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A Little Summer Listening

Leighton Baines, 31st May 2011 - 14:59

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Leighton Baines

Leighton Baines

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Welcome to my music blog!

I will be posting regular pieces on my biggest passion outside of football. But where I go with my entries is entirely up to you. There is one rule though - all football talk is banned! I would love to hear any recommendations people may have in terms of bands to listen to or tracks you like. I will give feedback on the recommendations – and will be offering my own insights into what I’m listening to every week and what I like. I’ll keep it light-hearted – and I hope it is something you enjoy.


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I have been listening to Mercury Rev's Deserters Songs lately which has just been reissued with additional tracks, I dont have the reissue but the original is a beautiful album and well worth checking out.

A more recent record that I have been listening to is Cats Eyes ( Faris from The Horrors and Canadian opera singer Rachel Zeffira) check out a couple of their tracks that I am loving! - and

I would recommend giving The Crookes a try. Their debut album recently came out and I think a few of you guys would like it! have a listen to this -

My favourite album at the moment is Miles Kane's debut solo effort and I would recommend checking that one out as well.

One final recommendation from me would be the Golden Silvers album. They only put one out but it's a pop gem! I hadn't listened to it much since it came out a couple of years ago but stumbled upon it recently and it's a great record that didn't catch on as it should have.

On the gig front I couldn't get to see Anna Calvi play in town on 10th which I was a bit gutted about, did anyone get to see it?

Also Liverpool Sound City was on recently and I would be interested to hear the opinions of those who managed to check it out?

Would also like to hear any opinions on Kate Bush as she is not someone I am too familiar with but on the back of her reputation and recent releases (or re-releases) I feel now may be the time to check her work out.

Any Beastie Boys fans? What are your thoughts on their new record?

Just a few days no until the new Arctic Monkeys LP is out and I am sure you guys are as excited as me! It comes at the perfect time for me and I am sure it will become the soundtrack for my holidays!

A lot of talk about whether the record will bear similarities to any of their previous ones. Personally Humbug is my favourite but I know that it was a bridge too far for some people. From what I have heard so far it sounds like a winner!

What's your pick of their previous records? I've set up a poll - have your say by clicking here.

Cats Eyes - Cats Eyes
Miles Kane - Counting Down The Days
Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man
Mercury Rev - Hudson Line
Golden Silvers -  Please Venus
Giggs - Dont Go There
Crystal Stilts - Through The Floor
Beirut - Nantes
Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Two Against One
Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
The Kills - Satellite

Latest Blogs by Leighton Baines

Gavin BehanWhat happened to these blogs?? It was really interesting hearing about Bainsey's music taste. Come back!

Wednesday 11th April 05:29 Report Comment

Emma Wainwrighthello went 2 c an everton game recently. xx

Sunday 5th February 17:36 Report Comment

Maxine KouHi Leighton, this is my first comment. I will follow your blog in the future:) What do you think of the new single of Noel Gallagher ? In my opinion, it's just ok, much like his old stuff. What i've been listening to are Janis Joplin, sparklehorse and the byrds. i tried from the byrds last week and i fell for them. Bob Dylan played the same song too, i think that you know. btw, do you a fan of post-punk? Because Joy Division is my favourite band of all time.

Saturday 6th August 11:08 Report Comment

Maxine KouHi Leighton, this is my first comment. I will follow your blog in the future:) What do you think of the new single of Noel Gallagher ? In my opinion, it's just ok, much like his old stuff. What i've been listening to are Janis Joplin, sparklehorse and the byrds. i tried from the byrds last week and i fell for them. Bob Dylan played the same song too, i think that you know. btw, do you a fan of post-punk? Because Joy Division is my favourite band of all time.

Saturday 6th August 07:20 Report Comment

Maxine KouEnjoyed Stornoway- Zorbing and Exit Calm much,thx Leighton.❤

Saturday 6th August 04:20 Report Comment

Stuart MatsonHi Leighton, check out: Beth Jeans Houghton Dodecahedron, I think you'll really like it, I've posted the video up on music.geeks so let me know what you think!

