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Chance Of Donovan Stay

Chance Of Donovan Stay
Landon Donovan
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David Moyes says there's an outside chance that Landon Donovan's stay at Everton could be extended.

The American international's loan deal from LA Galaxy expires after Everton's Premier League visit to Birmingham City next weekend, but Moyes revealed on Friday that there is a chance that the 28-year-old could remain on Merseyside beyond that date.

"I'm keen to keep Landon and I think Landon's keen to stay as well so it looks like all parties are keen,” said Moyes.

But Everton manager pointed out that any extension is far from being finalised.

"I've not got that confirmed yet and I can't say exactly if that's going to happen. But if we can make it happen, we would and if Landon wants to stay, which I think he does, we'd be really keen to keep him.

"There's no guarantee yet, and I won't know that for a little while longer but there is a chance.

“For him to come on loan and do so well considering the games he's had to play in, I think he's done exceptionally well,” he added.

In America, the MLS are in discussions with the players union over a new labour deal and it's been suggested that the start of the new season could be affected.

Galaxy manager Bruce Arena said: "If we didn't have a league going on we would certainly entertain the idea of allowing Landon to stay there.

"If we have a league, Landon's going to be playing for the Galaxy."

As it stands, Landon's last home game is this Sunday against Hull - click here to buy tickets.

Michael BryantLandon needs to stay in England. It is what is best for American Soccer, and in the long run, will be best for MLS. Fans in the states don't hate soccer....they just don't watch it because the quality here is sub-par. American sports fans are spoiled...we like very high quality leagues...NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. These are all top leagues in the world for the related sport. MLS can not make a claim that they are even a top 10 league in the world...and before my yank brothers on here stone me to death..lets be real. I watch a lot of MLS, and a lot of soccer period...for a yank anyway. There are some fine players in MLS...raw prospects who are physically talented but need work on tactics and skill (Altidore was one of these) and very smart veterens who's pace is diminished because of age (Blanco, McBride,Angel,etc.) Facts are, it is a poor mans league. No team can afford more than one or two "stars". Landon will do more good to inspire Yanks to watch and play football if he is playing in a competitive league. Only hard core fans will watch MLS. If you want to grow the sport here we need our best players in the best leagues. English football is entertaining and amazing when you watch the skill of the players there, compared to MLS. If MLS wants to grow, they need Americans to care about football, even if it starts in England. At least that is the way I see it.

Thursday 11th March 22:14 Report Comment


Wednesday 10th March 09:17 Report Comment

John HauHonestly we needed each others, Donovan is furthering his career and ambition with us, he would be a waste to go back to the U.S.A., he's already done everything back in the state and he is already in the national team, and it's his wish to develop a career in the Europe and this is exactly what he is getting with Everton, so I hope he did stay with us, it would be a big lost if he has to go back to the MLS!

Tuesday 9th March 01:53 Report Comment

joseph grechi hope he stays - for sure he's one of the best players ever to come out of U.S.A. in his short spell with us he graced our team.

Monday 8th March 12:22 Report Comment

MARTIN EVERTONFCjorge tejeira, don't worry about England when Donovan bangs 2 in past us as we all know he is capable with his quality! (hope he stays at Everton) but they would be 2 consolation goals as the mighty England romp on 5-2 Baines ha-trick and Rooney 2 easy headers. made up with Mikel yesterday nil satis nisi optimum

Monday 8th March 12:22 Report Comment


Monday 8th March 08:02 Report Comment

Soccer LADoesn't it feel like there is something suspicious in negotiations with MLS and Everton? I think it's in Donovan's hands and I hope to dear god he chooses to stay.

Sunday 7th March 20:55 Report Comment

Michael AgiusI agree with everyone he has been good for us since he arrived and it would be a shame if he has to go back.

Sunday 7th March 13:07 Report Comment

colin MOOREhope he stayes till end of season please.

Sunday 7th March 12:51 Report Comment

Peter BeutelAs an American, this is exactly the kind of "exchange program" that is needed to lift the calibre of US football. While Landon has added something to the Toffees, playing in Everton Blue has lifted his game by a full level - and he recognizes this. I understand that some Brits are not keen to raise the US level of the sport before facing the US in South Africa, but I am an Everton fan first, and rooting against English players like Baines, Osman, Neville or Jagielaka is just something I could never do, regardless of whether they are playing the USA in the World Cup. When I root for the USA this summer, I will be rooting for Tim Howard, Landon Donovan and nine other guys. Everton and Donovan have been an awesome fit, and it is just too early to end the association. Both would benefit, as would American "soccer," by another several weeks together (or a permanent transfer). I really hope this happens, firstly as an Evertonian, which is what I am - first, but secondly as an American who wants to see the quality of our game lifted, regardless of whom we may be playing this year in South Africa. BTW, after the US-England game, I will be rooting for England equally with the US - but mostly for any Toffees in either squad. NSNO, Always, Forever.

