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Donovan Could Stay

MLS strike-threat could mean that American extends Blues' spell.

Donovan Could Stay
Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan's stay on Merseyside could still be extended if a players strike goes ahead in the United States.

David Moyes has confirmed that the threat of a strike in the MLS could enable Everton to keep hold of the 28-year-old LA Galaxy forward longer than planned.

The US international's loan spell at Everton is due to terminate after tomorrow's Premier League encounter with Birmingham City.

However, there remains speculation that a strike by players in the MLS could yet take place - delaying the start of the new MLS season beyond March 25.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference ahead of the trip to St Andrews, David Moyes said: "The loan officially finishes tomorrow and we will send him back but I think there is still a chance that the players there might strike and if that was the case then we are able to keep him, no problem."

Bob Foose, the executive director of the players union in the United States, has told the US media: "The players are unified and, per the results of our strike vote, will not begin the new season if a new agreement with the league is not reached."

The strike threat has emerged because of a dispute between players and the MLS over the labour contract currently in place.

Donovan has certainly impressed at Goodison during his time in England. And Moyes is thankful for the contribution the US international has made.

The Goodison chief added: "He has done great since he arrived here.  He came in and played and settled in very quickly with the players.  He has had an impact in the period that he has been here so we couldn’t ask for much more from him.

"I think he will go back to America and say 'Wow that is where I want to be'.  I think he will think to himself I really enjoy playing in America and it is great.  I live in  a great place and play for a great team but boy do I want to play in the Premier League.  That is what I think he will look back with.

"I would miss Goodison if I got the reception he got last week and the treatment he got last week from the supporters - because everybody wants to be somewhere they are loved and cherished.  I am sure that is the case back home as well but I think there is a different situation when you are playing in arguably the best league in the world and against the best players.  If you want to be recognised in that position then I think Landon will say I would like that opportunity to give it a go."

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mitch zalaiyea true Mikel arregui, Donnovan would be a great signing, if we do replace him though Marko Marin could be an option.. very simillar style but probably 5 times cheaper if Chelsea are hunting Landon too.

Sunday 14th March 11:29 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt's pretty clear that true fans at both sides of the pond can clearly see that Landon going back to MLS is a step back in his career. He can't grow his game there because, with all due respect, he's too good for that league, He needs the challenge of playing in the PL to grow even further. I'm also glad to see so many Galaxy fans realising this and wanting him to stay atv Everton. And Everton should also consider the huge boost they'd get in the USA in terms of fans and revenue. Sign him please!

Saturday 13th March 14:20 Report Comment

Stephen KralyUSAUSAUSA

Saturday 13th March 06:12 Report Comment

Stephen KralyLandon has nothing left to prove in America. He's simply the best player us Americans have ever had - and yet, sadly, he is one of the most criticized players by some of our fan base. Every criticism I have ever heard was that he was soft and couldn't cut it on the world stage or in Europe. He has done a great job proving the doubters wrong so far... and I can only wish he has the opportunity to continue it. I've enjoyed every game he has played at Everton. I was never one to watch EPL games in the past, but his loan to Everton gave me a reason to wake up early and walk up to the local pub just to watch. I know that I am not the only American who feels this way either. Everton fans/team/execs are awesome and have treated Landon as if he had played with the squad for years. In a short period, you have made me an Everton fan for life.

Saturday 13th March 06:00 Report Comment

D MoneyAs I have told many of my mates in So Cal, I will be wearing the #9 jersey at the Galaxy game should he return. I encourage all LA-based fans to do the same, especially those with Tier 1 season tickets. I want the cameras to capture the sentiment of real football fans on the Left Coast, and show our gratitude to DM, the fans, and players at Everton. LD would not be where he is today without the perfect situation, and you collectively provided it to him. I also want Everton ownership to see the growth of the Blues fan base (and the value of the brand) as a result of the loan. Don't let LD fall into the clutches of Chelsea.

