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Gosling Out For 9 Months

Scans reveal midfielder has ruptured cruciate ligament.

Gosling Out For 9 Months

Dan Gosling will be out of action for up to nine months after picking up a knee injury at Wolves.

The 20-year old midfielder has had a scan and the diagnosis is not good.

"Our worst fears have been confirmed," physio Mick Rathbone told "Dan has ruptured his cruciate ligament and will be unfortunately be out for up to nine months."

Gosling clashed with Wolves goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann in the closing stages at Molineux last Saturday when he was trying to grab what would have been a winning goal shortly after coming onto the field as an 83rd minute substitute.

The England Under-21 star has made a total of 17 appearances this season, scoring three goals.

"I'm really disappointed for Dan," said David Moyes. "He's been making great progress here at Everton and we look forward to having him back as soon as possible."

Mick EganAm absolutely gutted for Dan, he was really starting to find his confidence and hit his true potential, so this is a massive blow for him snd the team. I must say though, if those of you asking questions had heard Moyesy's post match interview, you would have known Dan himself insisted on staying on........He must take some relief though only a little, that Mikel, Jags and Yak have all returned after lengthy lay offs! Best wishes Dan, hope you make a great recovery and we will all be looking forward to seeing you in the blue of Everton on your return.......COYB

Friday 2nd April 09:31 Report Comment

Paul HowellsI agree with what Mark Reid and the anonymous poster said, all these injuries can't be due to bad training methods. A ligament injury like Goslings came from an impact, as the anonymous poster said if somebody as big as Marcus Hanneman falls on your knee and twists it doesnt matter how you've been training its gonna damage your knee. One you missed from that list Mark was Anichebe's, came in the same game as Arteta's (I know that game was now over 12 months ago) but that too came from an impact from Kevin Nolan's usual rash over the top tackles. Also agree with Dave Rawlinson, if a player is injured dont risk making it worse, better to miss him for the rest of that one game than add months on to his recovery time.

Thursday 1st April 13:43 Report Comment

Dawn WilliamsThis is shocking news but I am sure the other guys will keep his spirits up and help him to a full recovery and will come back stronger next season

Thursday 1st April 08:10 Report Comment

alexis leungThat's really bad. I hope he make a comeback soon. Come on Dan.

Thursday 1st April 04:54 Report Comment

Dave RawlinsonWho actually let him stay on the pitch? Anyone who was at the game could see he couldn't even walk but was kept playing. God only knows how much more damage this did, especially when the ball came out to him and he had to hoof it. It was the same with Anichebe, he was injured but was kept on the field for another 5 mins at newcastle and look how long he was out. I mean the way they were straping up fellaini's ankle at anfield looked like they honestly thought at first he could keep playing. When players are clearly injured we need to get them off the pitch before they make the damage much much worse, was it really worth avoiding going down to ten men for 5 five mins when you look at the long term injury that Dan has now suffered?

Thursday 1st April 00:58 Report Comment

David GrundyDan, this is a tragedy for such a young promising player. Please draw strength from the way the others have come back from their injuries sustained around this time last year. You have a great future ahead of you and we all hope that the next 9 months are over and you come back strong and fit again. All the best!

Wednesday 31st March 21:36 Report Comment

Ajamu MutumwaGoose, we're all behind you and wish you the best in your recuperation. Keep up your spirits, you have a whole family wishing you the best.

Wednesday 31st March 21:08 Report Comment

matt searleget well soon dan, when is the knee injuries ever gunna stop..

Wednesday 31st March 20:08 Report Comment

Jamie TsangSimon, he got injured during a Premiership match not in training!!

Wednesday 31st March 19:51 Report Comment

Simon Andrews - Nearly all of these knee injuries have happened in matches - not training. Training has nothing to do with it - If Hanneman falls on your knee, twisting it, then your training doesnt have a bearing on that.

Wednesday 31st March 19:42 Report Comment

Barry ChallinorAll this maniacal response by the press and the Sky sports presenters to Rooney being out injured for 4 weeks.If all our injured had only been out for 4 weeks we would be in a Champios League place at this moment.

