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Landon: I’m An Evertonian

The American says he will only play for Everton if he returns.

Landon: I’m An Evertonian
Landon Donovan
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Landon Donovan has stated that if he returns to English football it will only be to pull on an Everton shirt.

The 28-year-old has held a press conference following his arrival back at LA Galaxy to discuss his 10 week loan spell at Goodison.

Amid reports the American could be a target for other top flight clubs, Donovan was keen to stress he would only consider playing for the Blues.

"If I ever go back to England I would only ever want to play for Everton," the Galaxy star told the media.

"Playing at Goodison Park is very special and as much as there is talk about getting a new stadium there is something very special about playing in an old historic stadium like that. 

"Obviously you get caught up in what is going on and it is exciting to be a part of what I was just a part of at Everton," he explained.  "You can't mirror that or duplicate that.  If fate comes around and I am meant to go back there at some point then I will go back."

Donovan made 13 appearances for the Blues during his loan stint, scoring two goals - against Sunderland and Hull City.

The forward has returned to the States in time for the start of the MLS season but is still keen to stress his admiration for his former manager.

"I was really impressed by David Moyes.  Not only by the way he handled the team but by the way he handled everything around the Club.

"Everton is a real family and you really want to play for him.  To do that at that level and with that quality of players while continuously doing well with a much lower budget than some I think says everything about him."

Donovan was also keen to praise the Everton fans and revealed to the American media how he held them in high regard.

"The big thing I realised is there are people inside Goodison who have been going to the games for 20, 30, 40 or 50 years," he continued.  "To them I am just a player who has come in for 10 weeks.

"This is their life and you have to remember that when you play and you have to carry that with you.

"I have had the opportunity to play in some pretty big games in my career and have some big moments but what you get there is a massive game every week and it means so much."

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Damon GodbeerYou know where your bread is butter'd Landon..!!! With players like yourself, lets hope its honesty in what u say, GET ON THAT PLANE TO GOODISON, and create us that team that you is so on form, even without you, Players like you are needed.........23yrs since a title........Bring back 87 in 2010/11!! We have a chance if all fit!! COYB!

Thursday 25th March 12:08 Report Comment

brennan finneganDON you mentioned that to Evertonians 'you are a player who only came in for 10 weeks'' Wrong You are a player who wore the BLUE shirt with pride, who thrilled us all every time you got the ball and left us with unforgetable memories. We all pray you will grace Goodison sometime soon Good luck

Wednesday 24th March 16:12 Report Comment

greig butchartYou were a breath of fresh air and put a smile on the faces of everton fans worldwide thank you for some L.A. sunshine bring it back soon thankyou Landon Donovan

Wednesday 24th March 15:20 Report Comment

Ryan McFarlaneJump on a plane this summer and get away from that tiny US club!

Friday 19th March 19:46 Report Comment

John HauIt's pleasing to hear such comment from Donovan and we are please to have you playing in our blue shirt, so, you look after yourself and if a strike does happen, we did look forward seeing you playing for us again soon.

Friday 19th March 16:37 Report Comment

James OswaldA tried and tested great player who adds to the famous Royal Blue Jersey........Simple really; bust a gut to sign him. Get Yobo's replacement in the bag for the start of the close season as it's been obvious he wants to go since he threw a tantrum about having the Captains armband taken off him for missing the plane, and sell the Yak to Harry Kidnap at Tottenham if he's so intent on leaving and sign a 15 goal a season forward (easier said than done), maybe a straight swop for Pav. Then sit back and laugh at the comedy across the park all summer long.

Friday 19th March 16:19 Report Comment

peter waltonYour a CLASS ACT Landon !!! We would welcome you back to the School of Science anytime - Good Luck with the Galaxy and World Cup with America, but not against England !!!

Friday 19th March 13:33 Report Comment

chris cavanaghwe need landon back with us, we will miss his pace this is the only signing i want us to make, come on everton go get him you no he wants to come.

Friday 19th March 13:01 Report Comment

allen elliswith landon back in L A surely everton should be planning our pre season to west coast usa , seems we have lots of new support there , also we should consider letting our youngsters go onloan to play mls football , im sure seamus coleman would rather have 6months in L A than blackpool !

Friday 19th March 11:55 Report Comment

michael ananinsThat's nice, isn't it? he didn't have to say those things now he's back in the USA. What a genuine guy and Evertonian!!!!

Friday 19th March 10:05 Report Comment

Aaron MythenPlease make this transfer happen!!!

