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Osman Launches New Kit

Blues midfielder Leon Osman at Everton One to launch new kit.

Osman Launches New Kit
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Everton's new away kit for the 2010/11 season has been revealed!

The new strip was officially launched at the Club’s Everton One store by midfield star Leon Osman, who greeted hundreds of fans eager to be first in the queue to get one.

The Blues’ new away kit features two high contrast colours – lightning pink and navy blue – a combination that has been designed to make players more visible in their teammates’ peripheral vision.

Speaking at the official launch, Osman said: “It’s certainly different and it caused a bit of a stir in the dressing room but I like it.  It looks great when it’s worn and although it’s a brave design…why not? We've never been afraid to try new things at Everton and I think this kit will be popular.”

The 2010/11 shirt has been designed by Le Coq Sportif and uses the latest technology to keep perspiration away from the body, ensuring the players stay cooler during games.  The design also features enhanced air circulation, for added comfort and durability. 

Ray Evans, Managing Director of Everton’s retail partner Kitbag, said: “We have worked extremely closely with Everton to create a kit which meets the needs of the players.  The material of new kit has been specifically developed exclusively for Everton to make the shirt lighter, more durable and cooler.

“I am sure the new ‘Revolutionary’ away kit is the first step in what we all hope will be a very successful year for Everton Football Club."

As well as harnessing the latest scientific advances, the new kit also draws inspiration from Everton’s illustrious history, when Everton wore pink in the late nineteenth century.

Everton chief executive Robert Elstone explained: "This new kit takes its inspiration from our Club's history, indeed it dates back to the 1890/91 season when Everton were crowned league champions for the very first time. 

“The old pink kit saw Everton crowned champions, we want this new kit to help take Everton to the next level."

Fans can purchase their new Everton away kit at Everton One and Everton Two, by calling 0871 663 1878 or via

owen sillettget over the moaning - i would not care what colour we wear away from home - we are royal blue and royal blue is who we are...

Friday 4th June 12:40 Report Comment

Adam FittonWhat is it with LCS taking ideas from our worst kits then reissuing them and making them WORSE!

Friday 4th June 11:32 Report Comment

Matthew Purcellwhy? just why? umbro kits where so much better the old kit had just enough pink on but this has gone way too far i cant see how this helps the players see each other because i dot think anyone will want to be seen in this!!

Friday 4th June 11:19 Report Comment

Ryan HollowayHang on. Maybe I've missed the point here. Perhaps I could alter the collar, make it show a bit of shoulder, perhaps a clutch bag and some heels....

Friday 4th June 10:39 Report Comment

Michael MahonLike last years home and away kits weren't bad enough?? The pink badge and lines wasn't enough, now we have to have a pink shirt. Someone is really having a laugh here. The Reds are going to be rolling around lauging when they see this abomination. These LCS kits are not only ugly, but flimsy and poorly constructed. I did not purchase one last year and will not this year again. I'm all for supporting our great club by buying merchandise, but I won't buy this rubbish. Bring back Umbro so we can have a decent kit again.

Friday 4th June 10:08 Report Comment

Marios KyriazisIll be honest its not the colour i would choose for a football kit, but its good for the female supports, either way it still doesnt stop me from supporting my club, alslong as they play good in it then does it matter, just a colour isnt it.

Friday 4th June 09:51 Report Comment

Keith Daniel RobertsThe kit is amazing! Real me wear pink!!! :P

Friday 4th June 09:31 Report Comment

Ellen BarniclePaul Fearon, apologies my head was full of radioactivity and ionic bonding ahead of tests this morning so one or two mistakes can be excused. Firstly thank you for spelling my surname correctly. As for Paul Howells, you are showing your support in another way especially with the finanical rules coming into play in 2012 where if we do not buy the gear, buy the season tickets we actually take away from Moyes' transfer budget. So by buying now we are ensuring the finances of our great club. As for if they were sold to Gillet and Hicks, of course I would, I am no Irish glory hunter! I support my team whether it be backed by the good, bad or ugly. But by stating that you seem to imply that Kenwright will sell to those sort of people which he has already stated he won't. Would you still back them?