Friday 15th July 19:01 Report Comment

Connor Athertonleighton you most probs have herd it bu wa u think ov the acrtic monkeys new album suck it and see ???

Monday 4th July 21:12 Report Comment

Philip BlackburnHi Leighton, I went to the Anna Calvi gig at the Academy in town and she was superb. She had injured her arm so she never played guitar during the gig which was a bit of a blow but what a voice!! The place was surprisingly half empty but I think she is going to become very big, very soon! Already booked tickets to see her again in November at Manchester Cathedral. Also recently discovered Nick Cave & The Bad Seed's album The Boatmans Call. Simply one of the best albums ever made!

Friday 24th June 12:53 Report Comment

Jonathan CollAlright Baines, did you go and see Ladytron last week? It was amazing. It was in St. George's Hall. You like Crystal Castles, you'll love Ladytron. From Liverpool as well.

Wednesday 22nd June 23:24 Report Comment

ben jenningsWell I'm a huge Beastie's fan have to say though on the new album, not too keen. But as with a couple of their others I'm sure it will grown on me. But a group I think you should check out if you haven't already is 30 Seconds to Mars. Peace

Friday 17th June 12:15 Report Comment

Phil Daviesanother fab album is the Script Science and Faith, many good tracks, if your into soundtracks one that really does deserve an airing is the one from the film Gladiator. Not everyones cup of tea but superb and relaxing. PS be good to keep this going during the season so we can see what you like to listen to before the roar of the goodison crowd ! sorry had to get that in.

Thursday 16th June 13:10 Report Comment

Phil DaviesA good album i have been listening to lately is by a guy called Daughtry and funny enough the album is called Daughtry songs which i prefer from the first album worth a listen are "crashed" and "what about now" To be fair the whole album is good to listen to.

Thursday 16th June 13:07 Report Comment

gary williamsEnjoying the blog. Have you heard a Dylan track 'Abandoned Love' from Biograph. It's from Blood onThe Tracks time, and is a cracker. Have you seen Donnovan meeting Dylan at a party in the Don't Look Back DVD, feel a bit sorry for him. What about The Vaccines? They are apparently wealthy kids, which isn't a great recipe for a rock band (the strokes excepted, and pink floyd...) but I think it's a great CD. Have also enjoyed The Drums. Please stay at The Blues. Oops, sorry about the footy reference! Gary Williams

Tuesday 14th June 20:33 Report Comment

Robert SeeryFrank Turners Album Is Pure Class! Seen Him Last Year Supporting Green Day In Manchester! Blew Me Away... Have A Listen!! :D

Tuesday 14th June 10:03 Report Comment

Tony GloverAfternoon Bainsy, Liking your current Playlist by the way:) Ever listened to a late 1960s band called 'Love'? if not, then i'd totally recommend the 'Forever Changes' CD..Right up your street!, One of the most amazing & beautiful albums ive ever heard...Deffo a Desert Island disc. Also have you ever got into Scott Walker's solo stuff? All four are absolute Quality. Enjoy your Hols!

Monday 6th June 18:00 Report Comment

Sam WattretGet on twitter bainesy!!

Sunday 5th June 23:50 Report Comment

wayne whewellHey Bainsey. Mercury Rev are one of the best bands I have ever seen. If you get chance to see them live they are superb with one of the most enigmatic singers you will ever see. Also loving New Young Pony Club, The Naked and Famous, The Dears, Death Cab for Cutie, Mumm Ra and Empire of the Sun.

Saturday 4th June 08:41 Report Comment

Joe SoerjokoLove Humbug! I think it's their best by far. New album sounds more 'poppy' though, nevertheless I think it's still worth getting into. Have you seen the video for 'Cornerstone'?

Friday 3rd June 12:37 Report Comment

george steerHi Bainsey, check out Ed Sheeran! hes a god.