Saturday 13th March 04:55 Report Comment

K. C.Everton is a great team with or without Landon. I think he has breathed new life into the team and brought a few fresh ideas. It has been fantastic to see energy and joy again from the players. Although, I don't give all the credit to Landon. I think a lot of the revitalization has come from the brilliant players that have come off the injured list, like Arteta and Jags. Everton is a great team, they prove that week after week.

Saturday 13th March 02:42 Report Comment

alexis leungAdmittedly we played very well since LD came. On the other hand I think Bily can do most of the things LD has been doing, if not better. Only LD can play every match and Bily seems to need longer rests to do well. Another good-bye goal please, LD.

Saturday 13th March 02:22 Report Comment

neal mcbridei was thinking of something long and interesting to say but instead all i can say is please Donavan consider a return!!!

Saturday 13th March 00:31 Report Comment

Frank CarrollHave not made many comments lately as on holiday in Egypt as I write this...but Brandon Donavan is a Everton type player his work rate is quite superb and brings a whole new angle to the team- from his first game he impressed me anyway- as we nearly all froze to death down at the Arsenal game in a blizard- he had just come off a beach in Hawai- get gave 100% effort despite the cold-he comes across as a really nice guy too- Moysie-Bill as we all sang at Goddison the other day SIGN HIM UP !!

Friday 12th March 20:08 Report Comment

Rich LomantoHere are the quotes from the MLS Commissioner. Such RUBBISH as you would say. I,m here in Galaxy country wanting Donovan to stay at Everton. And trust me, I,m not the only one. read on: “Getting Landon signed to a long-term contract and renegotiating while there was still two years left was important for Landon and it was important for Major League Soccer to lock up, in essence, arguably the best American player of our generation,” says Garber. “It’s an important achievement and speaks to our long-term commitment. Certainly when you sign a four-year contract at several million dollars a year the expectation is that you’re going to play for the team that signed you. “I don’t think at any time the Galaxy or the league believed that Landon would stay past the loan period. He’s an important player for the league and the Galaxy and they certainly wouldn’t have torn up his old contract and extended it for significantly more money if they weren’t serious about having him be a major participant to the league and to the club. There was never any expectation from us or the club that he wasn’t going to be coming back.”

Friday 12th March 19:44 Report Comment

Michael BryantI would imagine Landon has some pull in the players union, and is for the strike.

Friday 12th March 19:25 Report Comment

Mick EganMark Lynch excellent post! Like we all sang on sunday gone, SIGN HIM UP SIGN HIM UP SIGN HIM UP.........Landon is wasted in the MLS, I respect his reasons for wanting to stay, but believe his decision should be based on his own personal aspirations, not because he wants the MLS to progress into a more recognised league....While some of you are complaining about loan deals, remember our club is financially secure, we may not have millions to buy players, but we dont have 100's of millions worth of debts either, like so many clubs we keep hearing so much about......Am so proud of how this club (The People's Club) run's it's business, and why am so proud to be an Evertonian........COYB!!!!!

Friday 12th March 19:21 Report Comment

Lasse KorhonenNice that we have such a good conversation at this subject, and I must say that Debbie has a good point of wiew. Maybe a bit too negative. I have asked many times myself, how did we got a player like L.D. come to Goodison Park, play with huge heart, lifting all our hopes up, and win (all?) fans beside him at such a short period. How is this possible? Maybe the answer is simple; THIS LAD CAN REALLY PLAY !?!

Friday 12th March 19:10 Report Comment

David KellyHow forgettfull you are Debbie at the time we actualy signed him on loan we was depleated with injuries, plus why not get him in on loan if hes good enough, he balances ourour team out his is a natural wide right player, even though i like the way DM has played Billy there but if we could get more signings like the donovan one it would be great because we have the quality in the first team and on the bench but he gave us tha spark abit of enargy tha we was lacking and quality. im sure any everton fan would ask for the same deal next year if we got the chance. Now lets beat liverpool to that 7th spot come on you blues !!!!