Friday 4th June 09:19 Report Comment

worawit termteerakijI like it.

Friday 4th June 07:52 Report Comment

Milin Chandraour old away shirt white was better......get it to black with white spots it would be better

Friday 4th June 06:43 Report Comment

Steve McClellandIf the majority of fans who wear this strip are women then so what? It's about time we acknowledged what a strong female support this club has got! The club should be commended for trying to do something different, it's got everyone talking about the club, that's for sure!

Friday 4th June 00:16 Report Comment

Paul FearonEllen it's "our" facebook comrades, if you're going to have a rant for spelling please use correct grammar :) i hope the quality of the kits is better than last years, i have umbro kits that have lasted me for years, but the LCS kits have a lot of loose threads. any news on a new home kit?

Friday 4th June 00:07 Report Comment

Paul HowellsI personally am not a big fan of the kit but must admit it looks better than the leaked pics from last week, perhaps there was bad lighting when somebody took them lol. I think it will probably grow on me but the main reason I dont like it at the moment is not due to the colour but the design. I personally like pink and wear it ocassionally but I think the kit is not the best shade of pink and not a nice design. The pink umbro breast cancer awareness kit was much nicer and if they did mens versions I wouldnt have minded that. By the way people saying it takes a MAN to wear pink are talking rubbish. Willingness to wear a colour does not make you more manly, or less manly. I wear pink at times but would not consider myself more of a man than anybody else, or less for that matter. Oh an Ellen Barnicle (with an I) saying you wont buy a kit does not make you not a true supporter. I consider myself a true supporter and the last kit I bought was umbro (second time we had umbro of course) but I would say the fact I have just renewed my season ticket for the 11th year in this seat and my attendance at numerous away games counts towards being true. As does the fact I will cheer just as much when they wear this kit as when they dont. I wont buy it, but that is because I dont like the lak of thought in the bad design, not its colour. Backing a club whatever they do is good to an extent, but if the board sold our club to Gillet and Hicks tomorrow would you still back them?

Thursday 3rd June 23:05 Report Comment

Paul CorriganWhy is it we are on the up..great manager who is building a great squad from scrtach with no money. The independent pundits rave about him and us and we then give the nod to some idiot to produce trash like this which will make us a laughing stock. Terrible terrible decision and this isn't the first time. How difficult can it be to design a kit the fans are proud to wear? Next time let some 4 year olds design it from the nursery with crayons.

Thursday 3rd June 22:44 Report Comment

David macdonaldThis kit is terrible. I will not be buying that thing for my kids or any other members of my family. Why do these suppliers think that a bit of fancy marketing will have us spending our money on a product that says absolutely nothing about our club. Give us the amber kit back and your shops will not be able to stem the tide, will anyone ever listen? Pink!!!

Thursday 3rd June 22:12 Report Comment

Stafford LeitchNot over impressed with the colour decision of the new away kit but you will still see it on ours backs, at the end of the day, its there to show the support and raise money for the club. As commented previously, lets hope the home shirt is better designed.

Thursday 3rd June 22:04 Report Comment

John DaviesWow! Quite a few of you fellas must be having a real bad day at the office. However you see it (good, bad or indifferent), Kitbag are trying to make a statement - a 'revolution' in the club's colours and branding. It has nothing to do with not understanding the club's tradition. Did you not recognise the 84/85 design spin-off of last year's home strip!? This kit will sell well, it appeals to so many people and it's original. Who cares whether the supporter is male or female and what colour they're wearing in support of the football club. Everton Football Club is THE PEOPLE'S CLUB! Moving with the times blues! Got mine on order HEITINGA 5!

