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An Amazing Day

Robert Elstone, 20th April 2009 - 18:19

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The sun has continued to shine today - and rightfully so!

Yesterday (Sunday) was an amazing day for anyone associated with Everton Football Club. The result, it goes without saying, was outstanding.

But the sight of Phil Jagielka wheeling away in celebration after netting the crucial penalty is just one of the many great memories the day will evoke for those who were present at Wembley - or watching on television.

The passion, colour, volume and dignity shown by the many thousands of Evertonians who attended the game was something for which we can all be proud.

There is no doubt which set of fans on the day created the greatest noise - or colour. That level of support and backing was cited by virtually every member of the team and coaching staff in the wake of the famous penalty shoot-out victory.

I lost count of the number of flags being furled - or Marouane Fellaini wigs donned! Such euphoria and excitement is something our loyal fans so richly deserve.

There have been so many giant steps made by the manager and his players in recent seasons. But now we have something tangible to look forward to and prepare for - Everton's first appearance in a major final for 14 years.

I know the focus is now on securing a ticket for the final on May 30th and we hope to release further information following confirmation of the prices later this week.

One aspect of the final process we will not be relishing is ticket distribution because once again demand will outweigh supply and many supporters will unfortunately not be able to join us back in the capital city.

We are due back at Wembley this week to understand exactly how many tickets we will be given but we do know already it will be significantly less than the 32,000 we had for the weekend. 

The fact that so many of our loyal supporters were at Wembley this weekend led us to the decision to extend the early bird period for Season Ticket purchases beyond the original April 18 deadline.

The early bird period has now been extended until midnight on Saturday, April 25 if you purchase online. It means fans have even longer to take advantage of the 10% reduction on prices. It also means that fans can secure their Season Tickets in person on Saturday prior to our Premier League encounter with Manchester City.

Reaching an FA Cup final is a massive achievement. But to do so having overcome the likes of Liverpool, Aston Villa and Manchester United makes it something special indeed.

It sends out a message - about the quality of the squad we have here at Everton and the Club's ambitions. The current economic climate is something I have talked about a number of times in this blog. But despite that, sales of Season Tickets are encouraging.

I am certain that is down to the quality of the product on the pitch. Reaching an FA Cup final underlines that quality. After the euphoria of Sunday I am sure there will be a carnival atmosphere inside Goodison for the visit of Manchester City this weekend.

Where better to reflect on the achievement than here at Goodison, alongside the same fans who were at Wembley to savour such a special day?

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nick doganplease consider long term season ticket holders during cup final allocation. Not everyone can afford to go to so many cup or away games as well as paying for a season ticket every season and family members may have been to differing numbers of games

Thursday 23rd April 18:35 Report Comment

Barry Edwardson top of the cost of the tickets and booking fees I've also got a massive mobile phone bill from trying to call the box office for various tickets (cup, away and season) and never being able to get hold of a real person. as much as i love listening to z cars I feel like i get mugged left right and chelsea just trying to follow the blues these days.

Wednesday 22nd April 20:38 Report Comment

Anna SpencerGraeme Stokes/Lee Moffitt, totally agree with both of you! its a disgrace! Graeme, you aren't reading too much into "significantly less" they reckon is gonna be about 28,000 if that much!! Its shocking that we wont even get a third of the tickets available. Why not build it bigger if they are gonna constantly give all supporters tickets out to fat cats who dont careless about football! It makes my blood boil, these no marks are going to watch our team, probably for nothing, when we pay week in week out to watch them, follow them, yet what do we get for our loyalty.. a kick in the teeth, let down by the fa! I hope im one of the few that will get one and get to go again, but i dont knowwhat the criteria will be!! Whatever it is as long as its fair in the way i thought the semi tickets where, then i cant have any complaints, and wont complain to the club who are gonna be put in an awkward and unwinnable position by the morons who run our League!!! Anyway, absolutely brilliant day sunday, moyes and the boys made us proud but nothing could beat and no-one should be more prouder than the everton fans that day! Excellent boys and girls, same again 30th May!!! COYBS!!!!

Wednesday 22nd April 11:35 Report Comment

John FlarterMake sure when you are discussing the tickets Rob, don't back down! At the very least Everton STH should get one each, the FA Cup Final is for the fans of the two clubs who are there, if the rumours are true the stadium will be full of only 50,000 fans and 40,000 neutrals!

Tuesday 21st April 23:05 Report Comment

Marian PopeRe the ticket allocation. I arrived home yesterday lunchtime to find ticket websites offering seats in the Everton section for the Final for £500 +. These sites are effectively on line ticket touts. How do they get hold of these tickets? This should be illegal - and if all these tickets were available to Everton (and Chelsea) then more real fans would get tickets at the right price. Perhaps Andy Burnham can be encouraged to look into this...

Tuesday 21st April 13:35 Report Comment

Lee Moffitt Wow, what an incredible weekend, the atmosphere created by 32,000 Evertonians & the carnival occasion, is something that will stay with me & my boys forever. I'm now left incensed by the fact that the FA can force 60,000 true fans from the north to travel 200+ miles simply to line their own pockets & then tell 1 in 3 Evertonians who spent hard earned, much needed money that they won't be provided with a ticket for the final simply so that 20,000 faceless fat cats (who probably won't even have to pay because were subsidising their attendance with ridiculous ticket prices), is nothing short of an absolute disgrace, and tantamount in my opinion to theft! Whether I & my family are fortunate enough to get final tickets the FA can't continue to be allowed to rob & dictate to the people who pay their wages! It may be to late to influence this years allocation, but does anyone have any knowledge of how to start a petition online? Sorry for the rant!