Sunday 7th March 02:26 Report Comment

Dan GreenBeing a supporter of both Everton and Galaxy is tough. I would never in my wildest dreams have believed Landycakes would have ended up at Goodison. Even though I would love for him to return to Galaxy this year and win us the MLS Cup like we should have last year, I would ultimately prefer for him to stay with Everton for a long time where he fully maximize his game and play with the best. COYB!

Sunday 7th March 01:47 Report Comment

alan postmaI hope Landon donovan stays till end of season he a very good player hope we keep him

Saturday 6th March 20:28 Report Comment


Saturday 6th March 19:17 Report Comment

Craig HayesHe has got to stay, he has been outstanding for us. COYB NSNO

Saturday 6th March 11:39 Report Comment

jorge tejeiraI live here in the USA i'm one of the people that want the "DON"to stay and play the best and beat the best. It's a lot more fun the watch the SOCCER in the EPL than MLS.. I like the action of the game there faster funner better and more important more loved who would not want to play there. But don't be mad when LD scores 2 goals on june 12...

Saturday 6th March 08:47 Report Comment

david collinsLandon, you epitamise Everton FC through and through, hard work, honesty and always working for the team... If it is anything to do with your choice to stay - you HAVE to make it happen.!! Rarely does a player come to a club for such a short time and 'just fit', but you do... Stay and push us up that table towards Europe!!

Saturday 6th March 04:55 Report Comment

Michael Agiuswith a slim chance of European football next year he needs to stay

Saturday 6th March 04:29 Report Comment

John DavisHe definitely fits in well with the squad and is contributing well. To go back to the MLS would be such a waste. Living in the US it's easy to be biased toward the MLS. But after watching both the MLS and EPL matches, there really is no comparison, the MLS is one or two levels below the EPL in pace and quality. Besides, the more time he spends playing against the English players the better chance we have beating England this summer in South Africa. We can hope at least.

Saturday 6th March 02:42 Report Comment

David CampbellI think landing Donovan is one of the best transfer moves we have had in a long time. Am probaly not the only one who questioned it but for him to come here and make such an impact, he was thrown in at the deep end and got stuck in straight off. An extention or perm move would be great for us and him.

Saturday 6th March 01:05 Report Comment

Alec WalkerEven another month would be good as we still seem to get injuries in every game

Friday 5th March 20:01 Report Comment

Bob StahleyAs an Everton supporter AND a Seattle Sounders fan, I'd MUCH rather root for him on Saturday mornings than root against him on Saturday nights! :)

Friday 5th March 19:59 Report Comment


Friday 5th March 19:38 Report Comment

stephen beetDonovan stay everton need u and the fan's need ya come on D/M sort it out

Friday 5th March 19:19 Report Comment

Mikel ArreguiI hope Everton will be able to keep him, that would we fantastic! He's got talent and classs and with him, Arteta, Fellaini and Pienaar we'd have such a great midfield... So I hope the match v Hull won't be his last at Goodison. COYB!!!

Friday 5th March 18:46 Report Comment

Mattthew StanleyLooks like a better scenario than a couple of weeks ago, this is great news this guy is more than just about pace, he has the work ethic and intellegence to only get better by playing with and against better players this is no disrepsect intended to the MLS but at the minute they are not at the same level as the playing in the prem. Hopefully this can come to fruition and we have the luck for once.

Friday 5th March 17:40 Report Comment

Paul Redferndo all you can to keep him moysey.COYB

Friday 5th March 17:32 Report Comment

If in any way it's possible we have simply GOT to keep hold of Donovan. He's breathed new life into our team at a time when it was really needed with his impressive attitude & undoubted ability. Here is a man who seems to show the true embodiment of what it is to play for a club as GREAT as EVERTON !!! COYB, IMWT !!!!!

Friday 5th March 17:13 Report Comment

david harmanI think if D/M can get Donovan to stay it will give both fan`s and player`s a lift. I for one hopehe does stay because we need player`s of his calibre in the squad.

Friday 5th March 15:13 Report Comment

Paul HowellsOK, I've just left a comment on Landon's page warning us about Altidore and I stated that he probably wont be staying due to signing a new contract with Galaxy, however this article changes things lol. If he does stay I will gladly stand corrected, I personally still cant see it happening but I would love to br proven wrong.

Friday 5th March 14:45 Report Comment

brandon moneypennydonovan is a great player and it would be great for him to stay longer hes had his slip ups but everyone does COYB!!!!

Friday 5th March 14:44 Report Comment


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