Thursday 3rd June 21:57 Report Comment

Robbie MackenzieI can honestly say I like this top. I saw a leaked image on the internet of it a few days ago and I can honestly say it I wanted to be sick. But when I saw it on the website just after it had been unveiled I thought it looked very nice. I'm sick of people saying it looks ridiculous because I think we'll look and play well in it. At the end of the day a true supporter supports the club because of their love for it not their preference of the strip we play in. Can't wait to see Arteta (who better be staying!) and any new signings playing in it. COYB!!!!!

Thursday 3rd June 21:57 Report Comment

Phil ThomasI got a shock at first sight, and I would prefer an amber away kit. My bro loves it, but it could be RED!

Thursday 3rd June 20:45 Report Comment

Jamie Fawkesat least the new home kit is nice

Thursday 3rd June 20:25 Report Comment

Martin TurnerWhen I heard the rumours I thought I wont be buying the kit, but when seeing it properly, I think it looks nice. I particularly like the dark blue shorts and socks that are available. I know loads of women will get the kit. Don't worry about the opposition players laughing at the team in the kit, as hopefully it is that bright that it dazzles them to allow the blue boys to score. Who knows - Tony Hibbo coming at you in that kit - he may eventually score as the defenders part to protect their eyes. Come on get behind the lads and show your support. Hopefully the home kit will be just like this but blue to replace the pink and white to replace the dark blue. COYB

Thursday 3rd June 19:00 Report Comment

Andy BillingtonDont mind the fact its pink just that it's an ugly kit. I'm really not liking LCS as a kit manufacturer why don't we go with Addidas or nike as a kit maker that way our kit will be made more readily available in their stores and put in their shops in airports. Got to go down as one of the worst kits we've had. I'd have rather have offered up a competition to local schools and asked some kids to design us a new kit, maybe we did and a kopite won???

Thursday 3rd June 18:47 Report Comment

Peter KevanRubbish kit, who wants to wear pink. Lets go back to the amber

Thursday 3rd June 18:18 Report Comment

Paul DaltonDid not buy last seasons kit as I thought it looked awful but this one is even worse. Fingers crossed the home kit is back to Royal blue! The the plus side that's money saved as I won't be buying the away kit for my son and I again this year! COYB

Thursday 3rd June 18:17 Report Comment

Kevin JamesWhat's annoying me is the club banging on about our history of wearing pink and being successful. We have also been successful with yellow, in fact we have been more successful in yellow than any other colour. I think we have become le coq's experiment club and i'm not happy about it. if the 3rd kit is better i can see moyes playing the boys in that more often than the pink one.

Thursday 3rd June 18:10 Report Comment

philip byrnenot a hope of me wearin chance and osman can say what he likes but hes wastin his shirts.wats next pink gloves and fake tan

Thursday 3rd June 18:07 Report Comment

Paul HarmonTerrible kit and i for one wont be buying it and i also hope the home kit goes back to royal blue.

Thursday 3rd June 18:05 Report Comment

gerard athertonThis kit is a disgrace and an insult to all loyal fans of the club, the everton marketing department seriously needs to be looked at. The reports suggest in the first day the shirt made £42000, that works out at 1000 adult away shirts sold, for a club with a 40000+ seater stadium that most weeks is packed to the rafters thats not even close to good enough. When are Everton going to get it that designers may try to make it fashionable but men especially male football fans don't wear pink, and the fact is the majority of fans at goodison are male. I for one will not be buying it and once again it makes a laughing stock of the club. Dissapointed, Very Dissapointed.

Thursday 3rd June 17:59 Report Comment

Ken Wrightsorry Ossie, but no way. Please keep last seasons kit, which i thought was excellent.

Thursday 3rd June 17:42 Report Comment

peter fordI for one will not be buying this load of rubbish and hope the new home shirt goes back to traditional royal blue. The majority of Evertonians are male, pink is a feminine colour and i'm sure the ladies may like it so please lets get back to white or even amber for the away shirt.COYB.