Friday 3rd June 01:34 Report Comment

Tom MorganI really like this guy James Delay, he's a new guy about to hit the electro scene. Very chilled tunes, you can find his other stuff on vimeo or youtube. But his latest collaboration is here, the video is quality as well -

Thursday 2nd June 23:02 Report Comment

Declan BroadfootHello give a listen to Bon Iver hes a folk singer really good and pretty deep

Thursday 2nd June 22:28 Report Comment

Steve Tissingtonalso check out The Smiles and Frowns.. what a sound.

Thursday 2nd June 15:17 Report Comment

Steve TissingtonDecent playlist that. One band which are gonna be massive is Tame Impala, they are from oz, i saw them at the ruby lounge, manchester about 6 months ago, pretty special sound they have.

Thursday 2nd June 15:14 Report Comment

Jack KelsallBainsey i'd suggest you listen to a duo called Rodrigo Y Gabriella, they're a spanish flemenco group that play entirely instrumental. Possibly two of the most talented musicians you will ever feast your eyes upon!

Thursday 2nd June 14:58 Report Comment

Dylan RogersVery much enjoying the playlist, a lot of stuff I listen to. Beirut are favorites, for sure. Check out Astronautalis, he's probably the most interesting musician I could think of but also one of the nicest and most genuine guys I've ever met. This song is just magic. Astronautalis - Oceanwalk Cheers.

Thursday 2nd June 09:31 Report Comment

Ross HamiltonThanks for the Miles Kane recommendation, I loved The Last Shadow Puppets album but hadn't checked his solo stuff out for some reason, a great listen. I've been streaming the new Arctic Monkeys album online, and I'm not feeling it as much as Humbug so far, doesn't have enough of the slower-paced songs which are their strength, in my opinion. As far a summer listening goes, you can't go wrong with Cut Copy's Zonoscope for dancyy-pop tunes - I'd also try anything by Girls, another summery band but with more guitars and catchy hooks - Looking forward to the next blog!

Thursday 2nd June 09:14 Report Comment

Phil ThomasI am so excited fir the Arctic Monkeys album out on 6th June - I have just got into Muse, the songs Hysteria and Supermassive Black Hole are really good, the genre of music you like

Thursday 2nd June 08:53 Report Comment

Maxwell SalvatoreThe album Torches by Foster the People was released last week in the US and it is absolutely brilliant. I don't know if it's been recommended yet but I've been listening to it nonstop for a week - hope you feel the same way too.

Thursday 2nd June 04:19 Report Comment

Minik HansenHey Baines my fellow man born in 1984. Looking at your playlist, try listen to Jack Johnson tracks - "Home" and "Sleep through the static". I hope you can enjoy them as well. - Minik, Nuuk, Greenland

Wednesday 1st June 17:37 Report Comment

Neil MccormickCheck out stephen langstaff ( liverpool singer songwriter who has supported lightning seeds, steve harley and deacon blue, and is on chester rocks festival. His cd is fantastic, and live he is even better

Wednesday 1st June 16:14 Report Comment

Michael QuarryI'm enjoying the new albums from Mona, Eureka Machines, The Scaramanga Six and The Twilight Singers as well as blasting out Tomoyasu Hotei's "Battle Without Honour Or Humanity" Saw Pete Yorn in Manchester last month which was great - he is well worth investigating and in the next couple of months I'll be seeing Ryan Adams, Jesse Malin, Bon Jovi, Ray Davies and Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers so a good mix of stuff.

Wednesday 1st June 13:30 Report Comment

Daniel LeatherbarrowAlright Bainesy I caught Miles Kane live late last year and he and his band were spot on. Such a talent that lad. Also 'back in the day' saw Mercury Rev playing the majority of Deserters Songs at the Lomax, supported by The Flaming Lips, that album still feels fresh now. If you rate Golden Silvers check out local Liverpool band Wave Machines, great summer listening, and quite similar. My other summer tips would be Foster the people (US), Cloud Control (Oz) & The naked and Famous (NZ). So much good music out there at the moment and if you need your guitar fix I am loving Death Cab for Cutie and The Vaccines! Best station to listen to is 6Music - I can't fault it. Enjoy!