Tuesday 21st April 13:31 Report Comment

K DGraeme comment, couldnt have been put any better. It is staggering how people will be obtaining tickets that have no interest in either everton or chelsea, but just going for the occasion / business reasons. I would like to thank Bill Kenwright, David Moyes all the Everton players, but most of all, every everton supporter who travelled to wembley for what was obviously a memory never to be forgotten. Our voice simply could not be matched, and Utd knew it. Additional praise to Phil Jagielka. I dont think anyone would question his commitment when on the pitch, and iv seen him a few times putting his head in his hands when hes made mistakes at the back. You can see how much it means to him when he gets it wrong sometimes. I was really pleased the winning pen fell to him, as he really deserved that. Reading what Phil Neville has said about the fact we havnt won anything yet just underlines exactly where we are. The financial side of running Everton cant be easy. However David Moyes is clearly a legend in the making, and the club, through everyones effort, is fortunate to find itself in such a strong position as we are now, healthy in the premier league and in an fa cup final. If ever there was a time for Bill Kenwright to ask when is the right time to heavily invest, it is NOW. We cant expect this squad to continue punching above its weight and these players deserve top quality colleagues. I just hope somehow money is generated to support Moyes, and move Everton up to that level we all deserve. IT HAS TO BE NOW.

Tuesday 21st April 11:20 Report Comment

Graeme Stokes"Brought back down to earth with a bump!" Just noticed on another page the prices for the final tickets, not bothered about price it could cost whatever but I would still try and go, however in bold writing it states we will receive SIGNIFICANTLY LESS tickets than the semi. This is awful, there where 88,000 people at Wembley on Sunday an as far as I am aware for sale from Everton there was 33,000 tickets as our allocation. Now if we are receiving "SIGNIFICANTLY LESS" what is happening to the other tickets? Where do they go? Why do they go there? and why are we not getting at least the same amount as the semi? this is FA rubbish again and who suffers the real fans, sick of it and makes you wonder why they didnt build a 120,000 seat national stadium so that they can accomodate the "prawn sandwich brigade" instead of letting down the real fans, I hope I have not read too much into it and the drop is not as significant. Anyway rant over! thank you blues for the best day in a long time love you! COYB FTRS

Tuesday 21st April 10:04 Report Comment

George SparrowIm the proudest football fan in thw world at the moment! its tuesday and i still cant stop thinkin about wat happened! It was one of the best days of me life no doubt! Seeing all us blue noses at wembley and after the game going mad and cant put it in words! lets finish the job! COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 21st April 09:07 Report Comment

john colemani went to wembley with my wife and daughters and had a expensive but fantastic weekend, hotel £435, tickets £88, eating out £300, london tour £136, petrol £50 plus other spends, EVERTON 4.2 Penalties PRICELESS, THE LOOK ON THE UNITED FANS WHO SPENT MOST OF THE GAME TRYING TO RATTLE THE EVERTON FANS PRICELESS,

Tuesday 21st April 08:44 Report Comment

chris loinesi wanted to make a comment on kenwright so im going to do it here. its great to have a a chairman that has billions of pounds but when u have a chairman that supports the club and is very passionate its just amazing and thats something money cant buy

Tuesday 21st April 08:30 Report Comment

Graham McCormackWhat a result. Cant stop smiling, one of the best days of my life. cant wait to get back down for the final in may for the same result. come on you blues, Moyesie must get manager of the season again for the job he has done.

Tuesday 21st April 00:45 Report Comment

Igor VeigaGo, Toffees!

Tuesday 21st April 00:41 Report Comment

Thomas McCartenive just watched the replay & i still cant look when jags stepped up, & its the day after, the game when the camera pans on to the efc fans, i cant help but well up. well done everyone conected with everton.

Monday 20th April 22:30 Report Comment

Martin TurnerWhat a day. I still have a smile like a Cheshire cat. I would like to thank everyone at Everton for making such a wonderful day, and for providing such a brilliant result for my 7 year old son on his 1st trip to Wembley. Thanks to all the ex Everton players who put up with all the fans asking for pictures to be taken and autographs. Poor Nigel Martin spent all half time (and more) signing shirts, programmes and having his picture taken. Danny Cadamarteri, Kevin Sheedy, Dave Hickson, Barry Horne and Duncan McKenzie were all excellent sports. Thank you. Please Everton, make the ticket allocation as fair as possible as there will probably be about 8 -9000 fewer tickets. I will be there at the final, and am even delaying the start of our family holiday to go. COYB

Monday 20th April 20:43 Report Comment

thomas ainsworthI am just getting back to normal after returning from Wembley.What a day.not even the Disgraceful ticket prices and numbers expected can wipe the smile from our faces.If only the F.A. looked after fans like our club does.heres to bringing the cup back home to the founders.

Monday 20th April 19:48 Report Comment


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