Friday 12th March 18:04 Report Comment

Mark LynchHmm i find it really hard to see how anyone can find a negative from Donavans loan deal, But Debbie you seem to have found more than one!!! Donavan earned his place from the 1st game, (Arsenal) and he was also dropped to the bench when he faded a couple of games ago. so like any other player in the squad fulltime or Loanee, he has had an opportunity to stake a claim for a starting place, unlike a few other players, he has taken that opportunity and made his name as a must have on any starting 11 team sheet, and i am sure if he extends his loan deal further, then DM will pick him when he is playing well and DROP him when he isn't, if a player is sat moping on the bench then it is up to them to pull themselves out of it and make sure that the manager cannot think about leaving them on the bench, this cannot be blamed on loan signigns, as i have said before about Loan signings, they have there benefits, ie: we can have a look at a player to see if they have what it takes to make the team, before we commit to a lump sum that we can ill afford.... IMWT

Friday 12th March 17:34 Report Comment

ciaran braniffdebbie, we didn't have much to pick from to be honest and the ones we did were not playing that great. he injected a bit of something into the club which i think all the players got a lift from and now were starting to hopefully see the real everton team not the one from lisbon

Friday 12th March 16:57 Report Comment

Margaret WalchIf LD could stay, this would be great news. How do we support the American strike?

Friday 12th March 16:30 Report Comment

Andy BraithwaiteDebbie - I understand your point in some cases, but not in this, Landon's been great. Goals, assists, he's been really lively and has played better than anyone who he has forced out of the side. That's why he got picked. He's been worth points to us that we would have struggled to land without him imo.

Friday 12th March 16:21 Report Comment

Debbie ****I think Donovan has been a good player for us and seems very committed to Everton, he works hard but he is no Pele. I am not a fan of taking players on loan for a couple of months. Donovan is going back to the USA next week or in a few weeks, either way he will go back! We are now left with a player who has sat on the bench for weeks (to enable Donovan to play) not match fit, no confidence and probably not very happy all because a loan player has come in and taken his place. I cant see how a loan deal for a couple of months benefits the club or the players.

Friday 12th March 15:46 Report Comment


Friday 12th March 15:43 Report Comment

Mark ReidThats why he's popular here. Too many "English" players are all about money and so-called "exposure". Other clubs are full of them. Donovan's an honest professional. That's as much made sure he's has an instant rapport with the Everton support. (Rapport is one of the most important features or characteristics of unconscious human interaction. It is commonality of perspective: being "in sync" with, or being "on the same wavelength" as the person with whom you are talking) Then all he had to do was show us what he could do. That was nearly all positive, and he played for the team and mixed in well with the team due to his attitude. Respected the history and the fans, so he was respected back, given the 9 shirt - an honour which cannot be stated - and even when he missed at Spurs, his work for the team outweighed this so no one jumped on him So he was always going to do well at Everton. He was one of the boys from day one.

Friday 12th March 14:33 Report Comment

Jonathan MorerodThe MLS Just voted yesterday to strike if a deal is not in place. Good news for Everton. Bad news for us in the States

Friday 12th March 14:28 Report Comment

Eric HowellI am an evertonian, but I am also a STH for the Kansas City Wizards of MLS. Right now many of the soccer sports writters put the strike at 25% chance of delaying the start of the season. The MLS is 15 years old and like a teenager they (both sides of the dispute) think they know everything. They are both very steadfast. I want the strike to be avoided and for Landon to stay on with the Toffees. USA! You Must Stay! Got goosebumps when I heard that after LD9 lashed that half volley in against Hull. WOW how would you want to leave. Love the psychological warfare DM is using at the end of this article.

Friday 12th March 13:48 Report Comment


Friday 12th March 13:27 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiIt would be wonderful if he could stay longer! Though I feel sorry for the MLS supporters if the strike actually takes places? What are the real chances of this strike happening? I hope our American friends will keep us informed.

Friday 12th March 13:00 Report Comment


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