Thursday 3rd June 16:52 Report Comment

Judy PerryWell something has got everyone talking. I personally love the kit and so do my kids. Proud to be an Evertonian. I think the lads will look good in it as well. COYB!!!

Thursday 3rd June 16:49 Report Comment

mark fenertypaul ellam is right we want traditional amber, not pink, which some will say is traditional, but its not this is dayglo pink not salmon pink, and just for the record i wont buy a salmon pink one either before kitbag , everton and le coq gets any ideas for next year

Thursday 3rd June 16:37 Report Comment

david doranits a disgrace! i think we should know who at EFC made this moronic desicion that our beloved club should wear pink instead of hiding behind this publicity hype they should be next on the dole! COYB

Thursday 3rd June 16:10 Report Comment

Ryan HollowayInspired by the women's FA Cup victory? Its not great. And with last season's home and away kits being less than tasteful I guess we need to hold on to those retro shirts for match days. Is there a designer intern scheme at Le Coq? Can we not get a real designer involved? Sigh.

Thursday 3rd June 16:00 Report Comment

Milin Chandraummmm....i just hope man city and liverpools fans dont laugh at the players when they come out of the tunnels...

Thursday 3rd June 15:59 Report Comment

Paul Ellamwell, this shirt has certainly got us talking hasnt it? haha. personally im not that keen, id rather us go back to another traditional shirt - the amber away kit. im not sure i believe all this "technology" involved in a shirt either! other sides have managed to win things without a day-glow top so im not sure we will start winning things just because we have that kind of shirt on. however, i agree that it doesnt really matter what shirt the players are wearing as long as they are winning!

Thursday 3rd June 15:54 Report Comment

Audi Harizwell,..i'm sure i am safe on the roads..even at night! it!

Thursday 3rd June 15:49 Report Comment

Maggie VicarageLove the away kit, it matches the colours in my hair, my only gripe as before is why do you not do a long sleeve ladies version?? We go to matches in the winter too!

Thursday 3rd June 15:40 Report Comment

mark fenertyurghhhh

Thursday 3rd June 15:31 Report Comment

Alan WynneLets be honest here, I myself think pink as a colour is really nice, pink roses, carnations make lovely flowers, certain rooms in ones house are nice decorated in pink & I have no problem with that but we just can't get away from the fact that pink is recognised as a feminine colour,always has been & always will be. I'm sure the powers that be could have come up with something different if that's what they so wished to do without all this pink pink pink! May I suggest yet another idea, why not change the shorts for a nice pink tutu, we would be guaranteed to win most of our away games as opposing teams would not be able to play for laughing! One final thought Mr Kenwright would you consider having a full set of matching business suits made in this pink colour for an executive team to go on Everton Football Club's behalf to meet with a credible & future financial backer ME THINKS NOT! So come on please lets be sensible when designing & manufacturing our kit hey!

Thursday 3rd June 15:10 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbJust about anything gets published here, which is great. You do see harsh opinions, regularly. Why do people assume negative comments don't get approved? They do!

Thursday 3rd June 15:06 Report Comment

Iain PrestonI have to say i didn't like last years away kit much, but this years is quite possibly the ugliest kit i have ever seen, in style, in colour, in all it is. Where is the tradition of the club going? Our away kit should be white or amber, trying to be trendy in pink is pointless, especially with such a lazy design. Even my 5 year old daughter who loves pink thinks its horrible!! Two years in a row i've saved money not buying an away kit. Back to tradition next year please

Thursday 3rd June 15:03 Report Comment

Ellen BarnicleDear John Bennett, my name is spelt with an I. It has not been spelt with an A for over a century. If you contradict me, I hope that you would have the respect to spell my surname and my late father's surname correctly. I made sure to spell your name correctly. Trust me, I do not take myself to seriously and my comment was more towards are facebooks comrades, have a look if you will. I respect your opinion because it is decent. Not, someone who says I hate it because it is pink is not a decent reason. You hate it because you think it is very bad, that is a reasoned opinion. Luke, as I have found with other fans often your thoughts on the kit reflect the thoughts of the club. You do not like it fine, I respect that. You all seem to think of have no respect. But I do, I respect a club that personally saved me from the edge after at 14 I watched my dad die, I respect the fans that I see as the best in the world, I respect the name, honour and tradition.

