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Donovan Expects Return

The American midfielder can see himself at Everton in the future.

Donovan Expects Return

Landon Donovan says he expects to return to Everton after his loan spell ends.

The LA Galaxy star has been at Goodison Park since the turn of the year and is enjoying his time at the Blues.

And even though his loan deal ends next month, Donovan is confident he’ll be back on Merseyside in some capacity in the future .

The Everton supporters are loving having Landon as part of the squad and have started a campaign on social networking site Facebook to express their hope that he will remain at Goodison.

"I wasn't aware of that...that's pretty funny - we'll see what happens!” Donovan told evertonTV. “I'm enjoying it and enjoying every day that I'm here. Every day that goes by makes me think that I want to stay here, but we'll see what happens.

"I would definitely imagine that I will be back here at some point in my life. I think it's been an incredible experience and away from football, the people have been extremely nice. That being said, I do miss LA, I miss my team-mates there, I miss the sunshine. That'd be nice to get back there too."

The 28-year-old managed to get on the scoresheet against Sunderland last month and has helped the Club to some crucial wins during his period at the Blues - resulting in him picking up the Club's Player of the Month award for January. 

"The fans, since the day I got here, have been fantastic,” he beamed. “The day I arrived for the Carlisle match, I was really overwhelmed by how many people who were aware that I was coming and knew who I was and said 'welcome to Everton'. 

"That's been the same with the team, the manager's been great - everybody's been fantastic. I think not only as a person but as a footballer as well, when you feel that it makes it a lot easier to perform on the field.


Friday 26th February 11:43 Report Comment


Thursday 25th February 00:34 Report Comment

Michael PrestonI wish we'd just pay to break his contract at Galaxy. It happens all the time! And as so many have said, our form has come into its best since his arrival. He'd be a great asset to keep. He wants to stay, the fans want him to stay and Moyes does too. I dont see where the problems lie! But saying that, loyalty is an amazing and rare quality these days so if you want to go we'll accept and respect it, and thank you greatly for all the work you've put in for us. Once a blue always a blue Landon!

Wednesday 24th February 22:49 Report Comment

alan morrisdonnos been a breath of fresh air since he arrived he gives us balance and pace which we were sadly lacking will miss him when he goes back but hoping for a welcome return asap

Wednesday 24th February 19:11 Report Comment

MARTIN EVERTONFCDonovan's due a goal in Europe tomorrow, SPORTING 0-2 EVERTON (1-4)AGG C O Y B !

Wednesday 24th February 18:12 Report Comment

Minik HansenDonovan do what you want to! We're so glad for your time and games here, being part of rising the team up! All in all, do what you feel like, and that way can't go wrong. You're a wonderful player, seen some magic covered in blue on tv! Thank you! Bless.

Wednesday 24th February 16:52 Report Comment

brennan finneganUnfortunately for Everton the DON is not only a TOP CLASS player he is a rarity these days by being LOYAL to his club LA and is returning. It is no coincedence Everton have had their best spell with the DON playing We all love you mate. We wish you all the best.

Wednesday 24th February 16:34 Report Comment

robert l lloydwell done Landon mate,,you have given our team and club a lift when we needed it,,we would ALL like you to stay obviuosly,,but we are not like other clubs and we will still respect you whatever your desicion mate,,but as someother blue said the sun will still be in LA in two years time,,now is the time to stay on the EVERTON BUS and become part of the history of this GREAT CLUB,,happy days are just around the corner,,,good luck thursday lads COYB

Wednesday 24th February 16:14 Report Comment

Simon ParkesLandon, now is the opportunity to test yourself in the biggest league in the world with a team of players and supporters who really think the world of you! You want to stay! The club want you to stay and the supporters want you to stay! You have won MLS player of the year nearly every season, scored over 100 goals for the US, what more can you do with the Galaxy?? At least stay until the end of the season and then we can arrange a pernament deal in the summer. You haved made history in America, now is the time to move on and make history with Everton!