Wednesday 31st March 18:56 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyThe injuries to Jagielka, Arteta, Pienaar and Gosling were all sustained during games. Both Pienaar and Gosling were involved in collisions with opposition players who were twice their size. The only worries regarding training would be about the litle niggley injuries like pulls, twists and strains that our players pick up

Wednesday 31st March 18:54 Report Comment

Mark ReidJust to dismiss the conspiracy theorists commenting about Everton's training methods: A torn ACL usually occurs through a twisting force being applied to the knee whilst the foot is firmly planted on the ground or upon landing. A torn ACL can also result from a direct blow to the knee, usually the outside, as may occur during a football or rugby tackle, and as Dan Gosling experienced in his collision with the Wolves goal keeper. We've had 5 serious knee injuries in 12 months, to Arteta, Jags, Neville, Pienaar and Gosling and 60% of them were impact injuries (to the last three). So its the referees that should look at the stats and protect our players more than they have been.

Wednesday 31st March 18:15 Report Comment

Paul IddonGutted for you Dan. Wish you a speedy recovery - you're a fantastic rising star and can't wait for you to get back in the team - and stuff one in against Liverpool again!

Wednesday 31st March 18:02 Report Comment

Paul Ellamlook on the bright side, at least man utd, chelsea et al wont now buy him!!

Wednesday 31st March 17:45 Report Comment

Simon AndrewsWhat is it with Everton and knee injuries?! Makes you wonder what they do in training

Wednesday 31st March 17:04 Report Comment

Lisha GoslingNOOOOO!

Wednesday 31st March 17:03 Report Comment

Mark LynchRoll on end of season, i think we can fairly say that this season has been a nighmare for us regarding injuries, i know that Mick and the rest of the Physio's will get Dan back on track and he will come back fitter and stronger.. Good luck lad.. keep your spirits up and stay focused..

Wednesday 31st March 16:49 Report Comment

Keith Daniel RobertsCant believe it! That is shocking! Terrible News!

Wednesday 31st March 16:38 Report Comment

Keith Daniel RobertsCant believe it! That is shocking! Terrible News!

Wednesday 31st March 16:37 Report Comment

brennan finneganGood luck Dan youve got youth on your side and the talent you already have will develop when youre back in the Blue shirt Youre in all our thoughts God bless

Wednesday 31st March 16:37 Report Comment


Wednesday 31st March 16:15 Report Comment

Joe CurtisSo sad... you've already made a real difference at some of our most important moments. I'm living overseas so I was lucky enough to see the Liverpool goal live on TV - I'll never forget that one. We really appreciate what you've done for us; I hope you bounce back like Mikel and Jags.

Wednesday 31st March 16:00 Report Comment

Milin Chandra............... i told moyes from hear to bring out dan ...... i guess i shouldn't have said that....

Wednesday 31st March 15:59 Report Comment

Katie SmithUnlucky Gosling hope you have a speedy recovery with no setbacks. Our badluck continues

Wednesday 31st March 15:33 Report Comment

Emma BGood Luck Dan! I'm absolutely gutted for you and we'l miss you! Good Luck!

Wednesday 31st March 15:19 Report Comment

Zeyu LiuGood luck!I will support you,forever!

Wednesday 31st March 15:19 Report Comment

Wai Kin Lowomg, 9 months?? normally injury will can destroy player's career especially when he is still so young...hope after he come back, he will be even better player than before!!!

Wednesday 31st March 15:16 Report Comment

David BriscoeGood luck Dan!

Wednesday 31st March 15:06 Report Comment

sam humphreysIm always the first one to criticise Gosling but this is a real blow to his progress :/, good luck Dan

Wednesday 31st March 15:05 Report Comment

John BarlowKeep your chin up Dan. Absolutely gutted for you. I speak for all evertonians when I say you'll be missed so keep going and come back stronger John

Wednesday 31st March 15:03 Report Comment

Captain Thaddeus HarrisChin Up Dan, Jags and Mikel are proof that even after a major injury you can bounce back and get to the top of your game again.

Wednesday 31st March 14:55 Report Comment


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