Thursday 3rd June 14:59 Report Comment

Glenn Quincehate it

Thursday 3rd June 14:56 Report Comment

James RinglandNothing against pink, but serious, this kit isn't impressive or enjoyable to view. A tad disappointed to say the least.

Thursday 3rd June 14:54 Report Comment

nick parkerHow ever much I dislike LQS and their designs ( and pink is fine with me ) I can only hope the quality of the kits improves this year as it is a million miles away from Umbro

Thursday 3rd June 14:52 Report Comment

Luke OwenEllen and Jennifer - our thoughts on the new kit have no reflection on our thoughts of the club. I do not like the kit in the slightest, but I will always love Everton. It's just personal opinion. Some people on here like it and some don't. You like it, I don't. It will have no effect on how we play next season.

Thursday 3rd June 14:51 Report Comment

John BennettI know its virtually impossible to get a comment published on here that disagrees with the 'Party Line', but ill try. Re Ellen Barnacles comment.....Ellen its called opinion. People have different opinions to you. I think you take yourself a little too seriously. The new kit is dire, but thats just my opinion. Thats not to say I wont support the club through thick and thin, home and away...I ill.

Thursday 3rd June 14:42 Report Comment

Gwyn RowlandsIm not expecting this to be posted on the official site but ill have a go anyway! All those fans saying to grow up just because the shirt is Pink! its not the the colour is pink its probably the laziest looking design ive ever seen on a shirt, the designers have not put any effort into this its like they have taken the imagination of a 5 year old kid draw a pink shirt a put a navy blue stipe through it!! yeah original!! where have our away strips of Amber or White gone? We are supposed to be the people club its about time the club started listening to its fans and like a lot of fans i will be saving £40 this year..I just hope the home shirt looks decent cos the away shirt alredy hearing the laughter in Stamford bridge, St andrews, city of manchester stadium where we will be using this kit!!

Thursday 3rd June 14:38 Report Comment

Adam Gibbonsi said it earlier and i am gonna say it again. I really like this top now. I don't know what it is about it, maybe because it's very different, well apaprt from Palermo football club who wear it as a home kit, but still its good :D

Thursday 3rd June 14:35 Report Comment

Milin Chandragood good good

Thursday 3rd June 14:28 Report Comment

Declan Ryani saw the jersey on its own a couple days ago and i thought it was horrible but with the navy shorts and socks its really nice! i like it

Thursday 3rd June 14:21 Report Comment

Royson Reja Sagahobviously the main function of our new kit is to blind the opposition. as long as it helps us get all 3 points its all good.=)

Thursday 3rd June 14:20 Report Comment

Jennifer Belltotally agree with jason vaughan! we are the peoples club not the neanderthol and cavemans club! grow up everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 3rd June 14:15 Report Comment

jason vaughanreally like the new shirt,its different and unique, cant understand people moaning about the kit if u dont like it dont buy it! at the end of the day as long as the players perform in the shirt and get the 3 points who cares what shirt their wearing

Thursday 3rd June 13:52 Report Comment

Darren Daviesi think people will grow to like it.

Thursday 3rd June 13:47 Report Comment

Jennifer Bellsome people are really narrow minded!! what is wrong with pink?? I didnt realise we had so many fans who supported EVERTON because of the kit!!!! Its pink and what!! Its better than tangerine and that illuminous yellow thing we had a few years back! As long as we play good football what does it matter? the squad could wear a bin bag for all I care as long as we win games! If you dont like it dont buy it! Stop being so fashion conscious and love the club! If not theres a few places free at anfield should any of you prefer wearing red!!