Wednesday 24th February 14:57 Report Comment

Ian MacdonaldLandon,Liverpool Vs LA LA land their is no competition LA is full of wanabees compared to the great city which is on the way up with great history and great people, a massive difference in competition-half paced football against the passion of the Premiership comon there is no argument!

Wednesday 24th February 14:08 Report Comment

Nick Mortthe best loan signing since david moyes took over,,i would love to see landon a permanent fixture in the future however i dont think he will sign permanently but maybe another loan the same time next season...nsno,imwt,ftrs,etid,,,,,we dont care what the reds say!!!

Wednesday 24th February 12:42 Report Comment

mike killmeyerDonovan needs to stay in the EPL. It's unbelievable how fast he has adjusted to the play. I figured it would take a month or so to start making an impact. He's 28 and he might not have too many other chances in the future to come back to the EPL. I think a deal will be done.

Wednesday 24th February 12:28 Report Comment

jorge tejeiraIt feels good to hear Donovan is so wanted in England. Playing in the MLS he doesn't get his justice as the greatest American soccer player I agree with many of you that Donovan is getting older and this might be his one chances to show the world how good he is. Donovan come back when you are 35 and you will still be the best in the MLS. I have posted it before.. STAY AND PLAY THE BEST AND BEAT THE BEST. I said this before the we played chelsea and man U.

Wednesday 24th February 12:10 Report Comment

Daniel ShearonIt is no coincidence that his arrival has prompted our resurrgence, and, with all the players coming back from injury, I would be more than happy if he was our only summer buy- but I do think we need to organise the deal now before he goes to the world cup and suddenly becomes out of our league in terms of cost.

Wednesday 24th February 10:38 Report Comment

Kevin WalshLandon we would dearly love you to stay. You seem to be the missing link to what moyesy is developing here. We currently languish in mid table but for a bad start to the campaign I hinestly believe we would be there or there abuots in the top 3/4 at least. We will respect your decision either way but obviously would love to have you remain and become a Goodison Great! IMWT

Wednesday 24th February 08:48 Report Comment

Soccer LAI hope Leighton plays but Donovan will be a #10 in the WC. Let's hope he doesn't continue winning all the positional battles (if your English), or hope he still does (as American). I think he will stay. Americans love to spend money and the Donovan #9 jersey is already all over LA. Donovan is our beloved footballer and Americans have loved Everton fans so this can only be a win-win scenario!

Wednesday 24th February 04:22 Report Comment

Ciaran McNultyIt would be something of a vindication for most of us starry-eyed Evertonians, if Landon came and said that the magic of Goodison had infected him so much that he would leave the sunshine of Los Angeles behind to stay on and become a legend in blue. That's unlikely, but my God, it's nice to entertain ourselves with the thought. It's a special club with a truly unique and (as stated) magical atmosphere and I hope Landon sees that. Go Toffees!

Wednesday 24th February 01:49 Report Comment

shaun mccloskeySTAY..........donovan............. STAY................EVERYBODY WANTS YOU TO have been BRILLIANT for us so please dont go. you are 28 now and are getting no younger. you need to test yourself at that age in the best leauge in the world and you are doing and you are currently playing for the best team in the world so dont go donovan. MOYSEY AND KENWRIGHT SIGN HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 24th February 00:14 Report Comment


Tuesday 23rd February 23:31 Report Comment

Luke Ebbsdont go landon brother!! think of all the english birds that'll love u if u stay!!

Tuesday 23rd February 23:23 Report Comment

James BowmanMaybe Everton shuld relocated to LA. Donovan will stay and we would be able to enjoy the sunshine aswell!! We would probably finish top of the MLS aswell.

