start hes a impact player for us i dont rate vaughn anymore i just feel hes lost too much confidence since geting injured, and inthe same quote he says that you dont need money well you do because its not just transfer fees tha moysey workd on its the wages he balances the books with kenwright very well and the more wages we get the higher quality of players we can get

Thursday 10th June 17:47 Report Comment

john fostergreat signing even if for the future ,as for stevie p i say complete the petrov deal for nothing and let pienaar go if he werent looking to go hed have signed well before now we will get at least 15m him and sign some more players or even ask city for 6m + ireland they are quiet silly with their money,anyway welcome to our club Joao

Thursday 10th June 17:09 Report Comment

Logan Quinni would sell sahha for good money then have becford and silva up top and yakubu incase anybody gets injured

Thursday 10th June 17:07 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbCentre back next, please. Unless it's Rodwell this season.

Thursday 10th June 17:01 Report Comment

Simon Dohertyi agree 100% with bill rollinson this club is what every other club should aspire to be like, i think its a joke that clubs can spend millions on players when they dont have the money. if a shop goes a couple hundred million into debt they would gone, the same rules should apply to football clubs. look at everton this season so far, no money to spend, and moyes brings in two class players on free transfers hes brilliant and doesnt get the applause he deserves

Thursday 10th June 15:21 Report Comment

Milin Chandragood good striker needed

Thursday 10th June 15:09 Report Comment

Aaron MythenPlease please don't sell Yakubu his record speaks for itself and although he has taken time to recover from his dreadful injury....One thing is for certain he WILL score goals again and plenty of them!!!! I for one hope that he does it in the blue of Everton! Am not getting too excited just yet about these signings as they are both making a huge step up but they are young and under Moyes I am sure they will do well. However we still have not taken care of our most important piece of business yet (Arteta) please sign him up long term, if Pienaar really wants to go will be very sad but fair enough just get planty of hard CASH and then sign the Don!!!!!! Cant wait for next season!!!!!

Thursday 10th June 14:51 Report Comment

ned mccarthySounds a good prospect, seen we are also linked with petrov, another free tansfer, great business so far by Moyes adding to our squad, but id say we need one or two more real quality players an next season its top four, also i like the fact Silva is 6"2 because since big duncan ferguson left we rely too heavily on cahill for the arial threat, lets hope the pienaar situation is resolved, we'd love him to stay but at the end of the day hes not bigger than the club and it cant overshadow our pre-season like lescott did last year, i say commit or kick,

Thursday 10th June 12:19 Report Comment

James KiernanSome comments mention "Star" players should be brought in to get the fans excited but to be honest I look at our squad and see it littered with STAR players!! If some of our squad were at so called "bigger" clubs they would have massive price tags and massive ego's possibly. Just because we play as a team and don't have stand out players, as such, like Ronaldo, for example, it doesn't make our team a bunch of nobodies. I'd much rather a solid team made up of top class players like we have that can hold its own and progress from last season and with a squad to match so we don't get caught out with injuries in certain areas like before. COYB's heres to 10/11 season, can't wait already!!

Thursday 10th June 11:48 Report Comment

James WilkinsonHe is one for the future which is nice to see, but in all honestly we are alcking one more impact player, if pienaar leaves (which now is looking more and more likely) we need to use that money to buy a winger with pace, also should go for petrov, for a free would be a valuable squad player at the very least, Moyes is doing the right thing in going for youth and also building squad depth which we so surely missed last season. This signing might signal the end of Vaughan and Jutkiewicz, since we have 6-7 strikers for 1 position.

Thursday 10th June 10:56 Report Comment

Adam Gibbonsgreat to see this signing come through. All in all it adds pressure on the younger players to try and play better and fight for there furute place. I'm gonna go a bit left field and would like to see Lukas Jutkiewicz get a few games if he's here next season, try him and beckford upfront in a pre-season game. or even silva and beckford. Should be an interesting season next season

Thursday 10th June 10:54 Report Comment

Dave O'NeillGreat news to see us doing business early for a change. We just need Donavan now for the right side, some defensive cover also. Now get Arteta and Pienaar to sign new contracts and we'll be set. Also i don't want to see us selling anyone like Yakubu, Vaughan is so injury prone i don't think we would really miss him if he went, but keep the Yak and Saha, the younguns need someone to learn from

Thursday 10th June 10:30 Report Comment

Bill RollinsonWhy is it that people (Thomas McCarten) think we have to spend loads of money on players? Has the last 20 years taught you nothing? Teams like Liverpool and Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and now Man city can go and spend millions but it doesn't guarentee the players to gel, even if they won every competition, they would still lose money. You can't keep all the players happy, but if you can get them to WANT to play for you, rather than chase the money, you are half way there.