Thursday 3rd June 13:41 Report Comment

karla cottleAbsolutely lovin the pink - - about time i can now get my husband in pink top lol x

Thursday 3rd June 13:12 Report Comment

Ever TanAt first I thought it was a genius design, intended to blind the opponent or to encourage them to play soft. A touch of sequin, perhaps to form the numbers, would most certainly accomplish the latter. ... I'm sure this new away kit design will grow on me, eventually. COYB!!!!

Thursday 3rd June 13:09 Report Comment

gary hendersoni like it - its the only the away kit remember & bold neon colours seem to be in at the moment. People are acting like its the new home kit

Thursday 3rd June 12:56 Report Comment

Graham TanseySo who's scared of wearing pink then?!!!

Thursday 3rd June 12:49 Report Comment

Alexander JamesI think the strip will look great out on the pitch, and anyway, I'll support Everton no matter what they wear - who cares really!

Thursday 3rd June 12:36 Report Comment

Ellen BarnicleI commented earlier on what I thought of the strip but today I have become seriously embarrassed by the comments made by some of you and I had to respond. So you all want to go back to Umbro where the shirt never changed? All it did was represent the staleness and how backwards Everton was. Today in many of you fans -males why I am not surprised? One colour pink and you all jump on the bandwagon. So narrowminded- I see that backwards thinking. This is new, original. I am sick and tired of just blue and white. For god's sake! I wear that every day to school five days a week from September to June and for my team from August to May! I want my team, the team I have supported that helped me so much when my dad died of a rare cancer tumour to be new and refreshing. That is what this kit represents. You will not even give it a chance. Pink is for every gender. I am not a girl who loves pink but I like that colour. I give my heart and support everything Everton does, those moaning about this kit and saying they will not buy it are not true supporters as true supporters would back whatever their club did. Where is your backbone? Your sense of foreward thinking? This kit is unique, Everton is unique. So get off your backsides and support it for what it truly represents, a fusion, a fusion of our male and female supporters, of the teams -male and female- we are so proud of. Be a true member of the People's Club and support instead of bashing it like most of you are doing! Like one of our female Blues said on facebook -sorry the name escapes me- it takes a MAN to wear the pink and only a boy who has no pride and guts to wear it does not wear it. I would give everything for this club, everything. Where is that spirit amongst you?

Thursday 3rd June 12:14 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbI was thinking it might be salmon coloured again, but this is full-on pink! Will look awesome on the pitch. Not sure I could pull it off in the pub, though!

Thursday 3rd June 12:07 Report Comment

nick parkerGreat marketing but design show's lack of imagination and LCS is a weak brand which needs to go. Not expecting this to be posted on site.

Thursday 3rd June 12:04 Report Comment

Ellen BarnicleI love it! It is sleek, edgy, the right shade of pink -dark pink is always the best IMHO- and using the navy so close to our hearts as the Blues. It shows that getting these suppliers was the best idea ever as they have come up with some genius ideas. Look at last season's kits. Love it, want to buy it, great kit and a great idea. Now players cannot say they missed the player because they could not see them.

Thursday 3rd June 11:33 Report Comment

steven flexenRUBBISH did a kopite design this ? i will not buy this "kit" our beloved club will be the laughing stock of football playing in PINK. we are blue and white not PINK. yes i understand our history behind the kit but what next a move back to anfield .

Thursday 3rd June 11:33 Report Comment

Oliver Mcdonaldi want one of these :)

Thursday 3rd June 11:29 Report Comment

Oliver Mcdonaldi want one of these :)

Thursday 3rd June 11:27 Report Comment

KIERAN O'CONNORSorry, but I really dislike this jersey. I wasn't mad about last year's away kit but this one is far worse. Bring back the more traditional strips fast please.

Thursday 3rd June 11:21 Report Comment

Luke OwenI'm not a fan. I prefered the old one.

