'I Told Off Eto'o - He Was Very Apologetic'

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Kit manager Jimmy Martin has revealed how he once put two-time Champions League winner Samuel Eto’o in his place in an entertaining interview with The Everton Podcast.

Jimmy sat down with presenter Darren Griffiths and Ambassador Ian Snodin to discuss driving the team coach in the Blues' trophy-laden 1980s, his current role, and some of his best tales from three decades working with the Blues’ first-team.

And the notoriously fearsome Finch Farm stalwart explains how the legendary Eto’o was on the receiving end of one of his favourite rebukes during his first week at the Club back in 2014.

“We had Eto’o come and he’d played for Barcelona and Chelsea and so on,” says Martin. “He dropped his shorts on the floor in the shower rooms and I just went to him, ‘Here lad, I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done in your career but you don’t do that here’. He said, 'Sorry, sorry, sorry'. He was very apologetic!”

Martin also unmasks the Toffee who would regularly try to pinch shirts by putting them in his wash bag, reveals which player’s shirt he would keep above all others, and outlines just how tough it was keeping tabs on Gazza.

“Gazza was a nightmare for me,” he says. “He used to give his boots away before games and all sorts. He’d go to the pub in his training gear, swap it with someone and come out in builders gear, all things like that. But he was class to work with.”

Hear more from Jimmy and Snods on The Everton Podcast below. 

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This podcast was recorded on 7 December 2017. 

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