Thursday 10th June 10:21 Report Comment

Luke OwenAny new signing is good news. I've not seen this lad play but he could he good given the time and the Moyes training. COYB!

Thursday 10th June 09:56 Report Comment

Michael WinterTrust in Moyes! Shrewd signing once again im sure.

Thursday 10th June 09:28 Report Comment

Brett AdamsA very promising start in the Transfer Market for Everton in 2010... 2 new Strikers on board within weeks which begs the question who will make way for the two newcomers as we're now kinda overloaded in that position... James Vaughan or Yakubu?

Thursday 10th June 08:34 Report Comment

Fadzli Syahrirwhat will happened to highly rated dudes; the likes of vaughan, anichebe, lucas jutkiewic, kieran agard, jose baxter? are they will be going on loan again?

Thursday 10th June 04:56 Report Comment

Troy HelmichWelcome Joao good to have you on board :)

Thursday 10th June 02:52 Report Comment

Thomas McCarteni think it may be a while before we see him in the first team, i think beckford will definatly figure regually, i would cash in on yak & yobo , or get what we can of saha, just because he will be a year older, & subject to more time on the sidelines will be good buisness .i think moyes has done well buying a goalie to keep the presure on tim, & with fellini to come back, things are looking good, i think next season we will really see what rodwells all about, if we can keep piennear, and maybe a donavan and another defender, i think ( heres praying) we stay injury free we could be in for a good season, we just ask as evertoinans yet again for blue bill, to find the right buyer as the players we have brought in have only been bought for buttons, lets splash the cash on someone who really can get the fans on the edge of there seats, heres to all our stars returning, injury free & safe & ready to hit the ground running, coyb

Thursday 10th June 02:05 Report Comment

Daniel ParkerFinally we've learned the lesson and done our business early. Great signing, IMWT.

Thursday 10th June 01:35 Report Comment

Ever TanI don't know much about Joao but I can say this dude showed some smarts and foresight signing with EFC. Not everybody is selected by Moyes and soon players will realize what a good thing is going on here. Every player should be grateful for the opportunity to play for such a fine establishment. And in the not too distant future every one will realize what we already do: The People's Club - EFC - is the place to be over the next decade. The legacy and dynasty which is being built today will emerge this year and prove itself over the next decade. Bring it on - COYB!!!

Thursday 10th June 00:59 Report Comment

Brian McCallionDunno a lot about Silva, dunno how Beckford will fare in the top flight. Fact is, we have two positive, early sgnings to work with. Every faith here in Kenwright and especially Moyes and his judgement in a player! All the best lads. Welcome to the club!

Thursday 10th June 00:47 Report Comment


Thursday 10th June 00:12 Report Comment

andrew mulhallnice..good height ..hope hes another great find by our special one ..still like to see bellamy and maybe petrov.if pienaar goes id imagine he will at this stage and it wont be bad business if he does i think bellamy would be a strong replacment for half the money ..come on the pinks :)

Wednesday 9th June 22:56 Report Comment

Neal McAndrewok good job gettin silva we've done well but lets think about the big picture we need players who can get us ultimately above villa and even the reds, silva may be that player but i'm thinkin head to germany think of hamburg or hoffenheim or schalke these are top german sides with top players like Petric and Gafite, but dont be afraid to go in house get some homegrown talent or at least premier league style talent like ledley or someone who is used to big clubs and knows what he is doing, like landon did for us for a half season

Wednesday 9th June 22:49 Report Comment

David CampbellNice work moyes an everton... Is it just me who has a good feeling about the coming season. Were all ready looking stronger... If you believe the hype that surrrounds this kid in portugal we just got a rising star should fit right in... Have a good tour in oz blues..

Wednesday 9th June 22:48 Report Comment

Simon HaroldGreat to see an early signing, this was a great surprise. Hope he's going to settle and bang in a few goals. Welcome to Goodison Joao!

Wednesday 9th June 22:36 Report Comment

Padda BrewsterI know we all love Davie but I would like to say well done Bobby boy and Billy boy for come up with not just the money but for having the belief in the Boss well done as a team boys

Wednesday 9th June 21:50 Report Comment

Chris YoungMr Moyes, Mr Kenwright. Please get on the phone to LA Galaxy. Landon is all over Twitter saying how much he loves Everton and how he couldn't to see Tim Cahill and the other boys at the WC. His profile photo is him in his Everton 9 shirt. For goodness sake, don't allow this one to pass. If Peanuts doesn't want to stay, sell him and buy Landon, he clearly does!!!