Tuesday 23rd February 21:28 Report Comment

Mattthew StanleyLandon, this is your time now if you want to stay do it now not in 12 months time for another loan as football changes so quickly and the opportunity of coming back may never happen as things move on, you are proving yourself on the biggest stage with the mighty toffees and everyone not just us blues are taking notice of such a great talent, hope you stay I would be over the moon like every other blue.

Tuesday 23rd February 18:37 Report Comment

Justin WebbFor the past few weeks i have had a feeling that some sort of deal has already been done regarding Landon. Every report you read seems to tilt towards either club or player saying that staying is a possibility. A recent report i read or heard suggested that Moyes did not want to comment at the moment because it was not fair on Galaxy. Also every time the gaffer is interviewed on TV and the subject of Landon staying pops up, there is a glint in his eye and a cheeky smirk as if to say wait and see. So it would be no suprise to me if Landon is announced as staying on next month or our first summer signing. Anyway cant wait to see him against Hull next weekend even if it is a 600 mile round trip.

Tuesday 23rd February 18:03 Report Comment

Mark LynchHmmm desicions decisions, Landon you have to follow your heart mate and do what you feel is right for you and your Family, Costa del Goodison tho in the summer is an amazing place to be;^) you have earnt a place in our hearts and will be welcome back anytime (except as opposition lol) the sooner the better..

Tuesday 23rd February 17:58 Report Comment


Tuesday 23rd February 17:53 Report Comment

Mick EganYou could save all the hassle of moving back, by just staying!! The sunshine will still be in L.A. in a few years time, but your chance to play for Everton in the Prem will be gone! You became an integral part of our team from the first game, and your importance increases with every game.....Like everyone I hope you will sign for us as losing you will be a massive loss!!! Sign him Moyesy..............COYB

Tuesday 23rd February 16:51 Report Comment

Paul Redfernone word to say to you Landon.......STAY

Tuesday 23rd February 16:14 Report Comment

John HauI think no body could hide for the fact that we did love to see you stay here with us on a permanent bases. As a top class footballer such as yourself who are already 28 and you are now in your prime year, any player like you with a bit of ambition should love to test youself in one of toughest league in the world. Now you been here and find Everton play suits you and you are enjoying youself and when you think about you have been there and done everything you want with LA Galaxy in the MLS. Then it should be a easy decision it was time to move on, you are not 25/26 but already 28 and most talented player would have found one of the good team in Europe to settle down at an early age or by the time they were 26/27. Enough theroy talk, what's important is what you feel in your heart? You have gone to some places with your parent club and now you are here and you found something new, so, do you want to go back and do what you have already done, or do you feel you want a new challenge with Everton? If you look at it this way, then I think your would have your answer on, whether or not you are going back or stay with Everton!

Tuesday 23rd February 15:54 Report Comment

Colin HafezI think Everton have a "cunning plan" Sit back for about 20 minutes, let the opposition score, lulling them into a job done mode, then hit them on the counter, destroy their confidence and go on to win ala Chelsea and Man Utd

Tuesday 23rd February 15:53 Report Comment

chris skillicornLandon will be sorely missed when he returns to LA and I sincerely hope that he is back with us in the near future. We as Evertonians know how much it hurts to lose a star player let alone a captain, so I am sure that LA will be reluctant to let him go. It is a rare thing when a player comes into the english game and not only settles so quickly but has such an impressive impact. Whatever Landon and LA Galaxy decide to do we have to respect that decision as like I said we all know how much it hurts to lose such an important player but, I would dearly love to see him as a permanent fixture here at Goodison.

Tuesday 23rd February 15:32 Report Comment

Carl HoweyYou will be welcome back anytime - the sooner the better!!!

Tuesday 23rd February 14:40 Report Comment

Tom RobertsIt would be great if Donovan's loan could be extended. Maybe a deal like Beckham has had with AC Milan. But a deal should be done incase other clubs show a intrest in such a good player before or after the World Cup. But Baines will have him in his back pocket in the 1st match anyway! COYB

Tuesday 23rd February 14:25 Report Comment


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