Friday 19th March 09:31 Report Comment

Bill HayesDon't you just love this guy. Can't agree more with you Malcolm, go get him Bill

Friday 19th March 08:32 Report Comment

John CheeversWhat an articulate & refreshing character Landon Donovan is! If he never graces an Everton shirt again, at least he has shown us that there are intelligent footballers out there.

Friday 19th March 07:06 Report Comment

Mark LynchReally Genuine comments from a Real Genuine Guy. Thanks Landon, am sure you dont need us to tell you that you are more than welcome back ANYTIME, you are a member of this fantastic passionate family for life COME MR K, sort this out. We want Landon Back, We want Landon Back, We want Landon Back, We want Landon Back, We want Landon Back, We want Landon Back

Friday 19th March 06:50 Report Comment

Lawrence SharpIf we can get through the transfer window without having to sell anyone at all, and we can come up with a bit of cash to buy JUST ONE PLAYER... ONE (you know who)... we'll be right as rain, provided we can get to August with no injuries. I think Bily will be firing before the midway point of the season, hopefully Fellaz will be back before October or so... just add that, and LD, to the squad as it is and there's no reason for us not to be feared and respected by all. Just ask Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea... IMWT COYB ! ! !

Friday 19th March 05:31 Report Comment

scott browningFantastic player and such great loyalty! would love to see you back at Everton as soon as possible!!!

Thursday 18th March 22:59 Report Comment

Shaun HannaIts a grand old team to play for, its a grand old team to support! See you soon Landon

Thursday 18th March 22:34 Report Comment

Martin TurnerLandon, you are more than welcome back to this club. In fact, David Moyes and Bill Kenwright should make you a priority in the summer to sign you up permanent along with "peanuts". If we have you and all the other players signed up, then we only need a midfielder (Manny Fernandes or Stephen Ireland) and possibly a striker to make us ready to hit the top 4. Landon, you are a blue now, so come over to Goodison and show Anichebe how to play with commitment. COYB

Thursday 18th March 22:34 Report Comment

david harmanSound`s to me that D/M should be getting ready to make a special purchase in the summer transfer window some player by the name of (Landon Donovan) hmm, might be worth giving him the number 9 shirt. it would be great to see him back at Goodison.

Thursday 18th March 22:25 Report Comment

Colin McNameeNot just a player for 10 weeks Landon, a new born evertonian who has wrote a new part in the history of the club, a great number 9.

Thursday 18th March 21:20 Report Comment

Minik HansenA big smile just like the ':D' revealed on my face and not least inside of me(!) as I read the title of this article! In my eyes he's the true hero for the blues now! Now what Hudson wrote down there, I always liked Bily, I want to see him in more action for the blues, he's got big potentials, I hope they will come to show in the next many games! We're blessed Donovan. It's all love!

Thursday 18th March 21:16 Report Comment

Mattthew StanleyI dont think some people realise how this move has put so much focus on Everton from across the pond and likewise people here are taking a bit of interest in the MLS now hes gone back, in every way this was a unique special move and I hope this man comes back to finish his business in the blue of Everton. Matt

Thursday 18th March 20:02 Report Comment

colm HudsonDead right malcolm that is a come and get me!! after returning and loking around at the quality of his team mates twords what he's left behind he missin us already "sign him up" moyes id trade billy for him and day!! also sign joe cole on a free and pay him is hugh wages and anelka to partner saha!!! that'll do for the summer so!!! Goin over the pond for the west ham game and cannot wait COYB!!!

Thursday 18th March 19:59 Report Comment

Khal MalikI'm an Evertonian! : )

Thursday 18th March 19:25 Report Comment

Rob BellA big thank you to Evertonia. By taking in Donovan and treating him like one of your own from the start, you won over a generation of American soccer supporters. Many of us have paid attention over the years to the results of the “big four,” but now Everton is the “big one” in the hearts of most football fans this side of the pond. The chants of U-S-A, U-S-A proved to be a special tonic for our fragile football egos. By welcoming Donovan, you welcomed us all and we are grateful. Goodison rocks hard, and we won’t soon forget it. COYB.

Thursday 18th March 18:48 Report Comment

Nathan DentNice one Landon, you slotted perfectly into the team. We will miss you, I can say this for EVERY fan "Come back soon"!!

Thursday 18th March 18:22 Report Comment

Malcolm BubbThat's a 'come and get me' plea! At 28 though, it has to happen by next season so you might need to force it, Landon. You've served the MLS league well. Time to step-up.

Thursday 18th March 18:07 Report Comment


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