Thursday 3rd June 11:21 Report Comment

Charlotte SunderlandAbsolutely love it!

Thursday 3rd June 11:14 Report Comment

james obrienoh come on lol.... pink is embarrassing!!! look at cahill in the picture!!!! he knows what i mean lol... Besides Everton never traditionally used to be involved with 'pink'.

Thursday 3rd June 11:13 Report Comment

Karl NixonHate it !

Thursday 3rd June 11:12 Report Comment

David CampbellOh dear redish salmon pink maybe it may look a bit better on the big screen, I new it would have pink in it somewere sorry not for me, my little girl might like it but almost as bad as when we embraced our past with the umbro 92 kit. So for me weve been there done that. Not exactly the reveloution i was looking for. Past is great if you wnat to live in it but the future is whats its about.

Thursday 3rd June 11:01 Report Comment

Adam Gibbonswhen I heard a rumour about this kit i thought oh god why, but now to be honest I really like it. Pink is the way forward lol

Thursday 3rd June 10:56 Report Comment

Martin BrunnerI must admit that this new kit is a very brave decision but it's not bad, it has got something. I used to hate pink but now I think it's a quite nice colour. At least the players can recognize their team mates much better ;)

Thursday 3rd June 10:52 Report Comment

mike jamesSHOCKING! DISGUSTING! Sack the designers!!!! absolute disgrace!

Thursday 3rd June 10:43 Report Comment

Ciaran WilliamsThis is possibly the worst kit I've ever seen

Thursday 3rd June 10:32 Report Comment

JAN KOSEDAi don't like it

Thursday 3rd June 10:24 Report Comment

john fosterIts certinly is different but its not bad as first thought.

Thursday 3rd June 10:23 Report Comment

Craig Webbnot as bad as i thought it would be! Seen a leaked picture of it and thought "oh no" but it is not too bad. Have bought the home and away kit the last few seasons but think i will wait for the home top to come out befroe making a decision on the away top! COYB

Thursday 3rd June 10:20 Report Comment

Ian BallThank you for saving me some money this season Everton, that is the worst kit I have ever seen, and that includes the salmon and pink abomination, the alternative shorts that match the shirt are a push over the edge, although my seven year old daughter does like the shirt, hmmmm maybe it is just for the girls then

Thursday 3rd June 10:19 Report Comment

Daniel MillingtonLooks like I wont be buying an away top this season. :(

Thursday 3rd June 10:18 Report Comment

Jess DelahuntNot good and after all the PR blurb about "most technically advanced kit" and all that it looks just like any standard template Le Coq Sportif kit to me. I have seen a few teams who wear LCS with a kit with that band across the chest. Poor showing EVerton and all the more embarassing for the big launch, cant we just release a kit in a low key way like 99% of teams. I never see any other premiership team involved in this type of launch of what is just a shirt, had we signed Kaka fine, but for a shirt!!!

Thursday 3rd June 10:16 Report Comment

John CheeversOh dear....

Thursday 3rd June 10:15 Report Comment

Vicky FosterExcellent ! Love it.

Thursday 3rd June 10:13 Report Comment

John CoyneThis kit is a disgrace. Pink for god sake?

Thursday 3rd June 10:12 Report Comment

Matt NooneLove it or hate it-its a brave move by Everton and hopefully its a sign of a new start for a successful period! I personally love it!!!

Thursday 3rd June 10:11 Report Comment

Matt NooneLove it or hate it-its a brave move by Everton and hopefully its a sign of a new start for a successful period! I personally love it!!!

Thursday 3rd June 10:11 Report Comment

Luke OwenDear lord.... he looked ashamed to be wearing it. I am not a fan of this new kit, last seasons was much better (and I didn't like that all that much).

Thursday 3rd June 10:10 Report Comment

Michael Westonhelp I have just seen the kit

Thursday 3rd June 10:05 Report Comment


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