Wednesday 1st June 12:45 Report Comment

Rbert FoxThe new White Denim album is a cracker. Less frenetic than Fits, a bit of a sunshine psychedelic pop vibe.

Wednesday 1st June 12:41 Report Comment

Daniel ReedHey Bainsey, you should check out the new self titled album by Wisconsin band Bon Iver. It's got a really unique indie/folksy sound to it, their first album is amazing too!

Wednesday 1st June 11:45 Report Comment

Matthew LoughlinAlright Leighton, great blog! I'd recommend (naturally) my band: The Albany or Keep the faith x

Wednesday 1st June 11:27 Report Comment

Dan NallyCheck out Examples new album, it's brilliant... it's only a fiver! Or is it just me that a fivers a good deal? I need to become a professional footballer :/ OR A SCOUT, SIGN ME UP MOYESY!

Wednesday 1st June 07:06 Report Comment

Brae LLutasoh and also Emma Louise is a local talent from my home city and her song Jungle should be a hit everywhere

Wednesday 1st June 05:22 Report Comment

Brae LLutasHey Bainsey, I'm from Oz, congrats on your season, you were the most consistently in-form player in the whole league I thought... Here are some tunes I know you'll dig, Boy and Bear are a band from oz, you should check out their newie feeding line... My Morning Jackets new album is awesome, check out their songs, holding on to black metal, circuital and moving away...metronomy's new album is near flawless, tyler the creater's Goblin is wicked... TV on the Radio, Fleet Foxes and Architecture in Helsinki's new albums are also awesome...Yeah i loved the first half of the beastie boys album but there was a little bit too much filler towards the end i thourght

Wednesday 1st June 05:15 Report Comment

William FerrierHey Bainesy check out Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" album. It's my favourite album of hers full of tribal rhythms inspired by the Australian natives with plenty of her trademark manic arrangements. Will Stoker & The Embers are pretty brill too! They are from my town in Perth and they are Evertonians! Cheers.

Wednesday 1st June 00:20 Report Comment

PAUL KING"Giggs-Don't Go There"... A wind up, surely?

Tuesday 31st May 21:28 Report Comment

Robert JepsonMy favourite two albums from this year have been tUnE-yards - WHOKILL and Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact. Good shout with Lykke Li though, you should check out my band Doctrines :D

Tuesday 31st May 18:58 Report Comment

Megan SforziniNew Kaiser Chiefs!

Tuesday 31st May 18:25 Report Comment

stephen needleyKate Bush is a must Bainsey....Get her Hounds of Love , The Sensual World and Aerial Albums.....Great Great albums plus the new album Directors Cut..

Tuesday 31st May 18:21 Report Comment

Vincenzo DesantisCheck out a band called 'Our Fold'. Aziz (e-stone roses) plays guitar for them. Really good band!

Tuesday 31st May 16:36 Report Comment

Ian PenningtonBainesy: out of interest, have you had loads of shouts from record labels asking you to promote their artists since beginning this blog?!

Tuesday 31st May 16:34 Report Comment

Ryan Evansguessing you watched zodiac the other day too then baines! hurdy gurdy man has been on my playlist too

Tuesday 31st May 16:27 Report Comment

andrew viviantry the peter and kerry ep clothes, friends, photos sweet sounds for left backs

Tuesday 31st May 16:25 Report Comment

Will EscottSaw some great bands you maybe interested in at Great Escape Festival this year such as Said the Whale, Cascadeur, Fionn Regan, PS I Love You, Dutch Uncles, The Joy Formidable and Dry The River. They're all really worth checking out plus the latest Bon Iver album is going to be one of 2011 best albums without fail.

Tuesday 31st May 16:08 Report Comment

Graeme TierneyWould recommend giving Bell X1 a listen. Heard them on Guy Garvey's BBC 6 show last week. 'How You Heart Is Wired' is a particularly good track. In fact, just listen to Guy Garvey's show. He plays allsorts

Tuesday 31st May 16:03 Report Comment


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