Wednesday 9th June 21:40 Report Comment

Michael ConnollyIf Pienaar is going we have two suitable options I think. a. Get Joe Cole. Do whatever is needed to sign a world class player ON A FREE b.The prefered option to most Blues I believe, Get Donavan back. He is a pure Blue already. COYB Well Silva , Mucha and anyone else we can get that will boost our chances

Wednesday 9th June 21:38 Report Comment

brennan finneganWell done all at Everton for the early signings Lessons well learned Just what we needed This could be a repeat of the 80s Heres hoping

Wednesday 9th June 21:20 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt's a Moyes signining so I reckon he will be good and he's only 20. Great news and the club doing things very well IMO. Arteta should be next and I'd like Donovan also... here's hoping! And a great team we'll have for next season just with that and maybe everything settled before the preseaosn kikcs off, whcih would be fantastic (except Pienaar I guess and his eventual replacement, but that's not Everton's fault...)

Wednesday 9th June 21:17 Report Comment

Aleksandar Jovanovicmaybe we should now try and cash in on yak

Wednesday 9th June 20:32 Report Comment

michael brownmoysie must be on something this season 3 new signings and the window is just about to open is right moysie

Wednesday 9th June 20:20 Report Comment

david brownewell done moyesy, i have heard about this lad for a while and was wondering when you were going to sign him! could be a good un and with your track record he has every chance of making it to the very top but lets show a bit of patience with him as it is a massive step up for the lad from Portuguese second division all the way to the premiership....might have to wait a season or two to see the very best of this kid...well done yet again..imwt

Wednesday 9th June 20:16 Report Comment

andrew hawesexcellent! ask any top side what takes them to the next level and it is competition for places!! all thats missing is two more players,a natural right back and a flying winger to inject some pace!!! coyb.

Wednesday 9th June 20:15 Report Comment

alfred paul alcock2 signings in a few weeks prior to pre season, looks like moyes has listened to the fans!!!

Wednesday 9th June 19:55 Report Comment

Peter WilliamsMy God! We are getting them in early this year, and getting them big! Looks like the lesson may have been learnt. Things are looking good, now if we can just finalise these contracts too... COYB

Wednesday 9th June 19:44 Report Comment

Pearse DoreMay not be breaking the bank but at least we're getting the squad sorted before the season starts. Should prove for a good season.

Wednesday 9th June 19:27 Report Comment

Barry EdwardsRe-signing Arteta is crucial. Pienaar as well would be great but I reckon he'll be tempted by Champions League football elsewhere. I would also look to get some cover for Baines and a versatile midfielder. I'm sure Moyes will be on the lookout while he's is South Africa.

Wednesday 9th June 19:23 Report Comment

alex gilbertsonthink its good that moyes is in the transfer maket allread coyb

Wednesday 9th June 19:09 Report Comment

Per Arne DragstenGreat news. I am so happy we we make early signings. Work out the contracts with Arteta and Pienaar now and we will be on top for next season. Maybe another creative midfield or on sides now?

Wednesday 9th June 18:59 Report Comment

Jeremy TinstonQuality, 1 defender and 1 midfield to go. Nice 1 moysie. Next season can't come quick enough.

Wednesday 9th June 18:57 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbGreat stuff. I hope we can hold on to all our strikers! 442 is it this season, Moyes? Personally I'd like to see Yak front of the pecking order as long as he's running around.

Wednesday 9th June 18:51 Report Comment

peter stanworthgreat signing by everton,the boy has pace and height. What a diffrence to last season,when we were slow in bringing new faces in.Does this spell the end for yakubu?will he now go to west ham?Hope this is not the case,but you got to balance the books

Wednesday 9th June 18:11 Report Comment

lester woodardfair play to moyes for gettinga young goalscorer in...but not quite the signing we need at the present time..time to get a proven goalscorer in like robbie keane hes scored goals reguarly for years and can get us 15-20 a season that were missing at the moment

Wednesday 9th June 18:05 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowanother striker signing is great but what will happen to vaughan and yakubu?? And we usually use only 1 striker in our formation so who is going to start?

Wednesday 9th June 17:59 Report Comment

Jonny ArtetaBack of the net!!!! Great news. Nice to see early signings after already securing the long term contracts of Cahill and Rodwell. Arteta next and lets see what peanuts decides. COYB!!

Wednesday 9th June 17:26 Report Comment

Neil BevanAnother quality addition and early in the offseason aswell. Lots of time to settle. Really feel we can hit the ground running this year. More please! IMWT.

Wednesday 9th June 17:25 Report Comment

James MorganWelcome to the peoples club mate. Work hard and you will get your opportunity thats for sure. Remember, nil satis nisi optimum.

Wednesday 9th June 17:25 Report Comment

Luke OwenAnother forward. This is great news! COYB!

Wednesday 9th June 17:25 Report Comment

Paul Ellammight turn out to be another moyes miracle!! and if he didnt cost too much then hes surely worth a punt

Wednesday 9th June 17:24 Report Comment

colin dolmankeep them comeing moyes mate keep them comeing imwt coyb

Wednesday 9th June 17:21 Report Comment


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